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1351 June 12, 2004

i'm 7+inches long;ijerked off with couple off friends(there was 5 or 6 of us)and realise that all of but one of them were smaler.the guy with the big one was my childhood friendand he started puberty
 much earlyer then the rest of us boys so i guesthat might be the reason,he is over8 inches and very tick too,so its not nice thing to see.well for girls maybe but i felt greatenvyeven though don't think of myself as small in any way.still i would like some extra meat so i could proudly say i have a "big one"
1352 June 12, 2004

hey ladies- what are some good tips that you could give me for fingering a woman
1353 June 13, 2004

The truth:
Size matters! My dick does nothing for my wife at all. At 5" around its too thin and goes in with no resistance at all. Wet or not! She knows its in her but it does nothing to get her off. She even said bigger ones feel better and give more sensation. It only stands to reason the bigger it is, the more a women is going to feel it.

Look at a tape measure and the differece beteen 5" and 6" around is a noticeable difference. I even had a girl tell me the shape of my cock is perfect but she wished it was thicker. Did she lie? NO! The only benifit to a small dick is they will let you do them while they watch tv, when they are not in the mood.

A women can lay back and enjoy a big cock more and will agressively ride one. A small one bores them very quickly.

An honest women will agree with what I said 90% of the time.
1354 June 13, 2004

big jim:
    I can not keep a girl friend because of my penis size,it is 13 in. long 5 in. around and women can not take it.I would give anything to have a normal penis size and to have a girl friend.I have hurt a lot of women who said they could take me,so i have stop trying.I got money and can get women,but when they see the size of my thing they well say [ NO WAY ]andget gone. PLEASE WHAT CAN I DO?  BIG JIM
1355 June 13, 2004

well just some insight to # 1213 and kirt who like me is small. i believe he is 1249 my wife always says i am just fine but i cut off natural like didloes and cut a whole in them about 4 in long by one in diameter. I have sex with my wife she comes with in 2 min i try to keep the size down to 7.5 in this helps us but anything larger is painful. But you must expect her vagina to be expanded and when it your turn to be satisfied it won't be as pleasurable for you. I also used to doulble up a rubber band at the base of my penis trapping in blood and it will make you about one in longer and one-half to one in bigger in cicumforence but you can't get it to tight or leave it on to long as you can damaage your penis. Its the awful truth size does matter but only for small penis me below 5 in. Its not as stimulating both mental and physical. As for #1213 in my first marriage it tried your system and let my wife sleep with black men yes it was sexually exciting but it ended up in a divorce. If your wife wants nothing but you keep it that way
1356 June 14, 2004

I personally think that this shit matters to most people in general. I think the problem here are women who use cock size as reason for being in a relationship or attempting to find one. Most women I've ever met have serious problems with being alone even though they claim to be able to do so. That's the absolute truth! They all lie about this shit to us. I wonder how many of you guys have overheard a conversation between a group of close girlfriends, when they didn't know you could hear them. I have, many times. Being a plumber has put me in some pretty strange places like ceilings,above bathrooms, kitchens etc. Anyway,there's a ton of women who are fuckin pigs, they talk more shit than we do!! I look at it this way. If your looking for a fuck,and a one time fuck only, than why give a shit if she likes your cock or not? She liked you enough to fuck you, THE DAY SHE MET YOU, right? You won't be dating that one, will you? Just fuck her with whatever you have,2"to 15", and get the hell out of there. She's a tramp anyway! If your looking for somthing serious, and you have a regular pipe and your girl says ,in so many words that it's not good enough, well chances are she's had miles of cock pumped into her and the real amount of men she's been with is not 15 but more like 150. This is not the women you want to spend the rest of you short life with is it? I have a very high sex drive and I could probably screw 5 or 6 times a day, no lie. In saying that I expect to get ripped by you people but I really don't care, it's true. I would NEVER break up with my girl if her pussy was loose or her tits were small or if she lost her tits to cancer, or even her legs in a accident or whatever. I've always had then best sex of my life when I've cared about the women I was with. That shit is hard to find in my book. So keep this in mind, if you find a girl who truly loves you down to your soul and has a ton of integrity, your cock size won't mean a fuckin thing in the big picture. As for the bimbos on this earth, and you know who you are, so stop bullshitting everone and playing mother theresa, use them like fuckin pigs that they are and make your porno fantisies come true then leave.               Have a nice day everone.
1357 June 14, 2004

admit i'm only 5 inches.  but my girlfriend is curious what a bigger size would feel like.  so i plan on buying an "Average" 7" dildo.  i guess my point is...  cuz of all these discussions and whatnot... women have become curious - for the gals that have never tried anything bigger.. they ask themselves.. "does it really matter"
1358 June 14, 2004

just one more insight to men that are considering letting their wife have sex with well endowed men. I first chose black men not only because of the color contrast for excitement but deep down i secretly thought she would not run away with him so my marriage was safe. We were into swinging but i found out that didn't work as well because most men wives didn't like small penis men like me. We got introduced into having a thresome with our first hung black man, she came about seven times and we were hooked on black men it was exciting not only were they well endowed but they had more stamina. We had a seven year affair with one black man at first i tried to just watch but eventually i became bisexual and this didn't set well with me. Here the hard part she eventually found a well endowed white man at here work and we ended up in a divorce with three children from the first five years of our marriage.I have remarried and took God into my life and now i recommend anyone considering this type of alternative life style to use marital aids such as extensions but keep your marriage bed sacred and just between you and her its not your fault your small but if your wife needs a little more to be satisfied then use these things and just consider them marital aids just like viagra but keep others out of your marriage bed.
1359 June 14, 2004


I have some very good news for the little guys out there.

If the AIDS epiedemic worsens it is very likely that women will wise up and stay as far away from the donkey dongs as they can.

Already many women are wary of sex with the big boys for this reason.

Of course if the sex is in a committed relationship it is probably OK. But promiscuous sex with the horse hung guys can obviously be very dangerous.

Yes, a condom provides some protection, but a condom certainly isn't a guarantee of safety.
1360 June 14, 2004

cock stocker:
Love to read about all the stars who have big dicks, Lets get some names of anyone how knows for a fact who is Hung!! I have some stories , later. Let hear from YOU.
1361 June 15, 2004

Ok. Well, I just happened to look at that Ideal Penis size again, and now it seems I'm a C, at 9x7. Women, do you really feel that a penis that size does not satisfy you??
1362 June 15, 2004

I have been on the penile secrets program for almost half a year maybe more maybe less and I have had some ok gains I guess.I started out at 7 and something close to 8 inches and now I am at 8 1/2 inches long.But I am not gonna lie lol I cant stop wanting more but then again I know that I can only get so much from a program b4 it stops working.So at that point I will probly get me some weights or mix more exercises into my own program.Ok I will say this about the size issue let me get down to the dirt.At first I was worried about my current gains until I noticed that others where having the same problems as I..not only others but so many people..my advice to anyone is that if you can get onto a program to gain more do it!!Because its well worth it heh..If it doesnt work then your doing something totally wrong.My personal goal is to get inside the 9 and something range but thats just on me umm on that note let me shutup and lie down b4 I get bashed on like I do in the forums !
 gnite yall peace.
1363 June 15, 2004

Super Tramp:
I've been studying this site for several weeks now out of sheer curiosity. The posts are without a doubt the most valuable and interesting part of the site.

But who is the target audience here? Size queens and men who thrive on shame and humiliation? Insecure young men? and anyone else who may be searching for truth in the internet's dumpster?!

Is this actually a twisted porn site masquerading as a credible resource?? Perhaps someone is trying to make his site appeal to both audiences, those seeking porn and those seeking facts? That way they would get a wider sampling of comments. From the comments, its clear that the more intellectual reader(ie post 973, 1007, 1064, 1265, 1292, and many others) understands it is mostly fiction or fantasy (with a pinch of truth). Others seem confused, perturbed, aroused, etc. And many, seem to accept it as truth (sometimes rather painfully).
Unfortunately, this site is neither porn nor factual. What possessed its creator to do this? Goodwill to his fellow man? Ignorance? Perhaps he gets an erotic thrill from stirring emotions and harvesting the juicy comments? God only knows, but surely, it crosses ethical boundries.
Personally, I don't need some faceless wonder, obsessed with penises (or someone with a hidden agenda), telling me what my woman's priorities and "hidden" desires are.
Its a cheap trick really, to get folks to "participate". Obviously the majority of men are overly sensitive about their manhood, so why not use that "primal" fear to aggravate, captivate  and motivate us to provide our personal info. It worked on me, I responded and contributed. However, I did not provide the desired or expected response....penis size, and my feelings about it etc. I would've liked to, but cannot, as it would compromise my personal integrity!
At best, this site is clever and mildly entertaining, as I did laugh several times.
The one positive point I must mention, is, at least they list all posts, including the negative ones.
1364 June 15, 2004

My current b/f has what I feel is a very small dick. He is 4.5" by 4.5". I have been with men who were much larger and found sex to be much much better! For one thing, a small dick can silp out and ruin the moment. Two , big dicks just plain look sexier. Three, big dicks feel a whole lot better.I am 5'9" 140 lbs.and 36-26-36. A small dick just doesnt do it for me or any of my friends.sorry tiny guys, a big dick is just so much better there is no comparison.
1365 June 15, 2004

small dick an proud:
damn this women,
i hate when women say that size really matters, what the fuck as long as i enter you and you feel good, i can give an orgasm with my tongue and fingers, can't I? men nommatter what your prnis size is they feel good when you stick that hard good shit in them, they know it we know it and God knows it. size doesn't really, really matter.
1366 June 16, 2004

To Jill post 1364.

Are you going to dump your b/f? r u going to tell him why?  You surely cannot stay with someone who fails to pleasure you the way you need.

1367 June 16, 2004

omg.  i thought i was the only one with big pussy lips.  i'm so happy and proud to find that others have them too.
1368 June 17, 2004


read the data....it is all there in fact and why not enjoy it...human penises are bigger than apes because we are not inclined to bemonogomus....why fight it.

Every foxy lady who sits in my lap can have it
and as much as she wants preferbaly without a

If the data is right I no longer have to be the
prince who saves the maiden...it would seem that
that is not what she wants anyhow.  Generally speaking
I have what she wants, a long thick anxious dick
willing to leave my signature sperm behind without
regret or guilt...and hopefully a satisfiied lady

Thanks for the website
1369 June 17, 2004

What you say on your site is absolutely right. I discovered the hard way that women crave large penisses (I am pretty average myself).

I have recently found out that my wife cheated on me with a male stripper. She had gone on her friend's hen night, and the stripper, who's USP was his huge penis, had been booked. Apparently, my wife was completely mesmerised by him, and afterwards seduced him (she is very busty).

A friend of hers told me, and my wife has since confirmed this, and said the sex was incredible. Size apparently really does matter, and most girls will take the opportunity when presented with a really big one.
1370 June 17, 2004

"Petty humans discussing their sexual organ like it matters..hahaha. Like the animals they are, even they have above average intelligences, they are using their still-considered-primitive-so-call brain to think about, "duh.what's this thing between my legs..hmm, and let me invent a system to measure it." Well, let them I say, once we take over the planet, they probably would think about surviving more than the size of their second head. Ha ha..."

"This site proves that people will brag anything that they could brag about. If it's not worth to brag about, one will make it worth to brag about by putting others down". Do you know that I have 4 arms? Yeah, 1 pair more than you. That means 4 hands. If your so called sexy-craving-women get to know me, I don't think she will never want to have sex with a human again. LOL. Two hands, what's that. I don't think any of your freaks can be any freakier than me.
1371 June 17, 2004

Janice - to Melanie and Fargo:
Dear Melanie and Fargo,

I'm a sexually active woman who loves any cock that's attached to an interesting man. Fargo sounds like one. Here's my unsolicited advice to the two of you.

Melanie: you are beginning to sound illogical, stupid and sexually frustrated. You are obviously not an intelligent human. You should shut up with the bashing. No offence, but you could have stated the facts without offering your 'apologies to the average male'.

Fargo: You sound too smart to bother responding to someone who can't tolerate someone else's opinion.

Contrary to the kind of opinion that may arise owing to this website, the average male (such as my husband who is just 6.5 X 5.5 inches around) gets a lot more satisfying and regular sex than better hung guys who are promiscuous. We've been married 11 years and I've had boyfriends in university who've been significantly larger. I've also had numerous opportunities to have a one night stand with guys who had a 'sizewize' reputation. I work in HR now, but I did have a modelling career right after my university years - I never had any trouble attracting great guys.

The truth is that I've never had better sex with anyone else other than my husband. Lust was a huge factor in my decision to marry him.

This post is for all you 'average guys' out there who might have read what Melanie had to say. You just have to find the right woman for you. The hung guys are not always fortunate people either, depending on who they're with. My cousin dumped her boyfriend because she said his thick 7.5 incher felt too uncomfortable during sex (don't know his girth, but she'd hold up three of her slim fingers to indicate width - yes women discuss size when its uncomfortable too), and he didn't arouse her enough to provide enough lubrication. She's perfectly happy with an average guy now.

Peace Out

1372 June 17, 2004

Oh my Gawsh! I had to come back and post once more..I only see things like 'no woman wants a 2 inch penis...so size matters'.

Its rather obvious that a 2 inch penis is probably what less than 0.2 % of men worldwide have. By the same token, what woman REALLY wants a 14 inch penis, which should (best case) be what 0.2 % men worldwide have.

Probably 0.2 % of all women. I sure don't.

Peace Out
1373 June 17, 2004

i'm not telling:
Hey I'm black, and my asian boyfriend has the hugest penis i've ever seen, so don't you go thinking asian men have small dicks. He is thai and has a full 10,5" long and 6" thick cock which is very exciting but only goes half in. No black man i've been with has had that big a cock... maybe he is one of a kind or maybe not... think about it...
1374 June 17, 2004

Dick lover:
I must say, that I love big dicks, although the sex might be the same or worse the sensation of a big dick is different, a bit like he is in control. I remeber the first time I saw a big dick. I was about 14 and peaked into the showers. And all those little penises made me giggle. But there was one guy who everyone else kinda of respected. And now i was about to find out. when he took his boxers off, it just swelled out, about as thicka s' a arm and long as hell. I almost fainted. I just had to have it. Three weeks later i managed to get him drunk on a date and pulled his pants down. It was sooo big, i remeber gripping it with both hands and palying around with it slapping it agains stuff and such...he just smiled and added the tremendus measurements af 11"x7", and mind you all he was just 15... After that I looked for more men like him and just recently i've found a man who made it all seem so small. A massive 15" long and 9" around it was the thing of my life...although to big to actually have propper penetration, it would  make me squeel from just getting its head in... his cock is almost 1/4 of my body length... it's heaven...
1375 June 17, 2004

Rachael Forrester:
I hate to say it I hate to admit it but I am sorry small guys PENIS SIZE REALLY MATTERS ! It is such an awful thing to admit but true so why lie.

My husband is only 5 inches and is 4 on some occasions when erect and it does not do it for me. I hoped it would get better as we married and I loved him as a person.

Before marriage, I had so many chances to marry more well endowed guys but I stuck with him out og 10 others queuing for me. Now I regret but hate divorce and am sticking by my decision.

Let me say if ever any women out there have a choice then PLEASE CHOOSE THE BIG GUY over the one with the tiny dick as sex is important and a big one looks, feels and is better.

Bigger guys are also more likely to be able to make a lady pregnant. Needless to say...I am still waiting for children !
1376 June 18, 2004

Lexington Steele:
I wonder if anyone has committed suicide due to the content of this website
1377 June 18, 2004

The comments on this site are really quite intriguing and damn sure entertaining. It amazes me how someone like Ron Jeremy who is supposedly huge even in the opinions of everyone in porno land, not to mention having his own commercial and possibly being the most famous adult entertainer ever, is 9 and 3/4 inches long (he said it himself in a movie that I saw about his life).  And yet when reading through what people have to say about this topic, every second or third comment I read is about someone being massive/huge/enormous/etc. and their 9,10,11,12 inch dicks.  Or a story from a girl on here talking about how many 10,11,12,13 inch guys that she has been with as if they just come along casually.  It is interesting how of the roughly 1400 comments posted on this site that somewhere around 400-500, or about one third, of them either inherit or have encountered a penis of 9 inches or above.  Just kind of funny how people believe this stuff.  The average length for a guy is somewhere between 4.5-6 inches and only about 2 or 3 percent of guys are bigger then 8 inches. Yet it just happens that a third of the people in here are far FAR larger than that. Funny how that works. I also read where the average adult entertainer's penis is 8 inches long (source: Men's Health March 2004 Edition, Page 168) so in otherwards we have a site full of guys that are even significantly bigger then the porn stars themselves (sarcasm). After all, every other comment on here does involve a guy of 8 inches or more. Any "small" guys out there, please for the love of God, don't believe and let the clowns on this site convince you that you're small because that is exactly what these people want you to believe. People are cruel, as seen from some of these comments.  People also lie a lot about a lot of things, including penis size.  So please just laugh it off. The majority of the people on this site that measured themselves, or someone else, are either exaggerating, not measuring right, were probably drunk when they measured it seeing as how people get wasted and then have one night stands and don't remember a damn thing the next day, or are just plain stupid. Please believe what I am saying because it's true it's damn true!  As for me, I roughly 7 x 5 inches and am pretty happy.  I have not had any complaints.  Sure, I wish I was bigger sometimes, but I am not going to sit here in front of a computer and lie about my dick size to people that I WILL NEVER EVEN SEE. Why try and impress people on the internet anyways?  Where does it get you? Keep it real.
1378 June 18, 2004

i agree with how you say the penis grows independantly from the rest of the body. i'll send you some pics
1379 June 18, 2004

what the fuck is the big deal about whether vulvas are flat or not? who are you to say what's good looking and what's not? Hairy pussies are ugly, but the vulva doesn't really matter. My girlfriend has a flat vulva, and im cool with that, as many people are. Huge labia are freaky and weird looking
1380 June 18, 2004

I love this site! As a women who loves a big dick,it is such a turn on! However, there is hope for you tiny guys. Make sure you are good with your tongue and dont be too proud to use toys. This can help you compensate for your small pee-pee hose. Well, it can help a little. No pun intended.for you big boys, lucky you! But dont forget, you still need to treat your gal good and romance her. This will make your big tool even more of an asset.
1381 June 18, 2004

My organ is only five and a half inches long when erect[14cm],but very thick,ie two inches wideor 6.25 inches in circumference.From a womans point of veiw,should it not be a bit longer, and a bit thinner,as I feel that the shape is out of proportion.
1382 June 19, 2004

I live in london ont. can. And in my circle of friends I have the largest dick at a little over 10x8 (8 around) inches. I know that a lot of girls around here like the bigger dicks but I have a lot of trouble with girls because of my penis size. A lot of girls say it is just too big, somesay that it is amazing. I really don't know what to do when a girl says it is too big i find it confusing, because they always say that the bigger the better.  It is hard to keep a girl friend because as soon as she sees it she either says it is too big or we will start to have sex and she will get hurt or rip and get mad at me like it is my fault.  But I have little to worry about when it comes to size, I just think women should stop lying about what they want as far as size goes, if they want big they should say so if not than don't try to take what you cant handle.  And by the way I am not trying to sound cockey about my size.
1383 June 19, 2004

Your 'sex facts' are fascinating and hilarious. They also demonstrate incredible wishful thinking in terms of average penis length and girth. You seem to have chosen to overlook all the evidence that the average length is below 6 inches and average girth is below 5. Do a test - is a 7 1/2 inch girth REALLY that realistic LOL.
1384 June 19, 2004

I thought:
I thought that my 7 inch penis was the most massive thing around (and usually it is), but the other year in a public bathhouse, i went for some exercise swiming with my mate from sweden. And i almost fainted in the showers, cuz i swear to god that that thing hangin there must have been just as long and alot fatter in it's non errect state than mine would be errect... and as my mate showered most of the showers seem to empty of other people... crazy shit... i knw from stories that he was hung, but that seems crazy... with the rule of 60% added volume... MYGOD!!!
1385 June 19, 2004

Swede looking for fun:
'ello 'ello, I'm a 26 y old swede looking for some fun. My cock is average size but nice looking, here it is: http://www.djungel.se/user_images/31228.jpg
1386 June 19, 2004

What, may I ask, is your penis size, then? If you're going to write such idiotic things, I'd hope that they'd all be in your favor. By the way--like countless others have said, 5-7" IS AVERAGE. Any bigger and you're in the 10% with penises that are bigger. By the way, as a photographer, I know that with certain lenses and camera angles, you can make a penis look more erect, longer, etc., so all of your "testimonial" pictures are completely dead.
1387 June 19, 2004

When I am cold or nervous my penis can be as small as 2 inches but fully erect it is just over 6 inches. I consider this small and wonder whether too much mutual masturbation between the age of eight and fourteen contributed to this.My friends and I were always in the nude when we were sqeezing each others balls and making each other cum and my balls always felt tender. However I couldnt get eough of this and always felt turned on at the sight of their erections and couldnt wait for them to masturbate me. My testicals still retract when mr penis is hard as they are quite small. Could my activities at a young age have stunted my penis and testical growth.
1388 June 19, 2004

I have a 5'' penis erected.  That is small.  But, it doesn't bother me.  I get the puss all of the time and these women love me.  Just remember that you have what you have and it is what it is.  Use it and get on with life.  If a girl doesn't like your dick size, fuck her, she is stupid and shallow.  Go snag someone else.
1389 June 20, 2004

JILL, i bet your pretty loose.do you fist yourself ? no male likes a big holed girl. ( hint)
1390 June 20, 2004

your website is real therapy for me

since I was able to issue my comment about my bottom
line of desire was to get a woman pregnat and being
able to admit it the woman I went home with and was
able to tell her the same thing and I have become
very close and we are able to agree on the fact that
I want my sperm in her and that she wants my sperm in
her but that we at this time have no desire to marry or have children...so she was able to open up to me and tell me that she keeps very close tabs on her
ovulation periods and at that time although that is the time she wants to concieve the most we are very
careful not to let loose with the sperm...we do other
things...condums, oral sex,etc. 3 days before and
three days after we are very careful and what boils down to is that she has begun to trust me...makes a
big difference in our feelings about each other...the
rest of the time she loves the act to completion and
of course so do I...and my little tadpoles are happy to be flowing freely in a warm and welcome nest.

there is a freedom to all of this.

Thanks for the site

nine inches is fine but communication with your
partner also means a great deal....I no longer feel
like a theif in the night.
1391 June 20, 2004

I have been trying that method of squeezing additional blood into my penis for about 8 weeks and I have begun to notice some improvement. I haven't gained a quarter inch in length, but my thickness is way up.  I got a great mushrooom head now and the veins are enlarging on the outside.  My only problem is now, my circumference is and inch and a half more than my length. The head is 6.75 inches around.  This self improvement stuff works... just takes a long time.
1392 June 20, 2004

to bb- no I wont break up w/him because of his small dick because he pleases me in other ways. It is not his fault he is small. Do I wish he was bigger? Yes I do, but he is good to me and we use are share of toys.I do admit that big dicks are much sexier! But there are more important things in life to worry about.
1393 June 20, 2004

replying to Jo:
I think that vid clip shows a dildo, otherwise that guy is bigger then a horse and thats impossible
1394 June 21, 2004

give us more pictures of black women with big, big labia
1395 June 21, 2004

DMB the 22 year old:
keep the comments coming, and I like your penis enlargement opinion section that you added to the website.

I do only have one request, and that is maybe you could put up a list of pornstars and their exact measurements for girth and lenghth.

from biggest to smallest maybe? thanks ed.

Comment from ED:

Good idea DMB, I will look into your request.

1396 June 21, 2004

Wrote once before.
Ed has the genuine ability to expose a taboo subject and give people a a chance to add their 2 cents.
Why complain?
Just make your point and do not judge.
Ed, please do not give up!!
Ignorance is a killer too!
No other book or bible has EVER given more insight to our penis size human condition, depression, suicidal states, more than you did
You and the writers made me get in touch with buried feelings I was ignoring. I thought they did not exist and I did not know their roots.
No sex psychotherapist can beat or argue the facts that confronting anxieties and toxic shame brought by penis size is a way to healing.
Denying facts and state for example: "Well, no woman has ever complained about your fucking", or
"I am seeing plenty of female patients who complain about their husbands or boyfriends' big cocks that hurt their vaginas"
Never mind if you carry under your belt a 4" caliber or a 12". I am not interested in your size. Because you can try lying in order to feel better and hide the pain.
If you put up a comment, it means that you are hurting somewhere
This wound and pain of penis size inadequacy can kill you when activated by a person who knows the ropes of how to make you feel like shit. By first sugar coating your "big" ego and character. Then hit you in between the eyes and chest by betraying you sexually and mentally.
I see no direct answer to the dilemma.
Maybe clerics had a way to use celibacy as a hiding status to penis size, or people becoming monsters like Hitler.

I read so many comments and many of them are genuine.

People are really in pain because of their penis size.
Women don't give a shit in general, unless their vagina is tiny
Life is empty and tasteless. Filled with fear of the next rejection and the known fact that we have become also mentally handicapped. Even if we can add 2 or 3 inches to our cock?

Could it be also one of the reason why people are turning homosexual?
1397 June 21, 2004

Swede looking for fun:
It's about 9 inches long and 6 inches in girth. I feel that all theses statistics that is being thrown around must be wrong, cuz amongs me and my mates, I'm fairly average, and it hasn't grown more than an inch since being a teenager measuring cocks with mates. And back then I was pretty average, although only three where bigger it differed about and inch back and forward been all of us.
1398 June 22, 2004

One more thing I would like to add before I forget is, I also saw this Urban Myth show on MTV in which they determined whether or not shoe size has anything to do with dick size.  One, shoe size has absolutely nothing to do with dick size.  Another thing that I found interesting is that they had a NURSE, not the guy themself, measure their dick sizes.  Of the four guys, they were 5.75, 6, 6.5 and 7 inches in length.  Strange how you take four guys and have a nurse measure them properly and NOT ONE OF THEM IS ABOVE 7 INCHES!  Yet, you have all the clowns on this site measuring their own dicks and it just so happens that every other comment posted is about a guy of 8 or 9 inches or larger.  In otherwards, they measured themselves, not measured professionally by a nurse, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that the people on this site are going to exaggerate their size quite a bit.  So the "9 inchers" and above, who are ya kidding?  Peace out!

Ahman Green
1399 June 22, 2004

J Jones:
In the author's article concerning penis enlargement techniques, the author claims that the penis is a muscle. This is false. The penis is NOT a muscle.
If the author makes factually inaccurate statements concerning basic anatomy, I would be inclined to believe the rest of his information suspect. Not even to mention his contradicting claims concerning the effectiveness of pills and creams.

Jeremy Jones, M.D.
1400 June 22, 2004

How about no:
I don't know what my size/girth is, but I estimate around 6 1/2 length and 4 1/2-5 1/2 girth, and my girlfriend says that I have the best dick ever, she even screwed a guy that was apparently 8 inches, but he was a minuteman and she said she couldn't even FAKE it, so, sorry, I think that performance has a hell of a lot more to do with it. Oh, yeah, duh idiot, we can CONTROL our "primal instinct" and if this guy says that your g/f has most likely seen a guy with a bigger dick than you, then why does he say that most men are only average? Thank you Mr. Contradiction. Guys and girls, its about the nitro in the engine, not the size of the cylinders.

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