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Feminine Women are Women
 with Strong Female Characteristics



Anticipation For Sex

Take a crowd of men, women and children. Ask a man to look at the crowd. In a few seconds he will spot all the feminine women with perky big breasts and slender curves. Without realizing, he skipped the men, the older people, the children, and the obese women.

It is simply nature at work. He didn't search on purpose for the feminine women. He didn't have to concentrate to find them. Nature programmed him this way.

A man will scan the people around him to search for women among them. That is his natural instinct and the purpose of his being. Nature has made his task a bit easier by giving visibly distinct features (characteristics) to women. These distinct features are pre-programmed in a man's brain. He doesn't have to think or try to remember them.

Lara, Elexis and Delhia
From left to right: Lara Croft, Elexis Sinclaire, and Delhia

Ask a man to draw his fantasy girl and look at his sketch. Or just check out some virtual game characters like Lara Croft (Tomb Raider), Elexis Sinclaire (SIN), and Delhia from the game Dark Earth. They are nothing but over-accentuated femaleness and express how men imagine their ultimate fantasy babe.

ultimate fantasy babe

Strong female characteristics (traits):

  • gentle facial features
  • big eyes (mascara)
  • small nose
  • big lips (lipstick)
  • small jaw and chin
  • small slender neck
  • small shoulders
  • small slender arms and hands
  • big breasts with big nipples
  • small back and small waist
  • relatively big hips and bubble-butt
  • protruding genitals with big engorged inner and outer labia
  • firm curvy legs
  • small slender feet

The above characteristics are what makes a woman feminine. It is a combination of smaller versus bigger body parts. When all these female characteristics are emphasized in a certain woman, men will favor her above one with less pronounced features. She satisfies his instinct by confirming that he is dealing with a true woman.

Don't forget: woman = pleasure,
the more female characteristics (like big breasts)
the more a man anticipates pleasure.

The next page illustrates how this principle is also valid for women and their preference for men with stronger male characteristics.



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