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701 October 14, 2003

Lok Tar:
Well, well. I must say that the site is clearly laid out in a well organized and completely unnessacary manner. Having 50+ pages repeating the same thing over and over again just hurts your overall point. And the fact of the matter is that niether you or the experts are right. The man with the small/large penis is right in whatever he gets out of his sexual encounters, and the women having the sexual encounters are right.

Im only about 4.5inches and 3 in girth, and I cant say I give a damn. Ive had plenty of sex and its been good for me, and at least pleasurable for my partners. Ive ever had a few people who loved the fact that it was that size, im talking like sex nymphs here by the way.

I could write more and explain what I disagree with and agree with, but im not sure it would effect you any, and it would just be repeating some of things that many have already said.

The internet is a great place, but its not always teh best.
702 October 14, 2003

Dr. Bullshit:
what is that for a bullshit? You just talkin bullshit! Fuck it or break it
703 October 14, 2003

I have one question to ask... Since women have "uteran orgasms" due to something large in there, why in the hell don't we see women who are pregnant walking down the street, or sitting in a cafe, constantly having "uterin orgasms?"....Kinda blows the uterin theory.....
704 October 15, 2003

to the guy who thinks women want his baby, you sound like a peice of shit.  Do you realize that you are not living in the real world? why would the human race wan't more fake people? I'm sure your not capable of raising a decent child.
705 October 15, 2003

Penis size do matter.
I worked as prostitute & have seen very big sizes.
Errection angle is also important.
Errected one pointing at sky is good all other are loose erections.
Some men donot loose despite ejaculation & keep doing it for next 2 shots.
706 October 15, 2003

Well guys, like it or not, all the polls point to one fact:
*MOST* women would prefer a larger than average penis.
When asked whether greater length *OR* greater girth would be desirable *most* women state that they would prefer greater girth.
Many women are turned on by the sight of a large penis, even if they do not believe that a large penis actually feels better during sex [although most do]
Sorry guys, but this is the new democracy.
707 October 15, 2003

Guys, just to clarify, penis length and penis girth are not INDEPENDENT.  A man with a longer penis is more likely to have a fat one too.  Think about it.
708 October 15, 2003

Rolling Stone:

According to this article, Jonah Falcon has a 13.5" c0ck, and has slept with countless women, but has never been able to get more than 9" inside any of them. 

So, I agree with much of what this article says, but I think it exaggerates the preferred sizes.  9" would appear to be the maximum ceiling then, and I've even heard that as size increases above 8", it may start getting uncomfortable.  Or maybe I'm just naive... :o  I certainly agree that girls are absolutely OBSESSED with a man's d*ck size and use it as their primary measure of any man. 

Maybe the author of the site needs to just do some clinical testing on random women with various-sized di1dos and accurately measure their responses.  That might be the best way to generate a bell curve and determine what the optimal and maximum sizes are.
709 October 16, 2003

Just goes to show all of us men what we already knew.. No matter what you give a woman, it is not good enough.. Either it's the "wrong color", wrong model, wrong car, or the 'wrong size".. Shoot, if all men were in the perfect catagory, they'd bitch about that too!! I will prove it with this next sentence.. Currently more Federal Dollars are spent on "MENS HEALTH ISSUES".. Womens groups are complaing that it's not fair, they are bitching!!! My question is what are they bitching about?, they live an average of 7 years longer than men!!!You know why men die before women??? BECAUSE WE WANT TO!!! If we were all in the perfect catagory, All men know, THEY WOULD NOT BE HAPPY!!!There is ALWAYS something....So, in conclusion, we can all assume, that no matter what a women says is PERFECT, IT IS NOT!!!!!! Well, to her anyways...Remember Men,,, you were PERFECT when they married you, there was only a few things they wanted to change!!!
710 October 17, 2003

Miss X:
I'm willing to agree with some of the previous comments, this site seems incredibly one-sided.

First of all, comparing breasts to penises, they are completely different parts of the body.  Some women find penises attractive, some don't.  Some guys really look for a big rack, some don't.

And generalizing that women with a guy who is "small" (by YOUR definition), will cheat on him or leave him when someone bigger comes along is nuts.

Believe it or not, there are women who don't care if they get an oversized penis and ARE interested in sex.

Even looking at the warning below:

"The comments are shown by date, starting with the earliest. Note that quite a few people are negative about the site, but you can bet that most of them have only read a few pages. So be careful with their conclusions... "

It's obvious what the creator of the site wants you to think.

I believe with what someone has said before, a small chick doesn't need, or probably want an oversize penis.

It depends on the woman, stop generalizing us!
Some people obviously have had bad experiences with women who cared so much about big sizes, they were probably large women. 

I am a small woman, and I prefer an average size.
According to this site, that cannot be.
I'm not a liar, don't make me out to be one!
711 October 17, 2003

At some point in every man's life...This happens.


It matters indeed.
712 October 17, 2003


I stumbled onto your site while looking for some condom products and found it very informative and interesting. Good work!
However,I am not conviced by some of the viewers comments, linking bigger penis and the black race.  These comments are a reflection of the surpisingly large number of white folks in the US who believe blacks in general possess large penis. This belief is absolutely subjective and streotypical. I am, 6ft&2in handsome semetic blackman, from eastern africa, to be more specific the highlands of Eritrea. Most of my people including me have average(6x5)or smaller penis, mine is 5.25"x5.25". Ofcouse, I cannot rule out the existance of some legendary donkey sizes among us, but these guys consitute only a small percentage of the population. I think all races have them. I cannot speak for all blacks elsewhere, but I believe the published statistical distribution of penis sizes applies to all races equally. Race and penis size have no meaningfull correlaiton.It is a mith rather than reality, period. Whoever stupid upholding this belief, I think my practical observation will help you disspel it. CAO
713 October 18, 2003

I'm 33 yrs old and my penis size is 1 1/2 inches soft and 3 1/2 inches hard. What do u think abou it ladies? do you think it's too small? have u ever been witha man the same size as me? How would you react if you find out you r partner has a penis like mine? Do you look at men's bulges in their pants when you're at the swimming pool or on the beach.
Please be honest and if you want to discuss the topic with me email me condotti@hotmail.com
714 October 18, 2003

TO NICKY: Well Nicky, like it or not, most men prefer smaller vaginas. Although most guys won't admit it, smaller vaginas just feel better. They like the look and the feel of a small vagina. They just FEEL BETTER. They are "tighter", better to stimulate the penis. They look nicer, they don't "hang out" like an elephant waiting for some mouse to fall in. Sorry Nicky, but this is the "New Democracy!".. Like it or not it is just the truth...Us guys can Always INCREASE the size of our Penis', but can you make your vagina smaller??? I do know one women who had several children and had "VAGINA REDUCTION SURGERY!"All men just got LOST in her!! Sorry Nicky, but this is just the way it is!!!
715 October 18, 2003

Sorry, one more point... The Clitoris is the "main sexual point of stimulation" for women. PERIOD .. In some countries the women have their Clitoris involuntarily removed.. Thus the women can no longer achieve orgasm or have a "full filling" sexual life...This is to insure loyalty to their husband..So the Vagina has NO use in the sexual satisfaction of women.. Otherwise they all would be able to have Vaginal Orgasims with the clitoris removed!!! Since they CAN't achieve orgasm without the clitoris, the vaginal orgasim is nullified!!!Sorry Girls....Nice try....
716 October 18, 2003

Korean fella:
Hey everyone. Yes, I am a Korean male. My girlfriend is a caucasian women, very beautiful I might add. I live in Los Angeles, where I met her. Ummm... I wanted to add something to this debate. I have noticed that there is a direct correlation between how many guys a girl has slept with, to her preference for size. My penis is 7 inches long, and its a true seven inches, without pushing down on my groin with the ruler. I guess its a little more if i push it down hard. Anyways... my gf screams in bed. She always tells me about how much BIGGER and LONGER I am than her two previous boyfriends. Man, she usually can't last more than ten minutes otherwise she gets exhausted, and her vagina starts to bleed. I am saying this because, contrary to popular belief, there are many Asian males who satisfy white women in bed. But admittedly, I think if she was a whore and slept with like more than ten guys, she woudda probably had a bigger one than mine. But if she slept with more than ten g!
 uys, I would not have been with her as my girlfriend. Select your girlfriends carefully, the whores seen too much, and they will not lust after your penis. I am sure if she slept with 20 guys or so, she woudda seen a 8 incher or bigger, but fortunately, she only had two, and she tells me I am the King of Penises. Yes, I do not understand why white guys let their women sleep around. Just import Russian brides if white american women sleep around too much. Women that are whores, their genes should not be allowed to have children, because they will only produce daughters who will sleep around and cause you grief.
717 October 19, 2003

I'm a south asian.i think the specs. of penises and the grade chart does not apply at all to our region because I'm 7.5 in length & 4.5 in girth and considered here as big!. A girth of 6 , 7 inches are simply unimaginable to us.
However many guys (who may obviously have smaller penises than mine) in my country have married cauccasian women and they lead happy married lives, or at least they do not seperate.
I wish to point out that masturebation does not make a penis small, but the other way arround .Frequent engorging of blood in the penis and the massage by hand make erectile chambers enlarge and over time they grow bigger.
I myself agree that this site is phoney and I have reasons to believe the PE.trade is behind this.  
718 October 19, 2003


let me ask you this guys. I have a penis 5.25"long and 5.38" girth. As far as its length is concerned,I have no illusions, I know it is somewhat average but with respect to my girth of 5.38" I have no idea. According to the websites dedicated to penis size, my girth is on the average range. If these sites are to be believed, why is that, I cannot fit into regular size condoms? my girth can't. If these data on these websites were true why are condom manufactureres producing below average girth condoms? Either the data on these sites must be taken with a grain of salt or I must have poor technique in using condoms? What do you think experienced guys out there? Am I right? what do you think of my girth, it it small, average, thick? your comments please? 
719 October 19, 2003

I would like to address the ridiculous racial penis size myth which has been regurgitated over and over again. I am twenty three year-old black male and I have a 6 X 4.5 inch penis. While I don't have a problem with my penis, I am far from the stereotypical "mandingo" sex machine. This fallacious notion that all black men have gigantic endowments is racist tripe. This concept came from the days of slavery as well as most other stereotypes about black people. We are all human beings, people with different skin tones are not from other species. I'm sure that there is an even distribution of small, average, and large penises in every racial/ethnic group. But then again maybe I'm very wrong. Maybe I am a freakish aberration considering my heritage. I'm a senior at a major college with a 3.93 G.P.A., an accomplishment that is supposedly impossible for a black man. Wake up people and stop rehashing the same old stereotypes.
720 October 20, 2003

People that say size may or may not be important have their own opinion.  Saying that you want a bigger penis is healthy I suppose but more of a product of desire both sexual and possibly motivated by our society.  Do I think a woman would have sex with me?  Yes however I think it more likely that a woman would rather not have sex with me then have sex with me unless you know many women who really want 13".  Even guys for that matter I am sure would say the same thing.

People who drum up size to be the "measurement" of how good a person is in bed obviously need to send me some mail because I obviously do not know anything then =)

My opinion....
721 October 20, 2003

     I agree with the post about proper measuring. Also who changed the standards of what is big? Let me give you an example. As i said in a previous post i work as an adult entertainer and one of my calling cards is my penis size. in the venues where i advertise less than 3 years ago the top-end or highest advertised sizes were 8.5 to nine inches max.Now commonly you see claims of anywhere from 9.5 to 11 inches. have we evolved so rapidly or are certain models engagining in unscrupulous advertising practices? Surgery is simply not an option in this business cause it disfigures it and it does not get as hard? So how did these same guys grow like this? Admittedly i have never tried any enlargement methods frankly because i would in fact lose business. I am told that i possess the perfect dick both to look at and to fuck. I adverise honestly because it would be embarrassing to strip for a party of 30 women expecting to see a 9 inch dick and me whip it out and it only be 7 inches hard and skinny. i would be horrified and they would be crushed. These are just my thoughts.........
722 October 20, 2003

in my experience,i agree that blacks have the longest penises,but white guys usually have more width.theres always exceptions ofcourse.
723 October 22, 2003

educator,thanks for the info.I thoutht most black men were very big,although I knew not all were I kept hearing about that myth and started to believe it.Thanks for bringing me back to reality.
724 October 22, 2003

sandra cohen:
Here's the bottom line on penis size:

For vaginal sex:

large penis is best
small penis is worst
average size penis is good

For anal sex:

small penis is best
large penis is worst
average penis is good

That should do it...
725 October 22, 2003

debbie R:

Penis size matters, but not that much. Here's an example that you guys might understand:

Tight vaginas feel better than loose ones, right? They give more friction. Similarly, large penises feel better than smaller ones. They "fill" us up more.

But how important is this compared to other factors? Not much.

Guys, imagine if you had your choice of having sex with a) britney spears or b) roseanne barr.

I'd bet 99.9% would choose Spears.

Now, let me say that i told you that Spears has a loose vagina and Barr a tight one. Would that change your choice?

I'd bet 99.9% would still choose Spears.

And the same is true for women and penises...
726 October 22, 2003

Jesus of Cool:
This whole debate *is* ridiculous.  If you don't think so, consider this...

Why is it so many men are concerned about their size and what women in general prefer when women come in different sizes too?  THINK with the BIG head for fuck's sake.  Intellectual laziness really bugs me.

OH... and a word about your 'data' on average penis size.  It is very telling that in studies where men are expected to be honest and measure themselves, the average seems to grow by an INCH or more versus actual, *proper* scientific studies where EMPIRICAL data was gathered through actual measurement by third parties.

I've seen supposed 'studies' where students were asked to fill out questionaires about sex and that they were assured it was anonymous.  Just proof that even scientists can be ignorant dolts.  The study results?  The average age a boy 'lost it' was between 10 and 11.  Give me a fucking break... lol.

A final word boys... you really want to 'score' with women?  Or go the route I'd prefer and be considered a star by the superior few instead of simply banging the inferior masses?  It's cool to talk to them about how they feel and what they like... not about whether your fucking dick 'measures up'.  I've had enough post-session discussions with women who've dumped a younger, more fit, wealthier guy to be with me to know.

Put a stockbroker on a farm with the latest machines to work the field and he'll probably end up killing himself after destroying most of the place.  A farmer with experience and a 50 year old plow will kick his ass.
727 October 23, 2003

My name is Tami and I am a junior at ASU. I have been reading womens' forums and discussions for a long time. As you all know there are always guys asking about the size of their penis, and lying about it as well. Well, I decided to do my own reserch on the subject to try and put the issue behind us. I asked all of my guy friends (close ones) if I could measure there members (told them I would keep it a secret). I told my girlfriends about my project and two of them volunteered their boyfriends (claiming that they were really big). I have manage to measure 23 guys, about 1 out of three of my guy friends agreed, I also asked guys at parties and then the two boyfriends that were volunteered and agreed. I took all the measurements by holding their erect penis (made them get it up) straight out from their bodies and measuring from the pubic bone to the tip (along the top). I rounded my measurements to the closest half inch. I measured the circumference as the thickest part (the head the base or midshaft). Here are my results:
guy Length (inches) Circumference (inches)
6--------5.75---------------5.00--Sara's Boyfriend
14-------6.00---------------5.75--Amy's Boyfriend

averages 5.72 4.98

Let's hear the all of you thoughts on my experiment and my results (also - note what my friends thought was big - Sara though he was 7 inches long and Amy thought he was 8 inches (I didn't even tell Sare and Amy the results for their boyfriends but Amy did notice that there were no 8 inchers in my blind results) - funny I think

728 October 23, 2003

Oooh!Is the picture on page 4 for real. I cannot believe it, unless I see it in real life. The guy seems to have 3 legs.I do not think he feels happy with it. Think about safe sex and other everyday activities, it must be cumbersome to him. He must consider surgery to downsize it.I know this, because I am not happy with my 5.4", it feels big to me and makes me uncomfortable. Contrary to popular trend, I wish I had a 4.5". I cannot understand why people wish to have a dick this size. Sex is not everything. As long as the equipment is fit for reproduction it is OK. bye
729 October 23, 2003

my 5 inches is what I got. so tell me what have I got to please a women?
730 October 24, 2003

This is to Tami

Fine job you did there Tami.There's nothing like doing actual verifiable work to get to the truth.
It was courageous of those guys to let them measure their penis for fact finding.I'm in the process of doing a much needed fact finding research myself. Measuring vagina pressure or vagina tightness,in other words.I use 3 methods.Two different types of vaginal perinometers and a weight system. The data I've collected off some 100 women of different physiques and nationalities,so far,shows that there is as much variance in vagina tightnesses as penis size,if not more.Once the data collected of some 1000 women is collected and put in tabulature form, it will be made very public so that women can compare themselves to other women and men will be able to know where their wife, girlfriend or a one nightstand,rates on the international vagina tightness scale.Being the brave researcher you and your girlfriends are, I'm sure you would'nt mind being measured yourself.In the name of research and fair play.And that invitation goes to all women who read or post to this site.Just drop a post and we will get in contact.This thing will be much greater than the penis size debate, when it gets going.
731 October 25, 2003

Great project Tai - I hope you enjoyed it!!

If you multiply the two measurements together, you get a notional surface area which may show how much you feel during sex.

The average is 28.3, with the biggest being 38% bigger and the smallest being 32% smaller (Amy's boyfriend is 22% bigger).

But consider this - If you were in the supermarket and you saw one soup had 40% more and one had 32% less than the average portion, which one would you choose?  Well of course your first thought would be the one that had 40% more.

But when you get to the aisle, you find that you don't like the brand with 40% more and you love the one with 32% less.  Then which one do you choose?

Incidentally, I noticed that only four of your sample were below average on both length and girth.  So cheer up guys, only 17% of us are below average.
732 October 25, 2003

hey tami, i bet u were very disappointed to not see & measure a big dick.
733 October 25, 2003


I think your study is interesting... how did you manage to get all the guys hard is my question? Also, out of all of those measurements, what one looked the biggest to you?
734 October 26, 2003

Opinions are like butt holes we all have one. I think this is a great forum. However take note that when someone expresses their view about the size issue, the next several post are all about flaming them for their opinion. The penis size debate has gone on hundreds of years before and will continue hundreds after our time. Despite the high risk of scorn and ridicule I'll add my two cents worth. Without benefit of in depth reseach of scientific study I'll simply say that, women like a large penis. If for a dollar a vending machine could offer men a thick ten inch penis the lines would strech for miles. I have protective clothing so bring on the flames.....
735 October 26, 2003

I want to know what women think about curved penises. I have penis that curves to the left and down a bit. I did not have problems with it, but I am embarased about it. I want advise from women. If there is a women who wants to give me advise, she can also write me to arkadija@yahoo.com
736 October 26, 2003

This is a sensitive subject, but it has been well handled.  I am not tall, and I am slim built, but my penis measures a good 7" x 6" girth.  It is also larger than average when flaccid.  There have been some women who have confided in me when I have been with them that "size means everything".

Your analogy on breast size is a little narrow.  My wife is African (from Africa) and has a typical African body shape with smaller breasts but a large bottom.  We think that African men are more turned on by bottom and hip size than breast size, and selection / gentics has played its part.

Otherwise, an interesting read.
737 October 27, 2003

Tami's results seem about right, even though your method is not very good.  You have to take psychology into account...guys with bigger dicks are more likely to agree to have them measured, while guys with smaller dicks won't want to.  This especially if they are being measured by a girl they know.

But anyway, this site is about 1/4 fact and 3/4 shameless propaganda for a penis enlargement company.  I would actually be surprised if the authors of this site don't have a connection with such a place.  This is a sore subject for many men, and it is very clear that your intention is to make even above-average sized men feel inadequate.  You could have at least attempted to make it more discreet.  Next they'll be writing a site about how men prefer larger chest sizes and flatter stomachs, and how women can 'trick' men into saying they wish her stomach was flatter.  Sure everybody Wants a supermodel, but somehow people seem to make it just fine without.  Debate my ass.

If I listened to your site, then I would believe I could never satisfy a woman.  I am on the high-average side, and my girlfriend and I have an amazing (and amazingly satisfying, on both ends) sex life.  One thing you have to realize is that women are different from men;  Emotions play a much bigger role in satisfaction.  Women actually do want the whole package, not just a big dick.

Everyone, just listen to the true experts, not just some guy who paid to write a website.  Size does matter, but not that much.
738 October 27, 2003


comment 620

they are not independent variables you dumb fuck
739 October 28, 2003

False advertising...:
ASU_Tami - lol, so the 2 "huge" bf's were only 5.75" & 6"?  LMAO.  But, your survey does sound a lot more realistic. 

Fact is - a LOT of folks are false-advertising their d*cks these days.  I've seen some personal swinger ads where the guy claims 8" even tho he's CLEARLY hung like a pimple in own his photo!  Same thing in p0rn - I think a lot of the c0cks are advertised as larger than is.  Gimme a break! 

Any self-measured size studies should immediately be taken with a grain of salt. 

Question tho: Did you use a tape measure or a ruler?  Cuz if a guy's d*ck is curved, shouldn't you follow his curve with a tape measure rather than measure the shortest distance from his base-to-tip (and "sell him short)?
And also hilarious how gf's misjudge their bf's size.  To call 5.75" "huge" is simply ridiculous.  Now, we know how (un)reliable "eyewitness" accounts can be.  How accurate can eyeballing really be?
Look, try estimating the size of the following objects, then actually measure them.  See how close you are:
Dollar bill
Toilet paper tube
Coke can

How long is a 9.5" c0ck?  2 Coke cans stacked up!
How thick is an 8" circumference c0ck?  A Coke can.
How thick is a 7" circumference c0ck?  The top rim of a Coke can.

Now, how many women you think can fit 2 Coke cans up their twat - much less NEED to to c*m?
Ok, I think here's some anecdotal ways to tell your size based on ya girl's response:

"It's cute...snicker.."
Wants to give you head or handjob rather than f*ck.

At least average to "large-average":
"Oww, you hit my cervix!"
"You hurt my cervix."
"Mm, you feel good."
Wants to f*ck rather than oral/fingering.
Can't deepthroat you.
She can c*m thru intercour5e, with no hands..

You have a steady string of referral s*x..

You've been turned down for s*x before cuz you're too big.
740 October 28, 2003

Survey skewed against hypodermic d*cks?:
ASU_Tami - "I have manage to measure 23 guys, about 1 out of three of my guy friends agreed,"

Now, this somewhat invalidates the survey since it is now not truly random and representative.  While the results do seem to realistically portray c0cks of modestly average size, it may still POSSIBLY be oversizing them!

I would assume that SOME of the men declined to participate cuz they had small weenies?  Sure, some may also simply be more modest or shy (but not necessarily small).  But, I would think those with average or large endowments would, ON AVERAGE, be more willing to show their stuff than lil-d*cked men.  So, this survey MAY be skewed toward the larger side, even?!
741 October 31, 2003

Nothing wrong with my penis. The girls holes are too big!
742 October 31, 2003

i have posted previously, stating that after 15+ years of marriage i started using a high quality assortment of dildos on my wife, who has started getting internal vaginal orgasms once again.  she even enjoys regular intercourse with me a lot more, due to the variety and ability to know what it feels like to have a big dick inside her once in a while.  i am around 4.75 x 4.75 at most, as she has only had a handful of lovers previous to me- all but one 'small' exception were relatively big- most even longer (but not thicker) than the dildos i have been using!  she recently mentioned the idea of a strap on after watching one used on TV, which of course i had to now pursue.  i finally got up th courage to enter an upscale erotic store and bought a top of the line leather strap on with an 8.5" jelly dong attached.  she freaked out she saw it and didn't want me to put it on, rather use it on her like a dildo since this was the biggest and most realistic one to date. Well, i wished i could have taped her reaction once it was able to get inside her!  i realize that men with big penis's must really have to work harder to get their women 'juiced up' since it doen't feel good unless it slips right in to a well lubricated vagina! but once the huge head passed the initial vaginal muscle and slid through,i could fell the pulsations on her vaginal wall, and her body language motioning for slowly deeper penetration, until all 8.5" was inside of her. after about 6-7 slow in and out thrusts, she came so hard i could feel it through the dildo's base while holding it. i kept in in even after she came and started slowly thrusting again, but this time very slowly the entire length in and out of her vagina, after about another 5 minutes of intense groaning, that i unfortunately have never heard before except in bad porn movies, she had another orgasm that shook her entire body for about 10-15 seconds, after which she begged to take it out, which i did and immediately fucked her myself. She said it felt great, but she was so wet that i am sure she couldn't have felt that much of me.  she said i had a much better angle in her than the dildo, and it was like having the best of two worlds! When she gets up the courage, she now wants to try getting fucked with the big dildo and either having anal sex with me or using one of the smaller dildos in her ass at the same time.  i'll keep you posted on the results.
743 November 1, 2003

I never seen so much crap in my life. I wonder if the owner of the site gets paid by any companies who sell pills and other fake things to make your penis grow. I'm not saying size does not matter but there are different kids of people with differend needs. I'm only 5.7 but I never had any complains and they always came back for more because I know how to do it. Treat a woman well. Give her enough attention. So guys forget all this junk and be happy with what you got. As long as she get orgasms you are doing ok and that is what counts.
744 November 2, 2003

um, this website is pretty silly, not too grounded in reality, probably sponsored by penis pills or something.  they link traffic to those labia sites and stuff, probably at least banking off of that somehow.  i don't think any guy would be so concerned that the world wasn't getting the straight story on penis size as to devote this kind of time and money to a wbsite spelling it all out.  best case scenario, an obsessive and mistaken individual trying to enforce his opinion, worst case just some hacks throwing together a website meant to stir up interest in penis enlargement.

also, a lot of the posts on this board are similar to stuff on other boards i have seen in the last few days, and are obviously guys from enlargement companies trolling around trying to drum up business (i.e. insecurity).  a pretty smart tactic actually.  especially a lot of the posts by women trumpeting the merits of a twelve incher and the various dildo stories, several of these can be found elsewhere word for word, and some are written or copied by the same people as they contain consistent grammatical patterns and mistakes.  

 something about penis size seems to bring out the worst in people, it seems to be a phenomenon especially in the america.  but most of the weird stuff you see on anything like this is either kids screwing around, or guys who own paysites trying to get you on google doing searches for 'penis enlargement.'  do yourself a favor and look at tamis study thing, i'm not sure how legit that is, but it's far closer too reaility than anything else you'll find on here.
745 November 2, 2003

also, notice there are only 700 or so comments for a sight that probably gets an enormous amount of traffic . . . the comments aren't automatically posted, it seems they might actually be edited?  we'll see if this makes it up i guess, i don't really care.
746 November 2, 2003

I need help!!!:
Hi, most men on this site are here because they feel their penises are too small, but you have no idea what I go through. I'm too big!!! And by too big, I don't mean a little too big, I mean a lot. I mean my penis could potentially be the biggest in the history of the world, It's much bigger than any of the pictures you have on this site. I mean that if you cut it in half it would be big! To be precise, my penis is 10 inches flaccid, and 15 inches erect, and it's 10 inches in circumference. This is no joke. I'm an absolute freak And to top it all off, I'm only a Junior in High School, which means I still have more to grow. I hate my life because of this.
A Day in my life:
It's the summer, so it's too hot to wear pants, but I can't wear shorts unless I literally strap my penis to the inside of my leg (which I do all the time), so to avoid that, I wear pants.
My social status with girls is like a joke. As I walk down the halls every person who isn't legally blind can see an enormously huge bulge hanging down to my knees. So naturally everyone stares and I get constant comments from both guys "So _____, did you hook up with ______'s horse yet" and girls "Oh my god!", "Holy Shit!", "Is that real!", "What the fuck?". I get to Gym class and wear pants while running around (which is very painful) outside in 90 degree weather. Nobody bothers to ask why I'm wearing pants because everyone knows why.
In my normal classes all the girl students and my female teachers constantly stare at my penis.
During lunch (I'm pretty popular because of my penis)I sit with a bunch of coed friends and all the girls sit right next to me. They all constantly grab at and squeeze my penis.
I play soccer aswell after school; not good for someone like me. I can't wear normal underwear or compression shorts because it's physically impossible. So I use a strap which I made by myself with velcrow to tie it to my leg. Well everyonce in a while the strap will untie and there it is hanging between my knees for everyone to see. Everyone in the crowd is completely dumbfounded and so is  the other team.
Outside of school is where it gets the most attention though, as I walk through the city not one eye misses it. Everyone makes some sort of gesture, Everyone!!

As far as my sex life goes:
As you might imagine I constantly get approached by girls and have "almost" made love to hundreds of girls and women. I've never gotten a blow job because of it's width and any women I try to have sex with says it's too big. One 25 year old women insisted she could handle it and it tore her to a point where her vagina and asshole were nearly one. As the article says, the only thing that can be done to me is a handjob. And a really bad one because literally the girl's two hands barely make it around my penis when their together.
As you might imagine my life at home is also messed up because of it. My Step-Mother is constantly staring at penis and I don't mean just an occasional stare. I mean, when she talks to me, she will actually stare directly at my penis and not even look at my face. And in mid-sentence she'll giggle. When my father had first met my step-mother and she walked in on me while I was taking a piss (I was 15). When she saw it she gasped. The fact that she gasped was kind of a turn on and I developed an erection on the spot, I mean it literally shot up into the air. Instead of shutting the door, she came in and took off her shirt itmediately. I itmediately put on my pants, she then grabbed it with both hands and started massaging it. I said no, but she didn't even notice as she was in a state of bliss or something. After about a minute I had to stop her. This is one of many starnge encounters with my father's wife.
Than there's the long list of regular life things which I can't participate in. Such as swimming, because my dick hangs right out of my shorts, and if I use my strap. When I get out of the water everyone sees it held up against my leg, this has caused a hugeamountof attention to be drawn to myself. Then there's sports, it's very painful to run because of the bouncing of it.
Anyways is there a way to make a penis shrink or get smaller, I need help. I'm so worried I'll die a virgin because of it.
747 November 2, 2003

This site was very informative. I am a women who's had small penises(4") and large penises (9"). I must admit that a large penis is more pleasing than a small penis. The stimulation is so much better, more intense and sheer pleasure. And it seems that a man with a large penis has so much more self confidence than his smaller counterpart, which adds to the sexual experience.
Please don't get me wrong, i have enjoyed sex with 6inches, but you can't beat 9 inches, unless the guy is a total dude and just thrust.
4inches cannot satisfy me.
748 November 2, 2003

look.im a lil guy.and im proud of it.  my cock is 4" x 3"---hard & hes had more pussy then many of my friends who are bigger.and i have been with many women.ALL the women have orgasmed,because i know how to use him.no complaints at all.i have been with a few who were very loose.( kinda like throwing a hotdog down a hallway ) i just would penetrate their pussy lips.
749 November 5, 2003

I've heard that Irishmen are small.  Anyone care to comment.
750 November 6, 2003

I must say that learning about the female orgasm has been interesting, yet the rest of the info was kind of... lame.  40+ pages in one line: "bigger is better"  It's like polling people:  "rich or poor?"  what do you think they'll answer?

Sadly, this entire thing makes our society seem like it is filled with depressed guys and cock-maniacal whores!  I wonder, where are all these lords of men walking about with the 8-inchers?  I know one guy.  One in about 25.  Not 1 in 4 like you guys claim.  Anyway, I wonder who this site was published by... men or women?  Women with some vendetta against mankind?

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