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Big Penises Satisfy Women's
Instinctive Need To Reproduce

Women Prefer a Big Penis For Its Superior Genetics

In the table on page 5 (Big-penis-preference versus big-breasts-preference) I mentioned that big penises satisfy women's instinctive need to reproduce.

This is true for three main reasons:

  • To a woman big penises are a sign of a man's fertility.
  • Copulating with a big penis creates more chance for offspring
  • A son of a man with a big penis has more chance to impregnate future women.

The principal law of nature is that any species should reproduce and grow in numbers. As with most animals, human males are programmed to hunt for females and impregnate as many as they can.
However, if all men had equal chance to produce offspring, the human species would quickly degenerate and eventually become extinct.



To insure survival and growth of the species, nature enforces a process called natural selection. This means that only the best should live and the weak should take a back seat. This principle of survival of the strongest caused competitiveness to be hard-coded in our basic instincts.

  • Law of nature = species must reproduce and grow in numbers.
  • Men programmed to hunt for women and impregnate as many as possible.
  • Risk of degeneration!
  • Natural selection = survival of the strongest.
  • Sexual selection: women programmed to select genetically superior men to ensure strongest offspring.
  • Larger penis is superior: has more chance to cause pregnancy.
  • Women prefer men with larger penis.
  • Competitiveness among men.
  • Men's obsession with penis size.

For the species to survive, men need to impregnate women. This can best be done with a penis long enough to deliver the sperm far inside the vagina. Therefore, nature programmed a woman to feel a desire for bigger penises simply by letting her feel more pleasure during copulation with them. Bigger, longer penises are more likely to cause orgasm in a woman and a woman who climaxes while making love is more likely to become pregnant by such a man. (See the 'upsuck' Theory of Orgasm article at the Global Ideas Bank.)

Since men know instinctively that women prefer bigger penises, they will feel like they have less chance to copulate if they see or hear about other men with big penises. In other words, they feel like they can't compete anymore, which conflicts with their primal instinct. Therefore it is natural for men to worry about their penis size.



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