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Women Prefer Big Penises Because They Give More Psychological Pleasures

On the previous page I summarized all the different reasons why women prefer men with big penises. Here I will describe in detail the psychological pleasures women experience from a big penis. They are very similar to the pleasures you as a man receive from big breasts.

Psychological pleasures

1. Anticipation For Sex

Just like big breasts are a turn-on for men, a big penis is a turn-on for women.A man is attracted to women because he anticipates sex. His instinct tells him that they will give him sexual pleasure. People like something when somehow it gives them enjoyment, and sexual pleasure is the most intense form of enjoyment.

Anticipation for sexual pleasure is a pleasure in itself. It is what we call "being turned-on." For most guys big breasts are a turn-on. For most women a big penis is a turn-on. Not very complicated is it?

2. Visual Excitement: bigger looks better

A big penis makes happy eyes.Another form of pleasure influenced by size is pure visual pleasure (apart from sexual excitement). Size matters to the eyes. Women love the look of a big penis. It excites them visually just like most men love the look of big breasts. Admit it, big firm breasts look delicious. That's the way women feel when looking at a big firm penis. It is a natural thing. Big is impressive. It is a matter of volume and quantity.

Abundance excites. Do you like oranges? Go to the supermarket and check out the difference between the small ones and the big ones. You want the big ones because they make your mouth water. Visually they excite your senses. Now look around and you will realize that this counts for all the items in the fruit store.

Big oranges... as deliscious looking as big breasts!no thanks!

Size matters to the eyes of women and men alike. But this doesn't only count for the things you eat. Visit an electronics store and observe the people walking in. Yes, they look at the big screen TV's first. Big is catchy. Big breasts are catchy and exciting to look at for a man. Big penises do the same for women. Think about it, you are not even attracted to penises and yet, like most men, you would like to see yourself with a bigger penis. Women are by nature attracted to penises. So just imagine how much a girl likes the view of a big penis on a man.


Some huge cherries anyone?


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