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Some People Believe Vaginal Orgasm is a Myth

Female Orgasm Misconceptions

Female orgasm (female sexual satisfaction) is the single most misunderstood and misrepresented factor in the whole penis size debate. There are people (even women) who falsely believe that all female orgasms originate in stimulation of the clitoris and that there is no such thing as vaginal orgasm. Consequently, they say, penis size has no importance in female orgasm.

This widespread fallacy was caused by the flawed reports of three famous sex researchers:

  • In the 1950's part-time child molester Alfred Kinsey and his researchers wanted to discover what parts of the female genitals were most sensitive to sexual stimulation. They tested more than 800 women by softly touching sixteen points including the clitoris, labia majora and minora, vaginal lining, and cervix. They used a device similar to a Q-tip. However, the vagina, in particular the area of the G spot, responds to deep pressure and not to soft touch. They concluded in error that the clitoris was sensitive and the vagina was not. In 1953 Kinsey said "the vagina is relatively devoid of nerve endings" and ridiculed the notion of a "vaginal orgasm."

  • A decade later, the couple William Masters and Virginia Johnson tried to bury the vagina forever. Based on the research of Kinsley, they mistakenly concluded that clitoral stimulation was the only source of sexual sensations (in the genital region).

  • In 1968, feminist / man-hater Shere Hite wrote the famous Hite Report in which she attacked the importance of the vagina in women's sexual satisfaction. All sensations are clitoris-based she said. For her it was simply a way to undo men from their potential power over women's pleasure, since a big penis would not make a difference to their satisfaction.

feminist womanHerds of frigid, penis-envious, frustrated, anorgasmic housewives jumped on the feministic bandwagon to spew their disrespect for men and shouted that they never climax from penetration alone. There could be no such thing as vaginal orgasm they said, since they always needed stimulation of the clitoris to climax. They failed to admit that their lack of vaginal orgasms was most likely the consequence of their husbands' inadequate penis size and/or lack of bedroom skills and stamina.

In their hysterical hatred towards men, they claimed that anything that goes in the vagina is by definition anti feminist. If only they would have known that they were the true anti-feminists themselves, because it is exactly women's vaginal pleasure that gives them their power over men.

Although Kinsey and the duo Masters and Johnson were extremely important to give sexuality its deserved status, their errors about vaginal orgasm are far reaching. Even today many sexologists base their knowledge exclusively on the research of Kinsey and Masters and Johnson. Later I will show you how such sexologists use these false principles when responding to men's penis size questions (see page 25 Examples of Experts' Free "Help").

penis size obsessionSide note:
The last four-five decades men's obsession with penis size has increased. Many people blame this on the post world war American culture where everything needs to be big to have value. However this is a cheap and false explanation. It is more likely that those who have denied the existence of vaginal orgasm are responsible for this problem. They planted the doubt and hope in men's mind that maybe penis size doesn't matter to women's pleasure, although instinctively men know it does, hence the conflict within.

The penis size issue is damaging men and couples everywhere. If more than a million men in North America suffer from an undersized penis, imagine how many more all over the world. Millions more have the notion that their average size penis is inadequate for women. All they want is a truthful answer to the penis size question.

...To deny that penis size affects vaginal orgasm is to deny these men the truth.

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