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751 November 6, 2003

Before the internet I tried and tried to find the facts about penis size  ie: what is average girth and length? I am about 6 inches in length and about 4 1/4 inches in circumference. I had seen other males in high school locker rooms, and saw a definate difference in size,I was extremely thin compared to the others.I asked woman I'd been with and they said I was average. When I questioned the difference in girth, they would get angry and imply I had a problem. According to surveys I've seen, I'm extremely thin. I understand terying to save someones feelings, but I need the truth more than I needed a bigger penis. If I can barely feel a vagina how can they say I'm satisfying. I understand that there's more than penis size in love making, but there is a physical aspect involved. I have finally met a woman who adores me, and is very excited by me. But she was able to be honest with me, she has told me that a longer, thicker penis feels much better. She dosen't feel that penis size is everything, but that it's thickness pulls on her clit more, the pushing is intense and satisfying. Also, with a penis of 8 inches or more, it hits a spot that I cannot. Hitting that spot causes intense orgasms. She loves having sex with me, but my lack of size makes her unable to cum with me, and does not feel fulfilled. It's amazing to me that when someone is lied to over and over, that the person lied to is told they have a problem. Perhaps lack of honesty is the real problem
752 November 7, 2003

I think your web site was informative yet very cocky! Most of the things stated are true about men with large penis, but I think a woman is more frusterated with a man that is over confident from his ogre penis, than a man with a little below or little above average size penis that is sentuous. Also, a physical orgasm is nothing compared to a mental and physical orgasm for a woman.
753 November 7, 2003

interesting site --- i do agree that size IS an issue, at least when it comes to exceeding or falling below a certain intervall of girth / length. However, for me, the "ideal sizes" you're giving are a bit too much :-), I'd prefer about 7'' lenght and 4.5'' to 5 '' in diameter. with respect to girth, I'd like to mention that sizes more than 4.5'' are no fun for me when it comes to oral sex - not having a very big oral cavity, there's way too little space and possibility left for really playing with them. A little less is more in this respect ;-)
754 November 7, 2003

ooops, the diameter figures just given are cm, not inches, of course :-)
755 November 7, 2003

Dave Berry:
I wish I had a bigger penis as mine is only 4 inches long (at the most!) and women keep telling me it is too small. I try to avoid putting the light on when I make love as I do not want them to laugh at it but when the feel it inside them they alyas say things like "is that it?" It makes me depressed.
756 November 7, 2003

I need help!!!

15x10!!!!These means you have got a tree between your legs. You made it up. Cann't believe You.
757 November 7, 2003

Frankly a dick with the size of about a minimum of 8 inches is good for me. When a man sucks your clit and inserts his tongue deep into your pussy juices start to flow, your head begins to spin, your knees begin to buckle, your ipples begin to glow and tighter...in such a situation your pussy gets wet and softer , it becomes looser (specially for me who takes a new dick every other day and NEVER one that is lesser than 8 inches....so then if you dont have a dick chasing your cunt juices of a size less than 8 inches you cant even feel it in you and what is a fuck if you dont scream with pleasure and extasy....oops im cumming!!
758 November 7, 2003

About "Some men love small labia and hairy vaginas" on page 50:

So much for open-mindedness...
I've read the entire site and, except for the fact that it is perhaps a little alarmist (most men will pull their hair out if they take it too seriously !), I agree with the content.

On the other hand, that particular section is a gross exageration of the reality. Many men consider very prominent vaginal lips a real turn off, just like those of very large penises will turn off most women because they look ridiculous. I, for one, prefer them somewhat smaller than on the illustrations (but not too small either ;).

And some pubic hair can look nice and also be quite erotic. Having their "bushes" brushed by fingers is very stimulating to many women. It is true that too much blocks the view and can even be ugly, and that some bushes would benefit from a trim cut. But when it doesn't get in the way, either naturally  or because it is partially shaved, it can look very pretty and again, many men like that (yes, even if it goes somewhat lower than the clitoris). Besides, when shaved completely (down to the skin, or even epilated), it makes many women's genitals look immature.  Remember only little girls don't grow pubic hair ; for many men, it can become a turn off (although not for me ; only a preference). Perhaps the best (and most practical) tradeoff is, instead of using an ordinary electric shaver down to the skin, to use a clipper with the longest setting. Little fuss, you keep the triangular shape, it doesn't get in the way, looks nice and even if you can no longer brush your fingers through what is no longer a bush, it can still be stimulating. Oh, and no need to shave a bikini line even if it goes beyond it, since it is no longer hairy ;).

But well, if we don't share your view, this is *most certainly* because we're all gay or dirty freaks, as are all bearded men. What other explanation could there be ?... When it comes to open-mindedness, some sections, like this one, are clearly lacking. And somewhat off-topic, by the way.
759 November 8, 2003

Well when I first got to this site, I read it and being of average size I had mixed feelings about myself.  I'm 33 years old, and have had sex with approximately 120 women.  Not all at once though so don't you guys get excited.

In my constant time of one night stands(99% safe), and girlfriends.  I have had a mixed reaction to my penis.  Now I'll be honest and say I have never met a girl that actually looked at my cock and formed an opinion so quickly as to not have sex with me.  I have however on occasion had girls tell their friends i was not big(its a small town.)  This got to me, enough for me not to be so permiscuious, but alas I love sex, and I feel that much of the time the sex rocks, for both of us. 

Lets talk foreplay, amazed I have not heard more info on this topic on this board,  if you get a woman so fuckin aroused before intercourse, its called 'fore-play' say it with me fellas.  Well then she's so wet, it don't matter if its 3 inches or 7 inches, she ain't gonna get her arousal from you dick at that point. I mean she will to an extent but the psychological pleasure impact has been done. You have so turned on the girl that you could have a vagina and be rubbing it against her and she'd probably fall in love with you as a person, and as a great lover. Devoid of you penis size.  She'll love your penis small to average.  Remember foreplay....which leads me to my next point.

Lesbians!!!  Um in all the posts not one fuckin comment on lesbians, not from the girls, the guys, or the two little chiuauas back there in the back. Yeah You, don't bark at me.  Anyway, why do you think women become lesbians?  Because of cock size, no I'd say because cock doesn't do anything for them, big or small.  And I'm not talking about the dikes, or she-men, I'm talking about the hot chicks, anyone ever go to a dating site and looked at women looking for women, those girls are HOT!!  So what does this mean to men of average and small size cocks.  It means that women don't always need a big dong to get down.  Those hot lesbians like to lick each other and grind each others crotches. right?  Very similar to what foreplay is to a man and a woman.  Many women only feel that another women knows what they want because guys just want to stick it in there and go to town.  But it ain't what its about its about knowing the others desires and letting them know you know Am I making sense? 

So let me continue, if in fact women can be lesbians, and not even want a dick, then you can believe there are straight women out there that could care less about your penis and more about you, and they are trusting you that you will know, when the time comes what they need.  Now guys with average to small,  here's a concept, people are human beings, and an emotional connection is a lot more fucking powerful in many cases than a sexual one.  And that doesn't go to say its not a physical attraction because your penis is only about 5% of your body, so the rest of your 95% could be way physically attractive to her.  So you got emotional, and physical, lets get to the sex part.  If you got a girl that feels you got all this going on.  Guess what?  She'll love the sex(don't forget about 'fore-play too)LOVE IT   LOVE IT  say it with me.

I also thought of another point I'd like to share with my fellow posters.  Its an example of when someone stops to smell the roses.  Say you have a girl, and she's hot, and she's intimidating, beautiful, funny too, killer sense of humor, and this goofy guy comes along, he's of average intelligence, physique and emotional stability, but he's a dork and she says stay away from me dude, you're not my type.  Well then they work together and rely on each other and grow to trust one another and appreicate the other's opinion, and they become friends.  Friends is good, but the girl starts to change her opinion of this guy, she realizes he is great in a lot of ways, a lot of ways that have nothing to do with his penis size right?  so she actually falls for him, and he being of good read and study, remembers all the points I've brought up before, believes in himself and ends of getting the girl and making her happy.  That happens a lot too.  Where people learn to care about one another way before sex, and when it gets to that point often its not the sex itself but the sanctity of what the sex represents which is two people with a great connection that nothing can break.  Its all true fellas you can get the girl, and have the girl love you, and even worship you, not as a god, but as a genuine good soul.

So this is mainly for the guys that are average and small.  You should never listen to any person, man or woman, that makes you feel inferior to them because of your size.  I mean what's the fucking point, and not just your size, but you as a person.  Everyone is equal, whether those naysayers out there believe otherwise.  Even the president is friggin' average, and he's the most powerful guy in the world.  And no I don't know from personal experience but come on if  Clinton had been huge we would of known about it.  So if a guy with an average cock could become the most powerful man in the world, then remember that confidence does not solely depend on penis size, it depends on what's inside you.

So in closing, I would like to say leave the moderator of the website alone.  He may be one sided but he brings up a subject, a very subjective one at that, that needs this kind of exposure.  Because some of you agree and some of you don't but he gives us a great place to hem and haw over it and it has made me rethink what's really important. I have read so many intelligent opinions on this board that there have been paradign shifts in my thinking.  I see that guys with large cocks worry about their size too, so we have extremely small and extremely large that make up the ends of the spectrum, then all those in between. Whatever. Its your life, you are free, free, free, free.... LIVE IT to the MAX..... 
760 November 8, 2003

Totally feminine:
Hi there.
My girlfriend and I were convinced that we were abnormal until reading the section on women with larger inner/outer labia.  Ours is not as large, but seeing the pictures you provided made us feel like we are sexy.  We will stop considering that stupid labia clipping procedure - save our money and invest in something worth while.

But please tell me why in every nude men's magazines and many porno flicks that we never see women with large labia.  We are "supposed to" have "hidden" genitalia.  Many men get that idea too, seeing only hidden labia most of their lives and in magazines etc...-then they see ours...and they act surprised.  I still do not feel comfortable going to the gym.  I prefer to wear tights but I have to work out in the ladies section because I'm self concious about any bulges.

Anyway...I hope you can influence a change in society.  The big popular opperations of labia chopping, the hidden labia in nude magazines, etc...-

Thanks for saving us $$$$$ on almost getting the operation.
761 November 8, 2003

Man I'm sorry for being back out here again.  I just keep thinking of stuff, that actually backs up what a lot of women out there feel.  How about this women are complicated creatures. Yes that's right.  But this isn't a surprise is it?  I mean women desire so much more from an emotional, and psychological standpoint, that most men would be quite challenged to understand the way they tick.  So with that said, women need things that are often overlooked but always there.  Listening, understanding, respecting, and supporting.  When a guy can't give that to a girl, or doesn't know that need exists or whatever, a girl can develop quite a bias to that particular male.  You see girls need all those things, and when they find them in a male they go after them.  Those are quite important to women.  Support and protection, give that to her on every level and you could have nothing going on down there, but she could love you and you would never know the difference.

Girls need those things, guys don't always, at least not at that level, and so both men and women begin to concentrate on other things, when they aren't meeting these basic criteria of a healthy relationship.  Like the things that should not be just as important,  evolve into being important.  Like sex, hey if we can't communicate on an intellectual, emotional, level, then what can we communicate on.  The sex.  Like you ain't gettin' any cause you don't understand me. 

Well I'm here to break it to you guys, if you don't try to understand woman, then they are going to despise your shallowness and pick you apart.  And the more bitter they become the more they will exagerate that feeling and it becomes a way to get back at you, oh and penis size, that's an easy one.  They can pick you apart, knowing its gonna hurt, because they may feel abandoned, and want to hurt you.  I wonder if some of the girls on here have been so deeply hurt by men, either by men not listening to them or caring about them, that they are retaliating, b/c when a girl talks about penis size, every guy is listening.  Hey if they listen to me here, then why not have some fun with it.  Get my drift guys.  Sorry I may be all over the place but my synopisis of what I said is as follows:

Women are complicated.
Guy doesn't meet needs of women
women get angry(mostly hurt) and lash back
Women retaliate out of their hurt
Women will use something to get guys attention
Penis size will get a guy's attention
Women then unfortunately propagate that certain guys are inadequate maybe due to past significant others.
That propagation leads to the crap that is going on on this website.

ok sending to ED and going to bed, thanks for reading my thoughts on this topic.
762 November 8, 2003

Well, well well! I read just about all of the articles on this site and I gotta tell ya, I find it very amusing to read some of the stuff on here. Men here's the truth about how well endowed a man is, in my opinion from a woman's point of view. I will try to make this statement as short as I can. I'm a 48 year old black man who's been around the block many times in my life, if you know what I mean and have been with several women in my lifetime before I got married 22 years ago. Here's the facts about pleasing a woman. First of all, the most satisfying way for a man to please his woman should come from emotions fist, the mental part of making love, then the physical part. If a man can make love to the woman's mind first, then the physical aspect of it will be more pleasing to her providing that the man knows what to touch, how to touch it, when to touch, where to touch, and how long to touch what he's touching. Understand? I can't stress it enough that a man must understand that a woman is soft and should be handled in that regard. If a man can do all these things correctly, it doesn't matter if he's 4 inches or 9 inches in size. I'm 8x3/4 inches long and 6 inches in girth but it doesn't matter because a womans most sensitvie nerve endings are in the first third of her vaginal. I can go on and on and tell you guys out there what you all need to do and understand about love making. I know all these things because I've been there, done that like they say. Experience, experience, experience is always the best teacher. If any of you have any questions as to what was just said, you can e-mail me at: the_prophet@blackvoices.com. By the way, it's also a sad comentary to know how unfornate it is know the low percentage of women who don't know that they can have 3 different types of orgasms. The other side to this is that a high percentage of men don't know that other types of orgasisms even exist with a woman. Surprise surprise! If any of you are wondering how do I know all this stuff, several years ago I used to teach a class at a community college and the name of the class I taught was called "Sex Anatomy and The Relationship Between Man & Woman." Thanx all you guys and women for reading this! Hopefully you will get something out of it....
763 November 8, 2003

I've had the "penis size" discussion several times with my wife who is an RN and has seen TONS of guys penises in health care. She's also dated alot of guys before marrying me (as she is quite beautiful.)

Her views:

Bigger penises are definitely better.
Thickness is way more important than length BUT long and thick is by far the best.
Most of the women she knows agree with these views.

I find these female penis size preferences to be especially interesting as a male because my penis is quite short (under 4 inches erect) but VERY thick. My wife loves my thickness but has told me quite honesty that she would "very much prefer" me to be "alot longer" than I am. She's also been very honest with me about how large some of her former boyfriend's penises were (and a few were very long and very thick indeed) and why she prefers that I was longer than I am. "Bigger guys definitely look more masculine, are way more erotic and they filled me up better too." 

My wife obviously married me as a whole person - body, soul and mind. Sexually we are very compatible and have been happily married for many years. I say this to encourage guys who are also smaller in size. Does size matter to women? Yes it does. Is it THE critical thing for a woman's making a lifelong commitment to a man? Obviously not. Most women do prefer bigger penises but they can and often do have great lives with men who are smaller endowed - like me. If you're smaller endowed - learn to be a good friend to women, listen to their hearts, be honest and learn to be a great lover. I can give my wife fantastic orgasms by kissing her pussy until she's begging me for my penis. Take your time - tease her and please her. And love her with all your heart. You'll be  just fine!
764 November 9, 2003

I become very happy when a women makes cómments of long distane cumshots.
765 November 9, 2003

56 pages of drivel. 

"The comments are shown by date, starting with the earliest. Note that quite a few people are negative about the site, but you can bet that most of them have only read a few pages. So be careful with their conclusions... "   or you can bet that most of them have read ALL the pages too and are just stating the facts unlike most of the BS here.
766 November 9, 2003

New York Stump:
Ive played in a band for awhile for Lou Christie,and the answer is YES, Hes Hung! I know he wears a jock strap on stage so he  can try to hide that thing. I always wondered why they called him Big Lou, well now I know.His Fan Club should sell his Jock Straps on Ebay. What a great guy and he can sing sing sing his ass off.
767 November 10, 2003

Bobby B:
My penis is 7" x 5.25", i always thought I was average till my current girlfriend said I had the biggest cock that she has ever seen. She is a doctor and so has seen a few dongs in her time. However the other week we used a cucumber as a dildo it measured 7" by 7" and see took it all and was noticeably pleasured, it has left me wondering now if mine is adequate to fill her, can any girls ou there tell me what sort of size they can accomodate, as im thinking maybe my girl has a large vagina. She is quite tall about six foot and weights 200Lbs does that effect pussy size.

worried seven incher.
bobby b
768 November 11, 2003

 I used to have me fair share of flings with women. I never measured myself so I don't really know what size I am. I know that I am about the length and thickness of an average banna.(The fruit...lol)
 I have had a lot of women dump me because they say I am too large and that large is nice once in a while but not all the time.
  So I figure why even wory about size when either way they aren't going to be happy.
769 November 11, 2003

I need help!!!:
I don't care if you believe me or not; either way I just want help from somebody, anybody who knows if there's a way to make someone's penis smaller.
770 November 11, 2003

to arister::
how long do you like the labia?  hanging or not?
771 November 12, 2003

Common Sense:
why is it that vibrators and dildos sized 6 to 7 inches are by far and away the most popular while those sized less than 4 and greater than 8 rarely sell??? have all females on planet earth and the multi-million dollar adult toy companies got it wrong??? or maybe the author is a money hungry fuckhead preying on the insecurities of the male population.

I am coming to smash your head in.

stay tuned...
772 November 12, 2003

When I met my wife she was still a virgin, after dating for awile we finaly had sex, she was very tight and felt great to me, I was able to hit bottom (or so I thought) in her pussy with my 6 1/2 incher, after we were maried for a few years and she got used to my size, she seemed almost boared of me and we had less sex, I was curious about if she would enjoy sex more if I had a bigger cock, I bought a penis extender that added about two inches and more girth, I did'nt tell her about it, when we had sex the next weekend I started off by licking her pussy and getting it really wet, then I guided my cock with the extender into her pussy, I went really slow, I did'nt want her to notice, I was amazed what happened next, she was so exited and turned on that I had it buried all the way in a few minuets, I gave it to her hard and deep and she just loved it, it was the best sex we ever had, I was able to last a long time and could'nt feel her pussy very well but we both got off after  a bit, I removed the extender and through it under the bed, we just held each other and enjoyed the moment, after a few minuets she asked me to make love to her again (that has never happened before) I could'nt refuse an offer like that, so I slid my normal cock into her loosened up pussy, I could tell she knew something was diffrant, I tried to penertate her as hard and deep as before but she barly responded, I could tell she was boared with me so I just came and got it over with. I tried to use the extender on her again a few days later but as soon as I entered her she grabed my cock and puled it out and asked me what I was doing with that thing, I was busted, I reminded her about how she seemed to enjoy it last weekend and just came clean, she dose let me use it in her every once and a wile and the sex is allways better when when we use it, I'm thinking about getting even a bigger one to see what she thinks. I know from this experiance that women (or atleast my wife) prefer bigger cocks.      
773 November 14, 2003


If all this is true, why are not vibrators and dildos bigger? Why do they seem to be about 6 inches?
774 November 16, 2003


This good looking guy showed me his face and then his naked pic on the net it was HUGE, but when he put the condom on I glanced and all i saw was about 4" hard. It was short and thin not pleasing to the eye at all I was so disappointed and mad but I was already naked and horny. After trying really hard his puny thing made me cum once. I felt cheated also because I am big on top. He called me but I never wanted to see him again.

I hate when guys do that.
775 November 16, 2003

I was talking with a couple of girls the other night, and after few bottles of wine the subject of penis size. They were both in agreement that they thought average was best, they didn't say what average was though. They then went on to talk about the times when they'd heard that a guy had a big one, that they'd sleep with him just for that reason, was it just so they could brag about it?

   If you're the kind of guy who can NEVER
   walk up to an attractive woman...

     If you're the kind of guy who can NEVER
     get beyond being "friends only"...

       If you're the kind of guy who can NEVER
       accept that he might get rejected...

read the book review Or if you're the kind of guy who can ONLY
pick-up women that are ugly pigs
or old hags...

...then your  world

read the book review

776 November 16, 2003

Common Sense,

              .....love your last posting! right on!
777 November 17, 2003

I really wonder whether you would have set up this whole site if you had a 4" long penis, or if you would have been so "objective" as you claim to be. It all seems like you are trying to improve your own self esteem, or trying to make some men commit suicide. If you had thought about it a little longer, you would really find out that not only scientists, but also our own experiences such as masturbation for instance, lead to the conclusion that ORGASM COMES FROM THE MIND, AND NOT THE BODY, for both men and women. Whether you do it with lube or not, with a cold or a warm hand, quickly or slowly, it is what you imagine or see, that matters, my friend, to make you have an orgasm. A man can have sex with a super model but can have a less intensive ejaculation than the ones he has with his ordinary partner, due to mind reasons. Also an orgasm is not a biological, but a mental consequence of sex especially for women, since it does not serve any purpose of reproduction. Women can have an orgasm by just using their fingers and imagining. Perhaps they may imagine of a big penis, but they have orgasm without one. A big penis can cause an orgasm easier then a small one, but mainly because the girl likes the idea of having it. WOMEN THAT ARE ENJOYING SEX, believe it or not, ARE FAR MORE THEN THAT 10% WHO HAVE EXTRAORDINARY PARTNERS. I am 7,8", and my partners (Past and present) and I are really happy with it, even if you tell me that it wouldn't even satisfy a chicken(if chickens become "promiscuous" as women)
778 November 19, 2003

Hey prophet I emailed you but it didnt go through. Do you have another email that works?
Anyways I was wondering what penis size you think is ideal. Also, are there any real good books about love making you recommend. I want to be awesome in bed.. teach me how.
779 November 19, 2003

I agree that size is not ussually make or break but we have to accept that some people are just vindictive. I have an ex who couldn't help but snicker the first time she pulled off my pants.
Needless to say I was very nervous from then on with her and couldn't cum, if I could get it up at all.
After 2 weeks she sent me a text saying I was a limpdick and she was breaking it off. Everything was fine for about three months until one night my housemate went to the pub.  I went to bed and woke up to here him absolutly drilling some drunk slut who was just constantly moaning. The thin walls did nothing to lessen the noise so I quietly jerked off and then drifted off to sleep as they went at it, hammer and tong. I still didn't know who the girl was so I was flabbergasted when I woke up in the morning, went into the lounge and found my ex sitting on the couch in just her g-string and bra.
It took me a second to figure out the situation and when I looked down she was smirking again and I was so embarresed I went to my room got dressed and left.
After spending the day in town I went home and neither of them were there. I hoped they wouldn't come back but I heard her car outside at about 10pm so I ran into my room. They came in and went in to his room again.  After some low mumbling and laughing(they were both drunk) I heard her say loudly she was glad someone in the house had a man size cock and then giggle. Then he asked loudly who was better and she said it wasn't fair to compare a boy to a man's and they laughed really loudly.  After a while she started moaning again, it really hurt because she never moaned once with me, and when the bed started smashing the wall because he was screwing her so hard I couldn't take it any more. So I packed a suitcase and put my stereo in the car and went to my parents place, leaving everything else there. After a month I got a place on the other side of town. I never went back. It's been a year sice then and I haven't had any sex and I can only get hard now by looking at cuckold sites
780 November 20, 2003

Just read your disputation of the "Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm" - what a lot of nonsense. I'm prepared to look at both sides, but when you write a piece as clearly manipulative as that, using words and images to dehumanise and ridicule, it can only mean you have no real facts to base your arguments on. Are you aware these are exactly the tactics Nazis and white supremisists use? I now know the myth the vaginal orgasm is true! Thanks for confirming it for me.
781 November 20, 2003

That Guy:
I don't know a single guy that likes huge labias.  It makes the woman look busted.  When I'm looking between a girl's legs, the last thing I want to see is a few slices of roast beef.  I'll provide the meat, thanks.

If I was ever with a girl with a big vagina, I'd be concerned that I'd be throwing a hotdog down an empty hallway.
782 November 20, 2003

Truth Dude:
Here's the truth ladies and gentlemen, from my point of view.  To have a 7 to 8 inch dick is great.  If you got it, then you got it.  But if you have a dick smaller...Then you got it.  Be happy men if you have a dick.  That's what makes you a man.  If you didn't have one, then you're a women or maybe a trans.  Open you mind dude(you better be dudes)...You have a dick. But does a women?  She has a vagina that that doesn't do anything but hold all her parts in.  Not all women are hung up on dick size.  The things is dudes, you gotta find the good women; the ones who aren't shallow like that.  The one's who will pay for your drinks once in a while.  Or the ones who wil approach you.  You know what I mean.  Guys are selfish when it probably comes to their emotions.  But women are selfish when it comes to their own bodies.  Think about it.  You have a dick, and she doesn't.  She either wants your size or tell the hole to walk.  There are plenty of women in the world.  C ya, the dude.
783 November 20, 2003

To "small&jealous",

                    you should never have put yourself into that place in the first place, of course  (u shoulda POPPED the asshole who came in to mess w/ your female ex, & played the psychotic type!)...but, it is hard to know when to do just what....
You can get better about the climaxing problem , though, and jus stay away from those f*cking cuckold sites, dude..they r NOT gonna help u in the long run..
Suffice it to say that she really is not a judge of anything that requires any foresight or serious thought;  if u can believe that, then u r on the road to getting better!
Staying off this site wont hurt, either....take care!
784 November 21, 2003

Great site, except the statement, that men who like hairy pussies might be gay. Or hairy people could be dirty. With that argumentation, you could also say that pigs are cleaner than cats....
785 November 21, 2003

Penis size doesn't really matter to me. But husband is not huge but he knows how to make love to me. He is 8.5 long by 6.5 in curcumference which is not huge compare to the pics I saw here. So you see, size doesn't really matter.
786 November 21, 2003

To Post 746: I need help!!!. Hey, thanks for the laugh, 15X10 erect, yeah right. I still have not stopped laughing. It has been a while since I checked in, have said my piece before, now I see where the posts are getting more ridiculous.
787 November 22, 2003

I am an asian male, my penis measures about 2-3in. when flacid and about 4.5in long and 4.75in. around when hard. i do believe that the majority of asian males are smaller but whenever i see this topic brought up there is always someone that will say "well i'm asian and i'm 7in. so that means asians aren't small." these kind of statements do not really make sense. that is like me saying that i am asian and i am tall, of course there are tall asains but the fact remains that the majority are short. I have seen other mens penises in the locker room b4 and i know enough to say that i am much smaller than the averge man and i have even seen a few asian penises b4 which also appear small. Also I know that porn isn't a good topic to base your believes on but if you ever see porn from asia then you should know that the majority of men in those movies are between 4-6in. One last thing i would like to add is that i have also noticed that mine and also the other testicles of asian males that i have seen do tend to be much smaller then that of other races, i played baseball and most guys found the cups we had to wear a bit uncomfortable because the they were very tight, i however had too much room do to my testicles being well over half of the size of most of my teammates.
788 November 22, 2003

jen , to that guy:
when you say don't know any guys that like huge labia.  what do you mean by huge?
789 November 22, 2003

Hey man you got hurt pretty bad and I feel for you I really do.  It's time to make a come back.  Here's what you do:
First to get your spirits back join thundersplace.com.  Post your story and you will receive an outpouring of helpful thoughts and ideas.  In no time your self-esteem will be back so strong that you could fuck a loose supermodel with a micro-penis without a care in the world.  Then start doing the exercises and after a few months you will be so confident with your cock that your problem will change from 'can I satisfy her' to 'I don't have time for all these girls calling me'. One final note: read up on a techniques book.  If you have good technique you could cut off your cock and still have them moaning like that didn't even know pleasure of that intensity existed...no shit.
790 November 22, 2003

To Adeline, post 785:

8.5 X 6.5... yeah he's not huge at all. Here you are saying size doesn't matter, yet your husband's size is about one in 250. Please.
791 November 22, 2003

An scientific viewpoint:
The first time I read this website, I freaked out.  I'm 5.5 inches long and 5 around, barely even average.  I figured that I would never be able to satisfy my gf like a bigger man could.  I eventually started thinking about it every day all the time.  I practically went insane.  I got so freaked out that I went and did more research on the subject.  You know what I found out.  This site is less a discussion of penis size, more a beautiful example of the way bad ideas can move at the speed of light over the internet.  It's riddled with fallacies.  If you want to actually take the time to learn the truth. I suggest you study Human Sexual Response, a study by Masters and Johnson.  They did actual SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH and recorded the results of their studies.  Furthermore, they have EVIDENCE to back up their studies, unlike the unsupported assertions on this site.  Their are additional sex studies, such as studies on the level of arousal of women based on penis size.  Several groups of female subjects read erotic writings.  The difference in each group was that different penis sizes were mentioned.  Do you know what the results were.  THERE WAS NO DIFFERENCE IN AROUSAL.  To anyone disturbed by the results of this site, do some research of real authorities on the subjects.  It'll put any fears to rest, and it'll deflate some egos. 
 Good luck all
792 November 23, 2003

John Peters:
HELP! I am always rejected for my dick size. I get so far with women I like and when they see my four incher they run off damn fast. What can I do? I feel depressed and most women writing her say they reject men with four inches or less.
793 November 23, 2003

Female penis lover:
Bigger penis' are preferred by women who do not already know how to please themselves. If they say other wise, they've have set themselves up to be too scared to admit it because they feel inadequate in some way by not achieving it. The whole body is capable of pleasureable sensation, the vagina does not have a lot of sensation except the presure felt by penetration, it is the only orifice in which fertilisation can take place. The clitorus is the penis equivalent in a woman. The pelvic floor muscles that contract during orgasm are located behind the vagina, and when squeezed during orgasm, echo throughout the pelvic region. Orgasm can only be triggered with pressure during sex if his pubic bone comes into contact with the clitorus. Now tell me ..... if a woman was giving a man oral sex or likewise, then moved to sucking some other piece of his anatomy .... all stimulation to the penis stopping .... would it not stop ejaculation taking place. Penis size is of no importance to me, it's how my lover uses his hips - or any other part of his body against the only part of me that can make me orgasm. I've looked for the G-spot for years and never found it ... I'm not deficient in any way and climax several times during sex because my partner has been willing to ask me and cooperate in achieving that. I get off on him getting off on me ...does that make sense? Men, please don't denigrate yourselves because of your apendage. If women turn you down because of penis size, they are as bad as the men who turned me down for being a dress size 12 and not a 10. I rest my case.
794 November 24, 2003

Hummm - Far to many comments from women indicating that the men of the world with less than a 6" firm penis need to be casterated and/or dead - this is appauling to say the least! In my own experience just having a single finger inserted into my vagina can send me over the edge!  I have to assume that these women have never heard of kegal excercises and if they have were unable to get the elevator off the ground floor!  If they were able to move the elevator to the top floor and down again repeatedly then we would all know that their pelvic muscles were nice and tight (in other words FIRM)and a smaller than average penis would suit them just fine!  Perhaps they have heard of this paticular execise and have tried it to no avail - to them I would say, "Get your hormone levels checked" the problem lies with you not the male parner (unless of course he is selfish, uncaring, ungiving, an utter pig or does not even try to please his partner).  There is never an excuse for out and out rudeness and the crudeness these women have displayed is a disgrace to women as a whole! I have experienced men with a penis size equivalent to my pinky finger to "average" and up to 9" in length.  I never asked any of them for their measurements nor did any of them offer.  The size was of no importance - what was important was his attitude, mental and physical!  A man who is unconcerned with his penis size and is concerned with my pleasure has never been a disapointment!  The smaller than average men I have been with were the better lovers as they put more time and attention into pleasuring me - there are many ways to experience pleasure and achieve orgasm than intercourse (which is not even necessary - by the way)!!!!!!!!!
795 November 24, 2003

to AzN

I think your assertion of asian men being somewhat smaller in the penis dep't hold true for the general male asian population vis a vis white and black male populations.

But,by the same token asian females have smaller and tighter vagina than white and black female populations.

This is what I'm finding out with my vagina depth and tightness study.I have measured a 100 women so far, with 2 types of vaginal perinometers and one weight system.I have measured 10 asians and some 15 blacks and the rest white.And there definitly is a percent difference in vagina tightness and size among the 3.I am video taping the measuring process to put in my upcoming web site.We have lots of info on penis size but virtually none on vagina size,with actual physical proof.But I'm going to change that forever.

For any women that reads this and disagrees.I would say come and be measured.I will put you in the statistics.You will help prove or dispell the myth that asian women are on average somewhat tighter and smaller in the vagina size.The difference with what I'm saying on this post is that I have actual measurable proof.Unlike the author of this site with his many unfounded assertions.

I still need to do a well rounded study with some 1000 women divided in 3 groups.Asians, Whites and Blacks.Each group will be subdivided in certain age brackets,in each age bracket will be women of every weight,height and shape.

And what I know so far is that there is quite a difference between the looses and the tightess vagina.The more subjects I test, the more variance I expect to find.I would like to come to the point where I can say "this is the woman with the tightess vagina in the world and this is the woman with looses vagina in the world ". At this time in history,women will have absolutly no credibility to complain when it becomes the norm that their pussy size is compared by men to others pussy sizes,just like men penis are compared by women today.To tell the truth, it will look good on women!!!
796 November 24, 2003

That Guy:
"Jen" (11/22)

When I say guys don't like a huge labia, I mean this girl:


That is just nasty.  She needs to get those clipped.
797 November 27, 2003

I'm italian, sorry for my english.
Size matters of course, but not in the measures reported in this site.
Most women think best size is about 7-8 inches lenght x 6-6.5 inches girth (but it also depends if the woman likes or not anal sex, because this can be painful with too large penis).
Girth is far more important than lenght.
Unfortunately i'am only 5 inches in girth (but 7 in lenght) and one of my girlfriends dismissed me to prefer a guy with a very large penis (after trying it).
She told all her friends that she could cum with him in half time and that there was no match with mine.

I think that the only chance for us average penis endowed men is to look for a woman who never tried a bigger one.
I did so and I'm happy.
I couldn't live thinking that the girl I love would prefer a bigger penis than mine, remembering previous guys she had. It's really terrible.

Of course all the girls who have tried a big penis think it as better.

This is because a vagina which tries a large penis become very loose, losing its tightness: then it will feel much less an average penis (after a large one), except if the woman tries kegel, but it's very rare).

I can also say that a large vagina it's definitely worst than a tight one, i've tried large vaginas and i can barely feel the walls, quickly losing my erection.
I even tried the girlfriend mentioned, before she was with the large guy and after: the vagina was very different, in the second case it was completely loose, really humiliating!

Sorry, It's the truth, we have to accept it.
798 November 27, 2003

ED, I was wondering just how endowed you are?
799 November 28, 2003

page fucking what  yea size does matter where have you been we don't need some asshole doing a study to tell that what a dumbass
800 November 28, 2003

to that guy from jen:
what about ones that hang down a bit, but not as big as that link?  don't say something nice to make me feel better. what do you really think?

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