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Some Advice For Men With a Small Penis
- Part 2 -


   "That doesn't mean you should just get your rocks off real fast and go to sleep. Sometimes that's ok though. You are the man; it's your pumping energy that's at stake. You decide how long the pumping will last. But when you feel like it, take your time exploring and enjoying her body for your satisfaction. Don't be self-conscious, but be SELF-CENTERED. You don't have to worry anymore about maybe not giving her maximum vaginal pleasure, because you won't. Problem is solved. You are left to enjoy the party by yourself. Look at your penis and say how much fun he is going to give you. Not her, you. Don't listen to other's advice that you should concentrate on good technique and other ways to satisfy your girl. That will only confirm in your head that you are not good enough. Don't ruin your pleasure by trying to pleasure her. Let your animal instinct do the talking. If you have a small penis then that's reality. It's a selfish world and that's reality as well. Don't let your mind get insecure. You might sometimes think about what big penises she has been penetrated with before. You wonder if she liked it better. Reality is that she probably has had much bigger ones than yours, and she probably liked it. But you don't care. Her pleasure is not your concern anymore. Do you think the big guy worried that much about her pleasure? So why of all people should you! Tell yourself that she really liked that big penis. You know that for a fact. Don't ever lower yourself by asking her about it. Reality is also that she might think of being with a bigger guy again sometimes. Realize that your small penis freed you of all your obligations to pleasure women. Live your fun for yourself. And you know what, while you are having your fun, as a side-effect she will get some real fun as well. And as a side-effect of that, she might want to have sex with you more than you can handle. There you go, you are getting your confidence back. If you are not in a relationship and your small penis inhibits your dating then think about this. You can stop worrying and go enjoy life out there. There are many girls who want affection and sex, and you and your penis are going to have some real fun all along. And if you happen to fall in love along the way, good for you, but don't forget to enjoy yourself. Life is only as complicated as you make it. If you are making it your task to be able to satisfy the women of the world then you are making your life complicated for nothing. Even if you never truly learn how to accept your penis, just respect it for one thing, that is for all the fun and orgasms that you had and will have." 

   "This talk is all about that you have to get that "obligation to satisfy" out of your head. Looking out after your own fun doesn't mean however that you should in any way disrespect the woman you are with. On the contrary, respect her as you respect yourself now. Respect her especially for her right to prefer any size penis she wants. Don't hold her somehow responsible for that. She didn't even choose for that preference. Just like you didn't choose one day to prefer fast cars to slow ones or whatever. Things are the way they are. And stop being so afraid to be turned down. Most women will never turn down a man for his penis size, whether average or small. It is not because they prefer big that they are obsessing about it as you are. Many women are lacking sex in their life and they would surely accept any penis. And maybe some would rather prefer no penis than a small one but then don't get hung up on that and go to the next girl. Just realize that there is still an awful lot of fun for you. Stop being so afraid that you won't satisfy her. You already know that you won't satisfy her the same way a big penis could, so what are you so afraid about. Afraid maybe that she will be disappointed upon your penetration. Look, when she sees you naked she already knows that she probably won't have spine-shattering orgasms that day. Stop feeling that you have to make her day or her week or something. Just do what you want to do and have fun at it. If she enjoys it, the better for her. Don't worry about that part. You are here to explore and indulge in your own fun. If you get that simple idea in your head, you should feel a lot less insecure already. Of course, some women might throw you a nasty comment or chuckle when they unwrap your little stub. It's rare but it happens. There are enough stories from men who experienced it to mention it here. But then, is it the end of the world? You too can say anything back you want. Besides, there is a good chance that women will much more appreciate a man who defends himself than one who just takes an insult without resistance." (continues...)

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