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Women Care About The Size Of The Flaccid Penis

On the previous page we saw that the size of the flaccid penis reveals a lot about the size of the erection. Now it becomes understandable why many women also care about the flaccid penis size.


Do women look for "bulge" in your pants?

Some men worry about the way their package shows through the fabric of their pants. They believe that women can identify the shape and size of their genitals just by looking at their crotch. To find out if their worries are justified I asked some women and did a quick research on the subject.

Result? Yes, women do look at a man's crotch, although it is usually a very quick glance rather than a stare. But in that quick blink of an eye a woman sees more of your penis than a man who gawks for five minutes at a woman's bust line. A woman's sense for subtlety is far more developed than a man's, allowing her to guess quite accurately the shape and size of your member. Women's eyes are trained for this job. They look for bulge and they will try to picture a man's genitals, just as men try to make up a visual image of a woman's breasts by looking at the way her blouse drapes her bust.

Lorelei Sharkey from Nerve Magazine wrote a short article about this in Nerve's April 2001 edition: "In this real world of underexposed manliness, appreciation of the well-cloaked package is often a subtle art of quick and furtive glances. A deciphering of shadows. But in the blink of an eye, we see all how the pant-cloth cozies up to your member when you put your weight onto one leg. Which side you shift to when you sit down. Where, exactly, you inform the fabric. Yes, we look just like you do. We're just better at disguising it."

Even when you wear loose pants, she can tell by the way your package dents the fabric and leaves a shadow on it. Of course, the larger the penis, the more dents and shadows there are. Also, the tighter the pants, the easier for her to see the size of the penis, meaning that someone who worries about his penis size should not wear tight pants if he doesn't want women to know at first glance. At the beach women have all the fun of course, because they can see everything when a man comes out of the water. Think about it when that water is very cold!

Note: Don't panic now, thinking that all women you cross on the street will be noticing you are lacking in the packaging. Although women do look at men's crotch it doesn't mean they are hunting for bulge all day long the way you hunt for big breasts. Usually a woman will only look there if she is interested in the guy.

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