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Ed's Review of :

Without Embarrassment
The Social Coward's Totally Fearless
Seduction System

a book by Mike Pilinski

Defeating low self-esteem and the fear of rejection

low self-esteem and fear of rejectionDid you ever search for books about dating advice, tips on picking up women, seduction or attraction? Then you were probably astonished by the enormous amount of written stuff that deals with these subjects. So, considering that seducing a woman is for many men more like a dreadful pain than a pleasurable thrill, it is equally astonishing that almost none of these books seem to deal with the underlying causes of this pain and with the inner workings of attraction between men and women. Most of the authors seem to have written their books because either they were out of work and the mortgage was due, or because picking their nose while trying to make the boogers stick against the ceiling was just becoming too boring.

Maybe I'm too hard on them since some sure are worth a read. But what good is it to know where to meet single women, how to "dress for success" or what to chat about, if you can't even get yourself to walk up to her and speak a single word. None of these books adequately tackle the devastating FEAR OF REJECTION so many men suffer from!

This has changed with the groundbreaking ebook
"Without Embarrassment - The Social Coward's Totally Fearless Seduction System"
, written by Mike Pilinski, published by Kipling Kat Publishing Company.

(can be downloaded from his site

"Without Embarrassment" is more than a great book, it's a masterpiece. The author has created something that will make ANY man feel better, forever. The knowledge contained in this book will give you indestructible self-esteem with women.

From now on women won't be those untouchable creatures anymore that are impossible to understand and even more impossible to get your hands on or your pecker in. The author knows what he is talking about. He has been at the edges of moral despair himself. This is not a cheesy Oprah-style relationship book. This is "hardcore self-help". This is a battle plan to kill the devil from a man who has been in hell.

Here is a short excerpt straight from the book
where he talks about becoming fearless: (Chap 1 -- Pg. 14)


Becoming Fearless is a Learned Skill

Believe it or not, you can become fearless... no matter how pitiful a coward you may be at present.  There are many ways to approach the elimination of a personal, deeply-rooted fear that's been interfering with your life... desensitization, re-framing, anchoring, positive self-talk, or other forms of self-confidence training.  But the best type of confidence is always a natural one that flows from simply knowing what the hell you're doing!  The military can take a bunch of pimple-faced kids fresh out of high school and turn them into competent, battle-ready soldiers in just a few short weeks.  They come in fearful and uncertain and come out confident and full of pride by being forced into situations where they discover deep reservoirs of inner strength that they didn't know they possessed.

The truly sad thing about fear is that we contain the potential to exhibit a lot more personal power than we often think, but the fear blocks our discovery of it... thus preserving its "imperial" status as unchallenged manipulator of all our behaviors.  If we can somehow get beyond these paralyzing aspects of fear, whole new worlds will open to us.  Acceleration in our growth as individuals can be turned loose to develop an unstoppable momentum all its own.  Institutions that train people to perform extraordinary tasks facilitate the unleashing of this anti-cowardly energy.

I can get you to destroy the rejection blocks that are making it impossible to enter into the first stages of the seduction process.  The knowledge of what to say and, more importantly, how to act are the lonely beacons out of this rat maze.

Why he wrote this book

According to his biography, Mike Pilinski wrote this book as a survival response to his own case of pathological rejection hyper-sensitivity, a life-damaging psychological disorder that affects a major part of the male population. At age 16 he experienced a seemingly banal rejection from a girl he tried to approach during a high school dance. However, in his eyes this event was so horrifically humiliating that it instantly slaughtered his already feeble self-esteem and wrecked his social life for the next 12 years or so.

Never again would he risk the pain from any rejection-type humiliation. That is, not until he slowly started to understand the causes of his condition by devouring tons of literature about attraction and picking up women and anything else that could give him insight into his problem.

Is this how to pick-up women?Years went by and eventually he stumbled upon the key principles of male to female attraction, one of them being that females will not mate with non-aggressive males. These principles led him to discover the natural law of the Dominant High Status Male, the type of man whose behavior invokes primal mating triggers in a woman. Through trial and error he developed seduction techniques based on this theory. When he finally realized that he had solved the puzzle, he felt the need to share the knowledge and decided to write a book.

While he intended his book for men who severely suffer from rejection sensitivity, he ended up writing something that is valuable to any straight men on the planet. Even for the most confident among you, this book contains information that will make any relationship with a woman better, because you will understand what goes on in a woman's mind and emotions and what really makes her heart flutter. Whether this relationship is romantic or just business or friends-like, this understanding will remove most if not all of your frustrations when interacting with women.

How many times have you told yourself the following?


"What's up with these bitches?"

"I will never understand them, screw them all."

"I've been so nice to her and she ends up going out with that jerk."

"You can't live with them, you can't live without them..."

 and the more cynical variant:

"You can't live with them, you can't kill them!"

Instead of racking your brains over them, you will accept them for what they are and for the differences they possess. Instead of resenting them for being so "difficult", you will appreciate and even love them for it

Okay, enough of your blah-blah, just show me his website!


The High Status Male Gets the Chicks

As the author says, the key to EVERYTHING when it comes to being romantically successful with women is learning how to project the image of the High Status Male. The book contains a seduction system that teaches you how to project the dominant male attitudes that women find so irresistible. You will learn to become skilled at psychological techniques that will make women respond to your advances favorably.

In the best case scenario you will actually apply what is in the book to real life situations. First you will put to memory a few important things (like for instance the order and timing of events that need to happen during the dating game). Next thing you know you're banging a different girl every week until you find that special one that will make you and her the happiest couple for half a century or so. (True, you don't need to do fifty women a year to meet your soul mate, but you could... if all you have in mind is to catch up with your bragging buddies, even if you know they are all lying their ass off!)

the difference between men and women

Even if in the "worst case" scenario you don't make any actual moves to date women afterwards, you will still walk around with the knowledge and confidence that you can have pretty much any attractive woman you encounter. This in itself could be worth more than anything you will ever hear or read again, especially if you have always suffered from lousy self-esteem. Your life and your outlook to life will never be the same anymore!


Price, Format and Style

The book is 332 pages long and comes in a downloadable Adobe Acrobat .PDF file, meaning it's easy to read on screen and/or to print out. It is very well organized with an attractive layout. Unlike so much overpriced crap sold on the internet, the author priced it to be sold, meaning it costs a reasonable 35$. He understood that if you want to do business on the internet, you not only need to keep your price low, but you also need to OVERdeliver. The internet is a place where people expect to get information freely, and if it is going to cost something, it better be damn good.

And overdelivering he does, meaning when you are downloading your ebook you "only" expect a load of great dating advice and seduction tips, but after reading a chapter or two, you realize that you possess something of which the value simply can't be expressed in dollars. To top it off he gives all buyers unlimited free consultation by email and a chance to have a direct talk with him by phone to blast him with any questions you may have left. This man cares more about the people who read his book than about the money he could make in the short run.

I bet that years back he never even imagined to ever write something about this subject himself, never mind that one day he would create a monumental work that has the potential to drastically improve the lives of thousands upon thousands of men... and women. Now he wants to share his knowledge and turn you into that happy chick-humping camper that you were meant to be.

Although the subject of his writing is always dead-serious and he pushes the brutal truth straight in your face, he manages to lighten the load with his masterful use of juicy humor and sometimes sarcastic, yet heartwarming language that had me laughing myself to tears many times. No one is spared (least of all the author himself) to help you understand what he wants you to know.

His writing style is fascinating and although his book is over three hundred pages long, chances are you will finish it in one shot. And you will want to read it again because some information is so essential, that it requires a bit of studying to get familiar with it. Yes, mastering the skill of dating takes a little schoolwork, but this time your scorecard will be a drawer full of accumulated wet panties from all the honnies you will have sexed!

The Cause of Fear of Rejection

Knowing everything about women and seduction is great but if you still can't make a move, even if you recognize by a woman's signs that she wants you, then you need more help. For those extremely rejection-sensitive men among you, he dedicated an entire chapter to make you understand why you are suffering from this fear of rejection.

suicide help-lineHe explains the various circumstances that may have caused it to creep in you while you were still very young, how it further weaved itself into your character during your teenager years and how it finally became the dominating monster that wrecks your social life and blocks you from joining in the fun each time a moment of potential male-female interaction arises. Instead of letting you bath in the joy that women present, this mental monster keeps you in a continuous depressed mode and, for some of you, even brings you to the brink of suicide.

With brilliant insight, the author delves into the underlying cause of these anxieties about women. He discovered that it is always a deeply rooted shame of your needs for affection, a sense of embarrassment for your natural human desire to be loved. This toxic shame is usually the mind's reaction to one or more emotionally very damaging moments in your early days. He also explains how this toxic shame is the root cause of all addictions. Whether it is alcohol, drugs, gambling, porn or any other one, addictions are always the result of an inner struggle with this type of emotion.

For plenty of you it will be painful to read this chapter, but the more painful you find it to be, the more important it becomes to thoroughly complete it. To root out your fear of being rejected, you need to know where it comes from. The relief of finally understanding why you have been this fucked-up so far will be an enormous payoff afterwards.

When I passed my printout of "Without Embarrassment" to a semi-suicidal friend, he told me later that he almost quit during this chapter, just because it brought back so many painful memories from his childhood and adolescence. But the author's goodwill shines throughout the book and it's exactly this sincerity, this determination to help you, that made the guy continue. Whereas two-dozen therapy sessions with different psychologists had failed, this book succeeded in giving him back a reason to live.

heinous pig!

Avoid sending out the deadly "I've been defeated..." signals that low status males broadcast all over the place -- bad "vibes" that insure them nothing but quick rejection from all but the most heinous pigs!  - Mike Pilinski

No More Mr. Nice-Guy

That's the first phrase the author uses to introduce you to his book. We all know that nice guys don't get laid, but the question is "WHY?"  He solves this mystery by analyzing what happens in women's most primal parts of their subconsciousness while interacting with men. The main reason why nice guys end up to be friends instead of lovers is that females will not mate with non-aggressive males.

Don't confuse aggressiveness with violence however! You shouldn't be cracking skulls and braking faces each time you go out now. He means aggressive in the sense of vigorously, yet tactfully, pursuing your desire for sexual contact and affection with women.

An example of being non-aggressive is when the moment has arrived during the dating game that you want (and need) to kiss the girl. Unless you are the most savvy and fearless Casanova who can chat up any new chick and get her to bend over naked gaping crack up in the air without ever having swapped a drop of spit with her, you know instinctively that you are not allowed to skip this step. As the author points out, most of us non-aggressive males will either bail out right there, or... we'll ask her if we can kiss her. "A fatal mistake, never ever ask a girl to kiss" he says. "It's the ultimate sign of a non-aggressive low-status male!"  In fact it is the girl herself who will ask you to be kissed, but not in a verbal way.  He then explains what signs a woman exhibits when she wants you to kiss her.

For some this book may "just" be a fun read with a bunch of useful tips and thoughts, for many others it will be the most important thing they will ever read in their life. Therefore I encourage you to download this book and start reading it as soon as you can. But remember, the author's writing style is full of irony and wry humor. No silly clowning around here. If you're the type of guy who can only laugh at your aunt Melba's corny jokes then this book might be a little rough for you.

One thing you simply have to do:  read the author's biography (look for the link 'My Bio' at the top or bottom of his homepage). It instantly demonstrates his goodwill, sincerity and originality of ideas, and his massive talent to convey his message in a clear and captivating way.

Okay, enough of your blah-blah, just show me his website!

Here is another excerpt from his book "Without Embarrassment"
about the role and importance of touching: (Chap 6 -- Pg. 180)

Sexual Tension Can Never Be Denied

The dynamics of sexual tension hold primacy over anything else that occurs between men and women, no matter how politically correct it might be to pretend to believe otherwise.  There is simply no escaping the imperatives of Nature.  A touch shared between two people can be thrilling in the proper context where it's being utilized to lay the groundwork of sexual chemistry.  The bottom line on touching is simply this:

Touching firmly establishes you in her mind
in a clearly sexual, man-woman way.

It's imperative that you establish some level of sexual tension between the two of you as early as possible, or you will be doomed to live in "buddyhood". Why?  Because one of the quirks about women is that they rely on their instincts, passions and "love-at-first-sight" kind of emotional reactions in order to categorize men within their own minds.  And those categories generally break down into two groups: guys who make their heart flutter, and guys in which they feel no sexual interest whatsoever.

Women change their minds about all sorts of stuff all the time, but one of the things which they hold onto with a bizarre certainty is their initial, snap impression as to which category every man they meet belongs in.  Once you get pigeon-holed as either being a hot dude or an interesting nerd, that's where you are going to stay!  It's their 'final answer', so to speak.  If you get yourself pegged in the "boring" or "buddy" category there is no escape!  None!  It is super-ultra-critical that you stay the hell out of that second category at all costs!

And if you think it's important to establish sexual tension with some touching on an initial meeting, it's extra double important to do so on a first date.  If you don't break the touch barrier on a first date you are DEAD MEAT!  No reprieves, no further dates, no nothin'.  If you've been the kind of geek who never gets anywhere with women on a date, I'll bet this is the main reason why.  You're too respectful and afraid to touch her even casually, and this paints you as dead, sexless, bore in her mind.  When women complain about dating boring guys, this is what they're talking about... guys who are too timid to crack off even a few little sparks of sexual tension.

You get no second chance to get comfortable with her on a first date, get over your nervousness, and then try to edge up the passion up a little bit on the next date with a surprise kiss or some other lame bullshit.  There will be no second date!  She will not go out with you again.  I have learned this the hard way several times and couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong.  Being too respectful and "nice" (puke!) is just as bad (maybe even worse now that I think of it) as being an offensive jerk.  At least the jerks of the world seem to be getting laid here and there.  Us asshole nice guys are locked in strokers' prison doing life sentences!  Once again the operative word is balance... you have to walk the middle road between being a boor and a bore.

Now Easy with that Loaded Gun!

The author is very aware that he handed us men a serious weapon, one that should be used with good intentions. At the end he adds a three page warning for those men who are out for some kind of revenge, now that they have a revamped self-esteem together with the seduction know-how. They might feel that it's payback time and should start hunting down all women on the block to make them into their personal sperm deposit boxes and then dump their loving asses for the whole world to see. To hurt a girl's feelings because some other kittens have rejected you in the past is simply wrong. He wrote this book in the spirit of reuniting men and women and turning them into happy couples, not to create a mass of cheated-on ex-girlfriends crying themselves to sleep every night.

Besides, from all the women that rejected you before, I'll bet very few did it because they didn't like you. After reading the book you will realize that either they liked you but you were so timid and "nice" that you fell into their "buddy" category (and therefore they could never consider you for sex), or you unintentionally screwed up during the early dating game (too quick, too slow, skipped steps etc.) and they lost the interest and spark that was needed to get to know you better.

Take the authors advice: "Try your damndest not to be petty. Make one of the new aspects of your new character a determination to rise above the need to get even with anyone."  For those of you who really need their dose of revenge, the author has this to say: "Remember that, in Love, just like office politics, your success is the sweetest form of revenge!"  Maybe this sounds unsatisfactory at first for the real bloodthirsty among you, but just think how sweet it could be to finally have found that perfect longtime partner, while a lot of the wenches that rejected you might have ended up with some abusive wife-beating drunk manipulative psychopath.


fed-up with bitching wife

Time To Clean House

This makes me think that "Without Embarrassment" has even more power than I thought at first. Not only will it make sure that a mass of single men will finally go get the partners they deserve, it will also make another mass of men dump their women. Hold on, this is a good thing. I am talking about those men who got trapped in a relationship with some fat ugly domineering hellcat, just because she was the only one who didn't reject them back then. Most of these men are too afraid to let go of their partner because they are so sure they will never find another woman again. To those men, I salute you... dump that bitch, and get yourself the babe you deserve.



Although I doubt it, some of the older readers might react bitterly after having gone through the book, in the way of "damn I should have known this thirty years ago... what a waste of my best years, what a waste of my life".  Don't let this be the feeling that you walk away with after. Instead, realize that you are never too old to enjoy the time that is left. Be happy, and while you're at it say a little thank-you prayer for being among the lucky men that have found the solution to the mysteries of seduction. As I see it, there are two keys to being happy:

One is to be thankful for the good things, big or small, that happen to you today. The second one is to leave behind the bad things that happened to you in the past, soon as the moment arrives where you have the capacity to trash them in the garbage bin of bad memories.
This is such a moment, embrace it


The author Mike Pilinski is not in any way related to or associated with my site. He doesn't know me and I don't know him. Neither did I ever pick up the phone to call him and take advantage of that free phone consultation he gives to all buyers. I guess it's because I wouldn't know what to tell or ask him, aside of some lame "wow" and "you are amazing" stuff. His book is that complete that I have no questions about it.

Sometimes I wonder what a man of his caliber would think of my site, but maybe it's better not to know. Maybe he would praise it... probably he won't give a flying fuck... but possibly he would advice me to shut it the hell down because it's so controversial. Anyone who has read the comments pages here, knows the horrific amount of badgering and slander I receive, and I can handle it, but that is because those comments are basically anonymous. A condemnation from this man would be a harder pill to swallow.

I do believe though that my site has its little place in the world of self-improvement utilities for men. (I'll talk more about that on another page.)  However, while the majestic "Without Embarrassment" is good for every man and can never be misinterpreted, my modest website can be downright hurtful if it falls in the wrong hands. If you are still reading this and are not back to the main site, chances are that you are among those guys. If so, and if you have been hurt by my writing, I sincerely wish you could forget what you read there and that you will vow not to go back to it.

Bye. (and if you decide to download the book, happy poking and no more stroking!)

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