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Self-confidence, Penis Size and Success

Why is it that some men wonder if penis size could be related to success. Are men with big penises more successful in life than their smaller endowed brothers? If success would be measured by the orgasmic screams of joy a man hears while having sex with a woman, then it would be safe to answer this question with a yes. But apart from that, penis size probably doesn't relate to any other successes than that (unless you want to be successful as a porn star of course.)

A street pauper with a big penis can be just as unhappy as a wealthy man with a small penis might be, although for different reasons maybe. But is there more chance to end up as either rich or poor depending on the size of your penis? Somebody actually made the suggestion to me to verify whether there are percentage wise more small penises among the poor guys on the street than among the jet set, 'but...' I told him, '...if you really want to know, I will leave that up to you to find that out.'

Success is not only measured in terms of acquired wealth of course. Even if adequate amounts of money are an important element in rating one's success, the true losers in life are those who achieve tremendous wealth by living a strict pattern of greediness where each day that is not more lucrative than the day before, is a day of failure. Although such an attitude can be helpful to catapult oneself into richness in record time, real success will only follow if one can decide on a point of ne plus ultra where enough is enough, and come "back to earth" to start enjoying life to the fullest. This includes not hesitating to use the acquired capital for what one really wants to do, whatever it is that adds to your own pursuit of happiness. But it also includes returning the favor to the community that allowed for that success in the first place, and whether it be by supporting existing charities or by creating projects of your own, or by simply helping out people that are close to you, one learns that true happiness seems only possible after realizing and experiencing that giving is immeasurably more fun and satisfying than receiving.

Ultimately, being successful is being happy with your life and living your dreams and therefore it means different things to different people. It all depends on your goals. Considering yourself successful doesn't only mean achieving your ultimate goal in life, but also the completion of each small step it takes you to get to that level.

Besides having a goal, the biggest factors in being successful are probably a healthy dose of positivism and self-confidence. Any man can become as successful as he wants if he has the right attitude. Although physical factors like having a large penis, good looks or strong muscles usually do contribute to a man's pride and confidence, there are many other elements that can affect a man's positivism and sense of self-worth, not in the least upbringing by the parents. As much as possessing a large penis or good looks can inspire a man with self-assurance, as much can an inept upbringing destroy a man's trust and confidence in life and in himself. It is imperative that parents give their children the best possible physical and mentally-positive environment to grow up in, not only by supporting them with the love, attention and all-around education they are entitled to, but by showing and reassuring them that their little minds are respected as complete and individual human beings with a full set of thoughts, opinions and emotions. Believe in a child and give it the chance to handle problems and decisions no matter how small, and it will grow into a self-assured, priority-conscious and positive adult who is able to handle every big problem being thrown at him, even if it is such a "major" one as penis size.

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