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When Men Look For Penis Size Answers
- Part 1 -
Penis Size Discussions Can Break Up Relationships

endless penis size discussionsPenis size discussions have become such a big thing that it even causes breakups in relationships. A man suffering from PIAS is continuously in conflict with himself and with his partner if he has one. Although he instinctively knows that penis size matters, his woman tells them otherwise:

  • endless penis size discussions in which she tries to convince him that his penis is bigger than the average
  • repeated arguments and denial about the importance of his penis size to her satisfaction

This denial only worsens the problem because he now believes that her size preference matters so much that she needs to hide it from him. The emotional instability and the extreme downs to his self-esteem can lead to the end of the relationship.

Consider the following desperate comments:

"My girlfriend confuses me about the importance of penis-size. One day she tells me that penis-size doesn't really matter but that it's more whatever happens before penetration that makes all the difference. The following day I ask her again and she tells me that actually penis girth is important and length doesn't really count. Yet another day while making love she begs me to penetrate her as deep as I can, like my penis isn't long enough. What is it that she really wants?"

"I have been dating this girl since two months now. I never raised the subject of penis size but she still managed to make me feel completely unsure about myself. How can she say on several occasions that my penis is big while another time she asks me if I am still inside her?"

"All my adult life I have felt kind of bad about my penis. A couple of months ago I started dating this wonderful girl. One day she wrote a note about how she can't wait to make love again and how much she misses my 'big penis'. Sure, girls shouldn't tell their boyfriends that they have a small dick. But the opposite can be just as damaging. I know I have an average dick. Don't tell me that it's big! This girl admitted that she had seen much bigger dicks than mine before! But she kept on insisting that mine was big. It made me feel completely the opposite each time she said it. I broke off with her because I don't need lies like that in my life!"

Comments like these demonstrate how men can't and shouldn't rely on women's feedback.

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