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951 February 16, 2004

just another coment. In we slept with about fourty couples in swinging and out of all of them only one of the men had a nine in penis. most were from 5.5 to 6.5 It wasn't until we advertised did we find some well endowed men and they were almost always black to come to our swinging parties to help satisfy our wives. I was the smallest penis in the group at 4.5 in and we just ended up doing thresomes with the black guys. my wife would usually have maybe one or two orgasms with the other group guys but with the well-endowed black guys she would have as many as ten. But as i told you for a small penis man to do this it is most certainly going to be trouble as i ended up in a divorce. Guys don't be deceived look at good charts on penis size you'll see only less than 1% of men are nine and over that means your girlfriend  or wife would probably have to have sex with one hundred men to find one built like that. Believe me a seven to eight is a huge penis and they are not very often. Most people will be in the normal range and be very happy. I am on the other side of the scale and i am trying to fight this horrible desire to see my new wife with well endowed it completely messes your brain up. Please stay away from all this expermentation with other men you'll never be happy. A sexual addict friend with a small penis
952 February 16, 2004

I am 8inchx6inch but my wife who loves me said she had sex with a man who was small but she loved it becuse she loved him i have had no complants from a women but as my wife said if a women loves a man size does not matter and i would prefere to have a woman who belives that than a woman who only likes large men bUT ONE THING BEING 8X6 is i dont have to feel inferior to a black man who average 7inc.So this talk of size is stupid
953 February 16, 2004

For you "uncut" guys, just smoke some weed, get out your hedge shears, pull that skin tight, and clip that bullshit off there boy! Then you'll have a real dick like the rest of us!
954 February 16, 2004

How about gay men?  Let's face it.  Guys admire men with big penises...they look at bulges in pants.  They WANT to feel the bulge in the pants.  they have little interest in a guy with a small one.  Gays are no different from straight men.  They want to be admired and they want to please.  Personally, I'm turned off by a small penis...and I want a larger one for me.  I am average, and won't settle for that.
955 February 16, 2004

I am a teenager with, what I have been lead to believe from this site is, an above average penis size. I am concerned that I may end up doing something to hinder the growth or at least the current length, and girth of my penis, anyone have any suggestions on maintaining my "healthy" penis?
956 February 16, 2004

St. Loup:
I'm a gay man who has seen lots of cocks in my day. Don't let anyone tell you there's not much difference in size -- there is. True, the average is 5-6" long and about 5" around. But there are plenty bigger than that. Remember that an inch is a lot, so a 7" cock is a nice big one, 8" is huge, and 9" you don't see too much. Porn stars and escorts exaggerate in their stats, but there are plenty of big ones out there.
I'm particularly interested in ethnic differences. People of African, European, or mid-Eastern descent are about equal all round, although you do see a lot of whoppers on blacks and mixed race guys. But white guys can have huge ones too. On the other hand, I've never seen a big-dicked East Asian. They must exist, but I've never even seen a photo of one. The largest Asians I've seen in photos are about normal size for African or European men. This does not seem to be the case with South Asians, as I have seen a couple of photos of Indians with rather large cocks, although there seem to be some cultural inhibitions that make South Asians not very open to porn. Would be glad to hear others' experiences of this.
957 February 17, 2004

This is my last comment on this site, yes size matters especially if your small. At first i thought this was a great site and i found some great facts that just verified what i allready knew. But i think one thing has not been said STAMINA is also just as critical as size. This was the one thing i saw in black men that had sex with my ex wife on a whole they had the ability to stay in the saddle as to speak and were much harder erections than their white counter parts. Thus giving my ex wife many more deep orgasms. But after much thought i find this site to be totaly demoralizing to us small penis men and i willnot comment here again, but i will review anybody else opinion to what i have commented. I hope i have been helpful to some other small penis men to give them some ways they can enhance their sexual life with their wives with out going out of the marriage bed as i now feel that will be the end to any marriage.
958 February 17, 2004

look i have a 8inch x6inch dick when i cum thats the best part becuse the women can feel me cum in them thay love feeling my dick swell up and throb all the woman i have fucked say thay have never felt anything like that in there lifes and its the best One evan cried her eyes out and told all her friends how she could feel me come.The woman i am with now says the same she has slept with a few men and she says she has never felt a man cum in her like i do she says she can feel me swelling up just before i shoot my load.I belive it must be becuse of my size so all you who say your 8inch or more  your wife or grilfriends must be able to feel the same
959 February 18, 2004

An interesting contribution to this aspect of masculine mythology; many many factual claims and much repitition with very little confirmed evidence. The greatest interest occurs with the 'why' of the very existance of the site and the possible motivations of the author who has devoted so much time to its production.

As a word of advise, any text with constant bold-style points littered throughout its narrative is most likely in the Oprah-style of supermarket-quality response.
960 February 19, 2004

Very interesting reading. Have read some of it with my wife. I am very comfortable in my size. Just under 6" in length and about 4" around. Wife and I have incredible sex and I have even asked her about her ex bf's. I told her to be honest with any of her answers and she said ok, but wanted to make sure I wasn't intimidated by her answers. She said two of her ex bf's were very well endowed. A greek guy who was short at 5'4" but had an 8" penis (shocked her the first time she saw it)She hates giving him any credit because he was such a jerk but she told me she loved giving him oral sex because of his length. They dated for about 5 months and continued to have sex even after they broke up. When I told a friend of mine this, she said he must have had a big dick. I didn't tell her but she was right. Her other big ex bf was a black guy from college. He was 6' tall and had a very thick 9" long cock. She raved about his body and even said his dick was beautiful. The sex was incredible, but his size took some getting used to. He did hurt her a few times and once made her cry in an orgasmic tidalwave. She said it felt literally like she was cumming for thirty minutes till she couldn't take it anymore and burst into tears, he never even came. I know for a fact I have never sent my wife to those heights. I was a little jealous about these stories to be honest but found them very erotic especially her interracial ones. She did admit that a big dick is very arousing, even just looking at the black guy or the greek guy naked got her aroused. She put it this way. She mentioned how I have great legs and look sexy in shorts. Well those two guys had big cocks and looked sexy naked. We have had many nights of great sex talking fantasies and she has stated that a big cock turns her on and how deep they can go.
She even uttered. yes size matters! What guy wouldn't want a big cock. She added, I have fucked guys and didn't remember their names the next morning, but never forgot if they had a big cock. I am fine with all of this. She married me for love and everything before was just fucking. We could all say the same thing of our pre marital lovers. Curious if any other married men have asked their wives about the size of their ex bf's. Marco
961 February 19, 2004

i love the site...its the best information i have seen so far regarding what women want...and trust me i love a big fat penis the more the better...thanks
962 February 20, 2004

Mine is 7" long and 6" in girth and I have no problem pleasing the ladies.
963 February 20, 2004

oh so stupid:
I used to think size never mattered. Just the one u r with did. But now i get it!! After 11 years of marriage send me strap on!!!!!!!!!!! Bye, bye!!
964 February 21, 2004

the duke:
I have a 0.5 in. dick and is this big. I am 18 years old. When ever I have a boner its on guys and it reaches 2 in.
965 February 21, 2004

I'm 29 years old. i have a 10.8 cm long and 12.1 cm girth penis. I think its a small sized penis and i can't do anything for this.
966 February 22, 2004

short and proud:
I can make my wife have a wicked orgasm in seconds. Her boy friend before me had an 8 inch wang. mine is 5.5 ok! She said he was no comparison to me! You wanna know why? Because I am sensual, I know how to turn her on. Oh by the way she bug's me for sex all the time wich I gladly accept. A bigger penis may feel better to a woman but size isn't everything I guess. Any girl who would dump a guy because his penis isn't huge is a "WART HOG" in my opinion. What doe's she have a chart that she look's at to see if the guy she wants to screw measures up? Laughable!
967 February 22, 2004

what the hell:
what the hell...
what the fuck..
what the fuck is the matter with this world..?
what the fuck is the matter in your minds..
a penis ?!
a penis ?! a whole site for a penis ?!
you are discussing a penis for god's sake..
look at yourselves..look how dumb you are
if a woman doesnt like what she has..then she doesnt have any choice besides to fuck her fuckin slef
you all are mentally disturbed
968 February 22, 2004

 I am "only" 7 5/8 by 5.8 in girth.. my wife won't let me do her doggy style, and the regular way she "grimaces" at times.. I thought I was small...I could imagine have the Perfect one at 9 inches by 7 inches.. She wouldn't let me do her at all!
969 February 22, 2004

As I posted earlier, I'm a "big" guy, but not as freakishly large as what your pages indicate women prefer.  God must have quite the sense of humor to have women prefer a size that only 1 in a 1000 guys can deliver on.

After my wife and I read through all your pages, we decided it might be fun to buy her a huge jelly dong online.  She was quite interested in trying it out.  On the first try, she had full-on out-of-control obscenity screaming orgasms.  She immediately felt strong guilt about this, as she quickly discovered that she really enjoyed the ridiculously high standard the huge jelly dong had just set.

If you reduce sex to simply the physical act, it is safe to say that guys pretty much get all they need out of standard sex, but women are not so simple, and have an upper range of mind blowing responses that uncaring ordinary sex simply won't ever deliver on.  This leaves a couple with a few choices:

A)  Try to pretend those extremes don't exist
B)  Acknowledge that they do, but don't indulge them
C)  Incorporate those experiences (e.g. via sex toys) into your relationship.

The conclusions of this website appears to be true.  If you're here, you've already read them.  You need to decide how to best handle that truth in your relationship.
970 February 23, 2004

I have an issue that I'm hoping someone out there can help me with.  I'm looking for a comfortable condom for my penis.  Presently, I use the Magnum XL condom but it is not quiet long enough and the girth is a little tight.  Does anyone of any other condom that I can try? nemak5@aol.com
971 February 23, 2004

Alright, what if you are relatively thick 6.5" around, but only 5.5" long?  Does this make you in between or large? Looking for input on this one.
972 February 24, 2004

Why do most of the men speak so much crap size i am 8inch by 6inch  so i am not to much worried by the subject but all these 10 or 9inch you keep hearing about you are what you are get over it
973 February 24, 2004

I'm no hipocrit so...6.5 x 5.5. I happened on this site accidentally, but found it very interesting and somewhat humorous. Its kind of a shallow, one dimensional topic that makes penis size the center of the universe, and like everything else should revolve around "how much friction is created when a man and woman have intercourse". This all out of whack and out of context. Perhaps someone can create a match-making business where all the members can get their penises and vaginas measured and catagorized and then they can be paired with someone else who fits like a lego!! I can't help but laugh at the whole premise of this. Its seems to be a "club", mostly for men who feel inadequate and women who aren't satisfied or cannot find satisfaction. I've always believed there are more differences within a sex than between them. (ie. women differ from eachother as much as, if not more, than they differ from men).  Some people feel secure about their bodies, some feel insecure, but like everything that can change with time.  Some people are attractive and/or intelligent, and/or have a good sense of humor some not. Some people want sex all day long, some once a month.... (and so on). Some women lose their figures after childbirth, some men gain weight and lose their hair. There is an endless list of things to feel insecure about for both sexes. Guys/Gals relax, there are plenty of people on the planet for us to all find someone with whom to share our lives. People are constantly changing, so someone who was once the perfect mate, may not be down the road.  Sex may be the most important thing to you or your mate (or for both)or visa versa. Communication is the key to finding a balance so you don't grow apart. If you don't keep your options and your mind open, especially where sex is concerned, you will surely find disappointment. There are just too many other characteristics, and variables to consider about a person than just penis and vagina. Like love for instance?  If a man truely loved a woman, he wouldn't care so much if he discovered she had some flaw or imperfection, he would just want to make her happy. And if a woman truely loved a guy, she would just want to please him.
974 February 25, 2004

7.25X5.5 (not a defender of the cursed)
This Forum Is Fuking hilarious!
First of all this website does tell the truth.  MOST women prefer larger cocks.  But even the authur admits that women don't Always want a big cock.  In his advice to Men who are endowed he makes this very clear.  It's obvious that tiny dicks are not the "best" but anyone with a brain can still "satisfy" there partner.  U may not be able to "fuck the shit" out of her in the beasty way all SHALLOW people seem to fantisize about but in the end does that really matter.  Shit..for you people with a brain and not just a dick or a gaping pussy let me submit this to you. 
REAL sex is not just the physiological release of built up sexual tention.  Let me appeal to Abrahah Maslow's Hierchy of needs
 ) Physiological: hunger, thirst, bodily comforts, etc.;
2) Safety/security: out of danger;
3) Belonginess and Love: affiliate with others, be accepted; and
4) Esteem: to achieve, be competent, gain approval and recognition.
5) Cognitive: to know, to understand, and explore;
6) Aesthetic: symmetry, order, and beauty;
7) Self-actualization: to find self-fulfillment and realize one's potential; and
8) Self-transcendence: to connect to something beyond the ego or to help others find self-fulfillment and realize their potential.
-So those who can understand what Abraham is trying to say its obvious that people are not just PHYSICAL beings.  Anyone who has a clear understanding of sex know that sex is physical, emotional, and dammit! spiritual. 
1) So phsycial release is fine, its basic,
2) Emotional release and security is very fine, thats more of a complete human experience,
3) Spiritual security and release is the Ultimate human experience.
Ok! NOT everyone can experience these things in life and sex. But those who want the GOLD HAVE TO DIG!!!
If you want to go through life fuking like apes GO ahead be an APE! but don't go crying to the world about your small dik, tiny tits, or meatless pussy lips (we don't care cause were not ALL that shallow). Some of us have found real life, real sex and real INTAMACY which isn't epicentered around the "orgasmic' experience---> dicks, tits, and pussy lips. 
Nuff said.  Peace!
975 February 25, 2004

Dissapointed in people:
I think truly that if penis size matters that much to women then they dont really care for there partner. anyne who could whanna find a larger man and leave there partner doesnt deserve an orgasm
976 February 26, 2004

I have a very small penis, about 4 inches erect and 4 around.
all of my girlfriends said i am the smallest they ever had.
i asked my current girlfriend about the size of her previous lovers and she said the smallest she had was about 6 icnhes.
i feel very inadequate being realized that i am the smallest man in her life. she says size doesn't matter but i feel that i am too small for her when we have an intercourse. her favorite position is on the top and when she is on the top she says she feels it better.
977 February 26, 2004

el burrito:
to dee at 970: magnum xl is the largest male condom available now. the length is fine with me, but it's way too tight, especially at the head. i found out that the reality female condom works a little better, it's made of polyurethane, which conducts heat better than latex. anyway, nothing beats the real thing.
978 February 26, 2004

el burrito:
the owner of this site is a little obsessed with size. but (most of) the comments are even worse, especially those who pretend to have big ones, too big that hurt their girlfriends. that's bs. when a woman is properly aroused, like after a good oral, she can take your fist and arm, let alone a dick.
979 February 26, 2004

It's a strange thing. I have "tortured" myself for not having a large-enough penis, yet I realize that these thoughts are the opposite of anything loving. I believe that God gave us "differences" so that we could experience the gamut of feeling (arrogance versus inferority, being loved/being rejected, etc.).

There has to come a time of maturity (at least in myself) to let go of all the things that make us feel "less than", inferior to, etc.

Penis size, breast size, yak, yak, yak, yak, yak. This stuff is ridiculous. To read posts of couples separating... over size?!!!  This is nuts.
980 February 26, 2004

I thought i would awnser Marco. Thats how i got started in my obsession to see my wife with well endowed men. I asked my ex wife if her first lover was bigger than me and she said he was about eight inches. I started obsessioning out it and we got into swinging and met her first hung man since her first lover and he made her have about ten orgasms, so we went on a hunt for well endowed men and we ended up with black men and then after about seven years of this she found an well endowed white man at her work started having a affair with him and left me and our three children for him and we got a divorce. So if you find out this is something you want in your marriage just get extensions or didloes and your wife can have her well endowed experiences and you won't have to worry about you loosing your wife to someone else. You might say it won't happen to us we got a good marriage well i thought so too but ours lasted 12 yrs and it still happenned. You know most of all the couple!
 s that we knew in our swinging group are now divorced. If your small don't stray and she will never know the difference as long as you don't try it if she has had large  and wants bigger just use a helper. Just do like that other person suggested find out what works for you and your wife and stay with it. I think this is why God wanted us to never stray because he knew it would just bring unhappiness.
981 February 26, 2004

My bf is only 8.3 by 6.4 but he gives me nice orgasms. From your charts, it's obvious that his size is not adequate, especially in regard to size. I wish he was 8.5 by 7 or maybe a bit thicker, my orgasms would be even more intense. You're absolutely true about size, bigger is better. Women who can't take a nice penis are simply frigid. I'm very tight and i've no problem accomodating any size. I'm just very sexual, horny and extra-wet. Small dicks, no thanks!
982 February 27, 2004

~April Dawn~:
this site is a bunch of bullshit. #69.Over-masturbating causes your penis to shrink by eventually depleting your sexual energy.
masturbating DOES NOT cause your dick to shrink. i think someone needs to go get the facts from the doctor..dont you think?
983 February 27, 2004

I love sex and i love pussy. Watch, Eat, Lick, Finger, Fuck it. Listening to my MALE friends it seems they always come to this subject in which, I never had a lot of interest so I wanted to know why (fuck it just my nature, like to read and learn).
So I came here started to read some stuff and said I have to read this with some girls next to me...How da fvck I know how they really feel with different size cocks in them and what they think. (some are "good" girls, some had more than "some" cocks)

Size does matter, but size of ones CONFIDENCE if you are male. My confidence does not come from my cock, it comes from my BRAIN. I use it every day. Women lust for man who is smart enough to handle her. Not cry over size of his dick. TBH I am surprized how women are not (if they are posting here) affended with such narrow thinking, that for satifaction or the lack of it, only several " of meat can and is responsible. Oh yeah, WTF made you leave those good fuckers and marry that poor man that has small thingie? What, it takes you 5+ years to figure out you need meat pole stuffed into you to make you feel OOOOOOH? If you weren't satisfied, why stick arround? Why doing something that makes and keep you empty?

Ok guys, WTF is wrong with you??
I am male 26, I don't have BIG or FAT cock and I don't fucking care. God gave me what I have and I use it in best way possible. And they come, moan, cheat on they BIG COCK boyfriends coz I give them what they ask. To be fucked in brain first before you tuch em. To read her beyond that cinderella/wich fasade. One of girls I fucked had guy who was twice as big as mine (at least flaccid) koz we went to gym together. One time after sex she cried, and told me she never felt like this before. I didn't care why she said that and was I good/better/best, I cared that she knew I can make her feel like that.
One little tip for you guys who ask them self in front of the mirros when watching porn "Why I don't have so big?". Have you ever tried to make her ask her self "Am I pretty enough for him? Would he do it longer, better, harder with that girl in supermarket?"

Does she moan when you fuck her? Can you make her come, once or over and over (and you do not HAVE to, its not our fucking job, but if you know HOW TO you will WANT TO). Are you normal, are you smart, do you have good job, nice paycheck at the end of the month?? One more time, ok guys, WTF is wrong with you??

How can you put your self down so much, by a women?? Really, virtually they have 11" cock and we (even though there is still number of us who do other way arround) are the ones beeing fucked coz we became BIG WIDE PUSSIES!

Funniest thing was to read that "small" guys turn their love session into sweaty workout while BIG guys do it no sweat, enjoying every sec while being able to concentrate to other stuff besides just IN-OUT motion or something, can't remeber correct.

I am was sitting with several girls leaving them to read what they wanted. They are good friends of mine and they all agree that only if it is some kind of anomaly (same as persons who are born disfigured, mongoloid etc.), to be extremely small,than it would be problem. "He needs to be man big enough to make me feel that he is rocking my world. Make me do things I never done before, to find out something new and surprise me when I though I know all. If he can do all that when we are in bed I know he is man enough to put that cherry on top. Coz if he knows how to do all those things that most have no clue about I know I can give my self 100%, relaxed, as one, filled completely by HIM (meaning presence)."

I had girls ranging from 17 to 34 (one had b/f who was black :P )
There should be more sites like this making sure BIG guys are cure in bed. I'll get few of em read this site, and see what happens, specially with their g/fs :)

And for those who like em large good hunt
984 February 27, 2004

I really don't know if I'm big or not. I'm only about 6" long but I'm about 7 1/4" around. One girl I dated affectionately nicknamed me "fatty." Every woman that I've been with tells me that I am but I think they may be saying this to be nice. Regardless, I've had no problem pleasing them because I perform cunnilingus for very long periods of time (i've done it up to 2 hours straight) until they are sopping wet. I am then able to have intercourse for several hours before orgasm if the mood is right (a little ganja also seems to help). I think I'm just an average guy that likes to fuck. Do any women think the same?
985 February 28, 2004

I have found your book to be highly interesting.
After 37 years of wondering if my penis was the right size and after hearing (mostly) praise from girlfriends and my wife (I married a virgin)..
 I now know that my cock is fairly well above average and thick enough to stretch the largest condom. Thanks for the info and you saved me from buying that penis program to extend what I need not extend.
986 February 28, 2004

i cant believe i wasted all this time reading your site....you think you did the world a favor by creating this....pahleeze you just added more rubbish to the WWW to read when i should be working *LOL*
987 February 28, 2004

I have a huge cock and big set of nuts I love to show off in tight Levis. I can feel the weight of it as I walk. It rolls and shifts so I can keep it nice and plumped up. I nearly bust a Speedo. Everybody looks at it. I can tell the ladies like it. Nothing looks better than a dude packing a big wad in his pants or trunks. Girls mouths just fall open and their boyfriends look like they are going to burst into tears !!
988 February 28, 2004

hot mama:
Well I think that I am one to comment since i started having sex at 13 and i am 32 now.  i worked in the massage industry a while in my 20's, i must say an uncircumcised weenie is THE Worst to look at, but its not like i was going to "do" the massage clientelle thank god.  Personally a small (under 5 inches) does NOTHing for me.  I was lucky enough to have a boyfriend 5 inches around and almost 9 inches long at 21 yrs of age.  Sheesh I have not seen one that big since except on a black dude LOL.  It is brutal to be with a small weenie and i never will again!!!!

i am going to die reading all of this! what a hoot!!! ok all you rare 8 inchers you better thank your lucky stars because all i have seen (for years) is the average BLAH or small even. I guess i could sit here all day and talk about sex especially since i am not getting much since i left the old man. I have no idea why he liked to do me in the butt(OUCH exit only)thats the only thing a small weenie is good for, in the butt-less pain...  and for all you gentlemen with an uncircked, shitake mushroom weenie get that thing fixed! i saw a pic of one of those and they are pretty ugly looking monsters!!! Women like a clean dick! Thats all i have to say about that besides I wonder how big Arnold Swartzenegars penis is? Anyone know?

if people really think size does not matter they are fucked in the head, i RUN not walk from small penises~and no amount of credit cards will keep me there! the best thing for a small weinershnitzel is to find a girl that does not know the difference! Sorry folks i know the difference.
989 February 29, 2004

The Romans though that big penises were funny. That's odd.

Girls do not have sex with me. Why? Because my penis is 16in long by 9in around. When I show them, they are at first impressed, but then say that there is no way that they can do this. I go without sex usually for 6 months at a time. Only very loose and well broken in pussies can have sex with me. Really big pussies are hard to find.
990 February 29, 2004

I like be my penis big .
How do I do this act ?

How can you help me ?

best regards
991 February 29, 2004


well, my personal opinion is: it matters. Although some statements on this site are exaggerated, i still think that the length and the girth of a penis has an influence both visually and physically on a woman. Some women dont know that they have an AFE zone which can be stimulated by a long penis. Girth matters in g-spot stimulation i think.


992 February 29, 2004

hot mama:
now hold on folks!!! some chick said on the recent "spill it" page said that if she is properly aroused then she can take a fist in her crotch, i guess she likes fisting, good for her, she is brave!!! she must have had lots of kids because that would rip my pussy apart FOR SURE, like rip me to my butthole, hence a fistula!  Big dicks are a wonderful thing make no mistake but dang there IS such a thing as being too big. THEY HURT SO GOOD, and where are those rough bastards??!!! She does have a point but fists?   Have no fear gentlemen there are some tight home chicks left boys don't fret!
993 February 29, 2004

hot mama:
..Well heck obviously i am still thinking about this whole subject and i can't get enough LOL.  I just LOVE this webpage. Anyone that does not get the humor and love in this page is a moron and should have exited where they got the chance! I mean where else can you talk about the size of a penis and be taken somewhat seriously? Anyone complaining about how people are crazy to come to this page has a small dick and they are intimidated. By the way how can you tell if a Caucasion guy has a big dick? Has that controversy been solved? I just hate to get down to it and wup out a jalepeno instead of a cucumber!
994 February 29, 2004

I am a 43 year old woman who has been married to the same man for almost 24 years.  He is a very good lover, and I have always enjoyed our sexual relationship.  I measured his penis once, and it is 6" long by 5" inches around.  He always brings me to climax through a combination of penetration and oral stimulation, and I have always thought he was a great lover.

In the past few years, however, I have been on a medication that makes it difficult for me to achieve an orgasm.  This is very frustrating for me, and for him too.

I am a medical assistant and I used to work in a clinic with a lot of other women.  There was a black guy that worked there, and he used to go with us girls on Fridays after work for a drink.  He is a really funny guy and tells great jokes.  He also bragged about his penis in many subtle (and non-subtle) ways, and another girl at the clinic confirmed that he indeed had what he was talking about.  He kept making passes at me and insinuating that he was a great lover.  One time he got me to reach down in his pants to feel him, and I couldn't believe what I felt!  After that, I started to fantasize about him, and I decided that I just had to try him just once.  I met him at his house after work one day, and I told him that this was a one time thing.  The way he talked, and the way he got my clothes off was very erotic.  He was VERY big, and he took his time.  I could not believe the feeling when he finally penetrated me.  I felt so "full", and he knew exactly how to please me. !
  I came FIVE TIMES that day, and none of the orgasms were from clitoral stimulation - they were all deep vaginal climaxes.  After that day, I felt very, very guilty, but very, very satisfied.  Since then, I have met with him many times.  He has other women that he satisfies, and I understand that.  About once a month I have a day or two that I feel really horny.  It is on those days that I can't seem to resist calling him.

This situation has become terrible, because now I crave sex with him, and my husband seems woefully inadequate.  When my husband has sex with me, I never get an orgasm anymore, even if he goes down on me.  His penis seems so small that I hardly feel him when he is inside of me.

The last time I was with him, he let me measure him after I got him really hard.   He is 9" long and 7 1/4" around.

Does anybody have some advice for me?  I really do love my husband and I never intended to get in this situation, and I don't want to leave him.  But now that this has happened, I look at men in a whole new light, and I feel like I want to find yet another hot lover - just for the sex and nothing more than that. 

Does anybody know how I can communicate this to my husband and still keep him?  Are there any other women out there where this has happened to them?
995 February 29, 2004

Hey Hot Mama,
You don't sound hot to me! You sound like an ignorant bimbo! Is it possible that your VAGINA is too BIG, too BIG, too BIG? Why all the attention on the penis? Someone ought to start a web site that gives info on vagina size. Lets measure you bitches and see who is small, medium and GRAND CANYON!! Yeah!! How big is your vagina???? Then you bittys can have one more thing to feel self conscious about! And sorry to inform you, but a vagina is alot harder to keep clean than an uncircumcised penis. I should know, I've had one all my life and its very easy to keep clean(unless you're really stupid or live in a fuckin desert). It astonishes me how shallow and ignorant some people are. BTW I'm average length and girth and I'd never trade it in for a bigger one. My advise to many of these folks is to get a tape measure, and measure your brains!!
996 February 29, 2004

i have a small penis i need to how can i make good love with my wife with my small penis
997 March 1, 2004

After reading this site I don't know what to think. My last girlfriend thought I was really big and always commented on my size, but I just got out the ruler and I'm a little over 5 inches long by 6 inches around. My first girlfriend said I was small though, but at the time I was only 16 and not finished growing yet. I guess it depends on the girl when it comes to what size you are...  But my last 2 GFs though I was pretty big.  Wonder what you ladies have to say about all this size talk?
998 March 1, 2004

hot mama:
Jim!!! Oh PLEEEZ! Obviously i hit a soft spot with you, how funny!  I have the tightest crotch plus it is as tight as my virgin ass! I have never had kids and I am not lose. Sounds like you are just intimidated about all this talk about big dicks. Could it be you are an 2 incher and insecure?  If I am a "bimbo", as you said, then you are a short dicked faggot, thin skinned, woman hater, not to mention an asshole that can't tolerate the subject matter! Go get your socially rude ruler and find out! By the way bimbos don't have BS's (bachelors in science for the mentally impaired Jim). HA ha ha
999 March 1, 2004

Several comments:

1. Large labia size. I don't like large inner labia. In fact, I think large inner labia are hideous and a major turn-off.

If you look closely at the higher-quality pornos out there, you see few women with large inner labia and practically none with excessive labia like the ones shown on this site. The reason for this is that most men simply don't like big labia.

Also, add the fact that one of the most common types of plastic surgery conducted on female genitalia is labia size reduction. This kind of surgery has been becoming increasingly popular in the past few years.

2. Breast Size: I personally don't like enormous boobs. I like firm boobs of slightly below average size with small nipples.

3. Penis size. Well, I have no doubt that most women prefer larger dicks given the choice but have no problem settling for the healthy average either.
1000 March 1, 2004

Yep a good online site dedicated to the penis. Lines out the truth behind all these lies that size don't matter. Well if she can't feel it then how the fuck would she get off to it? Women have all the right to want an ideal penis since and ideal one would streatch her a bit and a mans testacles/base would still bang on her (as in penis not too long). Well thats my 0.02 cents. (never had sex but I have more important things in life than looking for a gf)

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