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1301 May 31, 2004

Davinia Brown:
Well when I got married I knew my husband was quite small being only 5 inches and was determined to ignore the size. But after a few years I got bored with him having a small penis and wanted more. I tried to be loyal but could not. He is luckily ok with me having an affair and I make sure my 8 inch lover has a condom in when we make love. The difference is massive both psychologically and physically. Small penis men seem limited in what they can do in bed. That is a fact. If you get the chance marry a man with an 8 incher or larger if all other things are equal.
1302 June 1, 2004

Here is a clip where you can see a comparison between a guy with a nice large cock and a guy with a small one.

Notice the woman in the clip looks at the larger cock with admiration and lust, and even hungrily mouths the word BIGGER into the camera. Which one would you choose, girls? LOL.

This clip is funny, but it really illustrates my dilemma. My boyfriend from last year was huge and sex with him was so good that even though we broke up on bad terms I still have dreams about it. The few guys I've seen since him were so eager to have sex, but their equipment was pretty small and I felt unsatisfied and frustrated. I'm longing for a good deep dicking so bad.

But seeing the difference in the cock sizes in this clip and the others in the series has really opened my eyes. It's like I'm getting to see my ex-boyfriend's huge cock next to my recent boyfriends'tiny ones. No wonder I haven't been satisfied. Now I see all these free clips of guys with unbelievably huge ones and I get so excited. I hope I can find someone with a big one soon.
1303 June 1, 2004

Melanie's confession:
The truth? YES! PENIS SIZE MATTERS TO WOMEN. Not above all else, but I think all things being equal, bigger, and especially thicker, is usually prefered. I believe most women like/would prefer, larger and larger penises as they gain experience, but realize their husband, boyfriend, lover or whatever, and the lives they've chosen, and the responsibilities they've  committed to, are just more important.

When I was younger I was more intimidated by big, mostly because of all the hype-related gossip. I thought every one I saw was big, but once you get into the sex, and it gets really hot, you realize that it doesn't feel nearly as big as it once appeared. Sorry guys but you really can't handle the truth, and since we usually love/care about you, most of us embelish on your performance. I think finding a compatible, nice guy is hard enough. A nice guy with a big thick penis, is probably, not common. So we avoid the topic, act as if its not important, and fantasize.
Why would a woman in a relationship ever admit to her guy that more and more often, she was actually craving, and fantasizing about, something significantly larger? After all, what difference would it make? Its not his fault, and we probably love him dearly.
Myself, and very few of my girlfriends, would ever venture outside our relationships/marriages to satisfy the shallow, selfish, lustful cravings we all possess. I generally believe, that we have better control of our sexual urges. I saw the chart, and I'm thinking its quite accurate, and how nice it might be to add at least 2 inches of length, and at least 1 or 1 1/2 inches of girth to my 6x5 hubby, but I'm grounded by reality, and devoted to him.
1304 June 1, 2004

My husband and I got into the swapping thing a couple of years ago. We've done group, couples, and threesomes. That's two guys and me, both my husband's and my favorite. My husband always wanted to watch me being screwed by another man, preferably a well endowed guy. His cock is just short of 6 inches long and 5 inches around. I didn't have any preference, I was only looking to spice things up, and it seemed kind of exciting. I think it was the second or third group session that we went to that I had my first experience with a big cock. I wound up with a guy who had a noticeably bigger penis than any I'd ever seen. He said it was 8 inches long and I could see that it was thicker than my husband's. I remember being very excited and full of anticipation. I think he was surprised when I hurried him through the foreplay. When he inserted I could feel the difference right away. The feelings were very intense. I got hotter and hotter until he was in me completely. I could feel the pressure deep inside me and I had my first really good orgasm from intercourse with him.
The best fuck I've had was with a 270 lb. muscular black guy who was even longer and thicker. He was much in demand with the women. The veins in his cock were swollen and his scrotum was huge. He really filled me up, and I had multiple orgasms with him. I remember wanting him to empty his big balls deep inside me, but as always with swingers, we used a condom. When we finished, hubby, as he usually did, got inside me and came quickly.
We've toned down our lifestyle lately, but we're getting a little bored, so I imagine we'll get back into it again. I've already had sex with the black guy several times recently, and I've had multiple orgasms during intercourse each time which leave me totally spent.
Believe it or not, my husband and I do have a good sex life. He gets me to orgasm frequently. He just can't do it through intercourse, unless he wears a sleeve, and that doesn't always work. Sleeves don't feel as good as the real thing either, and they certainly don't look natural.
I won't say I'm an expert, but I think the charts are exaggerated. Out of the maybe 50 guys I've fucked as a swinger, I'd say that only three were very well hung, and maybe 4 or 5 were small. The black guy is the biggest, but a couple of the other guys were black and their cocks were about like hubby's.
From not thinking much about size, Im now convinced that it makes a difference. It's pretty obvious that it's a different feeling, and it's obvious that the added friction and the deep pressure are giving me intense orgasms. I think that most women, once they experience pleasure from being really filled up, will always prefer a big cock. Also a big cock is probably the strongest male symbol. Just thinking about a well hung guy can turn me on. I bet if we all went naked, the well hung guys would get the girls' attention.
I hope I haven't discouraged all you average and small guys, but I remember when I couldn't get the men I wanted because I had small breasts. So it works both ways. Your sex lives aren't over. You just don't have big cocks!
1305 June 1, 2004

So many of the comments on this site are spot on.  I am fairly well endowed (7" long x 6" girth) with a slim body (only 58kg).

The responses I have got from women are sometimes more to do with their own sexual self-confidence.  I was with a 30 year old lady who was quite proud of finally being sexually confident.  When she saw my erection fully grown she said "Wow!  That's a torpedo.  I can't wait 'till I get that in me!.  Don't believe anything you hear, penis size means everything."

My current lover is a little younger a a little more inhibited.  She ran the usual line of 'size is not important'.  The second time we were together, she must have been more aroused because she said something like "You smaller guys have the biggest surprises.  Sometimes it is the big men who are disappointing."  Straight away I knew she lied about her obsession with size, because if a well-built man with a small penis is disappointing, then size MUST matter to her too.

As a final comment, I find that it is easy for me to pleasure women on a first sexual encounter.  It seems like they 'give' themselves to me more readily.  I have helped women reach female ejaculation on our first encounter.  Literally within 30 minutes of getting naked together.  Of course, this is more to do than size, there must be an emotional connection and my own technique.  But I am surprised how easily I can arouse a women first time.

There is a lot going on with penis size.  I'm more confident.  Women DO get more aroused once they see my size, even before we start intercourse.  They do enjoy the sensations of intercourse more.  They do want to see me again.

Cbrmale from Australia
1306 June 1, 2004

Kim, try standing up, legs together with him behind you.  Theres entire books on positions and how they vary things, get one.
1307 June 1, 2004

I think it is a REALLY bad idea for anyone to only concentrate on their pleasure. The advice on pg.54 is HORRIBLE.  Reguardless of your penis size, a woman wants to know that you have made her a priority.  And I am sure that men want to feel that way too.  No you shouldn't kill yourself to give a woman pleasure but use the fact that woman think all the time to your benefit.  Talk to her, touch her, do these things not only in the bedroom.  It is a bad idea to have a "get mine" mentality with woman. Bad advice.
1308 June 2, 2004

Rico Suave:
This entire site is ridiculous.  I have talked to many women about this topic, most of whom didn't care in the least bit whether or not what they said made me feel inadequate.  The fact is that women like big penises, but nowhere near the ridiculous proportions you mention in this ridiculous site.  Come on guys, no real woman (as in not a porn star who has had it beat up for years by huge men and farm animals) would like a penis that is 11" long and 7 1/2" around.  It would be very painful.  I am a slightly above average 6 1/2" long and 6" around, and I have met several girls in my day who said that sex with me could be a little painful at times because it's almost too big around.  I've never had any problems pleasing a woman.  But even at that size, which is slightly above average, I felt like shit for a minute after reading your site.  But then I realized that it's all bullshit because I've talked to real women who gave me the real facts.  90% of guys would feel inadequate after reading this.  Your arguments are all flawed.  You talk about evolutionary selection, but why would it EVER be evolutionary favorable if 90% of guys couldn't possibly please the average woman in bed?  It's not.  You're crazy.  I suggest doing some real research and then trying again.
1309 June 2, 2004

I've had a similar experience to many of you. I have been obsessed with wanting to know if my girl would really like me to be larger or to try someone or something larger. It can take a lot for a woman to admit to wanting anything more than you. Love maybe involved, desire not to hurt your feelings and the classic concern that admission of liking largeness implicated some sort of carnal sluttiness. In the period of 2 years I changed and perhaps ruined my ex forever. To encourage taking on hugeness and find out she prefers it can be a totally self-fulfilling prophecy.
I started when I saw the small vibrator she had. 5 1/2 x 5. I said it was puny and she was surprised. I suggested she could enjoy something my size or maybe as big as her biggest lover. We went toy shopping many times, always at my encouragement. We started with one she said was as thick as her biggest lover but much longer. It was 8" x 6.25" in girth. She was all about girth. We bought sleeves that brought my 7 x 5.75 stuff up to 6.25 " and she really loved it. Eventually I would force a few fingers in beside my cock. It became rare that we'd fuck without any kind of toy, device, or extra fingers. Finally we bought a huge thick jelly cock that was 8" long, too long for her, but 7.75" thick. Sometimes I would wear it in my underwear keeping the balls inside and we'd screw with the un verbalized fantasy that I was this hung. I basically started getting off on the implicit smaller cock humiliation. One night when we were drunk and I was penetrating her with the big one, I convinced her to tell me that it was the best full feeling, that my cock was too small for her and would never give her enough pleasure. She did. I came. And worked myself out of a job
1310 June 2, 2004

BEVERLY, i BET ur loose as hell.EWWWWWWWW
1311 June 2, 2004

this is for the author ED. your one sorry piece of shit.i bet u have no life u geek ass bitch.if i knew where u lived i would hunt you down & fuck u up BIG time.I PROMISE U THAT.PUNK ASS BITCH.
1312 June 2, 2004

I am about 7.5 inches long and about 7 inch girth. Is that considered big because i don't think so. and the guy that enhanced his penis size 2 inches with exercises and is 65 yrs old. What excercises did you do?
1313 June 2, 2004

How do you enhance the length, width, and the time you can maintain your hardness.
1314 June 2, 2004

white guy with big dick:
thegirl who said blacks are alwayslike 12in your wrong average black guy is 6.5 .5in bigger than a white ad i'm  a good 6.5in soft and 11.5in hard
1315 June 2, 2004

Gee aren't we blessed!!  Three brilliant females post for our benefit to tell us the "truth">

Melanie "confesses" that she likes large penises -- I sorry, but were you thinkng that anyone cared about that?  She blathers on:

"Sorry guys but you really can't handle the truth, and since we usually love/care about you, most of us embelish on your performance. I think finding a compatible, nice guy is hard enough"

OK, I can handle it because I could careless about what you prefer. Here in turn is a "truth" for you --most of your boy friends probably did not particularily like your loose sloppy vagina either so it cuts both ways. 

Go ahead and "prefer" large penises -- who cares?  You'll have to make do with what you get or what you can find -- that's what men have to do.

Ditto to "Beverly" who's has a REAL original story -- she and her husband to to bed with a big black guy with a huge penis -- Wow! now that story is pretty fresh and unique isn't it? 

We've probably only heard it about 100 times on this forum -- that's pretty credible I must say!  You are a clever girl!!   Ha ha ha what a joke. 

And it the story would happen to be true this its clear that your husband must not be the sharpest knife in the drawer either! 

If he had a brain he'd be out finding a nice tight vagina for his enjoyment instead of watching you get poked by your stand-in but high in demand well endowed lover (or probably mythical lover).

Then there is poor Davinia Brown -- who got bored with her hysbands small penis -- Why did you marry him then dummy!  You knew his size before you agreed.

I guess he also has a small brain as well as a small penis because he lets you wonder around looking for cock -- instead of going out himself and finding a better pussy then yours.  Not a very bright man I guess.

Bottomline -- why should any man care if a women prefers a large penis?  Let them go find one then and shut up because I could care less.

Invest in a dildo, fence post, or a horse who cares? We all have our problems.  Men should go do their own thing and let women worry about penises.

If some women does not want me and the atttention, devotion, love, security, power, and position that I can offer her then it happens that there are about a hundred women lined up that do want it. 

So I say just shove off then I can easily replace you lady -- I'll lose no sleep over your departure -- adios and be quick about it.

BTW, isn't it pretty obvious to everyone that, all his pious protestations aside, the editor of this "forum" is possting his views, and defending his "logic" under a varitey of aliases?
1316 June 2, 2004

Man, this fuck up website is still on the net????

People why are you wasting your times?

You all should have as much sex as possible.
1317 June 3, 2004

Go to this link to see the Biggest Cock that i ever seen.....can a penis get this big.

1318 June 3, 2004

The most popular online sex toy catalouge (and largest) is the adam and eve sex toy catalouge.

The best selling dildo that has the highest rating is the 7 inch dildo with the suction cup.

Any dildo that is over 9.5 inches (maybe 9) , are usually put into the "novelty" category. The novelty category does not sell as much.

Those are not my opinions, they are merely facts.
1319 June 3, 2004

This is my opinion, but it is largely true: The 7 inch dildo is a medium dildo, a 6 inch human penis is a medium.

From this example and others, to get into the next size category with dildo it is the same as human penisises, exept that you add one more inch.

The reason that you need to add one more inch is because the dildo just sits there and is just an object.

What this is mathematically saying is that a man can do a better or, most of the time, an equivalant job with one whole inch less than the dildo.

In the world of skyscrapers, 1 in is nothing, but in the world of penis difference, it means more.
1320 June 4, 2004

99.99999% of the posts here are entirely bullshit. If you see "black" in the post,  or a dick longer than 7" or width above 5.5", entirely ignore that post.

I have no idea who the pathological liar(s) are that whore around this web site, but you need to get lives and quit bullshitting.
1321 June 4, 2004

I'm from the UK and it was refreshing to read opinions and facts you *know to be true*. The other advice pages keep regurgitating the same old facts and figures and not really addressing the problem some people have. Highly entertaing as well.-I laughed out loud at one point. Keep up the good work!
1322 June 6, 2004

DMB the 22 year old:
It has been a year since I posted on this site, and I have checked in now and then to see what the comments are, and I noticed ed put a penis enlargement opinion section on the site as well as how to be successful with women, well I must say this website has grown and grown since the first time I found it when I had just turned 21 back around the fall of 2002. I actually cried my eyes out for an hour alone in my room the first time I saw this site, but it gave me motivation and I developed my own natural penis enlargement program. I was six inches at the end of 2002 and now in 2004, I am 10 inches by 8.5 inches around. I came a long way in a relatively short time. I started out very fast and gained two inches within four months, by the time april of 2003 came around I was 8 inches by 8inches around. I worked very hard in the early stages. since then I toned the workout into more of a maintence program in the fall of 2003, but at the same time I still gained two inches and by the time January 2004 came around. Even though i toned down my program and didn't do it five times a week anymore I still have got the results I want. I did read on a number of natural enlargement sites that the results you gain, are permanent because the penis is not a muscle in which you need to work it out all the time. I do think with age you can lose an inch or so, so the exercise program I have right now I can always go back to later in life. I haven't taken four months off or anything like that so I am not sure what would happen, I do think it all depends on the individual, and I do think there is alot of concentration and mental work that does go into it. I also think whatever you gain could be permanent, I am a single guy so I had time in the past to do this. It is kind of fun to see how many comments have been posted since I found this site back in 2002. This site has grown alot since I first found it too. I do like eds edition of success and confidence with women.
I came a very long way in a short amount of time. Natural enlargement all depends on the individual, like exercise people can gain at different amounts, it all depends on the individual, I remember when I was posting on here about doing exercises on this site a year and a half ago and no one believed me, and now even ed has tried the exercises, and has seen that they work. I will say though, from my own personal experience, that I didn't start out doing the exercises a few minutes a day, i started out at an hour and 20 minutes a day. Hey I am a college student, and still am one, but I still took care of all my priorities first before doing the exercises. Often times I would meditate while doing the exercises, and I have never injured myself or anything. I really think natural enlargement is the only way to go because the other method are too dangerous or a waste of money like the pills and creams. There is a determination factor that goes into all of this. My goal orignally was 8inches and that was it, but when I became 9inches in the fall of 2003, I figured well lets go for 10inches, and I can tell you the difference between a six inch penis and a ten inch penis is that the veins are so much bigger in the ten inch penis that I have now, I think the exercises also help with preventing impotence, and promote stronger orgasms and lasting orgasms. I am able to stay hard longer than I use to, from when I was younger. My only regret is that I didn't invent this unconventional program of mine years ago, like when I was 17 or 18. I really created my own program and it worked. It has been a long road with mostly ups, there really has not been any downs, it has always been a positive swing upwards. I am hung like a pornstar now, and I am a virgin too. I have mostly focused on school and other goals like weight lifting and sports too, i found a free enlargement site, and ever since I took tips from that site and just tried it and made up my own program based on that. Jelqing is important, but I would advise not to do it with a full erection because it causes vascular damage and I read that when i first started doing the exercises back in december of 2002. I think it is great because I never have had sex before but now I will never have to feel insecure or embarrassed or anything like that ever, since I chose to do the work. I made a choice to work hard at it and I accomplished what I set out to accomplish, I mean I don't think i would have ever been motivated to enlarge my penis in the first place if it wasn't for this site. This site opened my eyes to the possibility of making my penis bigger, and no one on earth believed i could do it at all- except me, even when I first came here no one believed that it could work, and now ed put a section dedicated to enlargement opinions. I sort of feel like I was ahead of everything when I first started my program. I am not sure if my method will work for everyone and I cant guarentee it will work for everyone but even if you only gain a little bit, you should still be proud that you set a goal and worked hard for it. Also kegels are very important because I read that they strenghthen the penis so you will have a harder erection and will be able to last longer as well, it helps with premature ejaculation as well. Natural enlargement does depend on many factors though. The penis is not a muscle so i would think whatever you gain would be permanent. Thanks ed for putting that section on the website, I see this website only getting bigger and bigger-no pun intended, with more options and information as time goes on.

Since I am 10 x 8.5 inches around, what is lexington steeles measurments?

to ed, maybe you could make a new section on the website listing famous porn actors measurements of their penises and use it as a bench mark or something for people trying to get bigger penises through natural enlargement, maybe? I think that would be cool if you made a list of the most famous male pornstars in history from biggest to smallest or something. I would also like to know what pornstar Mr.Marcus's measurements are. Thanks ed.
1323 June 6, 2004

avergae joe:
wow  this site is pretty fucked up. i agree with all the people who say it is designed to make avergae guys feel like shit. after reading alot of this crap online  i have basically come to my own conclusion. there are a small percentage of women  who want the big ones. i mean thats kinda undeniable.  some women  just want big ones.whether or not it actually makes a difference sexually i guess i will never know. now for the average woman(and the majority of women) i think size isnt that huge of a deal to them. as long as you are not tiny  there are much more important factors.  now  that opinion of mine  was made solely  on what  i have read on the internet  fyi.  in actually  i have only been with 3 girls  and probably couldnt make an educated guess on it myself.  as far as i go i guess im average.  about 5.5 to 6   i have never measured girth  but this damn site  is probably  gonna make me do it now.  bottom line is no matter what u have  u cant be overly self concious about it or u will never get laid  and lets all be honest  thats the ultimate goal, right ?
1324 June 6, 2004

westcoast  dude:
Not every guy gets the big titted blonde girl just like not every girl gets the tall,tanned,muscled,hung stud. Humanity is full of variety.Yes,I'm sure 70% of women would like an above average penis,but seeing that 85-90% of men are average to less than, girls are gonna have to settle with what they get just like us guys whose girlfriend/wife is a little overweight or doesn't swallow or do anal. Whatever, life is about adapting and this site is harmful and plays to the fears of men. I'm average in endowment and while like most men would prefer to be bigger, I gratefully accept God's gift to me. Besides,ultimately, I honestly believe having talked to many women about preference,penis size is more of an issue to men than women. End of debate.
1325 June 6, 2004

While I can agree with most of the sight , I think alot of these women are measuring thier men wrong.Ron Jeremy has said on several occasions he is 9.75 and he is revered in the porn community for being huge. These girls all make it seem like 8-10 is everywhere.
This I am unsure of.
1326 June 6, 2004

ALL WOMEN OUT THERE! What do you consider big?
1327 June 6, 2004

1328 June 6, 2004

Melanie: reply to FARGO:
OK so you had to get personal.... Well, apparently you did "care" about my post you angry "little" man. This section is for "opinion". I gave an honest one because I have personal integrity. You focused on one or two sentences I wrote and took what I was saying out of context. Yes I confessed to fantasizing about big penises, but ALSO stated it wasn't as important as family and commitment etc. The reason so many women feel sexually oppressed instead of sexually liberated, is because of insecure, closed-minded, chauvinists like yourself. Your pathetic comments indicate that you have an inferiority complex and are probably a latent homosexual. Why are you hanging around here? Goodness, are you a pervert too? My guess is that you, yourself, possess an affinity for big penises!! Furthermore, you are a coward because you take what others have written, and "confessed to", and critisize it, instead of making a legitimate contribution of your own. For the record, I am not promiscuous nor no I have a loose vagina as you have implied, but I really don't care if you (or anyone else for that matter) think so, because I am quite happy and secure about who, and what I am. Now go and spank your little monkey.
1329 June 7, 2004

HEy I like this site because apparently I have a perfect penis, and if it give any support every women I have ever slept with said I gave them the best sex they ever had.  My size is 8 inch by 6 and a little less than half.
1330 June 7, 2004

women dont want a big ejaculation, why do you think men make sperm there whole lives? to continue making girls pregnate or somthing. if it was like how ur describing it then men could only have one ejaculation there whole lives to impregnate a women.

Comment from ED:

I never met a woman that wasn't impressed with a big ejaculation. That's why I made a page about how to increase your semen volume.

1331 June 7, 2004

Jon aka Mr Wise Guy:
For all you people that are talking crap about Ed: Shut up! You don't know Ed so you can't say anything bad about him! Don't judge a person before you know them! Ed is really a great guy.
Btw, the book that he is supporting ("Without Embarrassment") is an excellent book. Everyone of you needs to read it. I have a feeling that Fargo has already read it!
Thanks Ed ;)
1332 June 8, 2004

Viking Raider:
I have an enormous penis, ok this is the internet you'll just have to believe me.

It has caused as many problems as it has opertunities.  In school I got bullied by other boys who were jealous for example.

With women, I got as many 'you are not coming anywhere near me with thats' as 'yeah (dribble) give me some of thats'.

Also, even with my endowment I had problems with women who had had kids vaginally and not done their pelvic floor exercises!  Normal size ones for them must be like pins in the grand canyon, I can see why they want size but its their own fault and lazyness.

Bottom line, any women who wants you for your dick size, you fuck, you do not marry them.  Period.

Had enough of American women and their wierd ideas and preferences and married a Thai.  She was a virgin when we met and we had to be careful for a while but its fine now but hey guess what our relationship is not based on sex its based on love and mutual respect.

As to the woman who is 'married' to a man with a small penis who gets fucked by a man with a large one.  His penis is not his problem, what he needs is to grow some balls and kick your bitch ass to the curb and get someone who respects him,and NO he is not OK with it he is doing it to keep you and frankly you are not worth it.
1333 June 8, 2004

yes it is true.cock size matters to women.I overheard my current G/F complaining to her friend about my 4.5 inch dick.Her friend got a good chuckle and they both agreed that 7.5" with good girth is the perfect size.It opened my eyes.After i got over my hurt feelings, i rushed out and got her a 7.5" vibrator. so guys,remember, its all about pleasing your partner.
1334 June 8, 2004

Ok. There is good news and bad news First off let me tell you the bad news.  The conclusion is: size matters to most women and here is why I believe this...Experience: I am 23 and have had sex with id say 8 or 9 women. Now granted- almost all of them were "bar girls" who have a different mentality on sex than your "good girl" that you want to marry.  My penis is 6.25 long and 5.0 in girth.  One of these woman without me even asking told me im huge as she sucked it. But another one- my penis kept slipping out and she asked if that was a record (u can imagine my horror after that one). As far as penis size goes , I believe that men have sealed their doom by making such a big deal about it that women start to think that bigger really is better.  For example- how many girls did you know when you were about 13-17 years old that talked about big penises?  Most were scared and didn't even want to have sex. In addition, Ed claims that women love spurting ejaculations...Come on now, maybe some nympho's do but i dont know any girl that likes cum. They all either spit it out or swallow it really quick-- i mean- pulling out and shooting it on their tits---your living in porno world.  And that is another issue......Think about what guys would do porno's..not a guy with a small penis--but usually one that was well endowed so he wouldn't be afraid show it on camera. 

Heres the good news:
Research:  I have studied tons of surveys and articles such as this site and the Kinsey, durex condoms, etc. Every site that had the average penis 6 inches or above, the measurements were done by the men themselves and sent in the mail or they were reported in an online survey.  Now, the condom survey and another one done by the Italian army (dont ask me why) were measured by doctors or nurses and the average penis upon erection is around 5.5-5.8. SOmething else to ponder...I always discuss this with my roomates and friends.  My two roomates like myself are fairly good looking and we are all about 6'0 tall.  We all get girls.  Our penis's are all about 6 inches long, give or take a couple cm's and 5-5.5 in girth.  Another friend of mine has a penis that is 6 X 5.  ANother one's is 5.5 in length.  Get the picture? I have discussed and seen their penis's (im not gay btw) and not one has one of those monster 8 inchers these women are raving about.  Sure they are out there ive seen them in locker rooms, etc. but most guys are not that huge just like most are not 7'0 ft tall.

So to conclude, I think its obvious that size matters but to most women it is not a big deal. (if you are below 5 inches than that would be bad) Its just like how men don't want a women with a smelly vagina or a gut or moles on her tits.  It matters to some degree but let me tell you -- i would still have sex and enjoy it even with a woman who didn't fit my "Ideal" physique. And i guarantee you that these 3 traits: 1. facial attractiveness 2. Body type 3. personality outweigh penis size from a women's point of view. That said---it must be 1 out of million men have all of these traits plus a big penis. So if you are handsome then work on your body and or personality --at least until penis pills that work come out :)
1335 June 8, 2004

Hey its funny u mention that the ideal size of a penis for a women is around 8 X 6.  I went on a yahoo chat room called: "biggest cocks on cam" where guys show women or other gay guys their penis's on web cam.  And I showed mine to a bunch of women and all but one said it was big and wanted to keep watching it.  i even asked them how big they think it is and they said 8  or 7.5.  Well my tiny pecker is only 6 inches long by 5 inches so i think that tells you the misjudgement of people.  The camera adds a couple inches-- i bet all those porn stars dont really have 9 and 10 inchers
1336 June 8, 2004

To Melanie:

Well, well, well -- looks like I touched a big nerve eh?

OK, maybe I'm pretty direct.  But, hey if you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen.

You gave your "confession" -- I gave mine.

My "confession" is that MEN might want something better than you women offer as well -- that's what really set you off.  Isn't it?  Big and sloppy might not be so pleasing.

So as you expressed your desire for your husband to have a few more inches -- well, I merely raised the issue that maybe he'd prefer a nicer vagina than yours as well. 

THAT is what really riled you up isn't it?  You were so willing to give your "confession" but hey what you "bring to the table is perfect right?  

OK, for women to want better from men but not for men to want better from women.  I guess.  So who REALLY "couldn't handle the truth"?  Looks like YOU couldn't.

As to your screaming, raving, and general name calling (lets's see what all did you use? Oh, I remember: insecure, closed-minded, chauvinist, pathetic,inferiority complex, and of course homosexual)

As to my being "little" -- I already stated many posts ago on this fourm that I'm normal-sized.  I'm fine with that and it's good enough for me. And as i also stated my penis works really well.

And for the record -- I'm also on record as being hetero.

Well, its pretty obvious who is the one that is out of control in this discussion and its not me.

Finally, you state that: "[I am]...quite happy and secure about who, and what I am" 

Actually, it really does not sound like you are as secure as you profess Melanie!

1337 June 9, 2004

damian small penis:
Hi there every one.

I am rather good looking and have a slightly large nose, large hands and big feet size 11.5 (uk). 
I am six feet tall with a slim well built body. 
From all of this people seem to assume that my penis will be in proportion and be somewhat on the large side.

However, I only have a cute little erection which never reaches more than 5.5 inches long, even at its most excited, although it is quite thick.
I only have one ball.

From most of the research statistically most men I know or meet will have a significantly bigger penis than I do, but more importantly that nearly every female I meet will not have seen a penis as small as mine - what a gorgeous thought.

One would imagine that this should provide a great opportunity for humiliation.  However I do not understand why no one has EVER laughed at the size of my cock, or said "tell me when you've put it in", indeed my wife says it is big, a comment that she volunteers.  She also tends not to go on top as she says my size hurts her.

Even on the rare occasions I visit hookers to be humiliated they always say it is not that small.

What is the deal, I don't get it.

Here is the question - Does anyone know of a way that I can make my erections SMALLER.  If I can manage that I'm sure to be able to get the humiliation I deserve.

all the best


ps I also enjoy having my sexual activities controled by others, so if any of you would like to email me to let me know when I'm alowed to play with myself and how long or short I should do it - whether or not i'm alowed to cum, how i should do it etc etc that would be great.
1338 June 9, 2004

Man this site makes you feel really worthless. Personally I have never reduced women I felt attracted to, to the size of their breasts but, I do put alot of emphasis on their face so I guess that does make me a hypocrite on some level but, whatever there is no God so once you die none of this matters. If u have a big penis ur a lucky son of a gun and if u dont just kill urself I guess.
1339 June 9, 2004

Thank you for ruinning my day, and helping me understand the female behavior for the rest of my life.  Finally i have found the awnsers not even my mom wouldent dare give me. It was wise of you to help the suffering man.  A new me has been born and so many of my inquiries has been brutialy brought to life. Mabey now ill find happeness, or ill find whores what ever that may be, ill be a better man becouse of this site. All my friends are going to know of this site to help them as well.
 P.S.-  iam All natural, no enlargments for me.
1340 June 9, 2004

[post removed upon request by poster]
1341 June 10, 2004

my penis must not be big enough for some women,but there seem to a few that always keep calling me even after they are married,but only to talk.so i guess illl keep jackin off to internet pussy. DAMN
1342 June 10, 2004


There is alot of truth to be found on this site, but the line 'all things being equal' is a crucial point, if all things WERE equal we would all have the same size penis to begin with. The fact is that all things are NOT equal.

Some men are shit in bed big or not. I'm around average (7 * 5.3) and I have always managed to satisfy my women with good technique, staying power, intimacy and exceptional virility. There are so many factors that will depict whether you'll satisfy a women in bed and granted a big penis helps but it is not the be all and end all and any one who thinks that that it is will surely fail before they even begin. Hardness of erection plays a big part in clitoral stimulation a big penis that lacks hardness will not perform well and also the erection angle some guys with big dicks have never seen a 2-3 o'clock erection in their lives. The angle that your penis points at and the strength at which it can hold that angle when pressure is applied during intercourse combined with the hardness of the penis will govern the amount of clitoral stimulation which will bring her to climax.

So IF all of these thing were equal, then bigger generally would be better. But thats a big IF because most men big or small don't have good technique, don't have good staying power, and don't know the techniques required to achieve the full potential out of their penises in terms of hardness and erection angle and strength. Of course these are all things that CAN be achieved through hard work and dedication however its my opinion that the vast majority of men have as much chance of performing well in these all important areas as I have of growing a 10 inch dick!

So IF all thing are equal bigger is better, but the truth is all things are NOT equal. I'll be thanking god for that fact the next time I give a women multiple orgasms.
1343 June 10, 2004

your website is great
puts things into  perspective
stangely enough i have always been
ashamed of my 9 inch penis because it
was larger than most
with this information now know that I
have a gift and am beginning to have
a bolder outlook on life and women
and hold nothing against my brothers
whether larger or smaller I am going
to enjoy putting it out there for
those who want to look and enjoy, and
starting now I'm going to enjoy doing it

thanks again for your site

1344 June 10, 2004

Melanie: To Fargo:
Hmmmm you must be from Fargo.

I should have known there would be neurotic, obsessive types in here. I thought my original post(1303) was clear, honest, and respectful to all. You were the only one (big baby) that got hurt and felt the need to retaliate. I simply stated my fantasy, considering the unrealistic scenario of, "all things being equal".  I also said I am devoted to my husband and that other things are more important than sex.
Your ASSumption is incorrect. What "riled me up" and pissed me off, is your addressing me personally, and your attempt to alter the topic, and your incessant whining!

I have small breasts and plently of shortcommings, and I accept it, but I'm certainly not loose or sloppy. Also, I'm quite sure my husband would love hot sex from a wide variety of hot women, because its normal, and because he shares his fantasies with me. I'm open for truth and I actually encourage him.

Who cares what you said on record. LOL. Is this a court? LOL. I have one word for you..."Denial". In my last post, I forgot to mention selfish, childish and obsessive. Seriously, and were you toilet-trained at gun point? LOL. Its quite obvious to me, and I'm sure everyone else, that being undersized is causing you some serious grief, but this is the wrong forum to carry on an argument (that YOU started). Have some respect for others. You've gone off topic repeatedly.

Some advice..stop personally addressing people as though this were a chat room and you got invited! stop harrassing people for sharing an opinion! Stop feeling so attacked, your whining is very juvenile! Seek the consultation of a professional!
Reply if you like, I'll not be back. but you will. And you'll read this 10 times and get all anal about it.
1345 June 10, 2004

Erm... use your imagination:
Just finished reading about half your article, but have given up, patially because I am bored, and partially because you keep repeating things I'm not interesting. Correct me (or delete me!) if I'm wrong, I don't THINK this was mentioned - but, would you (speaking to all men here) like to be in a relationship where a woman cared about your penis size so much she let it affect your relationship? If she does, do you want to have a relationship with such a shallow person?
Then, if you like to sleep around a lot, well, who gives a shit, you're not gonna see them again!
Then there's the whole thing about how much they care, how good you are in bed, etc. the actual size of the penis, while SOME woman may like it, would feature very little, even if it was a slutty (or 'promiscuous') woman.
I think this article, while it claims to try and give an accurate and honest opinion, is flawed, because it only takes into account how much women care about penis size. Whilst that statement is kind of the question, it would also depend on how good the man is in bed, if he has a good personlaity, if he is good looking, if he is funny, I could go on. If someone could be fecked to produce a chart with 'a'b'c' etc referring to men (not just cock size) on it, I'm pretty sure penis size, for a lot of women, would feature very little in it. If you meet a woman, she is not thinking 'I bet he's hung like a horse' and promptly hops in the asck with you, she's thinking 'he's nice', and spends some time with you before having sex. If your experience is the first, 1: Is that a bar, or a brothel? 2: Would you consider that womans skirt a skirt, or a large belt? :-)
1346 June 11, 2004

your site is really great and has given me another new freedom and that is being able to agree with your site that I have never had my penis in a woman that I did not want make pregnant, of course that does not mean that I have done that, but I have wanted to. I will wear a concom upon request and will protect a woman who seems nieve about such things but I still want to get them pregnant, even though I dont.  When I release my sperm in a woman that is where my thoughts and movements are.  I don't fuch for fuckings sake and I dont collect scalps to talk to the boys about, what I an there for is procreation purposes to fertilize a woman and to make her want to concieve that is the music that I am playing to...letting my sperm loose right at her cervex or in the pouch just above it is whata turns me on...and I have never been able to admit that before...thought it was a perversion and now thanks to your site I find that it is the most natural thing in the world...sfter reading yourwebsite yesterday I went out and got with a lady and gave it to her just the way I wanted to and felt great about it and so did she as a matter of fact she said she would look forward to carrying my live sperm inside of her allday today and looked forward to more of the same in the next day or so...thanks for thee additionl freedom of information.

1347 June 11, 2004

I have read thoroughly the document you've prepared and your comments certainly reflect the experiences I have had.  With a penis less than four inches in length and about three inches round, I have faced rejection from more than one woman and ridicule from more men that I can remember.  (My time in the Army was the most difficult.)

Recently I underwent surgery for a sexual problem and survived quite nicely.  However, much to my horror my penis has begun to shrink, an event I can hardly afford.  The length has shrunk to about three inches and the diameter has decreased by slightly more than 1/2 an inch.  Worse is that most of the time the head doesn't even show and it would appear that I'm not circumcised, which I am.  Doctors have told me that they do not know how much further it will shrink and could end up being a micropenis, a useless organ, indeed.

Needless to say, my wife is beside herself at this turn of events as she used to complain it was small enough as it was.  Now she says it is beyond useless.
1348 June 12, 2004

do girls care about wheather a penis is circumsized or not? my gf says she doesnt care, but im just curiouse to what other girls think.
1349 June 12, 2004

I have no bones to pick with the Ed, but I do disagree with most of his conclusions.

The reason for this is that if your initial premise is wrong, well then you can argue to almost any conclusion.  The flaw in the premise here is that the penis is evolutionarily developed for the sexual pleasure of the vagina.  Sorry but this is wrong.  The primary purpose of the penis is to deliver the payload with a strong splashing ejaculation at the entrance of the cervix.

If you refer back to your tables you will see then that the average penis length is perfectly designed for this purpose for Caucasians, Asians and Africans.

I wonder whether the fact that a woman is designed not to be easily sexually satisfied means that her choice of mate is being encouraged to be made over more important genetic and environmental matters.  Until there is a correlation between penis size, physical fitness and brains, then you won't convince me that penis size is essential.  I wonder also whether sexual compatibility is something to be developed therefore strengthening the bond required for better family units.

The angle of this debate is skewed to a relatively recent egocentric obsession, arrogance and vanity.  There are very interesting questions as to why we have by far the largest penises of all primates, why the position of the vagina varies between Caucasians, Asians and Africans, why Caucasians and Africans testicles are twice the size of Asians (but don't knock the Asians ability to reproduce) and why African clitorises are 33% bigger than Caucasians?  But I'm not sure that this site will want to look at these.
1350 June 12, 2004

Truth or be damned:

Ok so size matters, to an extent, but then so does job, family, peer status etc.
I had my best ever sex with a guy that had a smaller than average dick, i'd say max 4.5 inches long and 4inch girth, he really took his time with foreplay and bought me to orgasms several times, I was more than happy with that but went on to have a few more orgasms during penetrative sex, maybe because I was already highly aroused after several orgasms? I have also had a larger penis (but by no means huge) about 8 by over 7.5 (it was thicker than my wrist), it was attached to a great lover who satisfied me orally and digitally because his penis couldn't, it was almost as if the size, more the girth if i'm honest, numbed me. I will admit it was a visual turn on and also that I was disappointed on first sight of the smaller one but overall I think this indicates that the penis is important to an extent but the lover attached to it is far more important.
By the way I have had kids, 4 to be precise so I don't think it can be said that I've got a small vagina though I have always done my kegels and can make my current boyf cry out in pain if I decide to kegel around his penis!

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