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Don't Count on the Sex Experts Either
To Answer Your Penis Size Questions

It's all in your head!"

So, why not ask a doctor or sex expert your penis size questions? The web contains many free advice boards where men can post questions about sexuality. I analyzed the answers of many sex-advisors to a variety of penis size related questions.

The results are nothing short of shocking and expose a spineless and deceptive attitude. Do not be fooled anymore by advice from some of the so called sex-experts! They might have good things to say about other sex topics, but when it comes to penis size almost none of them dares to say it as it is.

It is disturbing to see how so many men are being lied to as soon as they pose a question about penis size. They are often told that they suffer from perceived penile inadequacy with the accent on perceived, meaning, "It's all in their head"

Troubled men ask two basic questions:

"Is my penis normal in size?"
"Is my penis size adequate to give women sexual satisfaction?"

Experts would answer the first question with "Of course your penis is normal unless it is a micro penis (one inch long erect)." According to them if you have an erect penis 4 inch long and 1 inch wide than that is normal because there are many men in the world like that, so you shouldn't worry about it. To them normal means what happens a lot. Practically everything is normal just because it exists. True, research and surveys suggest that around 2 to 3% of men are created that way. That means a whopping 50 to 75 million guys in the world and yes that is a lot. But does that make a man feel better if he is among them? Probably not that much. They won't mention either that a few million men carry over 9 inch long by 2 inch wide girl-splitters.

One could argue in the defense of such therapists that the above questions don't make too much sense if you take them literally. Normality for instance is hard to describe. A normal penis would be one that falls within the norms, but how do you define the norms? Anything that is more or less common? And what is common? We can turn in circles forever trying to define normality. Some medical therapists use this as a way to quickly calm down worrying men by saying their small penis is normal. After all, if its smaller size isn't caused by some disease then it is a normal, healthy penis. Of course, big, small and average penises are all normal penises according to such simple expert

Sex experts are either ignorant or cowardly

These sex experts should look beyond the actual question. If a guy asks "Is my five inch penis normal?" then it is either ignorant or cowardly to simply say "Sure it's normal, there are many like that... feel better now? Bye-bye, take care now!" What these worried guys want to know is if women perceive their size as normal or small, or better, as adequate. Since nobody wants or dares to tell them the truth, they keep on coming back with their worries over and over again until they are being ridiculed by these same therapists for being so obsessed with size. Wouldn't it be much better to calm their agony by saying things as they are instead of feeding them prettified nonsense?

The worst is when questioners are simply brushed off with lame statements like these:

"...maybe you guys could stop focusing on your penis sizes, and instead work on developing  your skills and exchanging tips on touching, kissing, caressing and lovemaking..."

"Stop worrying about the size of your penis and start concentrating on being a better lover! Why don't you learn how to be a good kisser instead? And learn how to give great oral sex to your girl. She will love it!"

What a bunch of hogwash! Sure women love this stuff but practically all girls agree that even great oral sex and the best finger work can never replace the feeling of being well penetrated by a good size penis. Such answers only confuse and cause frustration. It proves that these experts are mostly experts in avoiding confrontation. Kissing and caressing is nice, but it won't help you if you are in need of some real answers.

The biggest myth is probably the belief that the only important thing during sexual intercourse is a man's technique and that his penis size is irrelevant. Sure, girls enjoy a skilled penetration by a normal size penis more than a muddled uncertain attempt by a big one. However, these experts forget to mention that these same girls might be in ecstasy when they have intercourse with a seriously hung love-specialist.

It is such a popular myth that it has lead to a series of cute sounding and easy to remember phrases for the smaller endowed guys, so they can repeat these false truths to themselves to feel better:

  • It ain't the meat, it's the motion!
  • It don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing!
  • It's not what you've got, it's how you use it!
  • It's not the size of the ship, it's the motion of the ocean!
  • A little axe can cut big trees!
  • It's not how deep you fish, it's how you wiggle your worm!
  • It's not the size of the wand, it's the magician who waves it!



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