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Never Use Padded Underwear to Fake a Big Bulge

Wonderbra's are fine but padded underwear for men are NOT.

Women care more about big penises than men do about big breasts. I already said that but if you think for a minute about this statement, you will come to a startling thought:

Are these heavy dugs for real or is it just the wonderbra?Think about how women are obsessed with the size of their breasts. They buy padded bras (like the Wonderbra) or stuff them with paper tissue. They swallow pills or apply breast-enlarging creams, or they go for plastic surgery. Anything to accentuate that part that makes them visually more feminine to men.

If women go through all this trouble because they know how much a man likes to see them with big breasts, can you imagine how much they like to see their men having a big penis. If women are so obsessed with their breast size it could be because they know how strong they feel about big penises and assume men do feel the same about breasts.

"confidence-boosting" underwearSome people who noticed this saw a connection and invented padded underwear for men to give the impression of a hefty package. They figured that if women have the right to prop up their merchandise, men could do the same. They call it profile shaping or contour shaping underwear enhancers with names like "paddy" and "the warrior brief" and they are supposed to be confidence-boosting.

It seemed like a clever business idea, except for one thing. If a girl were ever to catch you wearing such a gimmick, you would probably be ridiculed for life.

You might wonder why women consider it ok for themselves to put on appearance enhancing apparel while they don't approve of men using similar gadgets. I asked this question to several women and their reply was pretty much the same. The main difference is that, except for a few hardheaded breast aficionados, you are not there to do her breasts, while she is definitely there to be penetrated by your penis. Sure, if she takes off her stuffed bra you might be a little disappointed not to get the heavy dugs you expected, but once you are penetrating her and go full tilt at it you'll forget fast.

bad surprise!On the other hand, if you whip out a small twitching nub after taking off your impressively padded underwear, she will be more than just a little disappointed. She will feel downright betrayed now that you crushed her expectations of having her foundations rammed and bulldozed by a magnum sledge hammer. Plus, she might consider you a major loser for having to resort to tricks like these to impress a woman. Be sure that all her girlfriends will soon know about it, and her future boyfriends probably as well. You would have been much better off just being natural, no matter how small your itchy pud.

Penis size is so important to them that no woman will forgive you for conning her into your bed with something you don't have. It is the absolute proof that women give more importance to men's penis size than men to women's breasts size.



One more thing: if you don't have much bulge never try to make up for your lack of sex-appeal by using so called "sexy" underwear. These will turn your already unflattering profile into a feminized travesty and you will be women's laughingstock for ages to come.




Still not convinced that women care more about penis size than man do about breast size? Then how about this. I asked several men and women the following question:

  • To men:
    You see two women who have both the same personality that matches yours. Both have the same body type but one is regular looking with big breasts and the other one is pretty and has small breasts. You are sexually aroused. Who would you prefer to be with?
  • To women:
    Imagine two men. They have both the same personality that matches yours. Both have the same body type except one is handsome and has a small penis and the other one is regular looking with a big penis. You are sexually aroused. Who would you prefer to be with? 

80 % of the women preferred the big penis
only 30 % of the men preferred the big breasts.

Not very scientific, but yet once more: when it comes to sex, women prefer big penises more than men prefer big breasts.

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