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Measuring Your Penis

Most men already know the measurements of their penis but it is probably useful to talk a bit about how you should measure penis width and penis length.

  • Length:

    When the penis is in full erection, push it down until it is at a straight angle with the body. Measure along the top from the base until the tip.

    Some people argue over whether you should press the ruler as far as possible against the pubic bone (bone-pressed) or just hold it loosely against the skin where the penis meats the body. The argument rises from the fact that overweight people lose a lot of length due to fat build-up at the pubic bone. Pressing inside with a ruler might give them a truer measurement although during intercourse they will not be able to use that extra inch or two. The fairest way of measuring is probably to hold the ruler firmly against the body without forcing down on it.
  • Girth (circumference):

    Measure around the thickest part of the shaft at full erection.

    Girth could also be obtained by measuring the width, viewed from the top of the penis, but this is not a very precise method because a penis is not perfectly round. It is usually a bit wider when looking from the top than looking from the side. Also, a penis is not an exact cylinder. Usually it has a thinner and a wider part. For a circle, the circumference could be measured as diameter times pi (pi=3.1416).

    Some internet surveys say that you should measure at the widest point of the penis anywhere along its length, including the head. Most people do agree with that. This could coincide with the fact that for most people the widest part is the head. However, strictly following this rule could lead to false figures:


Who is thicker in this picture?

According to the above rules the right penis is bigger since its head is a little bigger than the widest point of the left penis (the shaft). But the truth is that the left one will fill up a vagina 70% more than the "bigger" one (almost twice the volume!).



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