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Five Big Reasons Why Women Prefer A Large Penis

Yes, women prefer a man with a large penis, that is the truth. I don't think you find this major news, unless you've been hiding in the woods all your life (not the woods pictured in the image below though). The real news is that from now on you will know precisely why it is true.

There are five big reasons why women prefer large penises that lead all from one to another. They are sometimes not so easy to separate, but they all have to do with pleasure. It goes from instinctive sexual selection till vaginal satisfaction and anything in between.

As you will see the best way to understand this penis size preference is by trying to understand a woman, what it is that drives her, what her instincts tell her to do, and how her body reacts and behaves.

The next page starts with a schematic explanation why women prefer these large penises, followed by a good twenty pages that go into the very details.

Most women prefer bigger penises, but this girl is a real SIZE QUEEN!

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