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Vagina Size

A vagina can be either relaxed or aroused. When it is relaxed the walls are collapsed against each other and the cervix lays closer to the front. When it is aroused the cervix pulls up and the vagina walls open apart. This makes the vagina longer and wider.

Whether relaxed or aroused, the vagina walls are very elastic and can stretch enormously in length and in width. The difference is that stretching them while relaxed will cause discomfort or pain whereas stretching them during arousal causes pleasure (up until a certain limit of course!)

Average Vagina Size

vagina size in relaxed state

Note that the bottom wall of the vagina is longer than the top wall and the cervix protrudes which gives the impression that the vagina is shorter than it is. (For more diagrams of vagina size see page 18.)

Variations in Vagina Sizes

Vaginas vary in sizes just like penises do, although less extreme. Here also we can see a correlation between vagina depth and vagina width, meaning the deeper vaginas usually dilate more than the shorter ones.

Compare the following tables (estimated values):

* Due to childbirth, there are many women with large and x-large vagina sizes. It is one of the reasons some men will start to look elsewhere after a woman has given birth since they become intimidated by the extra space.

Women are recommended however to get their vaginas fit and in shape again. There are exercises that will help them to achieve this (kegels etc.) but that is beyond the scope of this document. (In fact, a vaginal fitness program should be started way before childbirth, so tearing is kept to a minimum.) One thing that is NOT recommended as a remedy is surgical "vaginal tightening". Often it will make the vagina lose most of its elasticity and sensitivity. Don't do it unless in extreme cases.

What is your partner's vagina size?

I can hear you guys thinking: "Gee, I wonder how big my girlfriend's vagina is?" Let us say you have a six-inch long penis at full erection. Maybe you think your girl is also six inches deep because when you penetrate her fully you touch the end of the vagina. Keep in mind however that her previous lover with eight inches also touched the end of the vagina when he penetrated her. It means that he simply stretched the tissue two inches further.

So what is the maximum length of her vagina? Difficult to say. You would have to insert a long enough object so that you could measure the part that can't be inserted. Maybe you don't want to go that far but you still wonder how many inches of penis length your partner can take. Just count on it that the average woman can handle penises 9 inches long and 2 inches wide (8 inches around). True size queens can often take up to 12 inches long and 3 inches wide!


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