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A Trick to Make Her Admit She Prefers
a Bigger Penis Than Yours

Like most men you probably want to know how much your partner appreciates your penis size. By reading the previous chapters you know exactly where you fit on the size scale and you also know how women would classify you in terms of penis quality based on size. So don't bother her with questions about her preferred penis size or what she thinks of your penis.

Now let's say you don't have a big penis. Your partner maybe telling you frequently that she loves your penis. That's great, she loves it. Would she love it more if it was bigger? Sure she would, you already know that. However, if she tells you that your penis is big while you know that it is not, then you might want to put her on the spot for lying to you.

A friend of mine told me a great trick to make your girlfriend tell you the truth about what she really thinks about the size of your penis (not necessary if you carry a grade A penis of course):

Tell her: 'Imagine there is another guy that is an exact duplicate of me, like a clone. Body, personality, everything is the same except one thing. The clone has a smaller penis than mine. One inch less in length and circumference. Now imagine the two of us in front of you. Which one do you choose to have sex with?'

If you don't belong to the less than 0.1% of men whose penises are just too big for most women, she will choose you of course. But maybe she feels the trick coming and decides that she wants both of you because she 'likes variety'. Insist that she can only have one because the other one will evaporate or whatever. She will surely choose you above the clone.

Then continue: 'Okay, now imagine this same clone but with a larger penis than mine, one inch more in length and circumference. Who do you choose now?'

She will not answer it. True, it is a dirty question that brings out the truth and shows the deepest desire of your woman. It is a no-win situation for you because even if she chooses you above the bigger one you won't believe her.

But let's say she insists and repeats that she really doesn't want it to be bigger. Trick her like this: 'Okay, pretend I am not existing and there are only the two clones, one with a penis smaller than mine and one with a penis larger than mine. Who do you choose now?'

Force her to choose, just as she was able to choose earlier on. She will most likely choose the bigger one. All this means is that no healthy normal girl will choose for the guy with the small penis if all other things about them are equal. And that bigger is most of the times better and that in her mind she might wish you were a bit bigger.

Attention: don't use this trick unless she lies to you about the size of your penis. Otherwise you are simply creating a problem instead of solving one.

If you have anxiety when interacting with women and rejection affects you badly then most likely you have other issues than your penis size. Stop reading this penis stuff and visit my page about how to destroy fear of rejection and low self-esteem.

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