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Masculine Men are Men
with Strong Male Characteristics


Anticipation For Sex

male feauturesStrong male characteristics

  • square bodylines
  • broad shoulders
  • large hands
  • bigger muscles, and...
  • yes, a larger penis.


These characteristics (traits) are what makes a man masculine. When all these characteristics are emphasized in a certain man, women will favor him above one with less pronounced features. He satisfies her instinct by confirming that she is dealing with a true masculine man.



This is probably a little too much for the average girl's taste!


pronounced male feautures
Nature programmed women to look for such masculine features. It is not their choice, it is their instinct. A woman is attracted to men because  men represent sex and security.

The larger a man's penis,
the more he stands out as a true man, the higher her anticipation for sex and protection.

Therefore it is ridiculous to say penis size only matters to some women. It matters to all (normal) women just like a man's voice matters.

Women consider a deeper voice more masculine, I don't think anyone disagrees with that. (Read Boom and Bust at or Seduce her in an elevator at Men's Health.) So why would anyone disagree with the fact that women consider a bigger penis more masculine? Accept it.


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Defeating Fear of Rejection

If penis size is not a big issue to you

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