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Penis Size Talks:
What Women Think About YOUR Penis

No man truly cares about what statistics say and neither about the opinion of some specialist or expert. He wants the opinion of women. He wants to know what they feel and think about it. He wants to know how his woman talks about his penis to the other girls.

Know one thing for sure:

If a girl, no... when a girl tells her friends she has slept with a new guy,
the first thing they will do is ask her about the size of his penis...

...and she will gladly tell them.

Women tell each other everything

  • If your penis is talked about a lot, it means it is either small or big.
  • If she never mentions your penis, it is because it is considered average; nothing interesting to chat about.
  • If it is small, it will be discussed in terms like "little, thin, small, short, narrow, tiny, pinkie, pee-wee"
  • If your penis is big, she might brag about it to make the others jealous and will talk about it admiringly in terms like "big, large, thick, long, wide, huge, hung". (Ask any woman when was the last time she bragged having slept with a guy with a small or average penis...)

Beside the size of your penis she will also tell her friends all the other details, like whether or not you had problems getting it up, how fast you came, whether you are a shooter or a dribbler, the volume of semen you produce, what noises you made, whether or not you were able to make her orgasm, etc.

Women do lie about penis size

Although a woman will tell her friends exactly what she thinks about your penis size, it doesn't mean she will apply the same honesty to you. I already mentioned that earlier on but it is worth repeating: A woman will practically always lie to you about the size of your penis. She knows how much it means to you and really doesn't want to hurt your most essential of feelings.

  • When she says, "it's okay", or she says that it is a good penis, a pretty one, or a nice one, etc., she really means it is small.
  • When she claims it is big, she means it is just normal, average.
  • When she looks at it with wide open eyes full of hidden desire and goes "wow, it's soo huge, I can never fit that one!" she really means "This penis is just perfect. It's what I always wanted and I want it right now!".

When women talk to you there are three kinds of penis sizes:

  1. small (the majority of men)

  2. big (you)

  3. very huge (a few)

In reality
there are six kinds of penis sizes for women:

  1. tiny

  2. small

  3. average

  4. big

  5. very big

  6. huge

Note that women consider tiny or small always too small. That doesn't mean she won't like to be penetrated by it, but she just won't be extremely pleased during the act.

Women don't think in numbers

But what does small mean? What does big mean? Does big mean long or thick? …or both? This length versus girth issue causes quite a bit of confusion.

Ask any man the size of his penis and he will respond by mentioning the length. Often guys believe that length is what counts for women but as we have seen earlier on page 19 Stimulation From Penis Girth, thickness is at least if not more important. The cause for this misunderstanding is that women themselves are very unclear about this issue.

Unlike men, who are driven by numbers, many women don't think in actual measurements when imagining size (or anything else for that matter). They have an idea about what is big but can't translate it into inches. Women just don't think in those terms.

For penis length they usually have an answer in inches (although it might still not coincide with the actual length they have in mind). For penis width they have no clue at all about how many inches it takes to satisfy them optimally. They can picture the thickness but often can't give a figure to it. Most women say they like it thick without giving any more information. All agree they wouldn't accept a "pencil-dick" but exactly how many inches around is a "pencil-dick" anyway?

pencil dick! (fake of course)

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