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Women Care Also About Testicle Size,
Ejaculation Volume and Ejaculation Distance

As if penis worries are not enough, many men wonder what women think about their testicles and ejaculations. It is obvious that these worries are directly related to penile inadequacy anxiety so let us discuss the subject briefly.

Testicle size

Without going into too many details let us simply state that usually bigger is better than smaller. The exception is that most women are put off by testicles that are too large. Very big ones or testicles that hang very low are for most women a turn-off, even on a large penis. They prefer them medium size, i.e. roughly 2 inch by 1 inch per testicle, give or take a quarter inch.

Big ejaculation volume and ejaculation distance

Women are impressed by powerful and voluminous ejaculations. More is better and far is better. Women enjoy such big ejaculations mostly for psychological reasons. Unlike penis size, it doesn't give them a lot of physical satisfaction, although the pressure they feel against the cervix or fornix during penetration can sometimes be enough to trigger a ferocious vaginal orgasm.

It is mainly their instinctive desire to be with a healthy, protective and fertile man that gets satisfied. Subconsciously a woman realizes that a man with a large and forceful ejaculation has more chance to impregnate her. A powerful and voluminous ejaculation is perceived as a sign of virility and maleness (see page 11).

big loadIt also excites a woman because it makes her feel pretty and sexy. Many men feel insecure about their sexual performance but so do many women. If a man has a big ejaculation it flatters the woman's ego. After all, you blew your load for her.

To evaluate the volume: Studies say that most men ejaculate between one and two teaspoons (approx 2 to 5 cc). However, according to the reactions of women these estimations are on the low side. In fact, many women consider anything below one tablespoon (two teaspoons) as a small load. This discrepancy could be caused by the fact that the amount of ejaculate is relative to the level and duration of excitement a man experiences. It is understandable that men are not very excited while waiting in line during a scientific test, hence the smaller registered quantities.


Ejaculation distance is an even more subjective issue. Women report that some men can't make it to half an inch while others actually hit the ceiling. Most women consider anything below one foot a short shot. At one foot and a half you are starting to be impressive and anything above two feet will definitely get her respect.

I received some feedback from men who describe how women can be really disappointed when they watch their small ejaculations. Many women seem to make comments about it, some using it as a way to denigrate their partner.

"When I date women they sometimes ask me to come on them, when I try and it just sputters a bit like five inches far they usually make that face like they are disappointed or something. What's up with that?"

"I have never been a big ejaculator and now I am over thirty it is not getting better. I usually just dribble a bit. My last partner always made comments on it like 'A small load from a small penis,' I guess it hurt me more than she thought."

"Me and my GF always use rubbers so she never gets to see how I shoot and I think it's better that way. Cause last time we made love and I was about to take off the condom she looked at the cum in it saying 'That's not much!!!'...maybe I am too sensitive but that's THE LAST TIME she will ever see any of my sperm. Anyway, she lost all my respect for her, ... makes me really think of going somewhere else!!!"

"I think I have problems with the texture of my semen - for some reason it gets often very thick and even chunky. I think women really dislike it. The worst is that each time it happens it doesn't even squirt, just dribbles. girls have made bad comments about it, but in the end they say that actually it doesn't matter I really feel that I don't satisfy them enough though."

Another one reports how amazed and impressed his dates are each time he is able to release vigorously.

"I am lucky to be a big shooter, often in the five feet range and a lot as well. One girl said it right when she watched me letting it go: 'There is nothing like a big load to impress a girl!' I have always been admired for it by women."


cheersJust as for penis size, ejaculatory capacity is for many men a sensitive issue. In view of their reactions one could give the following advice to women: "Considering a man's promiscuous nature, negative remarks could be risky to the relationship. If you are not happy about it, don't make any comments, no good ones no bad ones, just leave it alone."

The main thing is that no matter how much women enjoy big ejaculations, they still consider it a rather trivial subject, much more than penis size. If you possess the "ideal" shot, will it impress her more or excite her more? Yes. Will she love you more? No!

Increasing Ejaculation Volume,  Force and... Flavor?

Many men have asked if the volume, force and even flavor of their ejaculations can be influenced or changed. There are a few things you can do but you need to know the basics about how semen is produced.

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