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Penis Size Matters To Women Because Big Penises Cause More Pleasure... All Kinds of Pleasure

Women love penises just like you as a man love pussies and breasts. The penis is the favorite topic of conversation among women. Talking about it makes them happy, interacting with one makes them really happy.



On the previous page I compared the way men prefer large breasts to the way women prefer a large penis. It shows that a penis can give more than just one kind of pleasure to a woman. All things considered equal, bigger is better in all these categories of pleasure:

  • psychological pleasures:
    - anticipation for sex
    - visual excitement
    - and a special one: satisfaction of her instinctive need to reproduce

  • physical pleasures:
    touch sensations
    - vaginal satisfaction *

* A woman's vaginal pleasure during intercourse is greatly, although not exclusively, dependent on her partner's penis size. Usually bigger is better up until a certain limit, which varies somewhat from girl to girl. Some get off more on very thick penises, others more on long ones, and others on a combination of both. This doesn't mean that an average or small penis can't give them any satisfaction. Depending on a man's penis size and her vagina size, she might experience less or more satisfaction (see page 41, Your Chances To Satisfy Your Brand New Girlfriend). Many women are vaginal (need penetration) while others are oral (prefer cunnilingus). But even the ones who are not vaginal will still prefer a good medium size penis.

Explaining women's preference for bigger penises is not a simple task. Because there are so many factors involved, I will analyze each of these factors on its own page.

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