Penis Enlargement... Does it Work?
Here is my opinion

June 2004:

For the last two years I always found it unethical to talk about penis enlargement, on a site claiming to prove that women prefer larger than average penises, so I never did. But I come to realize that it might be even more unethical to avoid talking about it, since so many men keep on sending me private emails asking me for help about enlargement. Most of the time I don't even respond, but I end up feeling guilty because I just leave them alone in their confused attempts to find their way in a frightening world of misinformation and fraud. We all know it's a zoo out there. Daily we are bombarded with TONS of ads and spam from all four corners of the world, screaming how much penis size we could and should gain to become a better man.

I believe a different approach is needed. Instead of avoiding the subject, I will add some information and realistic guidance for those who are interested. In the last year I've had some personal experience with enlargement techniques, so I will talk about that as well.

As everyone probably knows by now, there are many procedures that claim to enlarge the penis. There is the surgical way, the vacuum pump method, the penile exercise method and the stretching devices method. Beside that there are various "lazy" methods like pills, patches and creams. Despite an overly skeptical public, the fact that enlarging the penis is possible is slowly gaining acceptance. All the methods above, except the pills, patches and creams, can add a certain amount of length and/or girth to your penis. The only question that remains, is what is the best method (safest, most effective, most permanent) and which method is most likely to produce results that stimulate women visually as well as vaginally.

Penile Surgery

Surgery (phalloplasty) is for sure the most effective way and almost guarantees to add an inch or two in length and even more in girth if you so desire. It is also the most expensive and dangerous one, with the potential of a variety of mishaps during the operation and complications and infections afterwards.

penis enlargement surgeryLengthening is achieved by slashing the ligaments that pull the penis upwards during erection. This allows the penis to be slightly pulled out of your body. After the operation you hook stretching devices to the penis, to avoid it from retracting back into the body. The unavoidable  side effect of this operation is that the erect penis becomes unstable ("wobbly") and will never point up anymore, resulting in reduced vaginal stimulation during intercourse. Scar tissue formation is another major problem and can even cause the patient to end up with a shorter penis then before. 

Thickening is achieved by one of the following three procedures: Free fat transfer, Dermal Graft or Alloderm.

  • Free fat transfer is done by removing fat from another part of your body through liposuction. Then this fat is injected directly under the skin of the penis.

  • A dermal graft is done in two steps. First the doctor slices a layer of fat with its skin attached to it from a part of your body. This fat is then chopped into smaller pieces. Next, the penis is carved open and the fat patches are inserted directly under its skin. Depending on your request, the doctor can inflate your penis by squeezing as many slabs of fat in there as you wish. The results are rather temporary. After six months to a year, the fat starts to dissolve and is reabsorbed by the body. Some places lose more than others, sometimes resulting in an unsightly, gnarled and bumpy "elephant-man" penis.

  • An Alloderm graft is very similar to a dermal graft except that the inserted tissue is not from your own body but is harvested from recycled corpses.

Penis surgery is for now still too risky to be recommended. Even if nothing goes wrong, the instability and lack of upward pressure during erection are the main disadvantages. You will always end up with a penis that will satisfy your woman less than before (visually as well as vaginally). It is much better to have a small but rock hard erection than a bigger but wobbly one.

Vacuum Pumping

results of years of penis pumping

This man shows the results of years of penis pumping. The gigantic testicles are caused by pumping them in a cylinder specifically designed for that purpose.

Vacuum pumping can also add size. You insert your penis into a hollow plastic cylinder and pump the air out of it and the penis swells to its maximum potential. The cells inside the penis expand and get damaged. They repair themselves and grow slightly larger. Repeating this process many times over a period of years will add girth and bit of length.

However, most of the gains happen due to excessive skin swelling, which can cause the penis to look like an overly boiled sausage. Even during erection the surface will stay rather soft and spongy, lacking the hardness needed to cause friction to the inside of the vaginal walls. To a woman, penetration might feel as if penetrated with a soft balloon filled with jelly. If you just want to show a bigger bulge in your pants then this won't matter to you, but I doubt that this is what most of you have in mind.

The dangers are that by overdoing it, you can seriously damage the cells inside of the penis. Blisters, internal bleedings or busted veins are common mishaps and can result in scar tissue formation, which often leads to permanently crooked erections or even impotency. If you are going to pump your penis, be very careful not to overdo it and get a quality pump like the ones from Dr. Joel Kaplan.


Penis Stretching with Weights or Devices

stretching the penis with weights

Despite the dangers, stretching the penis by means of weights has been a popular practice among many PE enthusiasts. 


If you have the time (up to twelve hours a day) you can add length to your penis by stretching it with special devices or by hanging weights from it. The idea is that by applying sustained tension and traction, the cells inside the penis muscle will receive microscopic tears and then hopefully divide and multiply.

There are a couple of caveats to penis stretching with weights. First of all it is extremely time consuming. To be effective, tension has to be maintained for up to twelve hours a day, seven days a week. Secondly there are the substantial risks. To stretch a penis you always need to somehow attach these weights by clamping something around the neck of the penis glans. This often cuts off the blood supply for a prolonged time, which can result in tissue death, infection, gangrene and even amputation. And lastly there is the general consensus that stretching is only effective for penile elongation. The thickness of the penis will stay the same or often even decrease.

Penis Exercises (natural penis enlargement)

The method is called natural penis enlargement, because it requires only the use of your hands. Penis enlargement exercises have been around for a few years now. They apply the same principles that theoretically make penis pumping and penis stretching effective, but combine them into manual exercises without the use of exterior force.

So far, this is the method with the nicest results and the least risks. Because the blood inside the penis is always kept in motion, real tissue damage is much less likely. Despite what some claim, they are not "ancient secret techniques". Most of the techniques existing today are relatively new. The only old technique is the basic jelq.

basic jelq I have tried some of these enlargement exercises myself. At first I overdid it and bruised my unit and had to give it a rest for a month. Then I restarted and four months later I had gained 3/4 inch in erect length, about two inches in flaccid length (on a hot day), 1/3 inch in erect circumference and about one inch in flaccid circumference. Flaccid gains are definitely much easier to obtain than erect gains.

How to do the basic jelq.


Are gains permanent?

It depends. I stopped exercising after four months due to a lack of interest. Six months later, the erect gains had almost disappeared and the flaccid gains were about half gone but stayed that way. Erect gains are said to be permanent when a man follows a light maintenance routine, something I didn't do.

To be successful, the part that in my view makes a big difference, is the mental attitude that you possess during your exercises. was famous for having this mental power. When he worked out his biceps, he was totally focused and watched them almost as if he was in a trance. While others around him thought he was just being vain and conceited, he knew that the mental contact he had with his body, would stimulate the nerves to send the necessary "grow messages" to the cells. Likewise, being mentally "in touch" with your penis for sure improves the repair-and-growth process. You need to visualize how the cells inside your penis are being stimulated to grow. 

A fine line between overtraining and undertraining

For those of you who are familiar with muscle development, you are for sure aware of the fine line between overtraining and undertraining. Muscle growth happens when cells are stressed through resistance training and then allowed to repair themselves. Result: bigger cells, bigger muscles. But too much or too often and the muscle can't keep up with the repair process. Too little and they become lazy and won't grow. With penis enlargement it is much the same, except that this fine line is even thinner.

Although the penis is a muscle, its cells are different and are easier to damage. To make the penis grow you will need to train on this fragile edge between overtraining and undertraining. This is a very precise line and is different from one man to another. The reason why penis growth is a long process, is that you can only find this line by very slowly and GRADUALLY moving up towards it. If you go too fast, you will cause damage that could set you back months. That's why it is very important not to rush into it. Far too many guys are overly enthusiastic and think they can force the penis to grow in record time, only to give up after two months because their penis is bruised and damaged. Start off with only a few minutes of exercising per day and move up slowly.

Results will depend on many factors:

  1. correct execution of exercises
  2. duration of each exercise session
  3. frequency of exercise sessions
  4. your determination
  5. your capacity to visualize your goals and to focus your mental powers
  6. your food intake (keep it nutritious and reduce the junk)
  7. your rest (try to get your 7-8 hours of sleep)
  8. and last but not least your genetics. (just as with other forms of exercising there are those who respond better to penis exercises then others)

Like with everything else it's the power of the mind that causes us to achieve unimaginable things. Much more than just discipline, it's determination that is required here; the everyday conviction that you will not stop until you have achieved your goal. Be reasonable and go in steps. Set yourself a relative small goal, get there, and move up. Don't try to be hung like Lex Steele in four months from now, it won't happen.

Define your priorities

Remember that it's all about balance. I know for a fact that the average woman instinctively prefers a larger than average penis. But this does NOT mean that she will rationally choose a man based on that preference. Once a woman falls for a man, she will accept him for the person he is and the body he possesses. Sure, all things being equal the average woman would choose a larger penis above a smaller one. But as many readers here have noted, things are never equal, and this is important. Yes, if your partner could choose between you and an exact clone of you who has a larger penis, she would choose the clone. Except... she will not get to choose because there is just one YOU.


What I'm trying to say is this:
Don't think that by building yourself a bigger dick she will automatically like you better. It won't be a case of "all things being equal except me having a larger penis now". You won't be the same guy that you are today, because your bigger dick won't happen overnight. It will take months if not years, depending on your final goal. If you are going to lock(*) yourself in your room everyday for an hour to work fanatically on your penis, plus allowing yourself some preparation and relaxation time, you might be wasting valuable time that you and your partner could spend together.

*Some might think: "Hey, don't lock yourself away while doing your exercises. Make it part of your sex life, let her watch and masturbate herself."  I have thought the same but this isn't a good idea. Although women will love looking at you while you're so proudly working on that swollen veiny penis of yours, letting them be part of it doesn't work.

During your exercise you need to keep your penis in the right proportion of flaccid versus erected. Too soft is not good and too stiff is not good either. You can't do the massage techniques on a hard-on. If she is going to spread eagle and finger her wet vagina in front of you, that penis of yours is going to be way too excited!  Plus she will most likely force you into having sex with her right after, which isn't good for the growth process.

Worse, after a penile exercise you are not supposed to orgasm for a couple of hours (because after an orgasm the penis tends to retract). If this means that you will withhold her from having sex as well, then you will end up with a very unhappy woman. That's what I mean by "all things won't be equal anymore". Because of your pre-occupation with the program you might be a guy that turns her off now!

Compare it to the guy who wants to get physically in shape to please his partner more. Most women prefer a muscular guy above a fat or skinny one, no doubt. But if you're in the gym five days a week for two-three hours in a row, while your wife is at home watching the ceiling and feeling bored and ignored, then something bad is going to happen to your relationship. I'm sure many of you will recognize yourself in this. 

If you are a single guy then all this doesn't matter. You can spend all the time you want on building a bigger penis. If you are in a relationship, then be very careful that you don't become fanatic about it. Don't let it ruin the good times you should have together.

Bottom line:
If you are looking into enlarging your penis, then exercises are the way to go. If you stick to a program the results will be better than with any of the methods discussed above. The least that will happen is getting a healthier, fitter, more muscular and stronger penis that has more staying power and will be visually more attractive to women. Because of training your PC muscle (pubococcygeus), your orgasms will also be more controllable and forceful.

Where to go for natural penis enlargement information

There are two places that I recommend. I still stand behind the guys at the free site Thundersplace.com because they have all the information and more. The only thing is that they have so many experimental procedures that it might take you a while before you know what you should do.

For the beginner who just wants to start with an enlargement routine, it is better to get in touch with a professional site. After a few months, once you master the techniques and have gotten some gains, you could tryout the experiments that are available at thundersplace.

A professional site I recommend is Penis-Health.com. The main reason why I stand behind this site is that they provide you with customized programs and a lot of instructional high quality multimedia (pictures and videos). In addition, they offer a more compact version of their program as well, for those who can't spend an hour per day on penis exercises. Also, they are a big and trustworthy company and are in the business for the long run, meaning they will still be here in five or ten years from now and are here to support their customers. Take a look at their site and see for yourself: Penis-Health

What about penis pills, patches and creams?

Pills are like a supplement for those who engage in enlargement exercises. By themselves I doubt that they will actually grow your penis. (That bigger "pumped" look they give to your erect penis is in my view not true growth.) But as part of an exercise routine they will supply the penis and other organs with essential nutrients needed for faster recovery of the tissues.

Same idea for the penis patch, which is applied to any part of your body,  except that patches allow for a more gradual release of the ingredients directly into the blood stream. (the same way NicoDerm patches work by releasing controlled amounts of nicotine as a stop-smoking aid)

So far, the only products that are backed by a large medical company (Albion Medical) are VigRX pills and MaxiDerm patches. Other companies are following in their footsteps but are for now lacking the credentials that Albion has.

Penis creams are in my view useless. Even if some of them may contain quality ingredients, they don't have the capacity of pills or patches to get these ingredients into the bloodstream.


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