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Comparing Gorillas and Chimpanzees Proves...
that Women Prefer Big Penises...
...and Big Ejaculations!



Quick Test:

Who has the biggest penis?

Gorilla           Chimpanzee         Human
(answer below)

gorilla: monogamous and faithful

From Faithful Gorillas to Promiscuous Chimps


Comparing gorillas and chimpanzees proves that women prefer bigger penises...!


Yes, you read it right. Although it is not my theory (see next page), I will do my best to explain it. Again, it is a matter of logic.


Compare primates and humans:

  • Sexual behavior:
    1. chimpanzee: extremely promiscuous
    2. human: in between
    3. gorilla and orangutan: very faithful

  • Penis size (from largest to smallest):
    1. human: longest and thickest penis (see page 33, Average Penis Size)
    2. chimpanzee: in between
    3. gorilla and orangutan: smallest (about an inch and a half when erected!)

  • Testicle size (from largest to smallest):
    1. chimpanzee: largest
    2. human: in between
    3. gorilla and orangutan: smallest

Female gorillas are the most faithful. This means that when a male gorilla has intercourse with a female, his sperm will never have competition from other males' sperm. It has all the time and chance to impregnate the female. No sperm competition means that even a small drop of semen will assure that that particular male will be the father of the offspring. That is why gorillas' testicles are extremely small. 

In contrast, female chimpanzees are extremely promiscuous. At any given time, the female will have the sperm from at least two or three males inside her vagina. For a male to be sure he is the father he will have to make sure that it is his sperm that will impregnate her. How can he improve his chances?

  1. either deliver the sperm close to the uterus: longer penis
  2. and/or deliver big quantities of sperm: large testicles

The fact that gorillas and orangutans have small testicles and small penises, proves that having big genitals is only an advantage under conditions of rampant female promiscuity (as is the case with humans and chimps.) Longer penises deliver the sperm more efficiently in a vagina that already contains sperm from various other males.

Although chimpanzees are even more promiscuous than humans, the penis of the male chimp is only half the size of the penis of a man. This shows that especially human females prefer longer and bigger penises.

This makes sense because the concept of pleasure is far more evolved among humans than among other primates. Since a big penis causes more pleasure (see page 6), the man with the biggest penis will have the most chance to be allowed to impregnate the woman.chimpanzee: extremely unfaithful

Sexual selection is also responsible for men's relatively large testicles. Men's testicles are bigger than the gorillas', a species where the females are monogamous. If a man has bigger testicles he can produce more voluminous and more frequent ejaculations, a necessary ingredient to impregnate a female that has been mating with males before.

The bigger the semen volume and quantity, the more chance his sperm will win the race among all the other ones. This is the reason why women instinctively prefer men who can deliver forceful and large amounts of semen (see page 44, Women Care About Testicle Size and Ejaculation)


Big Penis:

  • gives more pleasure
  • more chance to orgasm
  • more chance for egg to be fertilized
  • satisfies a woman's instinctive need to make babies

It can be discouraging to hear all this talk about women being naturally unfaithful and preferring big penises and big ejaculations...

...but just think about this:

Be happy women haven't been as faithful as you wish they were, or you would have been able to parade with the gorillas, showing-off your one and a half inch penis. If women wouldn't care so much about size, we would all be hung like a chimp, with his three-inch erection. In fact, if women could have been even more picky about size, we would all have had our ten-inch-plus.

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