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Examples of Sex Experts' Free "Help"

The following two pages illustrate perfectly how sex experts from advise boards on the web deal with desperate people who are troubled by penis size worries:

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  1. Dr. Sandor Gardos at

  2. Andrea Valerio at

  3. Vanessa Burton at

  4. The opinion of

  5. Andrea Nemerson at

  6. An opinion found at

  7. Another opinion found at

  1. Sex therapist Dr. Gardos at answering a question from a woman who asks "how big a penis should be to please a woman". The woman also states that her "current boyfriend is smaller than others before": (note: the original text at has been edited now)

    Dr. Gardos:
    "There are women who do prefer a large penis, but it is usually more for aesthetic reasons."
    This guy starts of by insulting women twice in one sentence. The phrase "There are women..." insinuates that there are not that many of them who prefer large. He ads that it is mostly for aesthetic reasons. Very humiliating to women's sexuality. Sure, women like large penises also for aesthetic reasons, but that is secondary. But he hasn't finished so let's hear him out some more:

    Dr. Gardos:
    "Yes, some women like the feeling of fullness, but the vagina does not have touch-sensitive nerve endings in the inner two-thirds… even among women who say they can feel a difference, it is usually due to girth and not length."
    He is one of those people who seems to base his knowledge exclusively on the research of Kinsey and Masters
    and Johnson (see page 21) Sure, Kinsey proved that a vagina doesn't have many touch-sensitive nerve endings in the inner two-thirds. He proved it by touching women's vagina with a device similar to a Q-tip! Whose penis head resembles a Q-tip for god's sake? A penis doesn't touch the vagina walls, it pushes, presses, slams, bangs and whams it!
    To say that some women like the feeling of fullness is a gross understatement. The truth is that most women enjoy that feeling. He says it is due to girth and not to length. Well, isn't girth part of the size of a penis? Doesn't that tell you right there that women enjoy thick penises? However, he never discusses girth later on in this "professional advice". He doesn't seem to be aware either that many women can get orgasms from the uterine movements caused by deep rhythmic penetration of a long penis, which at the same time stimulates the sensitive spots all the way in the back of the vagina around the uterus opening. The phrase "even among women who say they can feel a difference..." is degrading towards women's sexuality, since it implicates that most women can't feel the difference between a large and a small penis. He continues:

    Dr. Gardos:
    "You should also know that erection might be considered the great equalizer. Those men who have smaller penises when they are soft usually have a greater size increase than those with larger flaccid penises. The size differences between men are much less drastic if you compare them erect."
    Like many of his buddies, this therapist keeps on nagging about the "Great Equalizer" theory. But he forgets that he is talking to a woman. It's not smart trying to make a girl believe in this myth. Most of them have had enough variety of penises between their legs to know that huge flaccid penises usually turn into huge erections and small flaccid penises become small erect ones. But let's listen to the end of his argument:

    Dr. Gardos:
    "Unless your boyfriend is very small -- as in under three inches erect -- I wouldn't be too worried. Experiment with positions that give you the kinds of sensations you desire and enjoy!"
    Ok girls, this "expert" says practically that with any penis above three inches long erect, you can expect the sensations you desire as long as you experiment. Like attaching a thick eight inch strap-on to your boyfriend maybe?


  2. A question by a man to psychologist Andrea Valerio at "Is penis size important to women? I know they say it's not supposed to be, but sometimes I get a different impression."

    Dr. Andrea:
    "Functionally, the size of the man's penis is not the necessary ingredient for a woman's pleasure. The G-Spot is located just inside the vaginal opening within easy reach of a finger, and the clitoris is located externally above the vaginal opening within easy reach of a finger or tongue, so the penis is not a crucial player for a woman to achieve pleasure."
    Yeah, say anything to avoid getting to the point. Following this twisted logic, we could also say that a vagina is not crucial for a man to achieve pleasure. Like two billion masturbating men don't know that already. However, the pleasures caused by a penis or by a finger are not the same. Any woman will confirm that a penis causes much more
    satisfying pleasures than anything else. This is exactly the point the questioner is making. Like any man he wants to give his woman ultimate pleasure. Experiencing ultimate satisfaction -- a man needs a vagina for that and a woman a penis. That's not some big secret. On top of that, the questioner is not talking about how to give pleasure to his woman. He doesn't ask if a finger or a tongue can cause orgasms. The questioner just wants to know if size is important to a woman when a man penetrates her with his penis. But just like the other advisers, this one refuses to get to the point. Then she continuous:

    Dr. Andrea:
    "Like some men who have a preference for large breasts or small breasts, heavy legs or thin legs, some women may also develop psychological preferences for the size of a man's penis... While some women do have penis size preferences, most women focus more on the quality of the relationship and the man's lovemaking techniques."
    Everyone knows that avoiding to say the truth about penis size is a matter of Political Correctness, but this much PC is nauseating. This psychologist doesn't realize however that in her warped answer she denigrates women by insinuating that their preference for size can only be psychological and that only some women may develop such preference. What's the big deal? All women have some idea about what size penis gives them the most pleasure and that is only natural and human. All of them agree that too small is too small and too big is too big. That's very vague of course but it tells you clearly that they prefer certain sizes. If at least this psychologist wasn't a woman!


  3. Vanessa Burton at answers the question: "Does size matter to women?":

    "You don't have to worry. Women don't care. (...) Who says size counts? A few months ago I was speaking with a friend who told me about one of her encounters with this wonderful lover. She described what they did in detail, and all this time I was wondering how big is this horse that my friend is sexing? Well guess what? He wasn't hung like a horse. As a matter of fact, he was more like a pony. (...) Women simply don't care about size."
    Who is she kidding?!! She says women don't care about size while she admits "all this time I was wondering how big is this horse?" Guys, practically ALL women care about size and they ALL ask their girlfriends about the size of their lovers' penis.

    On another page at she answers the question: "Does bigger feel better for women?":

    "The important thing to realize is that most of women's sexual pleasure during sex comes from their clitoris, which is on the outside of her body, and the first 2 inches of the vagina. Therefore,
    unless your erect penis is less than 2 inches long, it should not cause any sexual problems."
    Did you get that? Two inches hard-on is enough!!!  Something tells me that this woman only pretends to be stupid. There is no way she can believe such nonsense herself. Two inches..., any moron knows better than that! Could she be one of those frigid penis-envious anorgasmic feminists who can't accept they need a man (=penis) in their life?


  4. The opinion of to the question "Is it true that women prefer men to have a big penis?":

    "False. A 1983 study (Fisher et al.) asked 154 woman undergraduate students to read a number of erotic passages which differed only in the size of the male penis in the story. The women were then asked a standard set of questions to determine their level of arousal. The study found that, in general, penis size was an unimportant factor in the level of arousal of these woman."
    Whooahahahaaa! This has to be the dumbest attempt ever to deny the existence of women's penis size preference. Two huge errors: when it comes to penis size you don't make women read erotic passages and you don't ask them about their level of arousal. What about letting them have a live erotic passage and checking their panties for wetness? Or at least something like the eye-pupil test described on page 38. But hold on, they have more nonsense to say:

    Expert: "A survey of women by the Diagram Group in 1981 showed that when asked to what part of a man's body do woman pay most attention, 39% said the buttocks. Only 2% of women indicated an interest in the penis. Other studies (e.g., Masters and Johnson, Hite, Wolfe) have shown that penis size has very little to do with either a woman's stimulation during intercourse, or the probability that she will reach an orgasm.
    In summary, the literature reports that the vast majority of women don't care if a man has a small, medium, or large penis.
    Bwhooahahahaaa! This is too much imbecility to handle in one day. Again, it's not about what women answer to stupid surveys or about what the literature reports, it's about what women feel while being BANGED. Furthermore, using the flawed reports of Masters and Johnson and Shere Hite with regard to penis size versus vaginal stimulation is a sign of extreme incompetence (see page 21 Female Orgasm Misconceptions).
  5. A question to Andrea Nemerson at by obviously a very desperate man: "I'm twenty-seven, and still a virgin. I have been extremely shy since early childhood. I've had lots of crushes, but lack the nerve to ask anyone out. Another problem is my penis size: just over five inches fully erect. I'm sure you must have covered this issue before, but is this enough to satisfy a woman? What about thickness?"

    "(...) Considering the deathless ubiquity of the size question, I suppose I'll just have to keep repeating the following statistic, at regular intervals, for the rest of my life: Ninety percent of erections measure between five and seven inches. That places you on the smaller end of the standard scale. But,…, you've got plenty of company."
    Despite this expert's otherwise excellent columns she ignores the seriousness of the penis size issue. In her answer, she unwittingly reveals that avoiding to tell the truth about penis size is not a good tactic, since she admits that the size question always keeps coming back.
    However, in a response to another question, she gets closer to the point by saying: "Sometimes it ain't the motion: it's the meat"


  6. A "smart guy" answers a question from a man who has all his life been humiliated about his smaller than average penis (from Note: This is not a comment from the editor of this excellent website. It is just one of the many responses posted on his site.

    Smart guy #1:
    "It's all in your head, son! But then I'm sure you know that already. The thing you need to work on is not to stop worrying about the size of your penis but to concentrate on the positive things about yourself. If you equate your self-worth to the size of your penis, you are just as much of a dick head as the guy who thinks he's a stud because his is big...Identify the best parts of who you are and let those things become the centerpiece of your identity, not your weight or your loss of hearing, and certainly not that piece of anatomy that allows you to pee."
    Actually this person makes some sense first by saying the guy should concentrate on the positive things about himself. Then he makes the fatal mistake of unintentionally belittling his penis even more, saying "…that piece of anatomy that allows you to pee." That is probably what this poor guy has always been thinking already, that in his case peeing is all it has ever been good for. Well done!


  7. A comment from another "smart" person on the same page trying to explain to a confused guy why girls go wild by looking at a stripper with a huge penis (at
    Smart guy #2:
    "Those women went wild over the stripper with the big penis, but don't we also enjoy seeing strippers with huge breasts? Do we think they'll be better in bed, more satisfying, because they have large breasts? Nope! Applauding at what you are seeing on a stage doesn't really indicate who you want to sleep with."
    Anyone who truly believes that women go wild by the sight of a big penis for the same reason as men who enjoy big breasts, is naive to say the least. This false comparison is very often used by therapists and even women themselves to shut up those with questions about penis size. Rest assured, these girls want to do something else with that big penis than what men want to do with those large breasts.
    Remember from page 5 that penis size matters to women much more than breasts size matters to men.

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