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If there is such a thing as Too Small,
then Penis Size Matters

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Far too many women keep on insisting that penis size doesn't matter for their vaginal satisfaction. (see page 23 Why Women Lie About Penis Size) However, when you ask them if they would go out with a man that has a penis the size of a thumb (or a big clit), they all say that that would be too small of course.

How can size not matter if thumb-size is too small...?
     ...all right then, size matters.
This is the most basic and most obvious proof that size is important. Sure, this is not a big discovery of mine. It's just that many people overlook it.

If a thumb-size penis doesn't give a woman pleasure, it means that something bigger is required. Bigger is better, up until a certain point of course, because there is also such a thing as too big. If you could take that clit-size penis and expand it little by little in girth as well as length, this penis would gradually start to give her more and more pleasure. At a certain size, this pleasure would reach its maximum level. This is her preferred size. Anything larger than that is not going to add to her pleasure. Continuing to expand this penis will show that at a certain point it will be felt as too large and will lower the pleasure level or start to cause pain. Therefore, a woman's preferred penis size is not an exact measurement of length and girth, but a range of dimensions. When a penis falls within that range (see page 40 The Penis Size Preference Chart), she will prefer it above any other one.

All this to show that women do care about penis size. It doesn't explain why and how a larger penis causes more pleasure than a smaller one. Neither does it explain to what extent a woman receives more pleasure from a large penis, nor does it tell you what those preferred penis size ranges are. The next pages will take care of that.

At a certain size, the pleasure will reach its maximum level. This is her prefered penis size.

Note: I can already hear many women grumble: "Ok, but there are other things, like feelings for the guy and stimulation of other erogenous zones that affect sexual pleasure even more than penis size!" That may very well be the case, but it is beside the point. The point is:

"Considering all other things equal, does a normal healthy woman get the same vaginal pleasure from any size penis no matter its size?"

The answer is an absolute and resolute NO
Thus, penis size matters, ALWAYS.


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