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Comparing Women's Preference For Big Penises to Men's Preference For Big Breasts

Penis size matters to women even more than breast size matters to men. This might come as quite a blow to those people who already have a hard time digesting the fact that size matters to women. I am not trying to create a shock effect here, just getting to the base of things. The statement is true because women simply have more reasons to prefer a large penis than men have reasons to prefer large breasts. The following table compares these reasons side by side. Later on I will explain each of them in detail.

women love large penisesmen love big breasts

Women prefer big penises even more  
than men prefer big breasts.


Many people try to downsize the importance of penis size by claiming that it is just as breast size: "Some women prefer a large penis just like some men prefer large breasts." As you can see above, this is a false explanation because first of all, the words some should be replaced by most and secondly, women desire big penises more than men desire big breasts.

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