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Some Advice For Men With a Small Penis
- Part 3 -


   "So forget about the advice from women and sex counselors you have read somewhere. They recommend that you should work double as hard if you are under-equipped and concentrate on good technique and imagination, and that you should do everything to satisfy her. Forget that. Doing that only confirms in your head that you don't have what it takes. Forget about wanting to satisfy her for a moment and go for your own pleasure. Because if you were to listen to all the pretend advice from sex counselors you would end up so miserable and insecure that you are doomed to a life as a loser who can only enjoy sex if he gets in touch with his and his partners soul and let the sexual stimulation come from the heart only, like you can't have just pure animalistic sex anymore. They say a smaller endowed man should concentrate on finding a woman that loves him and who has practically enough pity for him to build a solid relation that is based on good emotions, intimacy and love. Maybe they don't say it out loud but following their ideas makes a man believe that sex should only take a small part in his life. According to them, the fun is practically over for him. Look, it is not because she won't have real screaming orgasms from penetration that you shouldn't have any. If you follow their guidance you are condemned to search for a situation where both of you have to be deeply in love and where good sex consists mostly out of long walks under the moon, deep kisses, long hugs and cuddling and touching. Forget that. Love comes when it comes. Don't look for it. Now go out there and have fun with the girls!"

So there you have it, a rather outspoken opinion but at least more honest than the empty words from quite a few sex therapists. If you are in a situation where you have lost all hope and self-confidence then why not try this guy's advice. He has some good points. Hey guys, get one thing straight. Modern society with its accent on physical appearance has caused women to be more insecure than ever. For every insecure man there is a woman that is twice as insecure. Just imagine how most women feel. Imagine waking up in the morning and being convinced that if you don't put on at least some make-up or mascara, you are too ugly to face the world around you. If women's faces cause them to feel insecure, imagine how they feel about the rest of their bodies.

This increased lack of confidence among women is among the causes for more single females than ever before. For every single man there is at least a single woman. You better believe that they have other things on their mind than judging a man's small penis. They want to meet a man, and if he is acceptable they want to have sex with him, no matter his size. And remember that the main reason they are single is not because they are ugly but that they are way too insecure to be inviting towards men. They worry more than you could imagine and need someone who inspires self-assurance in them. Treat a woman with respect, act confident around her and she is all yours.


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