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Non-penis related links

  • High Status Male 
    Deals with men's anxieties about women:
    • destroy your Fear of Rejection forever
    • defeat Low Self-Esteem
    • demystify the "Mysteries" of seduction
    Publisher of the phenomenal ebook: Without Embarrassment - The Social Coward's Totally Fearless Seduction System. The knowledge contained in this book will
    boost your self-esteem with women tremendously.

    Read my full review here. (this has nothing to do with penis size!)

"Penis Size Matters" Opinions

"Penis Size Doesn't Matter" Opinions   see comments on
page25, 26 )

Penis Size Links

Penis Size Support Groups and Message Boards

Female Orgasm

Female Genital Anatomy

Ejaculation (volume, distance, flavor)

Condom Size

  • Condoms at Condomania
    Commercial site but possibly the best condom recourse on the web. Find condoms by style, brand, size, flavor or texture. Includes details about the length and width of condoms, description of material and condom thickness. Plus pictures of unrolled condoms.

  • What is The Best Condom for Me? (sorry, not online anymore)
    Talks about choosing a condom based on penis size, your preferred sensitivity and optional "specialties". Nice article but it is a pity that the author (a woman named Michelle Von Wald) makes a basic error about how to measure your penis: "Take the circumference of your penis, divide by two and you have the diameter." For the record, the diameter is circumference divided by pi (3.14)! Didn't I mention somewhere that women have no clue when it comes to penis size and numbers?

  • Durex.com
    Durex is the largest condom manufacturer in the world. Although their condom selector tool is ineffective because it doesn't ask you about penis size, they do describe the accurate dimensions of each condom. On the main page choose your country, click on any condom name, click on the drawing and see a list with all available condoms and their dimensions.

Penis Enlargement

  • www.thundersplace.com
    Non-commercial site, probably the best recourse for natural penis enlargement (PE) on the web. It is a free forum where thousands of men who practice some form of PE method (mostly different types of exercises it seems) come together to form a virtual community with just one goal: to build a bigger dick and to share their individual PE knowledge.

    In my view Thundersplace is a sincere site that aims to help people, not just to get you to buy something and therefore I am posting it now (August 2003) as a first link to a PE site. I especially like the fact that there are no links to any of the so called "pay sites" that require paid membership before showing you their "secret enlargement techniques". You can get all those techniques and much more at Thundersplace.

    After having read some of the site's wealth of information, posted by a bunch of sincere sounding and not-for-profit-participating people, I can only recommend it to those who are interested. (Please note that I am in no way associated or affiliated with the site.)

    With this I am not stating that I am convinced that natural penis enlargement works. However, the archives at thundersplace.com contain countless conversations between men who claim to have made some gains in penis size (mostly modest). It seems impossible that these virtual conversations are all fake and made up.

  • May 2004 update:
    After having tried some exercises myself I can say some natural enlargement is possible. The question remains whether results are permanent or not. You can read more about my opinion of natural penis enlargement.

    If you are determined to join a pay site then get in touch with either
    or Penis-Health. They could be the one that are worth the money because of their outstanding customer support and the hundreds of instructional photos and videos the contain.


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