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Questions, Doubts and Worries About The Importance Of Penis Size

In the last few years penis size has become one of the most talked about topics on the web. The main questions on everybody's mind are "Is penis size important to women?" and "How do I compare?"

Many men feel insecure about their masculinity, because they think that people often judge it by the size of their penis. The bigger a bone he carries the bigger a man he feels. That's just the way most men feel deep inside. Penis size is a topic that touches men in such a fundamental and primal way, that most of them just cringe when it is brought to discussion.

As a result, men keep their feelings and insecurities deeply hidden and suffer away in quiet desperation. In contrast, women usually talk openly to each other about sexual issues.

The Internet has brought some relief by allowing men to talk to other men and women in all anonymity and to discuss their worries and anxieties. Dozens of websites are getting involved in the penis size debate and are letting people post their questions and comments. There are forums for men with small penises, forums for men trying to enlarge their penis and even discussion groups for overly endowed men.

With such abundant "information" available all over the internet, one would think that the question whether penis size is important to women should have been cleared up by now.

Instead, men are more confused than ever about the importance of penis size. It is the consequence of escalating mal-information and contradictory "facts." The web with its many hyperlinks gave this issue such gigantic proportions that by now penis size is surely dominating the thoughts and emotions of hundreds of thousands of men in North America alone and many times that in the rest of the world.

If you are one of these men, you might be experiencing damage to your emotional well-being and your relationship(s). Uncertainty..., questions..., doubts and worries, feel stuck in an ever-expanding maze of confusion you can't escape. Likely you suffer from Penile Inadequacy Anxiety Syndrome (see previous page for symptoms), feeling depressed by penis size.

To help you find the exit to this confusion you need a point of stability which can only come from getting clear answers to your questions. We need to put a definite end to the penis size debate and the only way to do this is by analyzing the matter in detail and by presenting the facts as they are.

In the beginning the information can come over as rather harsh and difficult to accept, but in the long run it will make those men who are suffering deal with reality and from there on help them find the stability to get on with their lives. They can stop wasting valuable energy and time worrying about the size of their penis and finally find some better things to do. After all, no matter the importance of penis size to women, it will never dominate their thoughts the way it is occupying the thoughts of men.

If you are not interested in penis size but you are suffering from low self-esteem, then visit my page about how to defeat low self-esteem and fear of rejection.

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