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801 November 28, 2003

Okay, my turn.  First I want to give my opinion on male enhancement pills which seem to be advertised everywhere these days.  Some of these companies claim of adding up to 3 inches blah blah blah so on and so forth.  They are very misleading. I think many of these companies are lowering their credibility in the way they advertise.  It's a shame because some of these products can be helpful.  If you have no problems with getting an erection and maintaining that erection during sex than these pills are NOT for you.  Do not waist your time.  Speaking for myself, I had some concerns about myself a couple of years ago in regards to being able to stay aroused through a full lovemaking session with my girlfriend (She had no problems with it).  I did order one of those 30 day trial offers that you hear about and to my suprise, I experienced positive results.  After about 10 days, we both noticed that I was having a firmer erection and was able to maintain it for a long period of time.  I also had an easier time in holding back from climax.  About 3 months ago, I ran out of the product and did not get around to reordering any more for about 3 weeks.  I then ordered a different product that claimed the same things (ingredients etc) and costed about 40% less.  The product was on back order and it was about a month before I received it.  I had gone back to having some slightly impotent problems and saw no noticable improvement with the new product after a month.  I went back to the initial product and have noticed improvement once again.  In closing on this topic, I am not mentioning company names.  I am not promoting by any means.  I am just sharing my honest thoughts which may help some people refrain from buying enhancement pills who may be misled through false advertisement, while encouraging some to maybee try who have thought about it but have some doubts.  Remember, it may help you achieve and maintain an erection if you have a slight impotence problem that you are concerened about, but will not make your penis grow.
  One last thing on my story.  I asked the telephone sales rep why the cheaper product I used didn't seem to have an effect on me, even though it seemed to have the same ingredients.  His response was that it didn't have a high enough percentage of the key ingredients needed to have an effect on me (the watered down effect I guess).

I think most people know that size estimates are pretty consistently overexaggerated.  I believe its been exposed and proved by a young lady who researched the topic in an earlier post.  But you can't help but scratch your head when you see some of the measurement claims in which it is quite common that the girth seems to be so out of line with what the length is claimed to be. I have an average size penis in length and girth but find I am just as thick or thicker than a lot of the 9 and 10 inch claims.  Hmmmm.

This last paragraph is speculation on my behalf but I believe it to be true.  I think that on average, most womens sexual experiences will be with guys who are larger than average.  I have asked for blatant honesty in my current and former girlfriend to tell me how I compared to previous lovers that they had had.  After a lot of "Why do you want to know" "Why are you making me do this" it seems like most of the experiences just happened to be with guys larger than me.  Only a select few experiences were with someone smaller than me.  I think that guys who are on the larger side(on average, not all) are more promiscuous than average to smaller guys.  So if a women brags about being with some guy who was big to her girlfriends, chances are she was with a guy that has been recycled much more than an average to smaller sized guy.  What might also promote the promiscuous behavior (just speculation on my behalf) is the ego boost a girl might give to a guy with a large penis by telling him how big it is, how wonderful it is etc when she has her first experience with him.  I'm sure it is a great feeling, but may lead to the guy searching for more of those exhilirating experiences.  In all honesty, I hate to admit it, but I think I would be more tempted to be promiscuous if I was in the large category because of the ego boost.
802 November 30, 2003

what the hell kind of website is this? So what who has bigger penises?
803 December 1, 2003

you guys are absolutely retarded, i guarantee not one of the males who works for you has over a 7*5.5 penis
804 December 2, 2003

De Balla:
This entire site is not based on any substantive research, and anyone who would take it as fact is deluding themselves. It is clear the intention is to make men with small penises feel inferior. The author believes anyone who disagrees with him is in denial. The fact of the matter is that he is in denial over his fixation with large penises.
805 December 3, 2003

Most of what you say about penis size fits in with my own experience. For some reason or another, (a dare I think) my Ex and I decided to experiment with salad vegetables (honest) and she did seem to get a lot of pleasure, including squirting out a lot of liquid when she orgasmed. I found out that day she could projectile ejaculate!

It became ritual when she went shopping for her to buy a cucumber, her favourite, and whilst she started with smallish ones, from her own preference they gradually got larger, and, whilst varying in size, did correspond with the A in the chart.

Whilst not small, and as she says, having perfectly shaped genitals, I realised that day I could not satisfy her with my penis like that.

She much prefers it when her clitoris is orally stimulated simultaneously though.

I think the reason for women desiring large penises has evolutionary origins, and it could be men with the most testosterone and therefore get up and go also tend to have the largest penises.

Part of the sexual selection of men by women, is that they look for points of reference they can be attracted to, often beginning with evolutionary survival benefits, such as height, looks etc. which other women find attractive, and this is self perpetuating as their off spring will tend to be either girls, who will share their mothers desire in that type of male and boys who will have the original attributes of the male who attracted the mother into copulating with him in the first place. Hope your still with me! It is a chicken and egg scenario. What is not inportant is what started it, but that once startrd it will continue.

An interesting side note to this is research that suggests men who are perceived as good looking by women have a higher quality sperm, but if as a male you are ugly and have a small penis then yes, you have bottomed out at the shallow end of the gene pool.

Also, that boys have a sexual preference for females who are similar to their mother, and girls to males who are similar to their father. It would seem this desire for what others have got is not just hard wired.

I agree it is a bare faced lie that women don't prefer huge penises. However I would also say that just like a set of genes for intellegence, women will have an inate urge to incorparate desirable attributes into their gene pool.

However, if all other things were equal we would all have huge penises as women wouldn't want anything else. However we haven't. This would suggest other attributes are more inportant, or that the evolutionary process isn't finished, or that womens expectations have changed, possible by the media.
I have skimmed many issues, but I hope this comment is still relevant, informative and readable.
806 December 3, 2003

There is a ton of good information here, but its mostly just depressing for me.  Having a penis that is only 6.4 inches long non bone press, and it still hurting my girl probably means Im not hitting the bottom of her vagina like I had thought (and feels lik), she probably has some kind of medical condition, maybe a cyst....

807 December 5, 2003

Hi I cant really blame girls in todays society for going after a man with a really huge penis.You see men have been going after women with huge knockers for years so now women are getting us back.I am a male with six inches and i have been told i was too small by many of them.I must give women credit for going for what they want.I guess if i was a girl i would want a big penis too over a small one.Why would a women settle for my six inches when she could get twice that amount by some men.there are men with huge endowments although some men think there are not.
808 December 5, 2003

I just have a question to any females on this board, or any guys who would know. Would a girl have sex with a guy, considering he's good looking and half intelligent, if he had like a really big dick, like 9x7. Just curious?
809 December 5, 2003

Lori 45:
SIZE DOES MATTER, i hate to say it but anybody under 6 just doesnt feel right, my husband is 5 and i cant feel it, i just love big dicks. Although i would never not go out with a guy if his dick was small. My husband though has been really discouraged lately though, becuase he saw our son naked, and he was 6 inches soft at 14, he feels like hes the man of the house, but not anymore. I asked our son how big he was and he said 7.5 inches. But anything under 6 is not good.
810 December 6, 2003

Well hello ladies and gents,

I have a story that will make you cry.  I am a 44 year old virgin. I am not joking, why would I joke on this matter.  The reason being with my religious background pre-martial sex is forbidden!

The most I have ever had for sexual contact is 5 or 6 hand jobs by a couple of girlfriends.

I also did not start dating until I was in my mid 20's.  I was always extremely shy and would turn as red as the flag around women.  Serious!

Now, I have the guts to ask ladies out and the ones I get the opportunity to date are really, I would rather not talk about it.

Getting to the crux of the issue, I had a decent size penis, measuring close to 6 inches erect with a huge head about 6 inches in circumference.  But it is now having erectile problems.  Have not had an erection for months.  But I am looking into the problem; the doctor said it maybe caused by stress and frustration. Odd though that the frustration from no girlfriend and not able to have sex is causing the salute problems.

With all this said, I am still holding to my no sex before marriage.  Plus, what I want to experience most; fellatio and anal sex with my wife are forbidden period in marriage.

So, having a strict conscience can be a curse or a benefit depending on how you look at it.

Just wanted to let you know that some men are not so lucky!
811 December 7, 2003

Greatest sites I've ever read on Internet. Very knowledgable and informative.

812 December 7, 2003

When I have sex with my boyfriend, my lips swell up really big afterwards. Is this normal? It didn't happen with other boyfriends. My friend said maybe I am having an allergic reaction, but I think it might be because he is big. I don't know. Has anyone else had this happen?
813 December 8, 2003

My 2 cents:
I felt this site had honesty, but it was a bit blind really, it was definatley intresting to go through the other comment and i read a guys comment and i'd have to say i'd agree with him,

This obsession people have with big penises is becoming a problem. im not on here to say i deny it all and tht guys with large dicks don't pleasure women more, but frankly this just encourages guys with big dicks, to be big dicks, cause they know tht they have wht the women want and they can be as horrible as they want because they will always satisfy, this has lead majority of women in the search of a guy wid a big swing, in belief tht this will bring total happiness. Basically average to small guys don't get a look in, why should they bother? the personalities which women are traditionally meant to love are being wiped off the face off the earth to be replaced by the great race to the big swinger. This attitude of bigger is all u need just makes guys feel bad and mucks a lot of realationships up, It will become like the big breasts syndrome wid girls, shuld it be alrite 4 a girl to cheat on her husband/boyfriend because the guys she cheating with satisfies her? does this mean guys can do the same but wid women wid big breasts. ok so in our history it was guys wid the money and the title who got the women, has this moved to the guy wid the biggest dick gets the girl? does this again make the nice guy irrelavant? does it mean things like Romeo and Juilett are going to be replaced by jack and his big dipper?

Ok women i beg of u, just lie, and lie convincingly, if ur with the rite guy he shuld be doing so much 4 u like, telling ur how UR NOT FAT..... and no dear Ur breasts are just fine, and UR ASS IS CUTE DEAR. u demand us to lie to u because its somefing u need to be confident, we need to be lied to keep us going, U want guys to put the effort in, put it in as well
People naturally feel bad about wht they are cause there is always somefing better, and ne1 who believes love can exist without both people feeling special is a fool, men need to know they are special just as much as women and they need to know EVERYTHING is special. Don't mock them, if u can't love it as well as them, no matter small u prob have no rite to say u love them. Im not here to make judgements, im just here to put forward my opionion,

Now im handling a 6 inch and as far as i can tell this site tells me im never going to be special to ne1 cause i don't hang the right stuff, also im young and impressionable, and quite frankly i've had numerous girlfriends in my short time, i admit i don't have the experiance but i like to fink wht i say here is true.
814 December 8, 2003

thank you ladies..and yes men do lie about their size...with all the testosterone its no wonder i have no male friends... i am 5 and 3/4 long and about 2" dia and have not had any complaints. why because the women i have been with were so glad to be with a man who didn't care about size just pleasure..her's then mine...and that is that...anybody interested em.
815 December 8, 2003

ive got a small willy and one large ball, lucky me
816 December 10, 2003

My cock is 6.5" long by 5" around at the thickest point (mid shaft) I wish it was thicker most woman prefer short and thick but not sure how thick?
817 December 10, 2003

Heh.. Not quite what I expected when I was bored and googling. All the same.. a very good site. The numbers about penis size were as informitive as the erogenous zone charts. Now, I don't feel quite so bad about being roughly 6".

As for the whole labia debate.. I once encountered a very disgruntled woman who claimed her boyfriend only wanted her to 'shave south' because it made her look younger. But it's truly psychological.. You don't have to go digging for porn to find traces of men enjoying 'puffy pussy'. Even your average serious (or humorous) anime will have several panty shots of some nicely plump twat. Of course, most of such cartoons are drawn by males.. so interests shine through.

For me, interest of the labia is just part of the larger picture.. a rail thin girl with small tits doesn't look good with or without a large labia. A well developed mound is just as important to the 'domestic goddess' figure as are wide hips, shapely ass and legs, large breasts.

I don't believe that women are composed as a list of required elements, but ranked on sort of a sub-concious point system. Everyone distributes points differently.. I myself, enjoy larger breasts and give more points to that. Not unlike the size scale for cocks, different 'configurations' of a total figure will rank from weak to WoW!

Unfortunately, it does seem (from the few comments I've seen, I went through the whole main site) that people skimmed and skipped. Or perhaps some things just went well over thier heads. Emotional, spiritual, romantic yearning women do exist. And so do dildos which are cheaper and easier to control than the average man. 'Sisterhood' bonds can be -much- closer than even the typical male-female marriage.. so I believe that's a rather obvious answer as to why 'hot lesbians' exist.

Sex alone doesn't complete all women, romance alone doesn't complete all women.. it takes a little of this, a lot of that, and the formula is different for everyone. Being bi-sexual.. I can attest that I prefer women as the more attractive of the two. But if I found a really nice guy with a good personality (and an attractive cock), then I'd pursue that. I'm not a slut.. but I am open minded. Despite my preference for a womanly-woman, my first girlfriend was rather dyke-ish. But I fell for her because of personality rather than body and habits.

Live life as you will..

Personally.. I may yet get a cock pump.

And for mr. too big.. they do have surgical reductions, or so I hear.

818 December 10, 2003

I am a shy person, and so for a long time went through life assuming that i had a normal sized penis, as any reasonably person should assume. As I became older I began to see others, in shower settings and such.  The first few guys I saw I thought were tiny.  It seemed like everyone I saw was very small.  Eventually I began to realiz that they wern't small, but that i was large.  Later I ended up in group of friends who showed together on a fairly regular basis and we all came to the censuss that i had the biggest penis any of them had seen in person.  Soft im about 6.5 inches hard about 8.5-6.5.  It did however appear that most others fit the parameters stated in this site.  How ever that were a number of guys in our group whose erect length must have been over 7 inches.  Also another possible note of interest, I am white, but there is evidence that i have some Black in me.  My suspistions comes from my grandmothers geniology work witch points to some colored ansestory.  Also my penis is easinly the darkest skin I my body. Dark enough to warrent the nickname poop dick.  I am not gay the name is a reverence to he dark brown seen only on my penis.  This also might explain the lengh.  Finall the only other person in are group that approached me in lengh was white with very dark skin.  Well that my small ( or large depending on how you look at it ) contribution
819 December 11, 2003


 Dear Ed,
 Wy don't you have a section for comments from women only?
820 December 11, 2003

Wow! What an awsome site! I am a 30 year old woman who has seen my share of dicks. Although I don't like to hear women reffered to as sluts, I must agree that size does matter. I would much prefer a big dick to a small dick and a thick dick to a thin one. I have been with a man with a small dick and our relationship was doomed from the beginning. He enjoyed having sex with me but I could not even feel him inside me. The only good thing was because of his small penis he learned to excel at oral sex. Being a warm blooded female I required more than he could offer. I have since left him and found a man with a big dick and the sex is better 10 fold.
I am sorry if this offends smaller men but if you really must know every one of my girlfriends has a preference for big dicks.
821 December 12, 2003

how come i have never seen a women insert a 10 or more inch dildo and take it all? My girlfriend can only take a 7 - 8, can anyone send me a pic to prove it?
822 December 12, 2003

Firstable, as behalf of the female, I can say that we don't like penis that is 7" of greater.  They are very uncomfortable.  An average female pussy is usually around 5-7" And from the survey that i took from my female friends and other females, the ideal one are usually around 5" to 7". Big are always the worst and small is also the worst.  And especially the one that is over 8".  Therefore, this chart is a total fake.
823 December 12, 2003

this is me again, please email me with your comment xxlyzx@yahoo.com
824 December 13, 2003

Amused Guy:
This site is absolutely hysterical.  It is no shock to me that so many people take this site seriously; until I'd taken a mathematical logic course and two philosophy courses, I never realized just how insidious false hypotheses can be.  Beautiful job constructing fallacious arguments which, without careful examination, appear perfectly valid.  If I had the time I'd create a rebuttal site but I'm just not this skillful.
825 December 14, 2003

normal, I think:
sob, sniff,  I was told that I was all meat and no potatoes.  Oh well, can't have everything.  I didn't consider the evening a success unless they screamed when they went to the bathrom in the morning.
826 December 14, 2003

Common Terry (251-300), those are some hilarious comments that you said about Debbie (about her post in January 11, 2003 (comment 75)). Eugenics, lol!

Her defective genes SHOULD be deleted from the human gene pool so there would not be a re-occurence of this. Her poor children, and what they must have gone through.

Debbie is a human defect and should be erased.
827 December 14, 2003

ok im 18 and 6.5 hard id say and wiv a 5inch girth ( 2ins across ) wat do the girls fink abt that then? truthfully
828 December 14, 2003

Jack Dean Tyler:
Interesting site. There's a lot of good thought here. However, there's a glaring problem. This site does what almost every sex speaker does in that it ignores circumcision. As long as a man is not circumcised, SIZE DOES NOT MATTER. Of course a man would need some minimum length (such as perhaps 5 inches) to reach the woman's nerve receptors near her cervix. But even if he can't reach that, he can still do plenty on the woman's G-Spot, assuming that he has an intact foreskin. 
Some important information missing from this site concerns foreskin restoration for circumcised men. When a circumcised man restores his foreskin, he will very often get an extra inch in length and an extra inch in circumference. A man doesn't have to restore all the way to get these benefits. They can stretch a little bit and they'll get the extra length and circumference AND increased sensitivity. Check out a NORM site. It's free and safe. 
Jack Dean Tyler
829 December 15, 2003

I have a  small  penise...  Where casn i  buy  smaller  condons.  I  get  ;ost in   regular  size   ones
830 December 17, 2003

I read your site with great interest.  The comments you make and the conclusions you reach are, inmyopinion, right on.

My penis is less than 4 inches long and about 4 inches in diameter.  On your chart (page 40)  I fall very far down the rankng in the area labeled "No satisfaction."  I have had several women tell me over the years that my penis is the smallest they've ever seen and, worse, that they cannot even feel it, just as you say in your comments. It's certainly not a turn on and, as one woman said, a "turn-off."

Having such a small penis is a real handicap and most certainly "size matters!"
831 December 18, 2003

The comment about flaccid size being an indicator of erect size isn't true.  I'm 3" flaccid and 9" erect.  If what he's saying is true I should only be 5" or 6" erect, and thats just not true.
832 December 20, 2003

Dominate sexy girlfriend:
I must tell my story.  My girlfriend loves bigger men.  She never expressed that until I overheard her talking with her girlfriend about her ex.  After hearing her conversation about his big cock I knew I wasn't satisfying her.  But by having a civil conversation about it made it easier.  She told me exactly how she felt.  She explained her desires so sweetly and calmly...leaving nothing out.  She has had such intense fantasies about her ex for the last 2 years since I started dating her.  She said it really was just the fact he had a much bigger cock than mine.  I asked her why she never referred to mine as cock.  She has always used the word dick and always said she didn't like the word cock.  But when I heard her speaking to her girlfriend she kept repeating "his nice big cock".  She explained that she had lied to me and she only said that because I was so much smaller.  She said it wasn't only the pleasure she recieved with him but that she loved his cocky side about what he had that drives her crazy. She loves just thinking about the way he would walk around with it swinging soft. You would of thought she wrote this site herself. lol.  Her openess and honesty was making me crazy...it really started turning me on.  So we started playing around with fantasies in bed.
We both work out at the gym together and during these fantasies her ex became a member at our gym.  I still can't believe the odds of the timing.  I was so nervous everytime we went but the fantasies between us just got more intense.  He was the type of guy who knew what he had and couldn't even hide it in his shorts.  Of course I would see him in the locker room and she would question me about it everytime we would get home.  She said it turned her on to know that I could really see how much bigger he was than me.  It was nerve racking sometimes having conversations in the gym between all three of us knowing this.  She asked me if I was okay with the fact that she kept comparing the size difference in her head.  Her bluntness about it somehow turned me on.
She said that it turned her on at the thought of him seeing how much bigger he was than me in the locker room.  She said she knows if he sees my smaller dick he'll just be more cocky around her.  She loves it when a large guy is cocky about it.  So she asked me to let him see it in the locker room. I told her no way can I do that.  Although it was making me curious to see if it would change his attitude.  He was so confident in the locker room he would strut around butt naked. But I just couldn't get the guts to stand naked next to him.  He was so much bigger. (like 3-4 inches bigger) We just kept talking about it and she loved making me show her how much bigger he was when I was naked.  This drove her crazy and me too. 
Finally I gave in and let him see me naked in the locker room.  She couldn't have been anymore right.  He started encouraging her to use the free weights and she would come home so horny after a few exercises.  What he would do is have her lay on the flat bench and make her just work out with the bar only.  I told you earlier in the letter that he couldn't hide it in his shorts.  She said she knows how he is and he would stand at her head to spot her so she could stare at the outline of his cock.
Now it just got to the point that all we both fantasized about was him.  She said that the constant comparing of sizes was making him irresistable.  She explained that she hasn't felt that kind of satisfaction you can get from a big man in so long.  She said that other parts of his personality she didn't like but when it came to sex nobody has ever come close to the ecstasy she gets when he's inside her.  She felt so guilty for saying that but she knew there was no more hiding it.  Soon there was no hiding her frustration during intercourse.  I knew there was only one way to know she was satisfied and I knew that a big dildo was not going to do.
So this is what we did.  We went to the gym one day and I left early.  She asked him for a ride home and of course he was so willing.  I also never mentioned that my girlfriend is drop dead gorgeous.  I mean really hot and you would never think in a million years that she would have even thought of doing this.  But it goes to show you what a memory of a huge cock can do to a woman and the fact that we were fantasising.  Anyway on the ride home they started talking about old times and the sex they had.  He asked her if she ever thought about him and she told him yes.  He asked her what she thought about and she said that nice cock of yours.  He said "What about your boyfriend, don't you think about his cock"?  She said "not exactly the same way".  She knew what he was trying to get her to say and she loved it. He said "what is so different about us"?  She said "about 4 inches and laughed".  She said his face got a little red and he laughed.  They pulled into the driveway and she leaned over to kiss his cheek good bye.  Instead they locked lips and she told me that it was so instinctive to just grab his cock.  She said it wasn't 2 minutes and she had it out and was sucking it.  She said as it got a little heated he began making little comments about his big cock.  He was saying things like "do you miss having my big cock around" and she said she went crazy when he said "you can have my big cock anytime you want because I have seen your boyfriend in the locker room".  She said she felt a little bad for me but it drove her crazy that he knew just how much more he was giving her.  And she knew that I was okay with this.
They fuck all the time now.  She would never leave me for him and thanks me all the time for keeping her satisfied.
I really have an appreciation for bigger men.  She said that she is so thankful that she is able to have the best of both worlds.
833 December 22, 2003

To all the women who come to this forum (which, by the way, must be more penis-size aware than than most women), what do you truly think of a penis that, when erect, is 7.3 inches (18.5 cm) long and 6.0 inches (15 cm)round?

Especifically, I would like to know if, in your opinion, is it:

- Above, around, or below the ideal size?
- Very Rare, Rare, Relatively Common, Common, Very Common?

Thank You.
834 December 22, 2003

I don't think it's the size of your dick, but how well you use it.  My wife always tells me that the sex is great, and she does not lie!! I may have not been blessed with a giagantic cock, but the one I have works just as well.  In all my experience with women, no one has ever complained about the size.  I'm not saying that I'm small either (average size of 6")  Too much is put on the size of your dick, but like I said, it's how you use it.
835 December 23, 2003

Do women prefer larger cocks??
I do not know......
I am 18 years old, I have a 8.5 * 5.5 cock, and I have not had 1 girlfriend yet. The only reason that you can call me a non-virgin, is because I had sex with an escort 1 time. The only reason that I know that my penis is big is because i saw graphs on the internet from the kinsey institute and other research institutions; otherwise I no girl has ever said anything about my cock. In lite of this, I do not think that women care that much about penis size.
836 December 24, 2003

Ho Zheng Hui:
My penis is very small. I have a 2 friend tat i want 2 sex with. and i loe too. They are my gay friends n i let them see and touch my penis and some times i also let them pinch it. I LOVE IT!!!
837 December 24, 2003

I have been reading this website with interest.  I cannot readily obtain orgasm through intercourse regardless of the penis size.  I have had from 4 inches to about 8 1/2 and I have had one child.

I must say that the 4 incher was not very pleasurable but I think a lot of it was because of the angle.  The angle was VERY tight and close to the body, to where I almost couldn't sit on it if I was acrobatic even.

My current boyfriend does this thing with his hands and his mouth that brings me to orgasm within minutes, and then I jump on top and I can continue it.  He is about 6 inches by 5 girth.  I LOVE it even though I don't neccessarily think its the BIGGEST... it doesn't really seem to matter because its Big Enough.

Just a side note, I we use a vibrating cock ring, that will work during intercourse so I can see that all my pleasure is derived from clitoral orgasms versus the other ways.  If you think your penis size really counts... I must admit I am insecure about my inability to orgasm regardless of the size.

Its a two way street and I love my man and his beautiful penis.  I'll take that bad boy any time, anywhere, anyhow!

Cheers and guys.. don't be so hard on yourselves, become good at everything and have fun.  Also, I'm sorry there are some really insensitive biotches out there who laugh at you.. I hate that about women!
838 December 25, 2003


Hi i am 22 and i have had sex with over 20 girls.a lot of them found it uncomfortable but pleasing,and some just lied there.it depends on the woman and her experiences and the way she like to fuck,or make love.

anyway my penis is around 20.5 cm long and around 6 inches thick i think its a good size.

I read about 18 inch dicks,c mon  fuk you'd faint and die.

And for a lot of these guys measuring they dicks dont measure from your ass,but measure  from the pubic base,cause you are only cheating your self.


839 December 25, 2003

This is all bullshit about big dicks. I measure 1 3/8 in width and 5 inches erected I have screwed over 100 women in my life so far. They love my small dick up their asshole and enjoy both my dick and pusst eating. However, the main thing is that I can fuck for hours. Average screwing time before we both come is about 3 1/2 to 4 hours.
840 December 25, 2003

Alone for the rest of my life:
The big guys are definitley lucky.I am 36 and can still remember the jokes in the high school locker room, I even had a doctor once ask me if I was embarrassed about the size of my penis.Talk about a blow to the already fragile ego. Flaccid I am about 1" in length and erect I am about 6" in length and 5" in dia.I have always known I am small and this has always caused me problems.Friends wives are always tring to set me up with their friends but I always turn them down,I don't need friends wives knowing I am small also.I always hear comments that I am so good looking and in shape,Have a great job and am such a great person why don't I have a girlfriend, Are you gay? My mid twenties I was celibate for 6 years and if I did have a date and it started to get intimate I would break off the relationship.I did take a chance later and have now been single for 1 1/2 years after a 2 year relationship.We had a great sex life going until I overheard her tell her sister that her 13 year old son has a bigger penis than I do.After I heard that I kept myself covered and stopped the intimate contact and we lasted another six months before I moved out.So now I have wrapped myself up in Martial arts again and other hobbies and really don't intend on ever getting into another relationship.And they say size doesn't matter!
841 December 25, 2003

Alone for the rest of my life:
I think it is great about the vaginal size study you are doing.If society starts making women take some responsibility for not being sexually satisfied and stop placing blame on the guys who have small to average penises all hell will break loose.Not to long ago a group of friends went out to a club and overheard a group of women talking about size,A friend of mine went over and made the comment "I hate to tell you ladies this but you can't close a barn door with a 2x4" They ended their conversation pretty quickly.
842 December 26, 2003

You know, when I first came to this site, I was shocked, and really upset, intimidated, worried, depressed etc. I am average. 6x5. I really worry about the smaller endowed men. I want to make a statement. Small penis's dont break up relationships. Sites like this one do.

This site is designed to intimidate, and make smaller endowed men worry. There is no need to increase your size. There is no need to do anything. Just be yourself, have your own life experiences, and forget about this topic. It is a waste of time.
It is an unhealthy topic of discussion.
843 December 28, 2003

So far my gf is quite happy with me. She is in her purring mode at this moment. *grin* Mostly, she enjoys my heavy ejaculations that usually last several minutes. She told me that she has been with bigger men than me, but she seems satisfied so far. You can e-mail me if you have any questions. Cheers! thepollenizer@yahoo.com

844 December 29, 2003

I am very happy with my size at 6 3/4 x 6.0 and have never had any trouble satisfying women and as you can see i am nowhere near the 9 x 8 that some of these people claim to be. I'ts all about making the woman feel good emotionally and taking enough time to focus on pleasing her fore play is very important. to many of you guys are focused on yourselves to much and not enough on the woman you are trying to please. I respect everyones opinion and this is just my opinion on this subject.
845 December 30, 2003

i did some measurements last summer. It's a small sample but here are the results! Granted I didn't start to measure until I found a thick one.

L x W cubic
Low 5 x 4.5 8
Med 6 x 5 11.8
high 7 x 5.5 16.7

actual measurements
1 6.75 x 6.25   21
2 4.5 x 4.5     7.3
3 6.75 x 7.25   28.3
4 5 x 5   10
5 5.5 x 5   11
6 6 x 5.25   13
7 3.5 x 4    4.5
8 5.5 x 7   21.5
9 5 x 4.5     8
10 7 x 5.75   18.5
11 7 x 4.8   12.8
12 7 x 6   20
13 3.5 x 4.5    5.6
14 5.5 x 5 10
15 5 x 4.75    9

average size

5.2 x 4.9 13c.i.
846 December 30, 2003

Lucky Guy:
I have, for as long as I can remember, worried about my penis size.  At a little over 5-1/2" long and not sure about thickness...probably average, I have had confidence problems.  Size, size, size was all I thought about which made me less aggressive when it came to dating and having sex.

Fortunately, I married a women who truly loves me.  Throughout our 10 year marriage, we have had incredible love making sessions.  I clearly remember  making love one time when she was so turned on she started to hyperventilate.  It scared me at first but when we talked about it later she told be that it was the best love making she had ever experienced.  A few years later she had told me about a previous sexual experience with a man that was "hung down to his knees".  She was scared when she first saw his penis and said the experience was not that great.  He was large but did not know how to use it.  When she told me about "Mr. Big", I quickley remembered how I had turned her on with my little penis.  That really lifted my confidence and you would think the size issue would have been put to rest for me.  Although my confidence is a lot better than it used to be, I still feel inadequate. Even after this amazing relationship and many great love making experiences, I still struggle with the size of my penis.
847 December 30, 2003

You're statements are falsified.  There are no vaginal sensations like you keep claiming that the penis is satisfying.  Women have orgasms through their clitoris sensations.  Penis size is no issue when it comes to orgasms.  It's complete eye candy for them.  Why do you think that dildo's vibrate and that lesbians have wilder sex?
848 December 31, 2003

hi my penis is about 1.5 inches not erect and say roughly 3 inches hard.im very grateful with what ive been given as it easily fits down my undies.I am 18 years old ,nearly 19 so i'm impressed.
849 December 31, 2003

You don't need to know...:
I have to say that while this site is entertaining...I don't see the purpose that it serves.

There is no verifiable way to make the penis larger (pills, pumps etc...)as yet...so I have to wonder (as a woman) what is the point of the site?  To make men feel inadequate?

More than that, I'm kinda insulted by the fact that the clitoral orgasm is pushed aside as something superficial.  This site seems to be saying, "If your woman isn't having a vaginal orgasm, she's not satisfied or having the right KIND of orgasm."

I would say that this kind of lie is what people who are masochistic tell themselves.  This whole, "Every girl likes the man meat and if they can't come from a big solid cock in their cunts they're frigid bitches."

I'm sorry I'm a clit girl...I've had a guy who was thick and average (according to your charts) length, He was 7.5 inches long and was plenty girthy.  The ONLY time I neared orgasm was when he rolled me up and was bouncing off my clit.  Then like a punk he came before I did, and that's that.  He also couldn't eat pussy right, and I actually told him to stop.

Having a big dick and not being a skillful lover will not get you far, at least not with me.

I would say to the guys that comment on this site, Who aren't well endowed...there are many ways you can satisfy your lady.  Don't be afraid of toys...don't be afraid to work the clit.  Most women ARE clit women a clitorial orgasm IS strong.  And I'll tell you it depends on the woman...some of my friends have had a vaginal orgasm but they say that the clitorial one is STRONGER.  Fuck use toys...don't be afraid of them...they fucking work.

I also agree with a comment made earlier...this isn't a debate.  This is a one sided argument with lots of opinion thrown around as fact and very little science to back it up.  And people are just buying into it, rather than questioning and doing research on it.

My fear is, guys that aren't packing are going to think, "I got a small dick, I can't ever please her, so what's the point".  And guys that are packing think, "I got a big dick, she should be pleased by my pumping, if she's not something is wrong with her." they're going to come away from this site with that mentality rather than learning to satisfy the woman they're with. 

The only thing I did agree with is, that women should be more honest with their lovers.  If you don't orgasm, let him know big dick or little dick, he needs to know what he's doing wrong.
850 December 31, 2003

All those pics of oversized labia are simply Photoshop jobs. What a joke! It's like saying that men should only be shaped like this guy:


This site sucks!

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