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Women Prefer Big Penises Because They Give More Physical Pleasure

Physical pleasures

On the previous pages you have seen how the size of a man's penis affects a woman's psychological pleasure. When it comes to physical pleasure however, many people are not so sure if bigger is really better.

When a woman interacts with a man's penis, she experiences certain physical sensations. We can distinguish two types of physical sensations, depending on what she is doing with that penis. The first one is her genital sensation (vaginal and clitoral), but there is also sensation of touch (whether manual or oral). Sensation of touch is easy to explain, so let us start with that.

1. More pleasure for her hands, ...and her mouth!

Size matters for her hands. Most people won't think about it, but the fact is that women experience a certain pleasure when touching a penis with their hands. So when asking if a bigger penis gives more satisfaction to a woman, you have to take that into account as well. And yes, like a man prefers playing with a pair of big breasts, a woman enjoys playing with a big penis more than fondling a small one.

Admit it, our hands love to touch and feel. It's fun to feel bigger things. A man likes to touch a woman, to feel the soft skin, the curves of her waist, her hips, thighs and butt-cheeks, the volume and firmness of her breasts. The bigger those breasts, the more fun it is to feel them.

A woman likes to feel a man's body also. She enjoys the feel of the broad shoulders. She likes grabbing the big muscular arms and legs... Now guess what she wants to feel when she puts her hands down the guy's pants? Do you believe that her pleasure of touch would be the same when holding a small penis as when holding a big one? Of course not, she has more fun with a long and fat penis than a short and skinny one.

Size also matters for her mouth. Although many women claim to prefer smaller penises for fellatio, the fact remains that most women do get excited from having a larger penis in their mouth, knowing that they are "sucking the big one." It gives them more to work with and the challenge of the deep-throat is more intense. Yes, there are some women who really prefer smaller penises for oral sex; the smaller the better they say. Often these women don't like to have a penis in their mouth at all, so they want to feel it as little as possible. They often complain about gagging when a penis touches the back of their throat. However, this gag reflex can be suppressed and succeeding in this is part of the fun for women who are serious about enjoying oral sex.

2. More pleasure for her vagina

So far we have been able to compare women's preference for large penises with men's preference for big breasts. Big breasts and big penises give more pleasure than the smaller ones. But there is one important difference:

Larger penises cause more vaginal and clitoral satisfaction.

Big breasts don't do anything to give more penile satisfaction.

This is the most important reason why you should never believe people who say that the penis size issue is just as silly as the breast issue! It is here that the comparison of the big breasts versus big penis debate fails: the actual sexual satisfaction during intercourse. (For the smart comment makers, tit fucking is not considered intercourse, even if some like to call it inter-mammary intercourse.) Although it might be a huge turn-on to see a couple of big jugs springing back and forth while giving it to your lady, it doesn't cause any more penile sensations for you.

How women receive more genital satisfaction from bigger penises requires more than just one page to explain.

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