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Why Women Lie About
The Importance Of Penis Size

All men want to know if their penis is adequate to satisfy a woman. But who do you ask, your girlfriend, your wife? It is a fact that no woman will ever tell her partner the truth about his penis size (unless he is very well endowed of course) and this for various reasons.

  • First of all, if a woman is interested in a man with a small penis (for other reasons than his penis of course) she wants to be nice to him and will try to flatter him. Obviously that won't work if she tells him in all honesty that his penis is a little undersized. A man whose penis is average or small wants to know how women consider his size, but he doesn't want to hear it from his partner.

  • However, there is a more deeply grounded reason why women hide their preference for large penises. For the longest time women's sexuality was something that could never be discussed in public. While it is ok for men to talk openly about their sexual lust, women are trained to hide it. A woman who admits to men that she likes a big penis, is often viewed as a slut and men usually don't consider a slut as a potential long-term partner.

Therefore honesty is for most women not an option when talking openly about penis size. The Internet however has provided women with a way to speak anonymously as well. Many can now finally state their preference for larger sizes and penis forums are full of comments from women who air their desire for big penises. But despite the anonymity of the Internet, some women still can't let go their habits of feeling the need to please men's egos and they continue to argue that size doesn't matter.

Internet Survey

women's desire for larger penisesI found an internet survey in which women were asked to post their opinion about the size issue. (Sadly the comments are not on the site anymore.) Many women flatly answer that penis size is important and their comments are pretty much all the same: "Longer is good, thicker is better, longer and thicker is best."

But there are other women who try to be nice by saying that penis size doesn't matter. It is entertaining to see how in their attempt to explain the insignificance of penis size, they involuntarily demonstrate their underlying desire for larger penises as well. Check out their remarks (followed by my comments):

  1. Ms.Sholinar "The turn on and turn off is in the mind. Some of the worst people in the world could be well equipped but I for one WOULDN'T want to have sex with any of these people."
    This woman obviously prefers a large penis above a small one. For her to not have sex with a well-equipped man he would almost have to be among the worst people in the world. Way to go girl! Her comment is similar to the statement
    I heard from another girl who says that she would make love to Tom Cruise even if he had only a two inch long penis. These are just attempts to confuse men because they mix-up different issues. Men don't ask women if good looks or nice personalities are preferred to big penises but if big penises are preferred to small penises.

  2. Tg9: "A man with large genitalia who has no clue, nor desire, to please a woman is nowhere as a lover. A man who is sensual and eager to please is a fantastic lover and his penis size is of no consequence."
    There they go again, insinuating that well endowed men can't be sensual and have no desire to please a woman and small guys are all sensual loving people. Say it like it is girl
    , you want a big penis on a sensual and caring guy.

  3. PrincessButtercup: "Although size has its benefits, technique is far more important! What's the use of having a big worm if you don't know how to fish?"
    Another one trying to make the smaller guys feel better, again by insinuating that endowed men don't know how to use their penis. At least she is honest enough to admit that size has its benefits.

  4. Mega Cock Cravers

    Dassa: "The size of the penis doesn't matter. Women usually get the most pleasure from other sources than the actual penetration. If the penis is too big, it can cause major problems and if it is too small, other techniques can be used. The bigger penis is more of a hassle."
    This woman first tries to pretend that size doesn't matter but then betrays herself by mentioning the words "too small". If size really didn't matter then a penis would never be too small. Just be honest about your preference lady and don't feel so guilty about enjoying penetration that much.

  5. Skperry: "It's not the size, but pencil-thin ones aren't able to do much for me. Over all, I prefer them thicker rather than longer. But my biggest climax begins in my head, so it isn't totally the penis on which I rely."
    "It's not the size… but I prefer them thicker..." Enough said.

  6. Sandstar: "Give me technique!!! Of course, utopia would be big-size AND big-talent! Don't forget, though, that great sex begins in the brain. How you feel about someone is the key to it all."
    First she screams technique, but quickly gives away that big size is equally important. Then she tries to make the smaller men feel better by mentioning how important it is for a woman to feel for the guy to enjoy sex, changing the subject from vaginal to emotional satisfaction.

  7. Cat_Eyes: "No, it doesn't really matter, but it can still be important in some ways. A man can be too large for a woman so as to cause pain, or he could be too small for a woman and therefore make it less enjoyable to her."
    This silly girl confirms unknowingly that when a woman says, "it doesn't really matter", it really does matter.

  8. Nancy_S: "The best wigglers win! I'm more oral anyway, and prefer a "medium" size. Guys, quit being so obsessed over size, if you have a great technique and tongue, the girls will not care... until someone with a better technique comes along!"
    This girl tops them all. First she pretends that technique (best wigglers) is the important thing. But she admits to be more oral and still prefers a medium size over a small one, hereby foolishly confirming that size is important to all women, even the oral ones. If an oral girl prefers medium size, a vaginal girl prefers …? That's right, you guessed it. And there are at least as many vaginal girls as oral ones. Yeah guys, quit being so obsessed, the girls won't care…, until someone with a better schlong comes along!

  9. Kim: "For all you women out there it's not the size that counts, it's what he can do with it. My husband is 4.25" long and 4.5" around and he satisfies me fine. So what's this talk about size!!!!!!!!"
    If having fine satisfaction is enough for her then that is fine with me. Maybe if she ever experiences what a guy with eight inches by seven around can do to her, she might be the one doing all the talk about size.

Some women really don't care about penis size

It is true, some women really don't give the least bit about penis size. They usually don't care much about sex either. For them "having sex" is not even the right phrase. They insist on calling it "making love". To them making love is a whole complex event of which sex is just a small portion. Moreover, during the few times they are having sex, penetration is not that important to them.

tenderness, romance and love

The comments below are from the same internet survey and I show them here to demonstrate that these women are looking for tenderness, love and spirituality. There is nothing wrong with that, but they should not speak for the majority of women who besides romance also enjoy sex, as much if not more as men do.


  1. Eddienet: "More important than size or how you use it, is love. I have had sex with and without love and I have to say that when you really have strong feelings for your partner, the sex is great and it has nothing to do with the size of body parts. And when you consider that sex plays such a small part in long-term relationships, size shouldn't matter at all. All that matters is that you want to spend time together and share life's journey."

  2. Emerald: "I think many women will agree that good sex has very little to do with penetration. It has everything to do with foreplay, intimate touching, some emotional link, and of course, attraction. My favorite sex with men lasts at least an hour, and involves very little penetration, and a smaller penis that doesn't hurt!"

  3. JemRN: "Let's hear three cheers for love and tenderness, caring and sharing, and two souls who embrace each other; then it's always great, whether it lasts an hour or a few minutes and you're relaxed and comfy enough to wake up, smile at that great guy you love and start all over again!"

  4. Elmyraduff: "Ewww! Aren't we stretching things here? What happened to all the stuff that goes beforehand? You know... flowers, candy, the moonlight walks under the stars... Where's all the romance?"

  5. Rosymare: "As a woman, I don't think penis size matters a bit. If a guy is a great kisser, sensual, caring, adventurous, concerned with MY pleasure, everything will be great."

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