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About What? What For? For Who?

This document is about penis SIZE,

  • not about penile health, male orgasm, virility enhancers, etc.
  • not another "All About The Penis" book.
  • no "penis humor" or pornographic content
  • not about penis enlargement techniques

It is meant to end the debate about the importance of penis size to women

It is especially meant for men suffering from Penile Inadequacy Anxiety Syndrome (PIAS), which symptoms are:

  1. persistent worries that your penis is smaller than those of other men
  2. obsessive thoughts about the role of penis size in women's sexual satisfaction
  3. sexual inferiority complex with a phobia for rejection.

It is aimed at the heterosexual man.

PIAS is a condition that affects mainly heterosexual men, because symptoms 1 and 2 don't apply to them:

  • Gay men usually know where they place on the size-scale because they generally have plenty of occasions to compare. In contrast, straight men have no true-life reference and feel often mislead by the contradictory statements of women. 
  • Just as for women, there is no secrecy to gays about the importance of penis size. Straight men are the ones being left in doubt about how they compare and about whether or not bigger is better.

(If you are not interested in penis size but you are suffering from low self-esteem then you may want to read Pilinski's book about defeating low self-esteem and fear of rejection.)

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Penis Enlargement Opinion

Defeating Fear of Rejection

If penis size is not a big issue to you

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