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901 January 22, 2004

The posts on this site are completely ridiculous!  Most are from companies promoting their penis enlargement programs which are a total waste of time & money.  There is no safe way to enlarge the penis!  If there was don't you think every guy you see would be sporting ten inches?

Yeah size does mater!  It is ironic that most of the postings on this site are from straight guys cause women don't really care about dick size it's the men who are obsessed by it.  I am gay & gay men are size queens!  The entire gay lifestyle revolves around dick size.  I don't care what the studies and charts say, I've seen all shapes & sizes.  I can tell you that most guys have average size dicks.  Big cocks are nice to look at and can be fun to play with but they do have their disadvantages.  My dick is only 7" & I've been with quite a few size queens that have choked on it.  My boyfriend has about 5" and its not very thick either but I sure can get the whole thing in my mouth & he can fuck me for long periods and every night if he wants.  If my boyfriend had a huge one, I couldn't take it for that long & that often.  I like the big ones & as I said, size does matter but size is not everything even to a gay guy like me.
902 January 22, 2004

sexy fucked mama:
Id like to be fucked by a foot long!!& at least 6 in thick DAMNIT!! hey yall jus gimme a shout out if u got 1 anywgere near that size.  FUCK YALL!!
903 January 22, 2004

Is there any men on here who feels that eating more red meat substantially increases their amount of sperm ejaculated. Personnaly i beleive it does. My girlfriend says i have a big reserve. Although she complains about the taste. She says when i eat fruits the taste is sweeter rather than salty.
Please leave comments on this.
904 January 23, 2004

Women really do have a preference for large penises.  How do I know?  Well, I am an average endowed guy, but I have asked a few girls (Friends, ex girlfriends) to point out where on the back side of the ruler they think a penis should extend out to.  Oddly enough it always ends up being around 7.5 inches. 

Also I did a really funny experiment.  I used to work at a military recreation facility handing out towels.  I was nearing the end of my enlistment and was more willing to take risks with my career.  Well, they switched us from wearing a gym t shirt and whatever we wanted to wearing grey Army pts.  Having been accustomed to a sham job in the military this really pissed us off.  So one day in half protest and boredom I bought a cucumber and plum from the commissary and modified them to be roughly 8 inches long.  I cut the base off of the cucumber, and taped the plum to the top.  I taped this thing over my own dick with duct tape (Dude it sucks pulling that shit off) and went to work.  At first I was real embarrassed, but figured that they could not say anything to me about it.  They couldn't tell me to unarouse my self or make me wip it out to prove the shit was fake.  For the hour or so that that thing was on under my pts a couple of the guys in the know and myself had the fucking laugh of our life.  From behind our front counter I deliberately dropped a leg off the stool so people could see.  A woman came in with her husband, and proceeded to read some sign we had posted on the side of the desk for like a minute.  Believe me no one gave a shit about that sign, until that woman found it opportune to stare at what she thought was my dick for a while, while her husband kept trying to just get her past the counter and into the gym.

I also would make it a point to walk in front of the counter by the occasional woman.  Dude, they look, and they bite the inside of their cheeks trying not to smile or they turn red and look away.  I'd swear the first thing they do is spend all of 2/1000th of a second dropping their eyes straight down to the prize before trying to play off their indiscretion. 

Then I went into the pool where twenty female ROTC cadets were taking a combat water survival test.  Dude like three of the chicks broke out laughing and giggling while pointing at me, and a blond girl straight up got out of the pool, walked all of the way towards me staring at my cock as she walked past me, turned around pretending to look for something then gave me a "I want to fuck you look" as she walked back to where she originally was in the pool.  My buddy a life gaurd could harldy stifle his laughs and I had to go into his office just to laugh that shit off.  Let me tell you something, women do care, and while I doubt that half of these men claiming to have 8 inch cocks are telling the truth, for those that are, what they say women do around them or to them or with them, is probably pretty damn true.  I have a feeling I could have gotten about 12 numbers from those 20 cadets and could damn well have half of them stop being good girls for "Just a day" to run a train on that dick.  Too bad it wasn't real.  I hate to be discouraging, but don't kid yourself guys women really are size queens.
905 January 23, 2004

I have to say i've been reading some of these statements to tell you the truth i dont even no how i ended up on this site anyway.but to put all this non-sense aside all women love huge cocks i should know i have a thick 9 inch caramel log myself and still growing because i am only 19 .I dont know about anywhere else but girls out here in new york love a big dick i had girls that i couldnt even fit in but they still wanted to try,i had another girl that was bleeding and crying [and no she was not on her period]and i was only half way in the whole time i am so thick i dont have to put the whole thing [i would like to thank my pops for this thing he passed on to me]so to all readers dont believe this small dick thing it is so untrue. holla back killa24 from bkny
906 January 23, 2004

My wife has always subscribed to Playgirl, even when we were dating.  She is very upfront with me that size does matter.  I asked her about me being only 4 3/4" long (she let's me round up to 5) and she said the guys she'd dated were fine until they discovered or she showed her collection of dildos and vibes.  She said they'd get intimidated by the size of her toys!  I was the only one who would use them on her without freaking out that she liked big toys and therefore wanted a bigger dick.  It didn't bother me, if it makes her feel good then who cares if it's a rather thick 8 inches?  I cannot control my self very well, I come way too early for her, so she says it's a perfect match that I come too early, yet I love to use her toys, they make her go crazy!  I can really tell the reaction between me and her favorite thick 8 inch vibe.  She loves to tease me about being small and finishing too early in front of her friends.  I love the attention and her friends also really enjoy teasing me as well.  They even include me in on their conversations about their husband size and ability or lack there of, to perform.  They really talk about everything, from size to endurance and past lovers!  So yes I am small, but I give great oral, and I'm not afraid of my wife's "power tools".  I must admit the thrill of the girls teasing me about my lack of size is the biggest turn on for me.   
907 January 23, 2004

I would just like to say I love my mans penis, I love you Ray
908 January 24, 2004

Size matters.  Well, what I'm mean is, if a cock is too big in girth to get into a woman's mouth, then it's TOO big, PERIOD.

My girlfried is tiny (5 ft 3 in, 101 lbs), and very tight.  Tightest woman I've ever been with.  I'm 7 1/4 inches long X 5 1/4 inch girth.  I'm sure that if I had a bigger girth, there wouldn't be much of a problem, but there's NO WAY I could get all of a longer cock in her.  No way in hell...
909 January 24, 2004

O.K., I'll tell you up front that I'm a gay guy. And I'll also tell you that I've seen hundreds of stiff dicks in my time. I'll also tell you that the overwhelming majority fall in the 5 to 6 inch range when hard. For sure there are bigger ones, and smaller ones, but trust me, 5 to 6 inches is the norm. All you straight guys out there probably haven't seen a whole lot of stiff dicks except your own and what you may have seen on xxx videos or websites.  Believe me, 7 inches and above is rare, unless you happen to be a black guy.  Most of the time size doesn't matter, anyway.  And don't try to tell me that gay guys' cocks are different. It doesn't wash.
910 January 26, 2004

I am a white man over 50 y.o., divorced and freely dating again for the last 3 years.
I am ~ 5.8" erect. As far as I can remember, I always thought I was too small, hiding and avoiding to show my penis in front of friends. My parents treated me like an invalid and promised medical attention when they could afford it.
Sex and love were associated with fear of rejection and anger towards women. I became a bully, a tyrant, and treating well endowed guys like shit or provoking them into fist fights for no apparent reason.
As I got married and became a father, I changed for the better, but I was still seducing and fucking women for pleasure and challenge. The one night stands were the worst, always thinking of being rejected because of my cock size
Much younger women still find me very sexy, I can pass for ~ 40 y.o., as I keep in great shape.

I became very skillful in seducing women with words of passion, romance, lots of foreplay, fucking brains and pussy for hours and able to giving them non stop and multiple orgasms, and always coming back for more.
Caressing hair or skin only, with sexy sounds and proper timing, can give women extraordinary and unusual orgasms. Making of their whole body and spirit a large or tight cuming clitoris or vagina as I decide so. Just like a Maestro directing a music orchestra.
Some women I met who had been hookers and sex surrogates in the past with hundreds and hundreds of lovers with huge cocks too, have come back to me to make love and suck my dick to death, while I  play with their whole being!

I still get women in their 20's or 30's, have no problem picking them up and fucking them to their heart content!

There is definitely more than size that counts when it comes to Love making and giving mutual pleasure!
911 January 26, 2004

References?  How bout citing some meaningful sources.
912 January 26, 2004

Most of what it says on this site is bullshit.

The only thing extra size offers most guys is confidence. If a guy has 8" he will obviously be confident in his weapon, where as a "meagre" 6 incher will be undermining his abilities because of his "small" penis. Confidence is all that really differs there.

A guy with 3" could make a woman orgasm, as long as he used what God gave him right. There is more to sex than just penis size. Yes, his small size may be off putting but think... he actually has the balls to whip that thing out and try to pleasure you, he must be doing something right to all the girls!

I personally am 7" long and 5 around at 17 years old. The media and shows like "Sex and The City" and websites such as this undermine my confidence! I am still a virgin, mostly by choice but I do feel inadequate.

If you are shagging around all the women, penis size shouldn't matter. If you are having sex with the woman you love; size shouldn't be an issue.
913 January 26, 2004

Nick Q:
hi, im a 19 yearold italian, i have a girlfriend who i have been with for 3 years.. seeing all these so called "facts" i wonder if i should be happy or sad...My girlfriend cant seem to fit it anywhere if she does its not enjoyable for either of us.. the lengh is just over 10 inches and a girth of 6 inches, im really confused..i know girls out there want a penis like mine but it bothers me to not share it with the woman i love.What im trying to say is bigger isnt better its best to fall in the middle.
914 January 27, 2004

Ladies tell me if i'm too big my girlfriend is asian and she gets very painful during sex, i'm 8.5 inches long and 6.5 around heres apic aswell be honest thanxhttp://www.ratehiscock.com/detail.asp?id=4246
915 January 29, 2004

My penis is 1.8 in soft and 4.5 in hard but since i gained weight it is 3.5 from fat pad. My wife continually says its just fine but when i use a extension she has orgasms so hard she turns completely red in the face and she can have two or three of them. If i use anything over 7.5 she says its to long and hurts but i noticed after she really warmsup and is getting close to climax she can easily take nine or ten inches so your tented vagina is correct. She says she hates artificial but i have been putting a rubber band around base of penis to trap blood it makes me about 4.5 and about 3/4 in bigger around it helps her climax but is sometimes painful to me and bruises my penis i don't leave it on long because fear of damage. This is her preference for size increase because she likes the real thing but i still like to use extensions because it doesn,t pain me and i am sop hot after watching her climax i can come easily although her vagina is expanded from the extension and there isnt much contact. This is my preference but she says its like masturbation and because of our religion she doesn't want it.
916 January 29, 2004

Mr. Dobalina:
i been with a lot of women in my day, and im not gonna sit here and tell you im huge. im about 6.25 long and 5inches thick. the majority of women i been with prefer a man with at least over 5inches in length and nice and thick like 5inches or more thick. as long as you can make them cum is the real issue. some women been with huge dicked guys but they're most of the time either soft or minutemen that cant get the job done. so make it last and hit the right spots and you little guys out there shouldnt have a problem
917 January 29, 2004

I thought black guys had big penises.  Not till i started gettin plowed by Arab guys.  They are hung like horses and they fuck like rabbits.  Im 34 years old and had sex with about 80 men.  All races.  I see that black men average the largest.  I just started fucking Arab guys.  And Im with the 8th Arab guy now...and let me tell you..they all averaged more than 8 inches.  The biggest Arab guy i was with was a full 10 inches long.
918 January 29, 2004

Women who are preoccupied with penis size are not worth keeping around. Enjoy some descent head, shag em' a few times, and then kick them to the curb!
919 January 29, 2004

Ok if the average male is between 5-5.5 inches and all or most women want or atleast secretly wish they had a man with a larger penis my question is what the hell can we do we have what we have. Supposedly you can not really lenthen your penis. Every thing iv'e read supports the argument that enlarging the penis is absolutely impossible.
The thing that gets me is that most of the men in the world is 5-5.5 inches long and that seems to be cruel to both men and women if the real need of women is for larger then why are they and us cursed with less.

It just doesn't seem to make sense.

So if a penis can't really be increased in size why are there so many enlargement sites available? Are we men that gullible? And do we have to endure a marriage of our wives not being happy? Then why on earth even marry us average built guys if larger is what you really want? That really isn't fair to us is it?
920 January 30, 2004

i think a lot of people are like me on this site. I am a sexual addict and unfortunately have a small penis. My addiction cost me my first marriage as i took us into swinging and yes size does matter. we had several partners with large penises but the black men seem to posess more stamina and size. i am now 60 years old and still have sex twice a week but i use extensions to help me, since i gained weight my penis measures 3.5 fr0m fat pad if i loose weight i would be 4.5 and i am 4.2 around. My wife hates the extensions but i see them as a sexual aid as she can have better orgasms with them. My swinging lifestyle cost me my first marriage and if i don't control my abnormal desires to watch my wife with well endowed men i will loose this one too. I have become more interested in why the larger penises satisfy both mentaly and physycally and this site helped, but nothing can help my size and my wife loves me for who i am and someday this sex thing won't be important and dominate my every thought. I can tell you this i believe anyone with seven inches is large and most men are about 5.5 and anything over nine is probably painful to most women. If you don't stray you won't know the difference. Most men must not measure very good if they would they would find they're smaller than they think. If you have six or more shout halleluha because you are just fine don't get caught up in this size thing like me and have it totally ruin your life.
921 January 30, 2004

If a woman is insistant that your penis is too small, then she is too loose! Men, let's cut loose women out of the gene pool. We don't need that crap.
922 January 30, 2004


I was looking at the chart information on this page

but I havn't found on the web site where the
sized penises are defined. 

What sizes are classified in each category.

Is it just length, or a combination of length and girth?

How would one discover to which category they belong?
923 January 30, 2004

i just wanted to say that, even though im pretty petite (5 feet 95 pounds), me and a lot of my friends that are open about sex seriously crush on the grade A cock. bigger is way better when its at the right speed and the guy takes his time. the orgasms dont even come close to comparing. it is easy to find a guy with a big cock too thanks to web cams and chat rooms. there are some really big ones out there to have fun with. my biggest was 9x7.5. the only problem is the relationships dont last as long cuz its mostly always just about getting some on one side or the other.
924 January 31, 2004

A Person:
This is actually a confusing web site, I checked out the average penis size and it said like 5.5 to 6 but here some how every one is at 8 inches or greater.  If u look at charts, only 15 percent of the male north american population is over 7".  While only 1.5 percent are over 8 inches.  Either the guys who are tryin to sell their products are the ones who are actually goin on this website with different names and sayin they are huge or the guy who acctually made the website.
925 January 31, 2004

little big man:
Trust the comments of the alleged females made on this site at your peril. Think about it; why would a woman be reading this site anyway? I suspect most of the posts purporting to be from women are fraudulent, and the ones that are genuine are posted by hardcore size-fetishists who get off on seeing even Photoshop created donkey-dicks. Please girls, don't end up like the dumb fags who are obsessed by cock size (why is this then??? Better vaginal stimulation????).

They don't represent normal, real women. If a woman says she only likes big dicks, she is being willfully dumb.
926 February 2, 2004

das boot:
Hmm, I just hope anybody reading this is scientifically literate.  Just because there are numbers and suggestions for "experiments" does not mean there is anything more reliable or sceintific about this. It's origins seem to be something of a mystery . . . I do have to believe that somebody is making money somewhere along the line, keep that in mind as well. 

I looked at the "ideal penis size chart" as well.  It seems the "ideal" size falls anywhere between a penis 7.5X6 inches to nearly 9X7.5  The author(s) take great pain in another section to demonstrate the difference in total penis volume that is generated by even small increases in width or "girth."  That being said, the change in volume between the low end of "ideal," and it's upper limit, is significant.  Since the jump is in fact so large, it seems to nullify the entire idea of an "ideal size," as the difference between the extremes of the two sizes listed as "ideal" is as large or larger than the size differences between penises that rate as "very satisfying" and "unsatisfactory."  The writers claim that the amount of nerve stimulation and tissue stretching is the key factor in regard to a penise's ability to be sexually fulfilling to a female partner, but the sum total difference between their ideal sizes more or less discredits their entire set of trenchant criteria due to the extreme deviation.  Suggesting that there is some type of universal ideal for women is fairly ridiculous in the first place, in my opinion at least.

I was compelled to comment by the fact that on some level I take issue with anything that presents itself as non-commercial and attempts to appear sceintifically credible, when in fact it is most definately generating some type of income, and is in no way legit in its claims of sceintific objectivity.  However, they certainly aren't breaking  any laws that I know of, and if you're taken in by it, then perhaps you deserve the insecurity it surely intends to create.

I read a number of the other comments, it seemed a few visitors share my opinion, but many are also easily won over by the presentation.  I teach at a university in a field which I would presume gives me some degree of ability to judge the quality of the information presented here, and so I will end with this: If a student were to submit a project of similar depth and method as this site, they would recieve a failing grade.  Imaginary experiments and fabricated numbers are not the foundation on which we base our working knowledge of the world.
927 February 2, 2004

i think most women do like larger dicks or why would this even be a question. i think that women should express thier desires and when ever they come accross a well hung man seize the moment, who cares if your married big ones donot come accross very often. I am only 5 inches long and 4.75 around i wouldn't blame my wife for finding a man that was larger to use for sex. i would even enjoy seeing her recieve such pleasure. if you want to e-mail me direct my e-mail is Jayssone123@aol.com tell me what you think, tell me the truth am i to small, humilate me if you want just be honest
928 February 2, 2004

My present girlfriend is about 5ft 4in tall, and about 101 lbs.

When erect, my cock is 7.5 length X 5.25 girth.  She CAN take all 7.5 inches, but I really don't think she could take another full inch.  I TOTALLY "bottom out" at 7.5 inches.

She feels VERY tight with my girth, but honestly I would love to gain another inch of girth.  Don't know how she feels about it, but I think 7.5 X 6.25 would be absolutely perfect.

And I DO think that size matters.
I think there is "too small", "too big", and "just right".
929 February 2, 2004

Hey, this is a great website.  I've never heard such an honest and brazen stance on the issues involving penis size and penis envy.  Like most guys, I'm pretty insecure about the size of my member.  I've looked online for some guidance, some sort of sign that I'm not a midget dick.  And I've searched to no avail, until today when I found your website.

Thank you so much for your honesty.
930 February 2, 2004

slowly reprogramming your subconscious mind...
931 February 3, 2004

My wife wanted to feel fuller. I have a 6.75 inch x 5.75 member. I would add a finger and that was better. Later she wanted more fingers until she wanted the whole palm of my hand along side my penis. Then she asked me if I could try the whole hand. After that she has had extreme orgasms the both my hand and penis in at the same time. We use a "spoon position" for sex which makes this easier.  She is a very large lady, but at least in her case "wider was better". I even enjoy pushing my penis against the side of her vagina with our sexual relations, and don't regret anything, as this is quite satisfying.
932 February 4, 2004

Size matters to me. I was divorced and now married to a wonderful well hung man. No,I didn't get a divorce over size it was the result of many intense problems. In fact, we had a good satisfying sex life and he had 6 inches. The man I'm married to now attracted me with his kindness and confidence, but sex is definitely enhanced by his size. With my ex's fresh in my mind it was exciting to see such a huge penis. Visually it is stimulating and the thought of knowing he's over 2 inches larger than my ex gives me a sense of power and like I'm with "more of a man"(I guess I am no pun intended.)Before my current husband I really didn't think about it, but now after seeing not many men have the endowment of my husband it's exciting for me to know 9 out of 10 times when we're in a room he's the biggest and yes that for me makes sex better!
933 February 4, 2004

having read your article on penises etc i would like to reply by saying that over the years i have had the pleasure of tasting the pleasure of several females.i cannot think that i have been disapointed many times and i have NEVER been told afterwards that i was a failure or let down in my performance. i have tried to make sure that the lady gets satisfaction. i have been married for 26 yrs, my wife still as orgasms with me. the last 3years i have been seeing a girl 18yrs my junior[shame on me].we have genuinly great sex, she is multi orgasmic.my penis is 17cm long, 15cm circumferance.what a wonderful sex life i am having. thank you.
934 February 4, 2004

this site is more persuasion than anyone else, although that is against my hopes.

my poor cock is only 12.5cm and many sites tell me thats good, but your site has faced me by the truth.

now, what is the solution to my state?
is there any hope to enlarge?
i havn't belive any of methodes in many sites.
935 February 5, 2004

Congratulations on a consistently interesting site, particularly this free-for-all forum.  Of course size matters to the substantial majority of women; given the amount of evidence by now, guys who claim otherwise are just deluding themselves. While most women can be somewhat satisfied with the average 6.5 or so inches, particularly if they love the guy, it seems undeniable that most would prefer something bigger, in the 7 to 9-inch range as ideal.  I've raised the subject with a number of women, and that's what nearly all of them said.

No, size isn't everything, to be sure.  Lots of things are more important in the larger scheme of things--love, character, confidence, etc.   But size does matter, and after so many years in which society tried to avoid discussion of this reality, it's helpful to have a site like this that really explores it.  Keep up the great work.
936 February 5, 2004

Obafemi Olubodun:
I think that you deserve some kudos for this web site bcos most of it is well researched.

Men, women do care A LOT about the size of a man's penis!!!

It's time we faced the hard truth.

I measure just over 7" by 2" wide and I can tell you I catch a lot of women taking quick glances at the bulge in my pants all the time. Sometimes I get aroused and then they really begin to get turned on as the bulge in my pants gets bigger and bigger!

They love it when my penis begins to grow and swell and a lot of them have a hard time taking their eyes off it!!!

There was a particular secretary in a hospital who always used to make a visual grab for my dick the moment I came into the room.

She always used to stare at the bulge in my pants willing it to get hard.

When it did she would begin to stare hard at it, sometimes running her eyes over its full lenth and shifting uncomfortably in her seat while as much as possible not taking her eyes off the swollen front of my pants.

A lot of times I wouild sort of flex it and you should see the way she ould react in her seat as if she was being screwed.

Sometimes, she would bounce up and down in her seat as if on top of me and once she actually simulated an orgasm, throwing her hands up in the air and opening her mouth wide as if screaming.

Hers was an extreme case, but most women (99%) love looking at hard penises and the bigger the better!!!



937 February 5, 2004

I have posted earlier and will again. But for now I would like to make the following observation. It seems to me that penis size matters ... to women who really get into sex. I am small and have know a few women who didn't care about my size, but then they didn't care about sex either. Any thoughts?
938 February 6, 2004

I just read that Mr Lightning Strikes Man ,Lou Christie , has a big dick. Yea.  I also heard he screwed every thing in Hollywood, even had many men such a Rick Nelson, and Mick Jagger hung up on him. I fucken love him. Does anyone know where I can see him?
939 February 6, 2004

its very good lesson for me
940 February 7, 2004

Hi I've read every one of these comments and have to say that I know that I'm under endowed about 6x4.75 but one thing I find very hard to believe is these women that talk about how great it is to suck on a big dick and they always site an 8-10x 7-9 now I,ve never sucked a dick but I did try to put an object 6 inches around in my mouth and have to say it was very uncomfortable and seven inches around wouldn't even fit in my mouth let alone go in any distance. Am I missing something here because we all know that in general evrything about a woman is smaller than a man face, hands, feet etc. I'm sure the same is true for her mouth. So I guess I'm going to cry bullshit when these women say that they suck and deepthroat 8x7. If you can fit it in becuase its soft enough to collapse and squeeze  in  then its not the size you claim. Can somebody her tell me why I'm wrong with this observation.      Thanks
941 February 10, 2004

Damn. I knew before reading these pages that the average dimensions are 6 length x 5 girth, which always made me feel better about my 7 3/4 x 5 1/2. But now I see that only earns me a "C" rating on your Authentic Women's Penis Size Preference Chart www.penissizedebate.com/page40_ideal-penis-size.htm. I have to have 14% more circumference to barely get an "A", and this is probably only for a female of average height. Talk about a tough standard.

Unsurprisingly, the collective dimensions of male members follows a Gaussian (i.e. normal, i.e. bell curve) distribution. Averaging the various standard deviation charts, only 1 out of 9 guys are my length or greater, so I should generally be the largest one while, say, waiting in an elevator. Unfortunately, It seems the "A" zone is reserved for statistical anomalies.

942 February 10, 2004

the site didn't really address the issue of circumcision as much as I thought it would. What about all of us uncut guys out there?
943 February 11, 2004

Jonah Falcon:
I'm Jonah Falcon (the real guy, you can email me back above or visit my site www.jonahfalcon.com). I was 8" at age 10 (as measured from the top, the Playgirl and Kinsey method) and only 5'0", so I was really disproportionate -- but I was completely unaware of it. I only started measuring because friends told me to.

8"x?" at age 10 (5'0)
9"x6.5" at age 13 (5'3)
10.5"x7 at age 15 (5'5? 5'6?)
12x7.5 at age 18 (5'9, my current height)

At some point between then and age 25, I got to a *legit* 13.5x8" (9.5" soft) and I had sex tons of times. I learned very quickly NOT to "shove it all in" and frankly, I didn't need to (nor wanted to.) I can't even get hard without kissing, licking and making out (on MY part). I don't expect oral sex to be performed ON me -- I get off doing the oral sex myself. (I guess I'm orally oriented (laugh))

I'm very service oriented - I don't get off unless I see my partner getting off.

I used to be a major showoff (just see the Howard Stern show with me in bike shorts wrapped around my leg), but now I'm somewhat insecure -- at one point I became depressed, ate a lot, gained 40 pounds which I've FINALLY worked back off.

Anyway, I don't see any debate to size. I'm just glad the country is size obsessed because it

a) it IS a sense of insecurity I don't worry about
b) I often enjoy the attention
c) it's gotten me a book deal :D

Any questions, email me. Thanks. jonahnynla@mindspring.com
944 February 11, 2004

after reading the section on penis size v. breast size, i have to point out why i disagree there are more reasons why women prefer large penises than men and breasts...

you said that a bigger penis offers more vaginal sensations, and didn't offer a similar counterpoint for the breasts...

how could you forget about tit-fucking?  this is a popular sexual practice that simply cannot be done effectively with a small chested woman.  and just like with a woman who deeply enjoys a diverse menu of sexual pleasure that only a man with a large organ can provide, the same goes for the type of man who can't picture himself being married to a woman who cannot pleasure him in that way. 

again, no offense intended to anyone less physically ample than another...but i honestly think there is more of a correlation to breast size and penis size than you do.
945 February 12, 2004

I was wondering do women ever feel the urge to measure their partner's penis?

Have you ever over/under estimated the actual size?

I think sometimes girls think its bigger than it really is?  Because most guys lie.
946 February 14, 2004

the scientist:
I think that a well-used big penis can provide more pleasure to women, directly and indirectly, in fact
my penis has a girth of 6 inches and my wife needs to be very "prepared" to receive it, so we make a lot of preliminaries. This makes our sex very lasting and I think it's the best thing for women: what do you think about it??
947 February 14, 2004

Just a few things i have experienced. I have a small penis about 4.5 but as age has proceded and some operations and gaining weight i am about 4 in. I believe for men in my catagorie size does matter. i believe anybody above 5.5 doesn't have to worry unless they addict their partner to larger. Yes size matters but we small men can do only certain things to help. I was married for 12 yrs and got into swinging, bad mistake, we ended up in a threesome with a black man for 7 yrs. I addicted her to a well-endowed man results divorce. In my now marriage i have really struggled with the visual memories of my ex-wife having a well endowed man. We have children and they are now grown, my wife says i was ok prior to surgery and gaining weight but she finally admitted to me that my penis was small. We decided to try extensions, i first tried cyber skin, they hold on good but are to strechy and as you move in and out you move but it don't it just stretches. I then got inventive i bought realistic didloes and cut them off and cut a hole in them about 4.5 inches deep and about one in in diameter as i am about 1 and 3/8 which is about 4.2 in circmference. Depending on whether you use latex or jelly as the jelly will stretch better. These have really worked for me because you get the more realistic feel that you are well-endowed and it makes my wife have several orgasms. By the time she can't take ity no more i pull it off and finish inside her i am so hot it don't matter if i relaease soon and i know she is satisfied. My wife doesnt like clitoral or oral and only comes from penetration so we are different. i find that about 7.5 is the best length and 2 in w diameter is the best width. Too long is painful and to wide is irritating to her after her first orgasm although it seems that she had the most intense when i used one 2 and 3/4 wide which was about 7 inches in circumferense. But one orgasm is all she could stand. You have to cut in off about 6.5 or 7 because you can never seem to get it all the way flush and if you make it 7.5 you will end up being 8 t0 8.5. This works for us and we don't have to have no one else involved in our marriage and can keep our wedding vows. the only draw back is once you get your wife used to this it will be hard for her to enjoy youir small one anymore but in my case mine just wasn't getting the job done anymore.
948 February 14, 2004

Just one more comment you men that are around six if you dont try the other you will be just fine, to me 6 in is big and seven huge and it is to my wife too. Look at the size preferrence chart i find it to be accurate. Those bigger than that are few and you have to make a lot of effort to find them if your 6.5 your more to the large side of average and your definetly not small also don't take the pills i did waste of time all they do is increase blood flow viagra works better. Exercises might help strengthen your member but it will probably not make it but a little bigger i did them for six weeks no luck.
949 February 14, 2004

I had sex with a girl a number of years ago and her vagina was very large, I'm average or above average but her vagina was still very big. 

I was wondering if any girls know they vagina is larger than usual either their B/F husband has told them?
950 February 15, 2004

Mac Daddy:
I can't believe that people get all worked up over this site.  Of course size matters.  The point is that all other things being equal, a woman is going to choose the man with the larger penis for a love making session.  Would a man choose Rosie O'Donnell or Pamela Anderson if he had a choice? 

My friend's wife told me one time that she would choose a well hung ugly guy with no muscle tone over a handsome muscular guy with an average size penis, if it was just for a night of love making.  Her reasoning was that the well hung guy actually represents a more masculine and virile man because a well hung penis is more rare than a muscular handsome guy with an average penis. 

Asking a woman if she likes a large penis is like asking a woman if she likes a handsome man. Would women like a flabby bald guy or a toned and muscled guy if they had a choice and all else was equal? Face it guys, women are no different than we are.  They fantasize about masculine features the way we fantasize about feminine features. We like round tight asses, slim waists, full breasts, shapely dancer legs, etc. The more feminine, the sexier the woman. Why do you think women are obsessed with physical beauty in our culture? 

With women, the more masculine the man, the more stimulation; both psychologically and physically. A long thick penis is more masculine than a short thin penis or even a long thin penis. Size is sexy and strong.  If your wife or girlfriend has ever made love to a man with a long and thick penis, they may have experienced being completely filled and they will tell you that the feeling is incredible. As a well hung guy, I can tell you that being able to dominate and drive deeply into a woman will cause most women to orgasm multiple times. 

Its like a guy with a beautiful well built girl.  Its easy to get an erection and easier to keep getting erections when a feminine sexy female is the object of your love making. Face it, the beautiful well built girl is easier to fall in love with and easier to forgive when she screws up.  Its simple:  You think about the beautiful well built girl in a thong, lingerie, or stockings and the negatives seem to become less important.

It sounds shallow, but you guys out there who want to tell me how shallow I am should think about the last beautiful well built girl who made a fool out of you and how you would allow her to do it all over again for more of that action.  Thats not to say that chemistry does not matter; it just matters less as the girl's beauty and sexiness increases. 

The author of this site is off base on some things and probably cannot distinguish much between fantasy and reality, but he is right about the impact that a large penis has on women.  Women are much more patient with guys who are well hung.  Again, this is no different for men who have made love to a beautiful woman with a sexy figure.  Women love the feeling of a penis bottoming out up inside of them because it represents virility and masulinity that is rare. That is a point that the author of this site misses.  Most men cannot provide that that type of feeling and pleasure, so it naturally becomes preferred by women who have experienced it.

Would women give up their present lover for a larger penis? Not likely. Its similar to a man who has been with a thin woman with F or G cup breasts. Skinny girls with huge natural breasts are sexy.  The man would prefer to have those breasts on the woman with whom he has the best chemistry, but he is not going to give up the love of his life just for F or G cup breasts. 

It is indisputable that sexual positions are much easier with a man who has a long thick penis.  The penis can reach farther and the thick girth is more durable, just like a thicker hose is more durable than a thin one. However, its no different for men who are with a large breasted woman.  Face it girls, there is the potential for a lot more fun in bed when a guy has a set of D, E, F or G cup breasts to play with.  Tit fucking is incredibly erotic and sexy and you can't get that with a small breasted gal. 

At the end of the day, we all need to remember that the best sexual partners we have had in our lives were most times not the ones who were  greatest endowed in the penis, breast or butt departments.  Everybody needs to chill out and love the person who brings them the most emotional, psychological and physical fulfillment.  Work on the organ between the ears more than the one between the legs. 

In the meantime, there is nothing wrong with the stimulation and fun that a site like this can provide to people, even if it contains some ridiculous fantasy-based assertions more designed to stimulate than to enlighten.

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