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Choosing the Right Condom Size:
From Extra Large Condoms to Small Condoms

Condom Size and Penis Size

Because there are so many different condom sizes available, choosing the right condom size can be confusing. To find out if you might need big condoms or small condoms, you have to know the width and length of your penis (see page 34 Measuring Your Penis).

Condom Width

Width is most important because choosing the wrong width can either mean slippage or unbearable tightness. If you have a skinny penis you should choose a tighter fit, because if ever you lose your condom inside a girl you risk becoming the center of her jokes for years to come! On the other hand, bursting through a too tight condom because your penis is very big is less embarrassing of course, but can create other problems.

Not all manufacturers show the width of the condom on their packaging and the ones that do will only mention the nominal width in millimeters. This is the width of the condom when laying flat. Multiplying this figure by two gives you the circumference of the condom.

The tables below shows the circumferences of the various condoms in the picture. These figures might seem small but don't forget that the condom has to fit rather tightly to prevent slipping off. The average penis (5 to 5.2 inch girth) should fit in the medium (regular) condom size of 4.1 inch girth.

variety in condom sizes

Circumference in inches

A 4.7 5.1 4.7 4.1 3.9 3.9
B 4.3 4.3 4.1   3.5  
C         3.9  

Circumference in millimeters

A 120 130 120 104 98 98
B 108 108 104   88  
C         98  

Nominal width when laying flat,
as mentioned on packaging (in millimeters)

A 60 65 60 52 49 49
B 54 54 52   44  
C         49  

Condom Length

Average size condoms measure around 7 inches long (180 mm). Special sizes (small, large and X-large) can have different lengths, from as little as 6 inches (160 mm) up to 8  inches (214 mm). Penis length matters less, because for shorter penises you simply don't roll the condom all the way down.

Condom brands for oversized or undersized penises

X-Large Large Small
Trojan Magnum XL Trojan Magnum Lifestyles Snugger Fit
Trojan Naturalamb Trojan Large Beyond7
  Durex Ultra Comfort Exotica Snugger Fit
  Durex Avanti Trojan Ultra Fit
  LifeStyles Large  

For more detailed information about condom brands and their individual styles and sizes visit one of the many websites that sell condoms online. The most useful I have found is

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