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OK, Women Want Big Penises, But HOW Big?

So far we know already that most women prefer larger penises and why they prefer them. We also know by now what women consider small and big. But we still don't know exactly how big they want it. Although the previous tables are meaningful to see how women appreciate length and girth, they don't tell us how women feel about different combinations of these.

What is more important, penis length or width?

In general women care more about girth than length. You might have an eight-inch long penis but only five inch around and most women would definitely prefer a seven-inch long by six around. Russell Eisenman at the University of Texas did a survey on the effect of penis width versus length. The result: 45 out of 50 women said width is more important.

But things are not that simple:

Which penis does she (the average woman) prefer:

example 1:
Here she prefers the thicker penis.

  Length Girth  
penis A 8 inch 5 inch  
penis B 7 inch 6 inch

example 2:
Here she prefers the thinner but longer penis.

  Length Girth  
penis A 8 inch 5 inch
penis B 5 inch 5 1/2 inch  


The second example shows that sometimes a woman cares more about length than about girth. In this case the extra 1/2 inch girth of penis B doesn't weigh up to the much bigger length of penis A.  It illustrates that it all depends on the combination of length versus girth.

So what is the penis length and girth that most women prefer? As you can see not an easy question, even more so because women's penis size preference is a range of sizes rather than one precise measurement. However, we want to know more specific information than just "big" or "bigger than average".

How do we find out?

What if we ask a bunch of women? Would their answers lead us to the truth? Maybe, but even those women who admit flatly that bigger is better hardly ever specify how big they want it, being especially vague about the girth. Asking is not always the way to go. The truth lays in the facts. Facts are not what people say but what they do.

It would be nice to be a fly and follow all kinds of women during their various sexual escapades. After observing the same woman being with different penises, we would have an idea of what she prefers. If we repeat this with many women, we would for sure notice a pattern. Whatever this pattern turns out to be, it would be the truth. The idea is to get women's size preference from observing how they react to different penis sizes.

Therefore we could do two tests:

  1. Determine women's level of appreciation upon view and prospect of different size penises.
  2. Determine how women react vaginally upon actual penetration by different sizes.

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