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Small Penis Problems,
Penis Size Advice For Men With a Small Penis

But first, a comment to women

Many men confirm that at least at some time in their life a woman has humiliated them with a comment about the inferior size of their penis. One piece of advice to any woman reading this: if you think of spending serious time together with your lover then don't ever make any negative comment about the size of his member, not even as a joke, because the relationship is over right there and then. Jimmy, a twenty-five year old taxi driver, has this to say to women: "Never tell a man he has a small penis. He will leave you. Even if for love's sake your guy stays with you, he will likely become unfaithful over time. The penis is a sacred subject to any man. If you think of insulting it you might as well rip his heart out."

And now the rest...

Small Penis Problems

small penisAs a smaller endowed man you don't have it easy. As if you don't suffer enough from having to live with a small penis, you also feel guilty from not satisfying your partners as you "should". You have probably heard many times that you should do everything you can to please your woman, whatever it takes. So their you go, breaking out in a sweat and turning your love session into a workout rather than a trip of joy.

Every half inch of length counts and just to make your penis reach as far as possible, you have to flex and curve your body so much that it makes your sex life feel like hard labor. Men with big penises have more fun during intercourse because they can do the ride calm and relaxed. While the big guy can concentrate on his own fun, the smaller one has to force himself if he wants his woman to enjoy the penetration a little more.

So that's what you do, you force yourself. After five minutes, while your lady thinks you are having a great time, you are actually exhausted from abdominal muscle cramps. So, you take a break from the humping and continue the job with finger work until both your hands are in cramps as well. All that because you feel that you have to make your partner orgasm and because you read somewhere that smaller endowed men should use all techniques in the world to please their partner.


This page is not about sexual techniques however. There are dozens of books available that cover an exhausting amount of sex techniques. Although they are surely useful to anyone who strives to bring some spice to the bedroom, they are not what this chapter is about.

The real problem that you as a smaller endowed man face is not that you can't satisfy your partner, but that you can't accept the fact that your penis is too small and that you are less adequate. What you as a man who suffers from penile inadequacy anxiety are dealing with, is that your self-esteem is usually as low as the esteem you have for your penis, zero. Somehow you have to get your self-esteem back by learning to accept yourself as you are. Sticking your head in the sand and not facing reality won't do you any good. Reality is what you have hanging (or sticking out) between your legs and that the size of it does play a big role in the sexual pleasure you can give to a woman. Now, having said that, there is a lot you can do to get out of the rot, as for instance taking note of the ton of advice following below.

Some Advice

A guy who agrees that the currently available information does not suffice had an interesting solution to the problem and I am presenting his entire text as is. His advice comes down to this: if you are plagued by a small penis then give up the idea that you have to satisfy women at all cost. Accept that you are not made for that. Get back to basics and see sex as what it was meant to be, a gift to enjoy tremendous physical pleasure, not a quest to perform, not a race to satisfy the woman you are with. Think of your own pleasure and let her be responsible for her pleasure. Satisfy yourself and her satisfaction  might WILL follow.


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It goes as follows:

   "I am not saying that you have to accept your penis, there is a big chance you never will. Now, have to see reality as it is. First, forget about ever giving ultimate penetration pleasure to your woman. That's reality. Another reality is that there are two parties involved here: there is your penis, and there is you. You are not the same thing. You will learn to separate between the two. Maybe you will never find confidence in your penis to satisfy a woman. But that's ok. You will find confidence in yourself, not to satisfy her, but to satisfy yourself. That's right. It's your pleasure that counts. Know and be aware that you are limited and just go out there and have fun for yourself. Whatever you do, think about your excitement and don't just concentrate on hers. If you think about her excitement you will fail, because you will start thinking about how much better you could do if only you were bigger. Don't think about how much you want to satisfy a woman. Reality is that you can't satisfy her with penetration the way she would like to. So why break your head over that. Think selfish. Just think that no matter how small your penis, it will always give you pleasure. If you penetrate her then concentrate on your sensations, stroke it the way it feels good for you. If you meet a girl whose vagina feels just too loose for you, then experiment and use your imagination. Have fun! That is what you have to concentrate on. You can have your emotions for the girl while you are having sex, but don't ever try to feel or analyze how much she is enjoying things, because that will always lead you to want to satisfy her. If you feel love and intimacy, fine, but don't let it make you feel like you owe her total satisfaction. Keep your head cool and just think about your own pleasure for now. Don't feel like you have to do anything. You don't owe her satisfaction. It is not your job. Not with your penis and not with anything else either. No matter how good you might be in oral sex or finger play, don't concentrate on it because it will make you only feel how much more you would want to satisfy her with your penis if only you could. Do it if you really feel like it. But don't do it just for her. Don't do it just to give her orgasms. Don't think you have to give a woman an orgasm. Let the sex do the talking, not your head. If you decide to penetrate her, do it because you feel like it, not because she asks you. Of course, don't do anything against her will. Mutual consent is always important. Just enjoy her body for your pleasure, not hers." (continues...)

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