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Variety in Penis Sizes

There is much more variety in penis sizes than you might have been led to believe

Some experts claim that there is not much difference in the size of erect penises and that the vast majority is situated between 5 and 7 inches long and between 4 and 5 inches circumference. Anything beyond that is very rare they say.

This may sound nice to the guy who worries if women consider his six inch long penis small. Until he finds out that many guys around him are much longer than that. It must be that some experts are in business to make people feel worse by first temporarily making them feel better, so that in the end they end up at the doorstep of their psychoanalysis office. Don't fall in their trap and see the truth as it is. Penis sizes vary much more than that, in fact they vary as much as breast sizes.

Look around you. You see all kinds of people, from short to tall, small to wide, fat to skinny. Look at women. Their breasts range from small to big. There are practically as many small and big breasted women as there are medium breasted. The number of women is spread quite evenly along the size scale.

Only at the extremities of the scale, the cases get more rare: the women with practically no breasts or the opposite, breasts the size of melons. Also, there are practically as many thin as obese women with big breasts, just like there are as many thin as obese women with small breasts.

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Penises grow independently from the rest of the body

The way breasts or penises grow is not the same as for example an arm grows. An arm grows relative to your body's dimensions. The whole body grows as a unit, except breasts and penises (and a few other things like ears and noses). They grow independently from the rest. The only factors that decide their size are genetics and the supply and balance of hormones during childhood. To illustrate this, just spot any short or tall woman on the street. There is a good chance that she has very small breasts, like less than two inches high in the middle of the cone. There is also a good chance that she has big breasts, maybe more than four inches high.

With men it is the same. A short man can just as well have a four-inch long erect penis as a nine inch penis. That is more than double the length. Now check out some people's arm length. A short man has shorter arms than a tall man does. Arms grow as a unit with the body. I have yet to see a short person with a three feet arm and a tall person with a one and a half foot arm.

If you want to have an idea about the variety in penis size your competition has, then think for each small pair of breasts there is a small penis, for each big pair a big penis, etc. (leave the breast implants out of course). This doesn't tell you where you fit on the size scale but at least it shows you that they are not all the same like some people try to make you believe.

For more on that read this interesting message from
a male nurse who has seen a lot of penises.

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