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Penis Length and Penis Girth,
What Do Women Consider Small and What Is Big?

Although penis length and thickness often go hand in hand, it is not always the case. A penis that is big in length might not be big in girth and vice versa. To make things not too complicated let's first show how women feel about each dimension separately.

The first table demonstrates how they perceive penis length; the second one shows how they perceive penis girth. Remember that in reality a woman doesn't think about the actual size in inches, neither does she try to estimate it. (Page 40 The Ideal Penis Size shows a graph that demonstrates how women grade penises considering both length and girth in all their different combinations, showing the ideal penis size for women.)


* huge: anything beyond 7 1/4 inches around. Although quite a few women might like the initial feeling of being penetrated by such a monster, its continuous thrusting often numbs the vagina after a while instead of leading to orgasm because of the continuous and monotonous all-around pressure. Some other women react the opposite way however. They don't like the initial stretch but tend to enjoy this size after a while.

When measuring penis width, a quarter inch makes a substantial difference

If penises A and B of the same length are compared, A measuring 1 inch wide and B 1 inch wide, then B is 137% (approx 1.4 times) bigger in volume and will fill her up with more than a third more penis than penis A.

Not much a third? To visualize this consider two guys, both are lean and have the same height but one is stringy and weighs 125 lb, and the other one is muscular and weighs 171 lb (137% more). Would you rather be the one weighing 125 pounds or the one weighing 171 pounds?

Do you see the difference when a woman compares a man's 1 wide penis (penis A) to her previous boyfriend's who measured 2 inches (penis C) That is 180% more penis. It is like putting a 225-pound muscular guy next to the 125-pound one. Who does she want to be with? This is the way her vagina perceives his penis.

What about her other ex-boyfriend who measured 2 wide (penis D)? His penis was 280% bigger than his (if his penis weighs 1 pound than her other boyfriend weighs 2.8 pounds). But actually his penis was also 2 inches longer than this so called average one of 6 inches long, making it 400 % bigger than his, filling her vagina with four times more penis than his! Although this penis E could be described as huge and too big for a lot of women, many would love to have sex at least once with such a penis.

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If penis size is not a big issue to you

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