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1251 May 13, 2004

Jon aka Mr Nice Guy:
First off, the reason why ED is advocating Michael Pilinski's book is probably because they see eye to eye, not money. In reading some of ED's site, he brings up an evolutionary or "primal instinct" viewpoint. Like he said on page12: "...the whole purpose of living beings is to repicate." Pilinski's book is all about instinct and women wanting good genetics to pass on. Both ED and Pilinski are arguing for the same thing.

Also, I would just like to add that it is SO obvious that size matters. No waman wants a two-inch erect penis do they? That means size matters, PERIOD! Don't say it doesn't (esp if you are a guy --no offense, but it is annoying when guys say size doesn't matter! They don't have a vagina, so they can't say anything!) Just like ED said as well, women lie about it too! If a woman says size doesn't matter, it either means; she's lying or she's not into sex that much anyway. For instance, if a woman says she doesn't care about size, do you really think she enjoys sex that much? Some women don't like sex that much, and hence, don't care! Also, if a woman has no hormones or low hormones and wants to be loved more thatn good sex, do you think she'll care that much? -Most women would probably lie and say it doesn't matter, just so that guys can love them more. If she just wants love,security or money, then she'll pretend like she doesn't care. Do you think there are any women w/ normal homone levels (or higher hormone levels) who don't want a guy w/ a big sized penis? Face it: if a woman doesn't care about size, she is either lying to please you and make you feel secure, or she has no hormones and doesn't like sex anyway! If a woman says something like..."well, there's more to life than sex anyway..."  ---then she has no hormones and is not that interested in sex anyway. If a woman loves sex (for bothe intimacy AND pleasure) and has orgasms regularly, do you think she won't want it bigger? I doubt there is any woman w/ normal hormone levels, who has sex for love and pleasure, who doesn't lie...who can actulally be truthful and say she doesn't like big sized penises! Try to prove me wrong ladies!!!!  ---Yes you may love your guy for who he is...90% OF THE TIME. But in that 10% OF THE TIME, when you're really horny, can you really say that you don't want it bigger? --Sorry, but yes you do! Size may not be a BIG issue, but it's still an issue. If a woman  could change anything on a man, sure his penis size wouldn't be the first thing on the list (well, maybe!), but I'm sure she would like it bigger somehow. Like others have said before, ALL OTHER THINGS BEING EQUAL, you would want it bigger, PERIOD! Don't lie! If there's anything guy's hate more than being told they're inadequate, it's being LIED TO!!! Yes I'm sure you ladies are in love w/ your man, but you have to admit that you'd want bigger if you could change it (unless it's already big --- which is not likely!)  You women PISS me the FUCK OFF!!!! You can call me Jon aka Mr Asshole now!
-Peace to yall stupid size queened bitches!!-
1252 May 13, 2004

I agree with 99 percent of the material on this site. Size most certainly matters to women, without question.  But I hate to tell you that the most extensive surveys show no difference in race and size. and your hooker and queer theory was just weak
1253 May 13, 2004

Isaac Sim:
Very sex-citing!
1254 May 14, 2004

To Jon aka Mr nice Guy

Ok Jon you sound like decent guy -- maybe you are really the moderator?

Anyway, your comments illustrate what's wrong with this site -- you act like its based on something real or scientific -- its not its porno.

A women would choose a man with a longer penis because of its value for procreation and the presevation of her genes?  What a crock -- give me a break!  Sorry that's pure dribble.

OK consider this -- since everyone is bragging here anyway -- I'll brag too.

I'm a 34 year old white male.

My penis is 15.8 cm X 14 cm (6inches = 15.3 cm).  No big deal. 

But it will erect when I want it to and 15 minutes after my first ejacualtion I can get it back up and keep it up for hours after that if the need be. OK?

Now my IQ is 152.  I was the valedictorian of my high school class.  I earned a Ph.D. in four years at 26 years of age.  I was selected for numerous state and national academic and leadership roles in shcool

I've made a high 6 figure income since my second job and many other companies would like to "steal" me -- I make my employer aware of that each year.  I understand investments and stocks.

I run 21 - 25 miles a week.  In the past I've entered and fninshed marathons.

I play the mandolin, banjo, bass, and piano.

I can identify over 300 species of birds by both sight AND sound.

I am a tounement level chess player.

I've won a sports car race and I ski, swim, fish and hunt and I have belts in several martial arts.  I finshed second in my weight class at the state wrestling tourney in my junior year of high school.

Now if some women wants a guy with a 8" or 10" penis over me let her have him -- with my blessing.  Really could not care less. 

But her children with me will have a bright future and will inherit a good sum of money and get a first class education.  I'll keep her genes in the pool -- with style.

Life is about choices.

1255 May 14, 2004

Obviously,the purpose of this site is to sell a book,and it is full of quasi truths,as the scientific tests done re penis size ie the most recent ones have proved that the average length when erect is 5.87 inches and 5.5 inches in girth.And obviously if woman in general over the years had wanted bigger,then on average larger penises would have evolved on average.Is the host of this site a qualified Doctor?a qualified sexologist?or just a clever saleperson selling a book,sprouting a lot of quasi truths for the purposes of sales.
In conclusion,a good saleman could sell an ice cube to an eskimo.Nuff said.
1256 May 14, 2004

Hey Nice Guy aka Asshole, your talk of Ed vs Mike Pilinski make sense, except when you finish reading Ed's site you feel like crap, when you finish Pilinski's book you feel like a king. Just a minor difference! btw you should lose some of that anger.
1257 May 15, 2004

The facts are right on these site.

No one say and these site doesn`t it, that people which are full of problems are look on the size of the male penis.

But in a theoreticly situation of luck and no problems
the most women will have  a bigger pneis for their penetration and pleasure as they get in the reality!

And the women should be truthful ,to say it. And the men should be truthful to say , that the most of them are to small in such theoretically fine situation.

The differences between the hidden wishes of the most women , the intellectual and feminist protestants in these commenst too, will have in a good situation a penis ,which is bigger as the sticks they get weekly.

The men are for 70 or 75 percants to small for the 70 or 75 percants of women, in the lucky life-situation without any problems.

And that show these good site. I don`t know , why women could protest against the theoreticly truth of these informations on the site. No one say , that women haven`t mostly other problems-like men too.

The truth, that big is better and size doe matter isnīt an antifeminist truth.

Men , be truthful for yourself and your wife.
Women, be truthful for yourselfs and your men.

Than there will be no problem with an truthful informatiion like the example show the diagram, that the average size for women are in the red area of average 7 -10 inches longest and 2 and more inches thick.

And that the real mae average size is smaller -and not so pleasurable.

Wat is the problem to discus that?

Ladies? And Men, where some are bad racists , which are angry about black man. Not all black man such big bulls. And why must hate a white 4,5 incher an 8 inch black? If the two are fine men and intelligent?
Sgould the 5 inch black man hate the white 9 incher?

The things are FOR WOMEN , you stupid (mostly, gay exxcuse) and there is the truth that the 8 or 9 inch mostly better as the 4,5 or 5 inch!

Okay? More said these site not!
1258 May 15, 2004

"May 5, 2004

I never use to think size mattered, but now that I have been with some larger men I can say it does matter to me. My husband kept wanting me to try a well endowed black man, but I kept resisting, but always was curious about it, like most women are. So finally I agreed and started to date blackmen with my husbands blessing. 2 years later and after dating about 20 blackmen, me and my husband couldn't be more happy. I can say half the men were at least average and about 5 of them were really big. I'm currently dating 2 of them and see them about 4times a month. There penises are 9-10 inches and thick. And for me that's perfect. My husband loves to watch me with my black lover's. Yes, penis size does matter."

THESE karen is an truth adult lady, She loves her husband -but she had explored, that she like her 9 and 10 incher. And he like it too, because the two has no problems with the hidden bitype of him. And she feel , ho much god is it, to feel in her adult body the bigger toys.

So what? We should hope , that more women will be step in Karens feetstaps and will be truthful and say their sexual wishes.
Yes , Karen , you are right. That should the parts of womenhood remember, if they protested in puritanian way against the truth and -their own body.

And the men , higher standard and the simple rassists, should learn, that they have -most-not enough.And they must do something.And maybe suffered something , at example the bigger build lover of their wife one or two times the week. Okay?
1259 May 15, 2004

The site is right and a simple information pool.

And the life-experences say,that the digrams and commentarys are truth. It is the truth: Size does matter.

The site donīt say : Ever

If women have problems, financial, social, healthy problems -it is normaly, that the penis-size isn`t important beacuse than sex isnīt important. No one says anything others on these site.

And the critical commentarys by women, most by women with an higher level and in contact with feminists ideology misunderstood the bascic of these information. It is an theoreticly fine situation without problems, in which the most women will than choice only for their pleasure.

And than-the feminists too, the simple too, the intellectually women too, the housewives too and some of young women too - will choice a bigger penis for the part of penetration sexuality and for their feeling als they get in their reality. That is truth -and at the 12th of may , Karen wrote the truth. A normal wife , married, and she had explored her pleasure of big 9 and 10 incher with a good thick. And her husband find it okay.
And she has the brave and the will against herself at first , at second against her partner -and maybe against their 10 incher lovers if one of them sensual and seriously- and maybe against her female sisters to say: Yes , size does matter and I , a adult sexual interestes wife, need it big , bigger and more bigger.

Where is the problem for some women, who speak against it. Do you not know your own body in thes part of your sexuality and your brain? Whay so shy and with puritanism?

A problem is it for the most men.

Because three  from four  women wish or could need or haven`t anything against a big 8 incher or more.
And three of four men have only 4 or 4,5 or 5 or 5,5 maybe 6 inches to offer!

That is the problem of men and women. I don`t see any problem, not to speak about it and don`t see a problem to discuss that.
Okay , some of the writing males here are racists and they hate the negroes , because they have a little bit more in average size. More negroes have big penisses as white men or asian men.So what? (permissed your wife a lover , maybe a black big lover for her pleasure and make no scenes.Penetrating is not all.)

Also: The dry critic commentary by women here is understandable, because these Ladies  forget their own pleasure and the pleasure and wishes of their sisters.

Women ,have the brave: Size does matter in some parts of sexuality.

Men, grow up to an higher standard! And donīt took the point of the primitive rasists or the puritanian male and female priests.

And sure. menn like mostbigger breasts and it is true-they like big labias and most the big clit. Why should it be a mistake , if more and more women have the brave tio say: We like big and thick 8 or 10 incher and  good male behavior?

It is silly, to stop an information and a truth.
Who will not hear the truth, who will send unguilty people on the firebrand like the times in Europe in the middlecenturies.

What should the protest against truth diagrams and votes and other things? Women: Thought! Not crying against the truth and for old lies.

Okay? (Greetings to Karen-you are right!)
1260 May 16, 2004

To Fargo:
Hey if you're so smart, you should've figured out that women do want to marry the guys you've described as (emotional, monetary) providers. Just don't be so heart broken, when you find out that your women cheat on you with well-hung guys for sexual pleasure. The sad part is that it's almost impossible to tell what kind of woman you're in love with until you're hit with the hard brick of truth. Get it?
1261 May 16, 2004

Just a Question in need of an answer...

uhm first of all, my girlfriend and i just had sex for the first time for both of us a couple of weeks ago....my problem is that when i put it in her, her vagina was very loose yet she still claims she lost her virginity to me, so is it possible for her to just have a loose vagina?
If you could, email me @ drew_asciutto@hotmail.com with your opinions, facts, ect...i just want a little bit of help...
1262 May 17, 2004

Just Big:
penis size 8.25 X 7.2....Most women run but the ones that stay long enough for me to work it in love it! Some actually piss on their selves with my penis still in them when they cunt...not one women can handle my penis with their leggs up the all complain..
1263 May 17, 2004

little j:
i have a six and a half inch long pinus 3.5 inches round and i havent meet a girl yet who could not get enough of it.
1264 May 17, 2004

I feel bad contributing to this practice of posting sizes and furthering people's notions of inadequacy solely based on genital size, HOWEVER, I really need a woman's opinion.  I am about to have sex with my girlfriend for the first time (both of our first times ever, because we are both 18 now so we're not scared about getting in trouble for under-age sex) and i'm worried that i might not be able to satisfy her.  I always hear reports that girth is more important and this is where my apprehension lies, because i'm about 7.25" in length but only 4.75% in girth.  Considering she's a virgin, do u think it'll be a nice tight fit?  (she's never even penetrated herself, with anything.  Very innocent)  Your opinons would be valued greatly.  Thanks,

1265 May 18, 2004

devils advocate:
This site is a very elaborate lie. Its pure opinion and should be stated as such. There will never be a "definitive answer" to the penis size debate. Its a personal preference thing and where sex is concerned, there are no definative answers! Same is true for politics, religion etc. Its like saying small women or young girls are best because of tightness. Why even have children if the women will become harder to please or if they will then prefer a larger penis to stimulate them. Also I can't help but wonder what the most popular dildo size is? Actually, smaller vibrators are far more popular than dildos. How strange!!

My penis is exactly 7in long and slightly more than 5 1/2in girth. Because of this, I get intercouse only once a week (handjob or oral every 2-3 days ) and I never get anal! Most of my previous lovers said I was HUGE. Go figure.

I'm sure there are plenty of people who would agree with some of what this author is saying, but overall its very twisted and exaggerated. There is absolutely nothing scientific about this information. Men realize that their women may fantasize about other men, just as women realize the same. Both sexes have plenty to feel insecure about. But the bold arguement being preached on this site, indicates a lack of intellect, blatent disregard for logic and truth, and a lack of respect for educated professionals. I was glad to see that there are others who see this for what it is.

Ed, what if the penis size, shape, color, cut vs uncut and overall beauty, matters to some women and men more than others, depending on an infinite collection of variables? What if a woman or girl prefers oral sex and cares more about its beauty than size?  What about the sensual, romantic, spiritual type who prefer the foreplay (or clitoral stimulation)? What about women who like anal sex occasionally? Do you like extra large objects(more than 6in girth) in your ass? How about bisexual women or gay women? What about the younger, or smaller, or fit women? or those who haven't had children? What about lonely women, unattractive or obese women? Think they care as much?

The truth Mr Ed...Its virtually impossible to set up a legitimate study on this issue, where the results are  accurate and "definative". To you, it may SEEM like most women prefer very large penises, and that may excite you, but that is only opinion and/or fantasy. Unfortunately for you, not everyone shares the same fantasy. I was looking for legitimate, valid info when I arrived at your site. I was going to advise that you revise...but you really need to consider a whole new story!
1266 May 19, 2004

Good site. The facts are right and the sizes and the women`s preferences are not phantastic or dirty sexual phantasies of male jerkers.

Example: The differences between real averages sizes of the  real men ( 4-6 inches) and the difficile preferences of women with their 7,5 -10 inches, the most preferences of girth and all such informations are not sexual sience fiction.

The reducing from women of an cocksucking monster like it written by some men and some women  isn`t so.

The preference of adult normal women for the bigger diameter and a length of 7.5 or 8 or 9 or maybe 10 inches is normal for an adult woman ,maybe afetr one or two or three or more birth of children.

Wy should women not wish such?
Wy should men not hear and read such truth?
Wy feel women shame about their preferences for 30 or 50 or 100 percant more penis?
Wy cried women here about such preferences of her adult sisters witout other life problems? (if someone had financial or healthy problems, sex  isn`t very important for no one, that is clear and these site don`t say anything others!)

Good site. Hope, that many women will read it and will thought about and educate their preferences!
1267 May 19, 2004

It seems my husband wastes his free time on this foolish site. I think he wishes all this shit were true. There are always exceptions, but generally speaking, a large penis does not provide greater pleasure for a woman. The penis size debate is for men. Penis size is a status symbol for males. Its a shallow competition, in much the same way women spend so much time with fashion and cosmetics, for eachother. The opposite sex sees it as a waste of time and effort, and wonder why the other sex doesn't listen and just provide what is really desired. Women want to prolong the intimacy, with foreplay. They like touching, kissing, and sensuous sex (clitoral stimulation and caressing). They want to be romanced and loved, while men just want the sex served hot, like a good meal. If an average looking woman wanted sex, she could have all she wanted, from multiple partners, if she so desired. Since I'm here, I'll give my opinion about size... Slightly below, to slightly above average is perfect, as long as its connected to a human being with the capacity to think and love. Most women I know, including myself, don't prefer small or big, but would except either as long as the forementioned prerequisites are present.
1268 May 20, 2004

I consider myself to be a fairly intelligent individual.  That being said I totally agree that penis size matters to women.  Most of the info on this site seems very legitimate and it all makes sense.  Any women who say size doesn't matter are lying, unless they honestly don't care about sex . . . and what sexually capable male on earth would want a woman like that!?  My inferior penis size (5 x 5.25) has virtually destroyed my life.  At age 22 I have become indifferent to almost everything, including my potential career.  No woman in this world has wanted me, and I'm not a bad-looking guy, I've just got a baby dick.  Sadly I have grown to hate women because of my own inferiority; this may not be "right," but I can't help it.  Still, even though the truth is more painful than I could have imagined, it's nice to have someone actually tackle this issue, instead of saying all the bullshit you constantly hear, like "if she loves you it doesn't matter," or "it's how you use it," or "if a woman cares about size then you don't want her."  Clearly all of these statements are lies.  Some of the greatest girls I've ever known don't want me simply because my genetics prohibit me from giving them sexual pleasure.  That sucks!  I must note that most of my friends say size doesn't matter and I'm just making excuses for why I can't get girls (yet oddly enough they all have big dicks, at least 7+, and they all have LOTS of sex)  It's easy to say size doesn't matter if you're fucking big!  It's a shame too because I believe I would have made a great boyfriend, but that's just too bad and I am working on learning to accept reality for what it is.  People, especially women, do not possess the capability to maintain monogomous relationships in which they are happy, because I believe the majority of humans are polygamous by nature (of course I could be wrong).  Penis size is extremely important in determining one's sexual success, and I commend the author of this site for presenting such a wide array of straightforward FACTS and opinions on the subject.
1269 May 20, 2004

I am glad to read about the "size matter" in a not judgemental way. I have come to the conclution that size matters to women and that a penis can be to small to give them pleasure. My penis is smaller then "average" and i have been blaming women and etc for me not being able to give women satisfaction, but today i have accepted the truth, Size do matter to women. And female friends that i have says it openly today, its no longer taboo for a women to say she needs a big one, or that she  donīt want to have a boyfriend with a small penis. We cant be good at everything and in my case giving women pleasure throw penetration is hopeless. I have learned to give myself satisfaction and enjoy that other does it in a regular way. I do get turned on sieng a women getting horny looking at a large penis and i think that is okay.

I just wish everyone could se it this way, i think women would accept us with small ones if we would accept their needs when it comes to "size matters".

My very best regards

1270 May 20, 2004

I feel like killing myself.I've always suspected the truth that women do care,this site goes a considerable distance towards making me a believer.I am about 6.25 in. long and 5.5 in girth-this makes me SOOOOO average! Ahhhhhh!!! Oh well,at least I'm fairly attractive.My sexual experience has been about 10 women-my gut tells me at least 3 were less than thrilled with my unit.
1271 May 20, 2004

I am 6.5/5.5 in. average i guess-my girl tells me I'm big-hmmm? I'm white,she's chinese-so maybe relatively speaking I am big-although she has had a guy 7/6 in.
Is this the definitive study? I doubt it.Women likely prefer a bigger cock but can be happy with average.Moreover,it has been said that 7 of 10 women cannot achieve orgasm through intercourse.Would a bigger penis change these numbers? My asian girlfriend has 6 brothers-3 are married to caucasian women.What does this say? Women like bigger probably,but being a better lover,friend,provider, making them laugh,being considerate of their feelings are likely much more important to them.Lastly, if women have a  genetic predisposition to choosing men with bigger penises,why are average penises half of the population? Nuf said.
1272 May 21, 2004

Interesting. Your problem is not penis size. "If you're tired of picking up ugly and fat women..." I have never reduced a man to his penis size but you enjoy reducing women to their dress sizes.

You silly man.

To each according to his emotional maturity!.
1273 May 21, 2004

I think some women prefer bigger penises but certainly not all. You,the author:have a big penis,are gay and hate heteros,are a women mistreated by males,or just a shit disturber. This site,is your opinion,not the final truth! Your research is at best incomplete and your references are unsubstantiated.Why not ask lesbians(who have nothing to fear from men) what their preferences are?

Comment from ED:

Yes, let's ask those lesbians!

1274 May 21, 2004

I was wondering if anyone had sincere advice for a man who's wife had a very large pussy? My penis is average ( 7" ) and my wife cums easily and usually quickly. But it takes me a long time because her pussy is so loose! I have to rub the sides of her pussy and leg with my cock just to get off. The best position for me is with her on her side and me behind her, because it puts pressure on her pussy. She has been with several men before me and am sure she prefers large cocks. What can an average guy do with a huge juicy pussy?
1275 May 21, 2004

your all losers as far as im concerned.im a lil guy.( 4"x 3.5" )   & i please women BIG time.ITS HOW YOU USE IT.GEEKS
1276 May 22, 2004

Is it that the penis can be measured by the size of your hand? I over heard girls talking about it an claim to say im 8" but im 7.25 maybe 7.5 an 6" thick an I figure all the chicks were on the target with that an I was wondering if its true to measure a penis by hand or is it a myth and would 7.5 be considered over average cause may girls get on my case that I have a big one but I feel like there full of it
1277 May 22, 2004

To the "cowardly" soul who responded (post #1260) to me without giving his/her name.

No, I don't get your point -- because you do not actually have one.  Your post is more of an incoherent, jumbled rave than any meaningful statement of fact.

And obviously you were not quick enough to get MY points (post # 1254) which were:

1. I have brains (which I inherited, but I have also developed and utilized.);

2. I have money (which I've EARNED through my own efforts);

3. Physical strength and leadership abilities which I have developed though my own efforts);

4. I am a strong and self-confident male and I live my life on my terms.

5. My penis is average sized.

However, I still have lots of females (intelligent attractive ones) who are competing for my attention. 

And I doubt seriously if any of those women (women who are worth having by the way) give a shit about your large penis if that is all you are bringing to the table.

And by the way money, brains, and influence are not the important factors here -- but being a confident male and being proud of your sex and what you can offer the male-female dynamic IS.  You can respect women without be dominated by them -- and your "maleness" is not defined by your penis it is defined by the total YOU.

Now do YOU get it?  The reason you worry about women leaving you for some guy with a large penis is because perhaps you are not giving them anything of value.  I have no such problem of women being unfaithful to me -- if that is YOUR problem, then you might consider some of the things I've just said.

If you are attracting women who only live for the size of your penis then you are attracting the dregs of the female gender -- put them back on the shit pile where you got them from.  And look somewhere else. OK?

If some women thinks a man's penis is too small but still wants all the other things that he can offer her then I suggest she see about getting her vagina reduced -- because a man sure should not think about altering his penis.  The only man who would consider such a thing is not really a man -- he is a whimp.

I do not ask women to change their bodies to please me and I sure as hell will not alter mine to please her.  That is for morons to do.  If you want to be that stupid its your decision.

Many women want what a I can give them: a nice home, a secure future, friendship, love, and affection, and a strong male partner who will be there for them in a crisis, and a strong male role model for their kids.  Most of those things are not provided by my penis --  in case you have not figure that out yet.

What I offer is worth a lot more than a giant penis -- to women who are worth having that is. 

I'll let others can go after the "Nolas" the other bimbo women of this world who live their lives in search of large penises. I sure would not waste my time or thoughts on them.  I don't have to.
1278 May 23, 2004

Random Dude:
This site among many others has made me realize YES I have a small penis. When fully erect I'm lucky to get five inches. For the record I respect the rights of females to want more... with that said this is taking a huge mental toll on me. I battle depression as is and always have... hearing what I've already assumed was the truth does not help hell it hurts! I simply am to the point of questioning is life is truly worth it. I'm almost 25 and have only had two sexual partners... Can you say pathetic?!? I am generally a fan of life despite my shortcoming, though I don't know how much longer that will be the case. I'm to the point of thinking a shotgun might be my best friend for if I'm too small and worthless to please a woman there is no need for me to exist.
1279 May 23, 2004

Is there any physical link between small penis size and premature ejaculation?  I suffer from both, and it has cost me many relationships.  I am 4.25" fully erect and can last no longer than 15 seconds of penetration, on average. Does anyone else suffer similarproblems, or is it coincidence?  Grateful for any help.
1280 May 23, 2004

Jon aka Mr Asshole:
Too Bad (post 1268) -- Yeah, too bad indeed! Women are either fuckin liars or fuckin size queened sluts! Yes, like you, I've begun to absolutely hate women! Women want size? Good, go out and fuck a horse!!! You want to be treated like an animal?! Good, I'll treat you like an animal! I'll do anything and everything in my power to make women's lives miserable and filled w/ pain and hatred!!!! I'm gonna treat women like absolute shit!!! C'mon guys! Join me!! Lets treat women like the fuckin slutty sized queens that they want to be treated like!!!! FUCK ALL OF YOU WOMEN!!!  (sorry bout that ED, I had to let off some steam!)
And to Professional: What a moron (no offense)! You ARE right about women should be more open and honest w/ men, but letting a larger man fuck their wives??? WTF!!?? Yeah, that'll make a guy feel like shit!! Hell, even a girl wanting a guy to use a Huge Dildo is gonna make him feel like shit!!! But that's aight, b/c we men should make women feel like absolute shit as well!! Women say they want love don't they?? Don't give it to them!! Hate them!! Fill their hearts w/ pain and despair, make them want to commit suicide, never help them in any situation, and any insecurities that they have:- make it worse!!! --Joke about it, remind her every day of all her many problems, tell her she ain't worth shit!!!  Let's make women the most miserable, depraved, depressed, and insane little bitches in the whole fuckin world!!!!   (sorry again, but the steam just keeps on coming!!)
--the enemy of all the fuckin women in the world, the very hateful Jon the Asshole!
1281 May 24, 2004

Life is more then penis size:
First I want to say that I had a good laugh reading this page.  I am an Asian guy at 23 years of age.  I have 5 hard & 2 soft penis. (yes I measured it after reading this page).  I just want to say that with all my dating experiences in the past, girls that I dated never seemed to be bothered with my size. ( they are more concerned what I think of them)
  I am very comfortable with what love God gave to me.  For those who consider to have small penises, just remember, it is not something that you can control, just live your life and don't worry about it.

If women don't like you because of your penis size, then she is  not for you.  Think about it,
would you really want to be with someone who thinks like that? I know I don't.

Just remember this phase, "you are what you are, don't worry about it, enjoy life"
1282 May 24, 2004

Lucy :
To Fargo

Yes you are an ideal marriage partner - even tho' you are arrogant.  But who will wifey be having an affair with while you're so busy being clever and sooooo brilliant at stuff? I'll tell you - a hung guy.
1283 May 25, 2004

I would've liked to hear more about the negatives of giant cocks.  For example, I hear that tearing the vaginal lining can be very painful, and on a similar note, I have also heard quite a few guys complaining about girls refusing them because they're intimidated by the penis's size.  It's kind of funny how even though you claim girls who prefer average or smaller cocks are in the minority, that minority seems to consist of practically every girl I know.

On a more personal note, I've been perfectly content playing with a below-average cock, and it certainly did the job well enough and turned me on a hell of a lot even in foreplay.  A penis just need to be big enough to properly fill the vagina (ie. at least 4 inches) and there are only nerve endings 3 or so inches in.  Anything else is just a waste.
1284 May 25, 2004

Kim   (no, I am not a man):
I just have a question that I am hoping someone out there can help me with.  Since most of you all are men, who better to answer it.  My boyfriend is very well endowed.  How well?  Well, what matters is to ME he is overly endowed.  So much so, that I can not "take it" all.  When I am on top, I can't seem to move in any direction to get friction of any kind because he "fills" me up.  When he is on top, it is so deep that it hurts and feels like he is hitting every organ inside me.  What position can we try, or what can I do to "loosen" up for him?  I just don't know what to do, and you guys surely know or have been in the situation that I am in.  What do I need to do to make it more pleasureable for both of us?  And by the way, on the big question of size.......  does it matter.........are you big enough.......  there are women of every shape and size out there, and I am talking about the puss.  So, if you have a 3" or a 12", someone out there is going to think it is just right for them.  Just like me.  My boyfriend to ME is too big.  So, we just need to figure out ways to get around that.  Same as if you think your too small.  You can still "hit bottom" in different positions.  Besides, the vagina is a MUSCLE.  A woman can make it as small or large as she needs to, if she knows how to work that muscle.   Any help you can give me would be appreciated.   Thanks
1285 May 25, 2004

My husband and I were just reading through your website.  I agree with alot about what you say regarding a woman's preference for a larger penis.  I definetely consider myself a "size queen".  My husband is very large (10.5 x 8) and feels wonderful.  We also use an extra large dildo (15 x 8) which I have on occasion taken up to 13 inches.  Based on your chart, I realize that I am on the extreme but thought I would put my two cents in.  I have had sex with a number of men smaller than my husband some of them were very good lovers.  I have also had sex with a couple of guys that I really couldn't feel at all.
1286 May 25, 2004

Whoever I date is lucky I guess because I LOVE giving fellatio.  I have a bit of a fetish.  I really love a penis that has bulging veins.  That to me is more of a turn on than the actual size of the penis.  To lick a throbbing vein is just about the most erotic thing for me.  Usually I squeeze down near the root, which makes the veins pop out, and then slowly lick them from bottom to top.  The recipient seems to find it quite amazing as well, which works well for both of us!  If anyone knows of a website that would portray good pics of penis veins, please let me know.  Thanks.
1287 May 26, 2004

h bomb:
if i have a small penis how can i work it so the female gets off too?
1288 May 26, 2004

I skimmed through most this site. I found it to be biased in its persuasion toward well-endowed males, meaning the information provided only served to prove his point without taking into consideration other pespectives, and lacked professional material on sexuality such as a trained sex therapist.  I have actualy surveyed over 200 women online(not a realiable source, by the way, including this website) about this subject matter.  Even though the web is far from reliable for surveys, there are women out there who truly dont care about size, and not only that, but some only want smaller sized men!  I did find a lot of women that prefered only larger size, but an equal large amount prefered average.  On a percentage scale out of 100, i would say 10% of women prefered small, then 50% wanted neither small or big but average and the last 40% wanted much bigger than average. Women vary as much down there as men do.  Its easier for a woman to change her size down there than men (through excercise and kegals).  Some women can take 10" while others only 6.5"  As far as girth goes, many prefered average size girth while others really thick.  Most women onyl cared about one thing though and thats foreplay and techinque.  This sites first priority was Entertainment, then information which is biased.  The only thing i think this site accomplishes is to create more insecurities males about their size.  It basically tells you that your worthless unless you have a big dick.  However, thats supposed to be entertaining to us?
1289 May 26, 2004

Jon aka Mr Asshole:
First off, to Lu (comment 1272) men may "reduce" women to dress size, but if a chick ain't got a good personality, then she ain't worth shit! It's like with sluts. Would a guy want to marry a slut? Hell no! He might fuck (only b/c she's hot), but there is no way he's gonna commit to that kind of a woman! Yes men may judge women (somewhat) on their appearance, but at least that's changeable. It is A LOT easier to change your weight than to increase your dick size. A man is pretty much stuck w/ the dick he's born w/, a woman (or man, for that matter) can loose weight a lot easier.
Anyway, just to let you know: I've heard something recently and was wondering if any of yall know if it's true:
I've heard that if women stop having sex (and/or sticking things in their vagina) then their vagina will tighten right back up! Is this really true!? They say that this will happen to almost any woman except in rare cases (like if a woman has had 7 kids or something). If this really is true, it shows how much women are stupid, uncaring little bitches!! Hell, if a woman can perfectly fit a 5 or 6 incher, then why the hell would she want more!!  This just goes to prove how evil women are, and justifies the need for us men to treat women w/ absolute disrespect!! Women want to be treated like animals, eh?? Well good! They'll sure as hell get what they want!!!
--To all you stupid, uncaring, egotistical, selfish size queened bitches!!--
1290 May 27, 2004

chinese short dick:
I have a 4.5 inches penis and skinny.  I get turned on by telling girls that my dick is small.  I tell my friends or girls at the mall when I ask them for small size condoms.  I love going to the gym and wearing super tight lycra shorts and walk around with a erection.  I love it when the girls laugh with there friends and say small dick comments.  i also have some skimpy skimpy bikini swimsuit, i cut out the lining and when it gets wet, shows off my little dick.  i love getting a boner at the swimming pool and hear the girls laugh and snicker.  

all the girls i've been with say i have the smallest dick, but now it turns me on to show it off
1291 May 28, 2004

I was completely insecure and embarassed about the size of my labia.  Until I randomly did a search and happened across this page, I had no idea that in fact I am lucky to have protruding labia minora and that men prefer them that way! I will no longer be self conscious, no wonder they love going down!?!
1292 May 28, 2004

I smell a duck....QUACK!!:
No. I'd say that the information presented here "proves" nothing. If it were "provable" then it would have already been proven, elsewhere. I doubt intellegent folks will buy into this "conspiracy theory" that practitioners and research professionals are "covering up" the truth. This is pure quackery folks. There will never be a shortage of people who twist and manipulate the truth to suit some selfish need. Fragments of truth can be used out of context to change the meaning. This author is asking us to consider that all women want to be stuffed to maximum capacity, whether we males realize it or not? and even if, they themselves, can't admit it? I guess folks will have to make up their own minds about this topic, but personally, I fear people who lack objectivity, especially when they are in a position to influence many. The views of this author are extreme, irresponsible and reckless.
"In my opinion" (words this author doesn't seem familiar with), the concept about penis size does not need to be proven. We all know that size is relative since people are unique. Are there plenty of women that would prefer a larger penis if a whole bunch of unrealistic conditions were first considered? Are there plenty of men that would prefer a tighter vagina too? I'm sure! Nothing is conclusive where sex is concerned!  It is my belief, that size does matter to women and men alike, especially if we're talking about an extreme varience from the norm. But how much it matters, is individual and influenced by a multitude of variables. It is quite obvious that this author has no formal education with health sciences (or anything resembling science )and lacks the basic disciplines of research, writing, and education.
1293 May 29, 2004

To Lucy,

As to my being arrogant -- NO MORE SO than those bragging (or probably lying) about their 10" penis (or "Kat"and her 13" vagina -- ha ha -- I guess she has that 15" dildo poked through her stomach each time -- don't worry next week she'll be telling us she got the entire 15" in there).

I'm just bragging about other parts of my body.

You still don't get it do you? Any women who would end up with me will not want to be fooling around looking for some "well-hung" guy. 

As finding a big penis seems to be your focus, well, don't let me hold you up.  Please have at it.

But you would not "qualify" to be with me in the first place so it's a moot point.  You seem to be mono-dimensional and focused on trivia (e.g., penis size). 

I currently have women (a woman really) who are interested in important things in life -- like a secure future, a comfortable life style and a good father for their children.  About the LAST thing they are looking for is an affair on the side with a dork and his big dick (I realize you do not understand that).

Women who make a big penis their criteria for a mate are as stupid as men who are only looking for big tits.

Any woman who feels that penis size is all that is  important should realize that Shetland ponys are pretty cheap and very easy to manage and they have 12 - 14" penises.  There  you go.  Much more efficient than looking through the universe for the few men with oversized penis in this world.

Like I said if you are not content with a normal sized penis then have your vagina shrunk or inverst in a dildo. 

I mean who really cares about a person who wants something outside of the normal biological range?  You'll have to solve your own problem.
1294 May 29, 2004

I'm 30, 5'11" slim female, big breasted, dark haired, green eyes and very beautiful (so I'm told).  People look at me and think I have everything but I don't.  I hate the way my vagina looks and I'm embarrassed that my inner lips are slightly longer than my outer ones.  This has meant I haven't had sex for years and don't want anyone to see what I consider looks 'messy' when we are bombarded with images in porn of very 'childish' looking vaginas. 

I cry myself to sleep a lot over it and hope that one day I can meet someone who I'm comfortable with to explain my fears and maybe be reassured.

All that is to say that it makes me SO sad that websites like this even need to exist.  There's so much pressure on people nowadays - jesus, women are even going to have their inner labia cut and trimmed to look less offensive. 

And men trying to do stupid things to enlarge their penises!!  I used to have sex in my early 20s and here is my experience, I hope it helps.

My first boyfriend had a huge wide penis and there is a certain feeling of fullness and satisfaction that comes from it.  What many men don't realise is that during orgasm, women's vaginas contract in spasms and many women find that being so 'filled' causes less movement and weaker orgasms.  I certainly found this. 

I also found that many sexual positions were uncomfortable and movement was more limited.

My second boyfriend had a thoroughly 'average' size penis which I liked.  Certain positions he wasn't long enough for, like the spoons position and it would pop out a lot - that was about the only thing I missed about the bigger one and alternatives were sought.

Now interestingly, my last boyfriend was a huge guy.  Beautiful a supermodel and built like a tank.  He had a small penis - I would say 5 inches was the absolute best I saw it and not all that wide.  Thing is he also liked to do coke during sex so add some significan shrinkage and we have a pretty small appendage.

Believe it or not guys, this was the one that bought me, by far the most pleasure.  I could bend and manoevre with no fear of pain, and there was nearly always contact with my clitoris and vulva to his pubic bone.  I felt myself taking a far more active role and grew more confident and athletic (it was him that ended up asking me to cool down lol). He often wasn't even that hard (because of the coke) but that gave a sort of squashy tacky skin feeling that was wonderful.  When I orgasmed with him I could really feel my muscles has room to do their stuff - it was great. 

So anyway, I'm sure I've chatted enough and hopefully I've given another slant to the way smaller men think about themselves.  Now maybe you can all write back telling me you LOVE LOVE LOVE tall brunettes with sweet frilly vaginas and I can get over it.


1. You are not the only ones worrying.  ALL of us, even the ones who look like they are perfect, have something they worry incessently about.

2. I'm fuc*in LOVELY and I preferred the smaller variety :)

3. The old cliche that its the whole package and personality that counts - its true.

4. GET REAL - HOW MANY WOMEN GIVE A SHITE ABOUT PENETRATION ANYWAY.  The vagina is designed to split tear and expel children - mother nature couldn't possible put too many feelings inside as women would die in childbirth!  The penetration is the bit we do as charity for you after we've had our oral sex.

Ask any women in the world if they would prefer a small man who (technically good or not - that can be taught later) is ENTHUSIASTIC about eating your pussy, or would they prefer a man with a huge dick who won't go down.  Not one woman will take the latter.  Ever.  Never gonna happen.

Get over it guys, get down and get your face stuck in.  Don't treat her like she's dirty - she's not.  Don't be tentative.  Go in like a starved bulldog eating a bowl of custard (jesus where did that come from - see....I'm getting all enthusiatic now lol).

Get a pillow under her arse, tell her to lie down and shut up coz you're busy for the next hour.  What many of you lovely guys don't realise, is that after she's come a couple of times, she won't even notice what you are serving her after.

Now chill out, leave this website immediately, and go service your women-folk.  Yeah yeah yeah.
1295 May 29, 2004

Fuck all those girls who whants big dicks!!!
1296 May 30, 2004


I'm 7 inches long, and 5.2 inches around.. And after reading this site I descided that I should kill myself.. Knowing that I can never truly please a women because I wasnt that 5% in the world born with a 8 inch dick.  But I also take in the fact that 100% of the women that posted their "suggestions" and "opinions" on this site are sluts..
1297 May 30, 2004

My conclusion on the penis debate is that for most women size does matter.  But the fact of the matter is that sex to most women is not as big of a deal as it is to men so penis size is only one out of hundreds of characteristics that women care about and certainly not at the top of the list.  If we didnt worry about penis size wed start worrying about something else...height, attractiveness, etc. Speaking of height-- a 6'5 guy is thought to be a lot taller than a 6'0 guy even though that is only 5 inches. Now if you take that scale relative to penis size-- assume the average penis is 6 inches, then a 6.5 inch penis compared to a 6 inch penis looks just as much bigger as the 6'5 tall guy to the 6'0 tall guy.  Same thing with girth...my friends penis is 5.5 in circumference and mine is 5.0. Doesnt sound like THAT much but his dick looks a lot thicker.  I think once a penis can be considered big when it is erect is around 6.75 long and 5.5 in circumference-- ill bet that is the ideal size for most women too.
1298 May 30, 2004

Mr. Ed, I'd like to address what you said regarding evolutionary preference toward larger penises. (I hope no one else has discussed this, but I was too lazy to wade through everyone else's posts, so it's possible my post is redundant or even conflicting)

I don't deny that larger genitals are more favourable in survival, when considering them alone, but I think you had some misconceptions regarding evolution.

The reason that the human race does not continually propagate towards larger and larger penises is several fold.

1. Small penises are not included in the gene pool to "balance out" as I believe you said. An isolated human population probably would progressively have larger penises, eliminating smaller ones, but they wouldn't grow much larger beyond that, not on a population-wide scale at least (but a few individuals might start growing them, and then die, probably without reproducing). Why? Because to a certain point, gargantuan penises would also be selected against, being painful, or unable to fit a woman's vagina, and therefore would not proceed onto the succeeding generations.

2. Genitals aren't the only trait necessary for reproduction and survival, there is also nurturing, defense, foraging, and many other behaviors and traits necessary to ensure your offspring are not only born, but survive through the next generation to reproduce as well. This is extremely important consideration in mammals who live long, reproduce infrequently, and care for their young. A large penis alone does not ensure this.

3. Small penises may have been favoured in certain environments where larger penises wouldn't. I think this is the case for some ethnic groups, perhaps in the colder climate more blood and therefore heat needed to be concentrated in the body and therefore a smaller penis was more advantageous. In essence, a small penis would be a vestige of a time when Homo sapiens roamed with less clothing.

4. Humanity has rather stopped evolving all together without regular evolutionary forces selecting individuals (I don't have much support for this, admittedly). Our progress in medicine has reduced selection via disease and injury, and human life has become so uncomplex and rather unnatural that we aren't wholly governed by evolutionary instincts as our anscestors and primates are. This has more or less, according to my knowledge, placed the human race as a whole in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. This means that the population isn't evolving. If the population isn't evolving, than each succeeding generation will have the same amount of representation for each trait as the preceding, with no or little progression towards favouring one or the other.

I may be wrong. I myself am not an evolutionary scientist, although I am a student of Biology, so feel free to pigeon-hole me, I'm ready to learn.

And yes, I do have a small penis, so perhaps the above post is completely rationalizing my inadequecy, but it's my honest evaluation of the question on why penises aren't continually enlarging. If you don't disagree with me and this post was a waste, I apologize, Mr. Ed.
1299 May 31, 2004

Congratulations again on the outstanding work you do.  Here's a link to an essay in this subject area that might be of interest: 
1300 May 31, 2004

To Verachi,

Looking at your post I thought that all of your points were on target.  But regarding vagina depth there is a pay web site called the Vagina Institute that has supposedly measured many hudreds of thousands of vaginas.  If anyone was interested you could join it and find out how many size queens there are.  I expect not many.

They describe the ideal vagina as tight, symmetrical, and about 6 - 7 inches in depth when excited.

Thus men should not be worrying about what lenght of penis some women wants.  Who cares? 

Any woman whose biggest focus in life is a large penis is a simple-minded moron, and she is a dreg at the bottom of the barrel of femininity. 

Leave those women (and the men who are fixated on the size of their penis) in the trash bin of humanity where they belong. 

Don't worry about them or give their needs a monent of your time. They are not worth it and you do not need them.


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