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Women Have an Instinctive and Fundamental Preference for Bigger Penises...


  • that there will be a continuous supply of big penis genetics in the human species, enough to keep the average penis size sufficiently large to allow impregnation.

  • that her offspring will also be able to impregnate other females and as such carry on her genes.


micro penisThe first part of this explanation might sound farfetched but maybe it makes more sense if you imagine the opposite: women desiring small penises. This would eventually cause the human species to be extinct because men's penises would become so small that they won't even be able to ejaculate inside the vagina.

Then you might wonder why nature doesn't provide all men with big penises if they are so much in demand. For one thing, nature might be perfect as a whole, but surely it is not in its individual parts. Moreover, if all men were well equipped, it could lead to such enormous penises that they would become useless for copulation as well. So, the big ones are preferred but the small penises are necessary to prevent the big ones from degenerating into giant monster phalluses.

The ultimate desire of a woman: to become pregnant
The second part is more obvious. Instinctively, a woman wants to produce offspring, carrying her genes into future generations. Therefore her ultimate instinctive desire is to become pregnant. That is not a problem since there are plenty of men available. But it is exactly this that creates a problem: the fact that there are so many men available and actually having sex with her! A woman knows instinctively that any females her future son will be mating with, will be just as promiscuous as herself.

This means that if her son doesn't have the superior traits (big penis and big ejaculation) he might never impregnate any female at all. She wants to be sure that in the event she has a son, he will be the best male around, with superior genes so he will have higher chances to impregnate other women. Remember that the whole purpose of living beings is to replicate. Like anthropologist Robin Fox said: "we have to see it, ultimately, as the strategy of the genes to produce replicas of themselves."


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