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Testing Women's Reactions To Penis Size
Experiment 1 - The Eye Pupil Test

How do women react to the sight of different size penises?

The best way to tell if people like what they see is to observe the way their eye-pupils react. The eyes don't lie. Even under the same light conditions the pupil changes when someone sees something she likes or dislikes. Increase in pupil diameter means attraction, decrease means repulsion.

changes in pupil diameter

Below I describe a scientific experiment to study women's eye reactions when confronting different penis sizes. The experiment has never been done and the results were imagined by two female friends of mine and are for illustration purposes only. However I challenge anyone to perform this test and compare their findings with our results.

Penis Size Importance - Experiment 1:

  • Ten male subjects are chosen to participate in the study. All subjects have different penis sizes, ranging from very small to very large ( from 4" long by 3" circumference till 11" long by 8" around).
  • All men are circumcised and penis shape is in all cases about the same ("normal") to avoid mixing in any possible preference or dislike for certain types.
  • All men have the same skin color (Caucasians) to avoid women expressing any racial favoritism.
  • Each male subject is explained the procedure to be followed. They are led into the left part of a room that is divided by a thin wall-to-wall screen. The other part of the room is not observable by the men.
  • Ten women are waiting in a second room. They will be entering one by one into the right part of the room which is divided by the screen.
  • The screen contains a hole, in the form of an aperture (to avoid affecting size perception by predisposition of visual clues), that will serve to exhibit the men's penis to the female participants.
  • A small camera placed at a strategic level beside the aperture will record their reactions.
  • The lighting of the room is arranged in a way that doesn't affect the eye-pupils of the women, thus avoiding unwanted changes in eye-pupil measurement.
  • All men are asked to obtain an erection. The first woman is asked to enter the adjoining section of the room and to take place on the chair in front of the aperture.
  • In random order each man passes his erect penis through the aperture and holds for fifteen seconds.
  • The same procedure is used for the rest of the women although the order in which the men are exhibited is changed continuously.
  • All women pass twice.


Slight increases in eye pupil diameter of all women are recorded for five out of the ten penises, the ones considered from small average to big average. In eight out of ten women reductions in eye pupil size are measured for the two smallest penises. Nine out of ten women's eye pupils enlarge progressively and dramatically upon observation of the three largest penises. Afterwards all women are invited to anonymously fill in a short questionnaire and when asked which penis they would prefer on their partner the majority chooses for the third and second largest one, respectively 8" x 6 " and 9" x 7". Eight women respond with a yes to the question if they would want to spend one intimate night with a man bearing a penis such as the largest one they had just seen.


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