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851 December 31, 2003

the eyes never lie:
I just don't agree with some of this information. I am a woman and size does not matter simply because to me sex is not that important. I love having sex but it doesn't make me or brake me and I think the women that think size does matter or bonkers. We all have our own opinions and this is mine.
852 January 1, 2004

jen to photoshop guy:
they're not photoshop touchups.  my labia look like that for better or for worse.
853 January 2, 2004

Well now, I have read a good deal of the comments posted. I am of the same thought I was prior to stumbling onto this site. Everyone has their unique opinions on this matter, both women and men. Far be it from me to say anyone person is right or wrong. Fact of the matter is, the opinions will vary as much as people do. I do have to add my own two cents in though. I think that no matter what your sex is, it's your attitude about your sexuality and how you really convey it is what really counts. I've been around for a few years and I have indeed encountered these and many other opinions about this topic and sex in general. I must admit though that when I found myself in the midst of a sexual encounter, the last thing on my mind was "my penis size". I was to into my partner(s) and exuding my sexuality through actions rather then wondering "geez, is my penis large enough?" No, I could tell through the response of my partner that what I was doing was right on the mark. !
My point being... whether you are a man or women, being consumed by thoughts of your own genitalia (penis, vagina, breasts) can only detract from the the focus you should have on your partner. Fact of life, we are all sexual creatures and we all have needs. This applies to both sexes, whether a penis is 4 inches or 10 inches or, whether breast size is 32 or 38 doesn't take away the fact that we all have needs. For those that this matters to, they will find someone with similar lines of thought and vice. I guess I'm not very picky because I have not had what I consider a "bad" sexual encounter. I have been with larger women, smaller women and everything in between. Yes there were subtle differences between them, but I liked the differences. What a drag it would be if we were all cut out of a single mold...no differences, no variation. Any way folks, this debate will rage on no matter what any of us think or say but, it sure has been interesting hearing all of this wonderful varying ideas and opinions. I'd be more than happy to entertain more conversation on this or any other matters, drop me an e-mail. Thanks for reading.
854 January 3, 2004

Jesey Blue:
Well I read some of your elaboration and as an expert on the subject I'll have to admit that you were right about most subjects.However you made some serious mistakes;
first of all there is no man in the world that has a penis of 8 inches(20.32cm) in diametar,so don't frustrate the guys with false numbers.
As I said you are pretty close to the truth-woman like bigger penis,and for some is a must,but for all women the orgasm comes from her mind,and therefore it can be almost completely irelevant how big your penis is.
How do I know all this stuff?
First of all i am a doctor- urology specialist,and second and more important is that I had my penis surgicaly made bigger.It was 16 cm in lenght and 11 cm all around,and now is 16 cm all around.I have slept with 3 girls before,and after operation,and only one noticed the diference!I just told her that I feel more into her than before and that is why my penis is bigger.Only with her the sex was beter,and I-ve soon find out why she liked bigger penis so much;
she had a boyfriend with penis of 21cm and as she felt in love WITH HIM,she felt in love in BIG PENIS.
Now she has a boyfriend with small penis ,and she has a good relationship with him and she complitely forgot about two of us "Bigdicks".
855 January 3, 2004

to marc:
does you study also include the amount of times the women has had sex, her age, her level of arousement and if she has had kids or not? cuz these all can lead to differences in size.
856 January 3, 2004

i am going out with an asian male(i am mexican) right now and he is incredably small. he is less then 5in. around and long. previously to him all of my boyfriends(8) had been black(just coquincadence) and i had never seen a penis that was smaller than one of my previous boyfriends, he was 7in. long and 5.5in around. now i know that is above average and i am not saying he was small, just the smallest i had been with. the biggest was just under 12in. long and was 7in. around and everyone else was somewhere between that. i must admit that size is important. i can't even feel my current bf cuz he is too small. now maybe it is just because i have become used to larger penises but still i can't help it. i usually make him strap on a dildo to have sex with me then make him jack himself off to finish it for him. on ocassion if i am in a really good mood i will touch his little thing and jack it off quickly to finish it for him. its pathetic how little he can cum. he usually dribbles out a drop or two, he sometimes has to tell me that he has came cuz it is so little i don't even see it. ususually i try to avoid touching his little penis because i don't really think that it deserves to touch me. anyway i decided to start bringing men home so that my boyfriend could watch them do to me what he couldn't. i brought home this black guy that i had noticed his buldge through his pants at the gym. i told my boyfriend that since he couldn't satisfy me that i decided to find someone that could. i took off his pants and his cock was huge. i was so glad to finally see one again that looked like it didn't belong on a 10 year old. i started to give him head and then let him do me. he felt so great inside me. i was screaming with pleasure. i looked over at my boyfriend and he had his little penis out and was jacking off. then i told the guy i brought home to do me up my butt. he gladly pulled out of my pussy and started pounding me in my butt hole. i knew this drove my bf mad cuz i would never let him do me in the butt, i told him that he didn't desevere to put something so small in my butt. when the guy was about to cum i told him to put it in my mouth. he started to squirt his hot load down my troat. i was trying to swallow it all but there was just so much, it started dribbling down my cheeks and onto my breast. he was still squirting and i told him to fill up my pussy with it. my boyfriend said no cuz he wasn't wearing a condom but i didn't care, i just wanted to feel his massive cock cumming in my pussy. after a couple of minutes he was done. i had never had a bf that could cum like that before. now i bring home guys all the time. it is great to have a bf with such a small penis because he is more willing to let me do stuff afraid that he knows it will be hard to find a girl accepting of his little pecker.
857 January 4, 2004

Just so everyone knows posts 832 and 856 are complete fantasies written by men in both cases.  If that kind of thing gets you off, have a ball, but do not be fooled into thinking there is any truth in either of them.

Other the other hand, post 849 'you don't need to know' is very good and 100% accurate.  We need more truthful posts like that.
858 January 5, 2004

I don't believe in anything that your so called study says.  I believe that what truely matters is that your man knows how to use what he has, not now big it is.  People who believe that bigger is the only way to go are the ones who are narrow minded because they may loose out on a very happy life with a very special guy.  Just because they don't feel that his size is what they are looking for.  I married a guy who has a heart that is bigger then anyones that I have ever met before.  A very satisfied wife.
859 January 5, 2004

Asian guy:
People always tell me this and it might possibly be true, but then I am an exception. I am half-white and half-Asian.When my penis is errect, it is 7 inches. This statement of penis size does not neccessarily apply to ALL Asians now.
860 January 5, 2004

Abe "Hey Brandy":
My girlfriend thinks the same way you do.  She loves me to watch her get a bigger cock.  She's been fucking her ex for a while now just because his cock is so much bigger than mine.  She doesn't want anything permanent again with him and wants to be with me.  She just loves his big cock.  It does turn me on though just watching her get so much satisfaction.  She really gets off on it!  She loves the way it never slips out.  But she has really got into dominating me over my small dick.  I am only about 5 inches and not real thick.  His on the other hand is about 8.5 inches but rediculously thick and she claims that is the most incredible part.  She just loves to flaunt it in front of my face.  She loves him to bring up while he's fucking her that her man has a small dick and she needs his big one.  For some reason it just turns me on to see her being so demanding to get satisfied.  Unlike you she does let me use her pussy to get off but she said its a great warm up for his big cock.  Some times she still feels stimulated after he has fucked her all night and doesn't mind the small one when she is too sore.  But almost everytime we get it started it doesn't take long till she starts talking about how she needs to call him.  Is this similiar to the way you think? 
861 January 5, 2004

To "Niceguy". I use to think like you. If it brings you any comfort despite my penise's size(8.5 measured from the top, 9.25 measured from the side, 9.5 measured from the bottom and 6.5 in circumference) and my good looks, women chronically leave me. In fact, the last girl who left me had even said I was the largest she ever had and left me for her old boyfriend with a much smaller penis. Truth is, women want men who are secure with themselves. I am not, and I suspect neither are you. You might want to check out what's going on with you upstairs, not down. Even if your ex-lover likes large penises I doubt that was the bottom-line reason for leaving you. And even if it was-good riddance!If you resolve your emotional issues as I must, love will come. Get counseling-I am. Good luck.
862 January 6, 2004

I really can not understand why the girls in this site seriously desire for overly huge penis. May I know what are your races and your average height? I just can not also understand that guys in this site are claiming to have owned overly huge penis dimensions. What race and country do you belong?

I accidentally got through this site from searching about the ideal penis size to compare mine. I wanted to get rid of the hype from these penile enlargement product sites because they tend to exaggerate stuff. In turn statements and stories in this site caught my attention since I believe they are from people who are not endorsing any sex products. Therefore, I expected them to be truthful but the sizes you guys admit and what girls desire somewhat bothers me in a ridiculous and bewildering way. 

I am a male, Filipino (from the Philippines). I stand 5'9" tall and I used to have a girlfriend who is a special friend now. She is 5 flat tall and a pure Filipino too. When we were official we loved having sex but there had always been conflict in our non-sexual views and attitude, so recently I decided to stop us from being lovers and just stay as friends. Yet, we still get a lot of great sex with each other. That is our case! 

My girl has had four European experienced partners before I came (which I have always been jealous about). The four of them were (according to her) had a big sized penises. Two of them (in there 30s) were in the range of 7'. Although in her 1st two separate partners they didn't wear condom but she claimed that the one of these two have been using XL sized condoms since she found the box when she was using his bathroom (so obviously he's got a big one). The 3rd guy was in the range of 6', and the last was in the range of 8', which made her sore and bleed a bit. Now after them all, here I come with a small penis and a virgin. Yes! I was a virgin never had any sexual act or girlfriends before her (I was actually afraid that she may have contracted HIV from the 1st two partners because they were unprotected but I tested her and results was negative).

I am not going to even compete with her previous guys and the guys here and to the desires of the girls of these site because I am just over 5 inch long and 4.5 inch around. In relative to what you have always been admitting about your sizes, mine is very much smaller. I know that there are guys with big penises but are they really the desirable ones? Girls, are you sure that it is pleasurable to take 8x6 inches sort? Or even just 5inch girth? Is it not painful when cervix is rammed?

Now our escapades seem to have proven you most of the guys' and girls' speculations wrong. She was with few way bigger men than my size, but why is it that she had just orgasmed with me? Why is it that she keeps on asking for sex every Saturday PM? Why is it that she talks about my penis every time we meet and talk on the phone? Why is it that she would want to hold my penis unpredictably in the movie house, restaurant, etc.? She is squeamish but she tried blow job just with me and never before? She even would choose to go broke just to hire us a hotel room. She is fantasizing on me and never was with her previous well hung partners obviously, and just cant get over me and find someone else since I broke with her already. Why?
What's up with my case guys? Who is lucky, the ones with big package but can not seem to get a perfect match? Or, the one with small package but being deeply loved by his girl? The ones who seek big penises from one nightstands? Or the one who gets great sex and never was fixated on her partner's size? I think true LOVE is what you guys/girls over there lack. For the girls, you will always continue to humiliate guys if you don't know how to love one beyond sex. My girl loves me deeply. How many times did she cry for me? How many times did we cry together? I never asked her for sex and neither she did until we reached our fifth month. For her, penis size does not matter, BUT THE SIZE of LOVE DOES. Love will disintegrate all your insecurities pertaining to your perceived inadequacies just like what her love does for me. I just want you guys to know that aside from having a small penis, I have no job, car, and a house. 

You will never get great sex until you are able to love him/her more than sex. I love her very much. Although we are not official now but she is still sexually committed to me and I am to her too. I am very hopeful that we could end up as official lovers again in the future. Love that I found is what is keeping me proud and immune from what you guys are suffering.

If you doubt me? And if you may have comments? Here is my E-mail address: gorth0@lycos.com
863 January 6, 2004

Average Joe:
I am 6 inches long by 5 3/4.
I would trade up to a 9 inch by 6 5/8 any day of the freakn' week. If you are sporting 7 5/8 to 8 inches by 6 5/8 around, you have a good tool for about 90% of the pussy jobs out there. You sport a 9 inch by 6 5/8 to 3/4 , you are qualified to work on all the pussy out there. Remember the penis is pliable and flexible. You get the woman or girl horny, she will be able to take what you have and love every inch of it.
I agree, a bigger penis equals , less work, more relaxation, more confidence, and a better visual show for her and you. I mean what guy wants to see his womans pussy lips hanging loosely aroound his dick.
What girl wants to see that? A guy and a girl want to see the pussy lips hugging the entire circumfrence of the cock. When you got it like that along with enough length, you know for a fact that every little nook and cranny in that pussy is being filled up, and woman love being filled up as much as a man loves when a woman's snatch is 100% hugging firmly the entire surface of the cock.
My 2 cents , ladies , if I am wrong , let me know, if I am right , let me see a show of hands and say "I"
864 January 9, 2004

Small John:
I'm about 5" x 5". I imagine that I could probably better satisfy women during vaginal intercourse with a larger penis, but I think my size is awesome! With my size women can usually deep throat me with ease & I'm the absolute perfect size for anal penetration, for most women. I feel for you big guys that can't experience anal sex or being deep throated.

I admit that it takes a bigger penis to make most women orgasm with only vaginal penetration, since I've never done it. Although I do often have women tell me that I've given them the best orgasm they've ever had (anal sex plus thumb clitoral stimulation, oral sex plus two finger anal stimulation, or simply just oral sex).

I've perfected an oral sex technique where I can vibrate my lips ("zerbert" I call it) on a woman's clitorus. Taking deep breaths I can zerbert for about 90 seconds before I need another breath. Usually 2 zerberts after some light lapping are enough to have them clutching the sheets & screaming my name. After that kind of orgasm most women will agree to anything... anal sex being my favorite.
865 January 9, 2004

A womens size has nothing to do with the size/depth of her vagina. If that was the case, y do some big men have small penises, vice versa. There is no correlation in body size, and genital size, fact!

It states on this site that for a woman to reach a uterine orgasm, one needs a 8"+ dick, what crap! A uterine orgasm is reached with proper stimulation of the G-spot, which is located 2" from opening!

I find it interesting that most guys that post here have 8"+ dicks. CRAP! If u all had 9inchers, why the hell r u so concerned about your size? browsing the net on penis debates, like u insecure about it! I can tell you now, that all those posts come from other penile enlargement companies. Or guys just joking around. And i bet all the women that send posts of how much they love big 9x7inchers, r also guys from penile enlargement companies. Sluts like that won't waste their time writing shit on a penis debate!! cmon! Sure some chicks prefer above avg dicks. but 9x7inch??? yea right!! Can just aswell get f*cked by a horse!

If anyone believes what this site says, u r seriously screwed in the head. Who would go thru all this effort of typing out 50 pages of crap, with charts etc. for no gain whatsoever?? Ofcourse there is a gain for the author! No one, even if u screwed in the head, would go thru all this effort for nothing! There could b a number of reasons :

1 - Alot of penile enlargement sites paid the author to slap together a site like this. Knowing that 90% of all men have penises 7inch and smaller. Most guys reading this will get depressed and start browsing net for penile enlargement stuff. They were clever in not putting any links to these sites on here! y?? just to make the bullshit on here so much more convincing! A guy reading this shit is almost bound to believing it, cos there arn't any links to other sites.

2 - The author is trying to cause some sort of anarchy for 90% of all men. Maybe he has a small dick himself, and hates avg sized guys so much, that this was his way of getting back at them! Mayb his just an anarchist! these ppl get a kick out of it!

Guys, don't get depressed! Just c that this site is based on bullshit, and that its trying to get one message accross... if u dont have a 9x7inch, u r a loser. Another thing, if 9x7 was so fantastic, y r most dildo's 6-7inch?? they trying to spite women? i dont think so!
866 January 9, 2004

Ive noticed one link that is endorced by this site so far http://www.thundersplace.com Great, its a free site, but on that site there r links to pay sites. That could give this site grounds for existence?? very possible! So the links at thunderplace.com could very well fund the author of this site!!
867 January 9, 2004

Extremely interesting website. For sure, it is quite a shallow subject but I feel that the author knows it and it was treated with humour.

Size must be put in perspective. In my own little experience, I have had very different results (with the same dick) depending on my partner. I am about average (6.75 X 5) and I remember that with my first girlfriend, I felt lost in her because her vagina must have been too large for me. I was eventually able to make her reach orgasm by stimulating her clitoris with my fingers during penetration. I am sure that she would have had more satisfaction from a much bigger penis (8-9 inches).

Now, my current wife has a small frame and her vagina being in proportion, I can barely fit my penis in and consequenly, penetration is extremely exciting for both of us - no need to rub the clit. In her case, she could not handle a bigger dick - or it would become painful.

The visual factor should also be put in perspective. A big dick lost underneath a large belly is not necessarily nice, while with my small built, I look well hung in proportion.

So in summary, I guess that extreme sizes put aside, all men should be able to find satisfaction and satisfy their partner providing their are well matched (penis VS vagina) - and in other aspects too!
868 January 9, 2004

my penis is very small and i love to be nude in public it feels good to show is off
869 January 10, 2004

I've read through quite a many comments on here, and something I've noticed that's hilarious is that the only people who disagree with what the main guy on this site says, are either small-penis males who think they're big, or females who have never experienced big cocks...exactly what the author of this site said are his dissenters!

Just thought it's interesting that people actually strengthen his arguments without even knowing it.  Very few posts have actually made any truly intellectual arguments against his that can hold ever an ounce of water.
870 January 10, 2004

In my opinion, I dont look at things the same way you do, i like a man with a hard cock. In some ways size does matter, a man with a 2 inch dick, would run me off, a man with a dick bigger than 7 inches would run me off, hardness is the key that and stamina. A 6 inch hard cock is the perfect size if the man knows how to use it, and if he doesnt know how to make me cum with that, he better be good with his tongue. Sex is a state of mind also, if you are not into the person you are with sex will not fullfill your sexual needs anyway.  I enjoyed your site . Thanks
871 January 11, 2004

nnicole kirkley:
i think a large penis IS important as i recently dumped by husband robert as his penis was on the small side. i love cock me.
872 January 11, 2004

Sure the author makes some leaps and his data is questionable sometimes, but all in all, he's just re-stating the obvious:  Women in general prefer larger penises over smaller ones.  Can anyone really dispute that?  Sure, some women might like small or smaller, but saying that size doesn't matter is analogous to saying "Looks don't matter" - it's just not true in general.
I've read comments here criticizing the author because this site is too well done, and he MUST be affiliated with a penis enlargement site.  I've got 2 comments:
1.  Yes, despite a few misspellings and grammatical errors, it's a professional-looking site.
2.  So what?  If he's in business with a penis-enlargement company, he's not shoving it in our face, so who cares?

I don't know why the author created this website.  It's a good site though, and the fact that nearly a thousand people have been motivated enough to post a message proves that he has struck a few nerves.
873 January 11, 2004

WOW...what an interesting read!! I loved it...for the record, penis size doesn't matter if he doesn't know how to use it.Period.lol. Am doing a poll about this very topic on a site that I frequent and so far....the ladies are all in agreement with me.
874 January 11, 2004

My sister-in-law is married to a black man with a niner(previously she had mentioned to my wife that he was 7 don't know how she came up the descepancy) for 16 years and recently has been separated. To my surprise she mentioned(to my wife) that he had never made her cum vaginally and that orgasm was acheived only through manual stimulation of her clit. He would also, as she put it, pump away at her for about an hour or so until she couldn't take it anymore. She said the boredom would kill her and hated sex because of it.

Besides the fact the he is an unemployed, good for nothing, hopeless alcoholic, he always made her feel like a prostitute and a dirty whore as she put it. In short(no pun intended), despite his large size he could never please her probably because of the WAY HE TREATED HER! She deeply resented him for that and as a consequence are going to divorce soon.

I mention this because when I married my wife, we were both virgins. She is a pretty large woman 5'10 her sister is much shorter 5'2" and I'm 5'8" and my wife is I believe, because I never slept with another women is large vaginally, especially now that we have 2 children. I have always thought that I was well endowed (6.5" by 7") and when we first had intercourse she got so wet I could barely feel her and I know she felt the same. Since that time (it's been 10 years now) I've always felt that I was never adequate for her despite her reassurances and we argued alot about it. I never heard her complain and say that I was big or small but I never heard her compliment my size either, and like her sister, she always relies on manual stimulation achieve orgasm, never vaginal.

Over the years this had become such a source of never-ending grief for me because all I want to do is please her and make her feel like a woman. It had affected me very deeply mentally although never had it affected my performance. Like homeboy, I can pump away for days and she will never cum only by clit stimulation like her sister.

It really got so bad that I had started seeing another woman at work. She was beautiful and about my height, but she was very skinny with a knock out body. We really hit it off from the start and after a few lunch dates we were locking lips and feeling each other up. I even let her feel my hardness though my slacks and I would feel her up big time...we wanted each other so much, but we knew that what were doing was so wrong(she knew my wife), but we couldn't resist each other. One day I was invited into her apartment and needless to say we got naked very quickly. We were sucking and feeling each other like two teenage kids going at it. I was so hard and she got so wet. I was ready to let her have it, but despite everything I could not penetrate her. No matter how wet she was, I could only get my head in, but whenever I tried to push and I was very gentle, she would scream in pain. I immediately stopped because I knew by the look on her face she was genuinely hurting. We got !
 dressed and I left.

The following day I called her up to apologize, but before I could finish she interrupted and what she said next was totally unexpected and just floored me. She said:"Let's talk about size." and I said what do you mean. To which she responded once again, "let's talk about size." I was silent. She then said to me, " you know you are really well-endowed." I could tell by the tone of her voice that she was both excited and a little nervous and totally honest with me. Anyway she told me that my penis looked very good to her. Something I never heard from my wife.

Needless to say I never again had the opportunity to try her out because I'm pretty sure that if we had tried a little longer we would've found some way to make it fit. Sometime later she quit the company. I never saw her again, but I still fantasize about whether or not my size would have made her cum or not. I still feel insecure and I still worry and wonder.

Anyway maybe size does matter and maybe it doesn't. I still don't know. What I do know is that it has led me down a road I didn't want to go. It has absolutely consumed me to the point of being unfaithful and I don't know if I'll ever tell my wife about this. I wonder why we as men, let this get to us and we let ourselves suffer like this and why there is so much confusion and double-talk about it.

Until medical science finally catches up and somehow finds a way to genetically make us small to average guys big, we will never know. But then again maybe they'll find a cure for baldness too.
875 January 12, 2004

ho... do u speak for all women when u say ALL women like big dicks? Ive heard from hundreds of women that have experienced both above avg and below. Most women prefer 6-6.5 Its only ho's like yourself, with loose vagina's that need bigger!
876 January 12, 2004

reality check:
lucky one you say you dont know how well hung your sons are didnt you ever see them as babies and how long were they then

you say that your ---- shot up when your dads g/f walked in and your ---- shot up but at that legnth it doesn't shoot up it stays down believe me

lorrie 45 you say that you asked your son how big he was that is discusting how could you
877 January 13, 2004

New woman:
Of course size matters if the guy knows how to use it.  Also very important, a cock with heaps of foreskin, the more the better, is the icing on the cake.
878 January 14, 2004

reality check:
cheri that is discusting even thinking about your step sons dick you are disgusting
879 January 14, 2004

Moderate Ape:
Something I hate.

1.) People who think this site is not generating revenue for the author. You are dumb. I actually thought it was humor before I realized how many pages there were.

This bit is for ho, post number 869, who wants a "truly intellectual argument" against this site. I don't pretend to be intellectual but I'll give it a shot. It's somewhat ironic that 'ho' cannot even string together a grammatically correct sentence:

I've read through quite a many comments on here, and something I've noticed that's hilarious is that the only people who disagree with what the main guy on this site says, are either small-penis males who think they're big, or females who have never experienced big cocks...exactly what the author of this site said are his dissenters!)

ho you are a dumb fucker.

A few examples for ho.

a.) The author takes this study http://www.biomedcentral.com/1472-6874/1/1 and applies his own figures to it. In the study, no mention of actual width or length is made, only the words "length" and "width" are used. Therefore the author is misleading the readership while being thoroughly unscientific.

b.) The validity of "The ideal penis size" page is not backed up by any evidence whatsoever. http://penissizedebate.com/page40_ideal-penis-size.htm. "The authentic women's penis size preference chart" is not backed up by any scientific paper or even reference. It is especially dubious when the author on the previous two pages put foreward his own definitions experiments because none have ever been done. If I say the French are gonna nuke us, does that mean we go invade France next? For you dumb fucks the answer is probably yes but for the moderately thinking people the answer is obviously no.

c.)How anyone can take this site seriously with the amount of photo manipulation is beyond me. The author even digitally manipulates people's faces. Another reason why I though this site was humor at first. http://penissizedebate.com/page48_penissize-race.htm. 4th image from the top.

There are many more examples too numerous to list.

Now for some things I love.

a.) I love my cock. At 6 x 5.5 it's not big but it drives my girl wild. Quite frankly I think it looks small, although having measured it I know it's average. I think it looks small cos I'm such a big hairy muscular ape. Hence moderate ape. She's had bigger and enjoyed them, but she enjoys mine too. She is a great girl and not a slutty hoe and realizes that a penis does not equal a man. Besides, due to my staying power of being able to pound her all night, she always has intense orgasms and is always happy.

b.) The general myth that if you are a big bloke like me and have big hands and feet then you are going to be well hung. I use this as a great 'equlaizer' to sift out the whores from the general population. As soon as a girl makes a flirtatious comment about my physique and foot size and alludes to my possessing a python, I immediately switch into ultra charm mode, making her believe it, but knowing full well a stupid slut like that is never going to have a piece of me.

c.) Although obvoiusly biased, this site is good, just judging by the amount of responses it generates. Well done to the author for generating a nice income stream.

Yours sincerely,

The Moderate Ape.
880 January 14, 2004

I used to believe that my cock at an errect size of 5.4" X 5.4" was large, especially the girth. I had this impression because snugger & even regular size condoms did not fit my girth. Fitting a regular size condom on my cock is laborious task. On this site however, I've read guys complaining on this site that their 7" x 6" is not enough. And many more guys commentthey have 8" X 6". What is going on men in the world unkown to me? I am confused. Readers what do You think of the size of my 5.4" X 5.4" cock.??
I appreciate your comments in advance. you can send me your comments on: kingwilliam01@yahoo.com.

881 January 14, 2004

after reading some of the info on this site, i think i have a better idea of how to satisfy a man!!!!
882 January 14, 2004

I have 2 thoughts is this interesting website.  First, there is definatly a difference between white and black men.  I go to a gym that has a decent percentage of black men so most of the time I am in the locker room with 5 or 6 black men and 3 or 4 white men.  The black men are always bigger.  I would say the average white man is about 3 inches limp and probably 5 inches in round.(going off me measuring about 4 inces.  I am one of the unlucky gyts on the small side.)  The black men are probably about 5 to 6 inches long and probably 5.5 inches round.  However there are a few black men in the gym that are huge.  They probably hang 7 inches and they are really thick.  Over all bleck men are bigger. 

The second point is my wife is happy and honest with me.  We both acknowledge that I am on the smaller side and a few inches in length and girth would help but no one is perfect.  The fact that we both admit to this makes our sex life much better.  I know that she has been with men who were much longer and thicker than me I just have to try other things to make her climax.
883 January 16, 2004

To Dude:
Yes, the vagina size study includes questions.Age,weight,nationality,body measurements and body type,how many children,how much sex,how many partners,theirs sizes.

A woman's size but more importantly, her body type has a bearing on her vagina size.3 body types are
endomorph,ectomorph,mesomorph.That's why you  can have sex with a woman who had 2 children and she is tighter than a woman who has just started having sex.The mother has a smaller build than the near virgin.As long has the childbearing woman had sufficient time to heal and tone her body back up.

Women come in very different pussy strengths.I've measured some women at rest(not gripping) at 7 mm.hg another 18 mm.hg and another 33 mm.hg.Also in lifting weights (that is the tightest a woman can be)one only lifts 1/2lbs,another 1 3/4lbs and another 3 1/4lbs.Believe me,that you feel the difference of these women when you have intercourse with them.This is just a small sample of my findings.The point is that it doesn't matter what size partner a woman is having at the time or her physical condition at the time,it is what her vagina muscles are rated at that time.

Vaginas come in so many different shapes and sizes and pressures.Any guy that has had a variety of women will attest.Some women are
-tight at the entrance then loose all the way in
-snug at entrance and all the way thru
-loose beginning to end
- a little loose at entrance than a little snug the rest of the way in.
The internal vagina anatomy of some women change or women are born with particular internal conditions(prolapse,cystocele,enterocele ect).But one thing remains some women are tighter than others,there is a progression of pussy sizes out there.

It's been said that app 22% of women have orgasm thru intercourse alone.But for most men,a handjob is good,a blowjob is better but by far fucking a wet snug pussy is the best.So intercourse matters to men way more then it does to women.So for those with any logic,it is more important how tight a woman is then how big a man is.

When women start being rated on how tight they are  ( on the upcoming international vagina tightness scale).All this penis size debate will subside for the more pertinent question "how tight is she".

For any of the women who say they like a big cock, they are most likely on the loose to very loose scale.That means that 90% of men who happen to fuck them and are told you are too small will find that assertion incredibly funny and dump the gappinggashes right away.Men will finally have the ultimate measuring gauge at their disposal for pussy comparison of any women they have just fucked.Men will finally and decidely know exactly were the woman they've just laid fair's compared to all other women.

This is so overdue.Imagine your woman telling you your not that big (you know your average) you tell her "your just average yourself dear,let some air out of your head".Or your at the bar with your best friend and now you can accuratly tell each other what the size of the women you've just bedded, are.Wouln't that be sweet fairplay.This would balance the whole size equation.Men would suddenly be at ease while women might become frantic as suddenly all the attention is know focused on their genital sizes.It will certainly be amusing to see how women handle this new dimension.
884 January 16, 2004

hey---ur a idiot.i bet ur a total loser.i would love to just beat ur sorry ass.i think ur a fag u sissy boy.WHERE DO U LIVE ? I WANT TO MEET U.
885 January 16, 2004

If women were so into huge cocks, they would have sex with horses, because hey why would they bother with the "average" 80% of men.  They wouldn't.  They would sneak onto farms and rape the well hung horses.  Come on.  Women don't want horse cock, they want men and that's why they have sex with them.
886 January 16, 2004

Dawn French:
I have also just dropped my bf before I got married as I knew I would be unhappy with his 4 incher. I tried to accept it and even bought him pills and patches to make it grow but I gave up in the end and now have a 9 inch lover who is a zillion times better in bed. Take it from me fellow women if you suddenly find your guy is 4 inch and below and get out of there as fast as you can. The worst thing about my ex was that he did not let on he was so small and even switched the lights out to hide it and looked ok with clothes on. It was such a surprise when I felt that small worm trying to go inside me and I lept out of bed quickly ! Now I am so happy with my new 9 inch lover and he is more than twice the man (and the manhood) of my ex ! More than double the value !
887 January 16, 2004

An ex-girlfriend and I watched porn pics on the computer/internet. She got involuntarily turned on when she saw a big dicked muscular man about to do a girl missionary style. Another guy that I thought had a big dick she did not get turned on by - she said he was smaller. She said a month later that she fantasizes about that picture she saw - I said why? she said his dick was big and he was muscular.
888 January 17, 2004

Average penis:
I have had intercourse with sixteen Women.  I am average or less in size.  6inches x 5.5 circumfrance.  "I have had four women say "how is it going to fit?  It's so big!"  Three of them were virgins, but still it is funny to me.  I believed it at the time because I wanted to.  But a woman can squeeze her muscles up real tight and will do so because they are as worried about being too lose as we are about being too small.    Also when I'm swollen up because I'm actually with a woman I have got to be bigger than when I'm waking off with a tape measurer.  I sure feel huge to me so that makes their lies more believable.  I had one woman tell me I was way too small.  Her husband had been huge I was so lost inside her.  She didn't have a clit either.  I can only guess what sex is like for women, but without a clit and I looked for in with a flash light.  Both she and I did. she couldn't find it either.  I assume without a clit size is even more important.  I was feeling her up once and she went crazy she kept wanting more of my hand until all my fingers and most of my hand were inside of her.  She said she still wanted more and I was affraid I would damage her.  Afterwads she told me she wanted me to shove my whole fist deep inside her.  She was only 4ft 9 big breasts & 113-120 pounds.  I'm not trying to make her sound freakish because my penis was tiny for her.  Another woman who damanded so much sex from me that It rubed the skin raw on my penis until I bleed a little.  I actually put two small band-aids on the side to help it heal faster.  She told me her girlfriends and her at work had all agred to measure their boyfriends and husbands and they made a chart of the length.  None of them measured the girth aparently?  She was with a different guy at the time who was 7 1/2 inches.  She told me he didn't have the stamina I did.  We are so pathetic to need to be lied to.  ofcourse she wished I was an inch and a half bigger or more.  The funniest thin g she told me was that she had had a boyfriend who pulled out a monster when they were going to have sex for the first time.  She said that she told him to get away from me with that thing and wouldn't have sex with him.  She also tried to console my ego by telling me he was a wimpy guy.  Would get all sicked out over shoveling out the horse stall.  Yep, she got me, her manly guy, with the average penis, to shovel a lot of horse shit after that.  The best slam to my ego she ever gave me and I deserve it was was when we were having anal sex.  I said to her "you like having a big hard cock in your ass don't you!"  She said NO!  Only yours.  Supposedly I was the only guy she had had anal sex with.  She really liked it.  I was afraid I would damage her or that it was wrong.  I was adament that we shouldn't do it, but she insisted.  She said she had tried it with one other Guy and he hurt her because he just rammed it in but that it was great with me.  This was probably true.  I actually felt big to her in her ass.
889 January 17, 2004


This site is amusing to say the least. There are some good points made, but the numbers thrown around are ridiculous. I am, I guess pretty average, at 6X5, (in the "real" world),and have had more than my fair share of partners. I am now engaged to a beautiful lady, 5'4" 120 lbs, fit, tight you-know-what (she works at keeping it that way!), and our sex life is awesome. Her most sensitive spots are just a few inches in, and when we do it doggy-style, the angle is just so right, she is outright a screamer! Funny, we watch porn together,and it's amazing how many times we see the guy only penetrating part-way (and many porn stars are not that big to begin, a lot of "tricks" are used to create the illusion of size). Posts 856 and 860 are laughable (probably posted by middle age guys or who know who), while 858 and 865 tell it like it is. Also, must add, that after finding this site a few weeks ago, and visiting it a few times,lo and behold, I started to receive penile enlargement spam. Just a co-incidence, no doubt. Peace.
890 January 17, 2004

I've never been with a guy that was above  average but my best friends new guy has a gigantic penis.  A group of my friends went skiing last weekend and the one morning we got up to go skiing my girlfirend and her man stayed at or house for the morning.  Myself and another friend ended up forgetting something so when we went back to house we went to back entrance and passed by there bedroom window.  When we walked by the window we heard her screaming her head off!!  So we obviously had to peak in.  When we peaked in he was on top of her just boinking her brains out!!  Wwe watched for like 5 minutes and then she kinda pushed him off and rolled  hiim over and wnt down on him.  His penis was friggin huge.  We actually watched them for like 20 minutes.  After seeing that I want to try a guy that size.  She ws going absolutly crazy with him.
891 January 18, 2004

Now alot of this talk is ridiculous. When a study says the average penis size is 4.75-6 inches do you think they are lying? Studies compare a wide range of indiviuals. And of greater numbers than anyone on this message board can. The record books state the largest human penis ever recorded is 13.75", that is not saying that some man somewhere doesn't have a penis that is larger, it just states that to our current knowledge or until someone comes forward 13.75" is the largest known penis. Everyone must be thinking, "Boy this guy must have a small penis". I am proud to say my penis is 5.75" long, and 5.5" circumference. I wife is pleased with its size. She has had vaginal orgasms, through strictly intercourse on several occassions. She has had few g-spot orgasms to boot.  I have never had any comments on my penis being small from my former lovers before I was married. One girlfriend, in fact said she loved to give me blowjobs cause it was the perfect size to suck. I just get baffled by the comments by women about wanting huge dicks. An 8" circumference penis is insane. That is like 6cm in diameter. If any of you women have had childern, remember when you were dialated to 6cms. My wife found that it was very very unpleasant. A vagina dialates to 10cm before birth, and I know you women aren't having baby sized dicks shoved in your vaginas repeatedly and living to tell about it. Porn embelishes penis size and that marketing bleeds out into the public. Most male pornstars are slightly above average, truthere are a few large(8"-9") porn actors, but the majority fall in the 6"-7.5" size. And did you ever wonder why you keep see all the same actors with dicks in porn movies. Maybe it is because there just isn't that many men walking around with 8"+ hanging between their legs. And if there was, they would be beating on the porn directors doors to get in the movies, wouldn't they?  Also, it has been scientificly proven that women are much worse atjudging spacial distances then men. Women were asked to draw to short lines 8" apart on a standard sized classroom chalk board. Guess what happened. 78% had the lines drawn 6" to 6.5" apart. 15% drew the lines under 6", and 7% drew the lines over 6.5" up to 8.5". That tells me on average a woman will misjudge the size of a penis by 1"-2". Now a woman saying she likes men with 7.5" to 8" dicks is more likely mistaking 6" to 7" dicks as bigger. Now a 6" to 7" dick in nothing to sneeze at, but it is much more realistic and closer to the average. I have had a girlfriend tell her close friend that my dick was pretty good sized, and told her it was like 7". The friend was also a friend of mine, and when she told me I was very flattered, and thought about correcting her but didn't ;)  My wife has also commented that she loves my penis size. And I believe she probably thinks it is larger than it really is, but who am I to argue. Unless a woman has had sexual encounters with some really hung men, she isn't going to care if a guy is 5" or 6" cause chances are that is all she has ever seen. Besides from watching pornos. So I say unless you are a man with a dick under 4" don't worry. Commericalized hype is getting to you, get over it and move on. Thanks for letting me vent. I hope I didn't target or offend anyone.   Later
892 January 18, 2004

This was a fun site, and I really enjoyed the comments that I read.

The truth is that size does matter to people, otherwise why would we be having this debate?

I used to think that guys were the ones thinking and talking about sex, always discussing tits, and ass.  Actually, women are far, far worse.  When a bunch of women get together, I guarantee you that they will talk about dicks and dick sizes, and all variations of color and any oddities.  Once they've had a few drinks, it can really get going.

Dick size matters to women, and as a result, it matters to men.  I feel sorry for men who think they are too small, and this appears to be the majority of men.  I love watching the commercials on TV selling the magic dick-enlarger pill, along with numerous inuendos about size and the opinions of the neighbors.  It's amazing - and stupid.

I've been married for 24 years.  Before marriage, I had sex with 56 different women.  Here's the good news - I was able to achieve an orgasm with all of them!  Wow, I was able to cum every time I had sex with them!  It was really great!  Some had tight pussies and some were loose and some were in between.  Some had big tits, some had small tits, and some were just right with the right shape.  I'm kind of an ass man, so I look for a girl with a nice ass.  The ones I had better orgams with had the tighter vaginas.  So if I was to fuck one of you girls that had your vagina stretched out by 14" cocks, I probably wouldn't have a very good orgasm.  I probably wouldn't bother to have sex with you again.

Here's my advice for men with large cocks (or think they have large cocks).  -- Find a women who cares about you, and build a relationship.  Don't keep fucking a lot of different women.  You will eventually get an STD or lose the woman that's important to you.

Here's my advice for men with small dicks (apparently the vast majority of men).  -- Don't worry about it.  You are wasting your time trying to make it bigger.  Instead, find a woman who turns you on and who you can build a long-term relationship with.  That is what it is all about, not the size of your penis.

It seems like every guy who makes a comment here feels a need to give you his exact (or exaggerated) penis size.  I will leave you wondering about that (I'm sure I will get a comment).   Here's a hint - my wife and I have a very satisfying sex life.  Here's another hint - of the 56 women I had sex with, I never had one complaint.  And a final hint - I've had two women at the same time.
893 January 18, 2004

abe and brandi,
 You women are horrible people. You obviously have no true feelings for these guys, else you would not be dropping a nuke on their self esteem every time you have an intimate encounter. If you don`t like small penis, why are you with these guys? I realize that it is difficult to experience physical pleasure when a penis is too small or a vagina too big. If these stories are true(i doubt it)the men in these relationships need counselling to promote their self esteem. The women in these relationships need to stop being so bloody cruel. If you(brandi)enjoy hurting people that deeply, you are a small, shallow cretin who does not deserve anothers` compassion. Penis size matters but little in the grand scheme of things. Gentlemen, if you truly enjoy the pain you also need counselling. Hell, everyone in those two situations needs a bloody shrink!!!

 p.s.: this site has one thing in common with the rest of the world, DENIAL.
894 January 18, 2004

i think that the idea penis size thing made me feel better i fall in b/ but one thing that kinda made me mad is that girls have oragasm with there fingure so why cant guys that are smaller give women orgasm too its just not right its not the size of the banna it how u eat it o wait thats not right its  the size of the boat its the motion of the ocean and women who think they need a real big penis they dont know what there talking about they may like to look at a huge penis but tohave sex with one will hurt
895 January 19, 2004

so much stupidity here:
At least half of these comments are bullshit.  My penis is 6 1/4 by about 5.  Feeling inadequate with my body?  Not at all.  I am a male model.  Women orgasm by rubbing their vaginas on my abs. 
People don't fall in love with penises (or vaginas or boobs).  It's the whole package that matters.  It's the eyes, it's the smile, it's the lips, it's the skin.  You make love with body and soul.  My GF comes 5 times in half hour of sex.  Why?  Because anything I do to her feels great.  We have great communication, we both know what we like and we explore together.
Maybe if we are talking about dumb sluts, penis size is an issue.  But show me a normal guy who wants to marry a slut?  If you are just having sex for the sake of SEX, who cares what she thinks of your penis?
Otherwise, if you are in love with an intelligent and normal woman, this will never be an issue (except in extreme cases (way too small or way too big).
p.s. a normal penis suits a normal vagina.
896 January 20, 2004

Yes, penis size significantly varies from person to person. It has even more clear variation from race to race and even more by region. Sudanese (people from Sudan) have relatively bigger penises than the rest of the males in the world but female Sudanese have the bigger vaginas than the rest of the females in the world too.

Evolution will never leave us behind. Our ancestors were meant to have sex with the females within their territory. By then, there were no airplanes and ships, intercontinental migration is impossible in one or two days.

I am an oriental Asian. My penis is 5.25 inches in length and 4.5 in girth. It is small to compare with your standards but I know that I am an oriental Asian and my compatible sexual partner should ideally be a native from the region that I belong or just simply an oriental Asian female.

Penis size issue is brought by our frenzy world that one can just move in and migrate to other places. Caucasians are meant to be with a fellow Caucasians because history was that way. In the same reason that Blacks are for Blacks and Asians are for Asians. We should never compare our sizes unless if we came from a single ancestor. Look at our nuances. We differ in lots of physical attributes because we evolved in different way responding to different past circumstances.

3.5 - 6 inches is good among Asian couple. 5-7 inches is good among Caucasian or Hispanic couple. 6-8 inches is good for Black couple.

Above figures just speaks for length. Concerning girth, 3.5-5 is acceptable for female Asians. Vagina can stretch but aiming it to stretch as if it is giving birth is not normal sex. Childbirth is horrible for every female, sex is supposed to be pleasurable.
897 January 20, 2004

From the looks of things, your passion to make big guys seem like its the end all be all, is pretty funny. Almost like you cant accept that maybe it doesnt matter, and if some girl or expert says it doesnt, you HAVE to counteract that statement and try to prove them wrong. Its entertainment for sure, thats it, thats all. This site is full of myths, and they are pretty much all yours!
898 January 21, 2004

Hi. I am a 23 year old male who has become obsessed with the penis size issue.  I have read countless studies and sites on the internet(including this one) and tv and talked to girls in person at college.  Here are my conclusions:  as this author points out penis size DOES matter but only to a small extent to most women. Height, weight, build and facial attractiveness are more important (not to mention personality).  I know that size matters because women have admitted it to me and it is always talked about but i think it is more of an aesthetic pleasure-- they enjoy the idea of a "huge cock" rather than the physical possibilities.  I also think that many of the data on this site and what has been reported is exagerated. Unless u have elephantitis ur penis is not gonna be 7 inches in girth or above!!! I know this because my roomates penis is 5.5 around and it looks pretty damn thick and his girlfriend says it hurts her and he couldnt get it in without lubricant. plus i made a tube out of paper that was 7 inches and it is impossible to even get it in ur mouth without choking. In addition, the sites that claim the avg penis is over 6 are ones where the males measured their own unlike the condom and military measuring where the average came out to be 5-5.7 inches. Perhaps the most absurd claim on this site is that all women care about penis size and cum shots-- haha ive had numerous blowjobs before and i cant remember any of the girls asking to watch me cum-- they either swallowed or spit it out because most girls are grossed out by semen. And finally i think the wild card in this debate is not whether size matters becuz it does, but what is the TRUE AVERAGE SIZE penis. (Lexington Steele claims his penis is 11 inches and that thing is monsterous so people who claim they are 12 inches are lying.) By the way my penis is 6.25 x 5.1 erect and i notice that during sex- it looks big when getting a blowjob but small when fucking-- but remember that when u see ur own dick it looks smaller than it is becuz of the above view- so i suggest looking in a mirror while ur fucking and u can tell if it looks decent or big or whatever.
So i say if u have a small penis-- yeah it sucks because its fun to watch it in action and know ur pleasin some woman but at the same time their are many more important things--plus women have a tougher image to live up to than us with our standards we place on them- so if some gal makes fun of ur penis than laugh at how fat she is or how ugly she would look if she took all that makeup off and how stupid she is compared to u.

899 January 21, 2004

I consider myself to have an average sized cock in length and larger than most cock when it comes to circumferance.  Of all the women (130+) that I have been with, there has been those few (10 or so) that have a gigantic gapeing pussy.  I can't imagine any man filling up such a large gaping gash
900 January 22, 2004

This is Pure B.S. and HERE IS THE PROOF!!! In some African Countrys, girls are given a "clitorectomy". This is to get them ready for mariage so they will remain "faithful". When this procedure is done, the girl will no longer achieve orgasm! Period!! The men in these countrys are said to have some of the largest "peckers" in the world. But these women no achieve orgasms by these super large peckers due to the removal of the clitoris..So much for the "vaginal orgasm"..It is false, a lie!!! How many of us have seen some of these pornos and the guy is huge but the chick does not cum or she still "rubs herself?"....I am "only" 7.25 x5.85... and it works for me..

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