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651 September 25, 2003

The Schlongulator:
 The "Ideal Penis Graph" seems wildly skewed to me, based on my own experience (I'm just slightly above average) and on the penis size table available at http://www.
[name of commercial site removed!-ED] which is based on 5000 replies,or another similar table at http://www.the-penis-website.com/size2.html.
Based on the data,at least 50% of the male sex (6" or less x 4.75" or less) can only ever hope to scrape a "D" grade (at best!) on your scale! The top 10% of the population (7" or more x 5.5") will only ever scrape a "C" grade!
      This is laughable.I can seriously say that either these tables are totally wrong,in which case most men are much bigger than you make them out to
 be,or God simply never intended women to enjoy sex. Or maybe you'll reach the real conclusion,that your graph is a pile of wank.
         Ciao now!
652 September 25, 2003

I read your posting and it makes a lot of sense.  Furthermore, it echos the experieinces I've had with my small penis.  I've been dumped because of it, told I'm an embarrasement, and informed that my small penis is a turn-off.  When people say penis size doesn't count, they lie.
653 September 27, 2003

Tiffany Fong:
Wow!  This is an impressive thesis - and my impression is that it's basically correct.  All other things being equal, bigger penises are preferred. 
   I feel silly and a little slutty for coming to this website, but a friend of mine told me about it and was so animated that I had to see for myself.  It took me three trips to read it all!  I was so impressed with the thought put into it, the research cited, and the organization of it. 
    As you might be able to tell from my name, I am Taiwanese American.  I recently graduated from Yale University with degrees in biology and music.  One of the degree requirements for a biology major at Yale is a year-long course in evolutionary biology.  During this year I learned a lot of less than fascinating factoids and learned to calculate reproductive fitness and use the Hardy-Weinberg equation (ho - hum).  But more importantly, I learned the basic concepts of evolution and natural selection.  With these concepts in mind, your (Ed's) arguments do make sense - and you obviously have some knowledge and background in natural and sexual selection.
    The discussion about male characteristics was accurate (i.e. square bodylines, wide shoulders, big hands, etc.).  I have found that most asian men are lacking in some of these traits (of course there are exceptions).  In general, I am more attracted to other men who have more male characteristics.  Your comments on testicle size and its relation to promiscuity was also new to me, but fascinating.  I never thought of testicle size in relation to my intuitive, inborn need to procreate.  Your discussion about the gene pool and need for some small penises to prevent all penises from becoming too big to be useful was also interesting.  This is something that has happened in other species.  Sometimes a trait becomes so outside the realm of practicality that it actually reduces reproductive fitness.  I suppose this would happen if all men had huge dicks.
    I will tell you about my experience.  I only dated one guy in high school.  He was Taiwanese also and was sort of selected by my parents.  We enjoyed each other's company and got serious enough to have sex.  At the time I thought he was pretty big, but I had never seen another man.  At college, I met a new asian guy who I eventually also became sexually active with.  He was a little smaller than my high school boyfriend, but it didn't really bother me.  He was constantly asking me if he was big - and I would say yes (even though my previous boyfriend was bigger).  He graduated and we lost touch with each other. 
    In my senior year, I met an Italian exchange student;  we both played in the orchestra.  He was very nice and we eventually had sex.  What a shock!!  He was enormous in comparison!  I was never very attracted to sex, but suddenly it was all I could think about.  I use to like to hold his flaccid penis in my hand and feel its weight.  He was also uncircumcised which was new to me.  I remember that one time we were very horny and rented a videotape of Rocco Siffredi in which he spoke Italian.  My boyfriend translated for me (it was an Italian language porn tape).  I remember comparing their dicks while I watched the tape - and I'll swear that my boyfriend was bigger than Rocco!
    I also loved the sex.  My previous boyfriends had given me oral sex - and I had experienced clitoral/vulval orgasm many times.  But now my orgasms seemed more intense and more satisfying.  I never understood that until I read about uterine orgasm just now (it makes sense).  I tend to really love looking at the flaccid penis, and Ettore was very long flaccid too.  It was such a turn on to see him walk around the dorm room naked.
   After graduation,  he went back to Italy and I went back home, but I have missed him ever since (two years now).  I have been with one other man (caucasian) since then, but he was only slightly bigger than my Taiwanese boyfriends. He was not as satisfying.
   In summary, I think that the person is the most important thing.  You must love the man.  But:  given the choice of the same man with either a large penis or a small penis - I would definitely choose the larger penis.  I don't say this to denigrate men with small penises, but I feel this way (for better or worse).
654 September 27, 2003

Rick Hawkins:
I thoroughly enjoyed your site.  It was informative and entertaining.  I am involved in many naturist events and am also a Certified Massage Therapist.  I see hundreds of nude men yearly, and yes there are a lot of different sizes and shapes of men's bodies and their penises.  My only comment to the contrary is that you seem to suggest that black men have the largest penises.  In my opinion, black men may sport extra large members, but white men do in fact sport the same.  Maybe the largest on record is a black man's member, but these a few.  All in all I was glad to have spent the time reading your findings and opinions.  A good job!  Any comments on how a man with a smaller penis, or one wishing for a larger member, can find out the latest info on different enhancement procedures and / or medications?  I have become very interested lately on enlargement techniques.  I really hope you can help me out here.  Maybe this could be a possible addition to your site.  Thank you, Rick Hawkins
655 September 27, 2003

Good one, sven...that was possibly the most hilarious entry I have have read in a long while!....
I love the "captain of industry" thing, that was a gas!  After all, if you were an industrial magnate in real life then you certainly would not be duffing around in this forum, would you now?  No, you would actually be BUSY..
....Busy maintaining your "finantial" status, right?  Better start by improving your grammatical status, buckwheat!
Anyways, that whole thing was an absolute gas to read, and I'm pretty sure anyone with a brain will see it as the punt it was meant to be!
I'm still rolling in the aisle....
656 September 27, 2003

Where did you guys find these black men?
657 September 29, 2003

Thank you for the excellent site and I'll recommend it to others.  I am so tired of seeing the size question everywhere.  I fully admit (what a way to say it) that I enjoy a large penis!
I was married for 20 years to a man that was barely 6" and I almost never came with intercourse.  When I became single I met a man who is 10" and thick and I came with JUST intercourse, no other touching at all, the second time we had sex.  It was just sex, no emotional ties, no big romance.  That was so liberating!!  I'm not frigid, I don't have a "problem" cumming with intercourse, I just need the right stimulation that I never had before.
658 September 29, 2003

your numbers CANT be right.... a trojan magnum fits very tight on my 5.5" circumference penis... you say that 5.5" is not large, it's average, but I can't fit into a regular condom, they're too tight....women often want to measure my penis to verify size.... if it's merely average, why are women so eager to measure it, and why do i need to buy large condoms?!?! By the way officially, it's 7.25" long and 5.5 around.. Who measured the cocks?  If your numbers are right, all condom companies need to stop making such small condoms
659 October 1, 2003

Give the man a hand for finally turning the tables on men.  A whole lot of men posting here are very offended that their worth as a man is tied to their penis size. Well baby, welcome to the real world.  Look anywhere on the web and you see nothing but pictures of nubile young 20 year olds without an ounce of fat, without a scar anywhere to mar their perfection, big tits, perfect legs and asses.  Heck, you don't even have to look on the net.  Look on TV, billboards, magazines.  Women are bombarded every day of their lives that they have to look like that in order to be worthy of love and respect.  Men have absolutely no idea how insiduous it is and how much it affects women.  Now that women have more options and know what's out there that was traditionally hidden from them they are making that choice.
660 October 1, 2003

Ok, my two cents...
I have read most of this site and agree with the general opinion that women prefer large over small. In my experience women don't think about it that much, but if put to task would admit their preference. A "little" about me. I'm not what would be called tiny, but I'm certainly not big either. I have measured it (many times) and come out as about 5 inches long and 6 inches thick.

I have slept with about thirty women over the years (I'm 37) and have had no complaints .. unless I have asked for them!

Which brings me to my main reason for making a contribution to this discussion. Much has been said about making the most of what one has to offer. I think this is true. I don't have any belief in any of the enlargement techniques which are often suggested on the 'net. So all that remains is to accept what one has and glean whatever pleasure one can from it.

I have known I am small for a very long time. I don;t really recall a time when I was naive enough to think I was big. I don't know quite how I came to the conclusion I was small, but I think it probably came from a number of sources: porn; seing men on nudist beaches; hearing my mother (rather vocally) having sex with a very well hung man (who she ended up marrying); conversations with lovers. But from what ever source it may have come, I eventually realised the truth.

And, I ended up likeing it!! It is strange, but I somehow enjoy the fact that I am small. There is nothing I can do to change the situation, so why not make the "most" of it. I read a comment, somewhere amongst these postings, from a guy who loved women with really big vaginas. I'm with you brother. I can't get enough of women who are big in that department. Large labia and a cavernous hole are huge turn ons. The thought that I am too small to satisfy a woman sends me through the roof.

As I said earlier, I have had few complaints, unless I have asked for them. And that is exactly what I do. Most women are reluctant to hurt one's feelings, but if encouraged will tell me about men who have been better hung than me. It's great.

I love to hear stories about thier welll hung lovers, and love to watch porn where the guys are well hung and the woman is taking it all - vigourously.

This may seem strange to some people, but it is my thing. I just thought I would make the observation that being small isn't all that bad, even if it is true that women want something more. Make the most of what little you have. Use large toys. Try fisting. Discuss the big men in her previous life. Get her to tell you she would prefer larger guys. If you are lucky (and I havn't had this luck) get her to sleep with well hung guys and tell you about it, or better still: watch her doing it (one of my biggest fantasies).

So there you have it ... my little "thing". If anybody has similar thoughts, I'd love to share them. Particularly with women. I really enjoy being humiliated/teased about my size and would welcome any correspondance. I have attached my email address for anyone wishing to contact me.

Thanks - and keep up the good work. lewis19662002@yahoo.com.au
661 October 1, 2003

justin, WHO CARES...  y would these loser women your with want to measure u ? u sound like a real winner.
662 October 1, 2003

Hi there guys or girls my name is Ahsan and i live in india my size is 7 in lenght and 6.75 to 7 in grith is this is perfect size? because i have no experience of sex yet inspite of the fact that i am 25 years old soon my marriage is going to held then i will make intercource with my wife.
As i stated i have no experience of sex so i was worried about the thickness of my penis and i was thinking that my girth is too big and may be i will face problems to enter this in my wife's pussy but after visting this site i am antonished that i am medium size because there are many people who wrote about them penises size over 10 and so on.
Please email me at:
663 October 1, 2003

Moronic. The intellectual capacity and sexual understanding shown by the author this website are abysmal...not to mention the horrible spelling. Anyone who reads this website actually becomes DUMBER for having done so. It's sad that men, instead of wondering whether they are decent enough or caring enough people to find a woman, worry about whether their genitals are big enough.

Guys, listen closely: STOP LOOKING AT PORN! That crap is warping your minds! The answer to satisfying a woman is above the neck, not below the belt! Grow up!
664 October 1, 2003

so it is true that all women want to try a 10or 12 at some point
665 October 1, 2003

To all Women:

Here is a simple quiz that I challenge you to take.  Please answer the following questions.

Imagine a women has a sexual encounter with a man who she feels has a small penis.

Is it OK for her to do any of the following:

The moment after she sees his penis...
a). laugh out loud at him, get up and leave while saying: 'sorry honey, you're just too small for me'

b). laugh out loud but continue the encounter.

c). make an obvious half smile and small laugh without saying anything and continue the encounter.

d). give a small smile and maybe slight vocalization, on accident, but continue.

e). simply and quite frankly say: 'wow you have a small penis.'

d). say nothing but make obvious gestures throughout the encounter implying that his penis is small.

ok got your answers? Remember them.  Now for the second part of the quiz imagine a man has a sexual encounter with a women who he deems to have small breasts and/or a loose vagina.

Is it OK for him to do any of the following:

The moment after he sees her small tits/loose vagina...
a). laugh out loud at her, get up and leave while saying: 'sorry honey, you're breasts/vagina are/is just too small/loose for me'.

b). laugh out loud but continue the encounter.

c). make an obvious half smile and small laugh without saying anything and continue the encounter.

d). give a small smile and maybe slight vocalization, on accident, but continue.

e). simply and quite frankly say: 'wow you have small breasts/a loose vagina.'

d). say nothing but make obvious gestures throughout the encounter that her breasts are small/vagina is loose.

Got your answers? Good now it is time for the comparison.  There are no right or wrong answers.
However, if you said 'yes it's ok' for any of the questions in part 1 (or have done that yourself in the past); but said 'no that's not ok' for any of the questions in part 2 (or have felt hurt or rejected when someone has done it to you)..  Then, quite simply, being totally unfair.  I challenge anyone to disagree with that statement.

Personally, I would not want to be with anyone who was 'unfair' in the above sense, no matter how beautiful, rich, talented, popular, or anatomically proportioned they were. 

To get back to the penis debate...

I think the strongest men are the ones who know they have small penises but deep down are completely unconcerned with this fact.  They are able to live happy, meaningful lives. They do everything and anything they want to.  They marry loving spouses and they fulfill one another completely--sexually and in every other way.  And they eventually die feeling they've accomplished a lot and have been completely satisfied with their lives.
I think any man with a small penis has the potential to be that above idealistic individual.  Still, it obviously takes strength, dedication, persistence, and moral character.  I think achieving most great things in this world require these characteristics.

On the other extreme, I think the weakest of the weak of men, are the ones who would go along with something that 'Sevn' (above) suggests--to have him impregnate their (sexy hot) wives so their kid will have a big cock.  Anyone willing to part-take in such a thing has absolutely no self-pride, dignity, or self-worth. For those men whose wives would ever suggest such a thing, I would urge you to run, not walk, as fast as you can to the divorce courts.

Still not convinced that 'Sevn' is an egomaniac, sex-driven, lunatic (which btw is what your son/daughter would end up being).  Imagine yourself at Thanksgiving dinner.  You are there with your wife, Sevn's child, and the rest of your extended family.  Some relative makes a comment that 'your' son doesn't really look like you.  You reply: 'Oh haha...that's because I was surfing the internet one day and came across this nice guy with a big cock who offered to have sex with my beautiful wife...he offered such a good price that I just couldn't resist.  And boy am I glad that I did!' You bend down and pick up little Johnny.  You stand him on top of the Thanksgiving table and pull down his pants for everyone to see. 'He sure has a big cock doesn't he? He's only 6 too! One of the best decision I ever made!'
Your family, utterly shocked, looks at you like you've gone out of your mind.  Your child stands there and starts to cry.  Sounds like a great life doesn't it?

Sound like a ridiculous story?  If you would go so far as to have another man impregnate your wife so your children would have some magnificent feature, wouldn't you share it with the world, or at least your loved ones?  I mean you sacrificed having your own children for God sake, it's at least worth talking about!  Or is it?  Hmmm..what exactly is ridiculous here?
666 October 2, 2003

message to Christina:
CHRISTINA! (pages 51-100) You sound like my kind of girl. And I sound like your kind of guy...all that aside, I'd love to see your pictures please...e-mail me at colbarnhill@yahoo.com.au
667 October 3, 2003


damn... All for straight people... Why anything for gays? Where are the gay opinnion about penis sixe? And more,only vagina, only pussy... What about anal sex? Do you belive women doesn't like anal sex too?
668 October 3, 2003

thanks for this great website. YOu have included good graphics and scientific measures to prove your ideas and the best part is the advise to the men with small penis. You concluded with best advise.
669 October 3, 2003

lucky one:
Intersting web-site   I've never seen so much analysis on the male organ.  A friend of mine told me about this site, since she's aware of how well-endowed my husband is, she thought I might be curious to read on the subject.   While I just scanned parts of it, I have to say I agree with most of what I read.
I am happily married, to an extremely well-hung man.  He's not only an amazing lover,  but a fantastic all-around husband and father to our two sons.  Before I married (some 20 yrs ago),  I had my fair share of men.    I slept with "under-sized" guys with under 4 inches, to large men in the 8 to 9 range.  All in all, I probably slept with 25 or 30 men before I met my husband.  For the most part, the larger men were more pleasurable sexually, but some smaller endowed guys were actually better lovers than a few of the big men I slept with.   When I met my husband, I knew he was husband material from the first date, and for this reason,  held off on sex to allow myself to get to know him before having sex might cloud my judgement.  We dated about a month before we decided to have sex, and the anticipation made it all that more exciting.    Our 1st couple dates, I remember him wearing very loose, dark colored dress slacks, so I was clueless about what he had in his pants, since this hid the bulge of his cock.   In some slacks and jeans that he wore on later dates, an extremely large bulge was always present.   It never looked hard or stiff in his pants, always curved and relaxed,  yet extremely thick and long.  The anticipation was killing me.  I was really getting to like this man, and was curious about just how big he was hung,  and even more, if I would be able to take his size.
Before having intercourse, I remember one date with Mark where we just kissed and groped,  fully clothed.
I rubbed his cock thru his pants until it got fully hard. I was freaking out by the size if it. I could see the outline of the head, which nearly reached to his knee.   He "apologized" about his excited state, and said he hoped his size didn't frighten me.  I was shocked by what I was feeling and seeing through his pants,  but assumed any man that was this sensitive to my feelings  would be a gentle, caring lover.
A couple weeks later, we got naked after dinner one night, and attmepted to have intercourse.  When Mark dropped his pants, my jaw dropped.  His soft cock was larger than any mans cock I had ever seen. I managed to suck part of it while he was soft, but once he got hard, I could only manage to get half of the head in my mouth.  While it was dissapointing in one way,  the excitement of seeing and holding his massive cock more than made up for not being able to take him in my mouth.  Intercourse was similarly frustrating at first.  As excited as I was for a deep fuck,  the thickness prevented me from taking much of his cock at first. 
I was feeling like there was indeed such a thing as "too large a cock".   However,  we continued to date and have sex, and over the months, Mark was the most patient, passionate guy I ever slept with. Gradually, I was able to get more and more relaxed and opened up more to the point where I was taking most of his cock.  Because it took so much foreplay to get me relaxed and ready to take his size, our lovemaking would last for hours. Once he is in me, we often fuck for an hour or more before he comes.
Mark and I have been married for almost 21 yrs now, and our sex life is as amazing as ever. After reading much of your site, I would agree that sex with a hung man can definately be more  pleasurable.  The stimulation of having a massive cock push into you is undescribable.  I must admit it took a while to get used to taking his size,  still requires lots of foreplay to get used to it.
Besides the physical,  visually seeing my husbands cock, both when he's naked,  or the obvious bulge it makes in his pants is also a huge turn-on.
If Mark wasn't also a kind, generous, intelligent, caring man, I'm sure the excitement of taking his cock wouldn't have lasted long and our dating life would have never led to marrying.  Like you say in your site.... having sex with a huge-hung guy can be physically exciting,  real lovemaking is connecting on many levels, and sharing emotional intimacy as well as the physical.  Given two identical men in every way except for one having a 6" cock, and the other 10" or 12", of course I'd take the bigger hung man. This however is not the real world... every man is a different individual, physical endowement and otherwise.
 I agree that the bigger hung male probably has the advantage in attracting women for dating, sex partners, and ultimately marriage. I have two sons(16 and 19) that take after their father, and I see how they are looked up to by their peers and have no problem getting dates.  While I don't know how big my sons are hung, there unusual size is quite obvious in most clothes they wear.  Their father assures me they were even more blessed with the family gift than he is (he tells me from seeing his sons in the gym locker room).  My husband has instilled a healthy sense of pride in my sons, so hopefully they won't be self-conscious about being hung.  I hope they grow up to also have a balance of good qualities like their dad.
I think your site focuses too much on statistics and measurements, but I guess the fascination with the male organ will persist.  I admit I am still fascinated with my husbands foot-long cock, even after taking him for 20 yrs.  He's never "bottomed out" fucking me, so there may be such a thing as a too large cock...but it works for me. 
Would like to hear from other couples who have great partnerships, and how the  well-hung male figures into their life.
670 October 4, 2003

Mary Kay:
Iam so interested in big dicks, I would love to hear about rock stars with large members. Ive read about tommy lee and lou christie milton beryl and ricky nelson who have bigs ones. Has anyone have any pictures or stories about anyone else in showbusiness that i can fantisize with?  are these guys cercumsized?
671 October 5, 2003

Supposedly according to the average taken many times I'm bigger than the average which states 5.9 inches long, 5 inches girth... but according to this site I'm about the worst cock u can get haha... I'm about 6.2 inches long and about 6 inches girth...and I'm asian haha so ladies gimme some feedback
672 October 5, 2003

Okay here is MY opinion...guys with smaller ones listen up. Most women DO NOT really care about penis size. It is true that if you are very tiny (I'd say under 3-4 inches and pencil sized - like the picture) women would take notice. But if she respects you at all, she would NEVER tell her friends nor would she talk about your member if you were well endowed.

I'm not a slut, but I have had numerous partners, of various sizes, in the past. The best sex I've ever had was with a man with a smaller member. It was amazing because 1)I loved him 2)He was romantic 3)I had amazing orgasms.

Much more important than penis size is if you can bring her to orgasm. In case you didn't know guys - women don't have orgasms from vaginal stimulation. It doesn't matter how extra huge you are...if you don't stimulate the clit, you are lousy in bed!

Smaller guys...I'm telling it to you straight...don't worry...you are fine. I think it's really crazy that guys even measure themselves.

One thing I would like to comment positively on is the women's section. Since women with larger labia are going in for surgery these days to minimize it, I think this site has done a great thing for them. However I think there is nothing wrong with smaller labia either.

BUT hair is NORMAL! Women have hair - little girls don't...it's sick to tell a grown woman that it is sexier to shave it off. It's a woman's preference to shave or not.    
Also all men have foreskins when they are born. I certainly don't think it's unattractive!

My comments are only my opinion but I give them honestly. Men are much more than their penis size! I think most intelligent women would agree!
673 October 5, 2003

People cmon! This debate has been going on for long enough. Why can't we just end this superficial bunch of nonsense and reveal your personal likings to someone who cares. The characterisitics of penis's and pussies are all in the genes. Be happy with what you have because being insecure about yourself and not finding a real lover to share the rest of your life is a bigger regret than having genetials at all. I admit I was curious about penis size but as I read more, I find it more degrading than gratifying. Good bye and farewell forever to this site.
674 October 6, 2003

to lucky_one, post 669   i bet u have one LARGE ass pussy.after 20 yrs with the same freak ass cock ,ur hole must be enormous.GROSS.ur husband is a FREAK.PERIOD.now return the big screen tv to ur kids by removing it from ur pussy.
675 October 6, 2003

pussy preferences please....
676 October 6, 2003

I'm just wondering, but where do the "facts" from this site come from?  In particular, things such as the graph on page 40, and the chart on page 36.  It might make your site seem a little more valid if you referenced everything, as one might in a scientific paper.  After all, you might just be saying what is "common sense" but has no research to back it.  Like the claim that a bigger penis increases the chance of impregnation -- this may seem to be common sense, but is there actually any research to back it up?  If so, providing a link to such things would help the reader see that this is a site whose claims are 100% backed by research.
677 October 6, 2003

It is so obvious that people are posing under the same name here. Probably a bunch of 14 year olds. As far as all the huge guys...yeah right.
678 October 6, 2003

I hate to admit it but, SIZE MATTERS! My husband, who is about 6 inches long, recently purchased a vibrator for me measuring 12 inches. At first we just used it on my clit until I reached orgasm, but lately I've been making him fuck me with it. I'm addicted! We've found I can take almost 9 inches! I love my husband's cock, but getting "deep-dicked" is my new love. I have to say that the feeling of getting completely filled is something that a small dick just cannot do.
679 October 6, 2003

I found the information to be, generally, spot on.  As one with a very small penis, four inches, and less than four inches 'round, I have had my problems with women telling me how small it is, what a turn-off it is, etc.  I've been dumped by more than one woman in whom I was interested because of my small size. I cannot do very many positions which women seem to want and my penis DOES continually fall out during sex.  And I have had women tell me they can't feel it in them, that there is no sensation whatever.

In short (please excuse the pun!), I have experienced many of the things talked about in these pages and finmd them to be true.
680 October 6, 2003

I think your study is flawed... Think about it..Women want 8 to 9 inch dicks or more??? Couldnt even get it in all the way, leaving the most intense bundle of female nerves, the "clit" untouched...I am only 6.75 long and 5.6 of girth and my wife wont let me do her from behind because "it hurts her".... Me myself, I don't like 'huge boobs"...I think a c cup is perfect.. Otherwise, what do you do with a women that is a triple d cup.. put a cow bell around her neck I guess... Babies come out of that hole and shoot... If your dick don't weight 12.lbs 5 ounces and 22 inches long, you aint shit...
681 October 7, 2003

Hey guys and gals..after reading the website, which I found most interesting, and then deciding to read some of the postings to see what was happeing here. I find that there much confusion as to the penis. The human race is made up of deversity and it is this diversity that has caused the human race to florish. This means that people come in different shapes and sizes. If we were all the smae it would be boring. So men have different sized penises and different size apendages, just as the ladies do. I would love to say the I have a huge penis, but I don't it is average 6 x 6 and has done me just fine. Although the penis enhancement has been of interest to me. The bottom line is that we all like different things for different reasons. That is why we are different. But one must know the the penis is not an individual. That it is attached to a being with a life. This being is male and does have much more to offer than a penis. It comes as a whole package.
682 October 7, 2003

vagina is a place where my penis slips a lot and i forgot after putting my penis into my girl friends vagina
683 October 7, 2003

HEY GIRLS!!! Personally, I don't like Large Chested Women... I like girls with that "Gymnast Look!".. More of a flatter chest! I have had several relationships with Large Busted Women..I think "Foney Brests" are GROSS!!! My favorite look is a girl with Dark Hair and Blue eyes.. About 5'3' to 5'.5.. I like a girl who is FUN TO BE WITH!! Who laughs at my stupid jokes, who smiles alot!!! About sex?... I am 6.75 by 5.5 and sometimes sex is better than other times with the same person...It is like going to my favorite restaurant and having my favorite dish.. Sometimes its wow, and other times its like, "hey, this isn't as good as last time".Sometimes even my "little guy bottoms out in the girl... You women are like us guys in a way except WE CAN'T SEE HOW YOU MEASURE UP DOWN THERE!!! Some of you are HUGE down there!!! I think of it as "maybe the garage is too big for the car"...A guy the size of a 747 jumbo jet will easily get lost in you!!! Some of you women are EXTREMELY Tight, even after child birth...So you women who prefer HUGE DICKS it is probably because your Vagina is Extremely large and you can't feel the "average man" in you.Would I personally Dump you for a tighter pussy and a smaller chested women??? No!, if I like you I like you... It's the Whole package, the times we have, the way we get along, the smile on your face, your sense of humor etc... It Is all about FUN!!! And sex is just a small part of it...And personally, I don't give a F$#@k what you or any women may think of my "small 6.75 x 5.5 pecker!!! I really don't!!! That's like me worrying about my hair color, foot size, the color of my eyes or whatever.... And LIFE IS WAY TOO SHORT for me to worry about things I can't change or what others care about!!! Shoot, maybe some of us smaller guys should get some of you Size Queens doggy style and shove it in your POOP Shoot, and say to you, "Hey! It aint so little now, is it bitch?!!!""" Seriously guys!!! Yes, it would be great to make every bitch scream as we try to SPLIT her open with our 15 inch cock, yes, as if we are trying to kill her with our dicks... But if a women likes you for purely that, then she will leave for a guy with a nicer car, or more money or whatever, and women,,, be happy with yourselfs as well,,, Its not only "GIRLS THAT JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN"....Ya know???
684 October 7, 2003

PUSSY PREFERENCES.... Girls, number one, make sure you are clean and fresh... Nothing worse than feeling like we are sticking are heads into a garbage can... Second, keep yourselfs trimed... Don't like sticking our faces into a "forest of pubic hairs"... Finally, Have fun.... I personally don't like very large lips with alot sticking out or a super smooth look either...but, when making love who cares>>>???
685 October 7, 2003

Seems to me that the only ones who care about brutes with big penises are the men. No bloke could hypnotize me by waving an ugly, overszied tool between his legs. I'd rather have someone confident enough not to need to try and dominate me. Men who need to pretend they can reduce an intelligent girl to a drooling mess must be afraid of women.
686 October 8, 2003

This website is obviously SATIRE. Remarkably, there seem to be a lot of morons who are TAKING THIS WEBSITE SERIOUSLY, as if it were in a goddamn refereed journal or something!

It's a JOKE, guys, a JOKE! I can guarantee you that women don't walk around thinking "I need a dick the size of a fire hydrant inside me"! Women, my friends, are NOT MEN. Sex is more than bodies with women and it's tragically sad that it's not the same with men.

And these long, narrative sex stories you people post: BWAH HAHAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHA!
687 October 8, 2003

Army guy:
It is sad how people judge others' penis size without knowing if they fall into the big or small category. In my opinion a big penis is anything over 10 in., samll is anything under 6 in., and normal sixe is between 6-10 in.

I, myself have a 9 in by 7 in dick. I don't consider myself big in size. But size depends on what type of women you are having sex with. This is because for what one girl is small for another is big.

I don't think size matters, what matters is technique. You can have the biggest dick but can't make a girl feel good. In the contrary, you can have a 4 in dick and make a woman feel really really good. (Women and men out there don't confuse an orgasm with penatrory pain caused by size).

As for my experiences I have being with about 40 women so long. About 50% of them could stand my size. ABout 25% were pleased with it and the rest 25% did felt a thing.

As I said it before I don't think size matters.
688 October 8, 2003

Okay first of all how can you make a percentage deciding of what peolple like if not everyone things the same. Wasn't the amount of people in the charts around 5000. Well compare this to the amount of people in the wolrd which probably goes over the trillions' mark
689 October 8, 2003

As I was looking through the pages I found out that some contradict each other. The vagina size chart nullify all of the others. It showed that an aroused vagina is between 5 and 6 in. and that it from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 in. in diameter. So this means that is also the best size for a aroused penis. I know it also show measurements for a streched vigina. but when a Vigina is streched this means the woman is in pain.
690 October 9, 2003

Wow what a site! 
I just wanted to comment on the whole Labia Debate. I think without a doubt a woman with a large Labia Minora (Lips) is Soooo sexy! I also think large clits are extremely Sexy.I am Afro-American and Cuban with a 8.75 inch penis and I have been with quite a few ethnicities and have found the in the realm of large clits and labias, the Persian and the Caucasian woman have the best master pieces in this subject matter.I just wish I can find MORE woman with large lips and large clits! And yes I admit it, I like to go down! If you have any comments OR Pictures ladies feel free to E-mail me at Shaboz2@hotmail.com
691 October 9, 2003

In general: A very good site.  Incredibly informative and put forward in such a way as to argue convincingly.  However, I would like to ask how accurate the penis size graph is, as due to the circumference of my penis (4.5inches) I am an E, although during sex no one has ever complained.
692 October 9, 2003

Hey Guys!!! I just figured it out... According to this site, the perfect Penis size is 9 inches long by 8 inches around!!! Since only 2 in 100 men are of this "PERFECT SIZE", this means that the other 98 women are not getting the satisfaction they deserve.. This directly corolates to their demeanor, namely, BITCHEYNESS!!!...This is why in our travels, we only will meet 2 in 100 women who are "really nice"....They stay this way until they leave their current boyfriend or get dumped... Then, us teenie weenie, less than perfect guys start dating them and suddenly these REALLY NICE girls, turn into BITCHES!!! Sometimes the ones that parted with us, become VERY NICE girls..... hmmmm.....
693 October 9, 2003

Guys.... a little hint when measuring your tool... It seems some guys are measuring from the side.. One guy wrote "my penis is 8.5 inches long and 7 inches when measured by the "base".. The reason he got two different measurements is he used two different methods.. THE CORRECT MEATHOD IS TO USE A RULER OR IN SOME CASES A "Yard stick".. With a full erection push the ruler into the pubic bone directly above where the penis meets the body. Pull the penis so it is level with the floor and measure to the tip of the head...One women wrote, "my husband is 12 inches".. What is her method of measurement? She is probably measureing from the back of the scrotum to the tip of the head!Or she was reading "centimeters", There you have it,,, Sorry to ruin some of you guys' perceived size, but you can't use different methods and have everyone in the same game. One women wrote that she can take 13 inches from a dildo, because she'll NEVER find a guy 13 inches...So, all she has is a hole between her legs? What, no liver?, intestinal tract or lungs??? Anyways,,, this site is FUNNY and FUN... Hope no one takes this seriously...I hope none of us see the guy on the bottom of the page with the huge wang as real...:)
694 October 9, 2003

Well, let me tell you all the truth on my end of this debate.. First, I am "only average" at 6.5x5.5. I have had over 70 women in a 5 year period. That makes me a slut..One girl after I was with her told me about her ex boyfriend and how huge he was..We dated awhile and she started to fall for ME...I was not very interested in her because she was a typical "ditzy blonde". I did like her though..A few years later, I met another girl, we were together for about 3 years. After we broke up she told me she had an affair with my roommate who was very big.. I asked her, "well was it different or better?", she said, "yea, it was different".. I then asked her why she was calling me then?'....She tried several more times to renew our relationship but I just wasn't interested.. As a matter of fact, she stayed over one night and I had to have her brothers litterally carry away from my house, she would not leave!!!Another girl, who I was dating, started to see another guy at the same time as me.. I found out and was furious!!! She proceeded to tell me how big his dick was,"I thought my ex husband was huge", she said," I could hardly get my mouth around him"...Why in the hell are you telling me this" I don't give a shit", I told her.. I really wanted to get her back and no matter what I did she would not commit til I started seeing another girl.. She BEGGED me to come back to her... I turned her down and smiled as she cried!!! Out of all of my girlfriends that I have had, all of them called me at one time or another,,,... One girl I hadnt seen in 15 years and wanted to "see how I was".. Of the 5 steady girls over the past years, All of them have called me...Why? I don't know, but I don't really care either...It seems to me, that if HUGE or Bigger was REALLY BETTER, then they would not have tried to get back with me... some 5 10 or 15 years later...This only proved to me that YES, I really am a great guy, and no SUPER STUD can make any of these women happier than when they were with me and my little 6.5 inch dick....They did cum with me, orally and on occassion, with the dick... So, all of you women who like to try to make guys feel bad by saying how small they are, you are only hurting yourselfs. Because in the long run, you may find that the guy your with, or had with the small member, was really the guy that was the BEST..And one day, you will get old, for women, after 25 years old it's all downhill.. Your breast start to sag, your ass gets bigger, your "streatchmarks" make you embarassed to wear a bikini, and wrinkles start making their marks..Guys no longer chase you, look at you or even want you... As for us guys, we actually get better with age... We can get young girls when we are even in our 60s.... Look at Paul McCartney!!! So, be thankfull that maybe someone loves you, because in the end, its all any of you will have.. No guy will take you back if you are that hurtfull with your tongue!!!The dirt that comes out of your mouth may make you one day wallow in it...The bottomline guys??? The girls who try to hurt us with penis comparissons is just that... They ARE TRYING TO HURT US THAT WAY BECAUSE THEY CANT KICK OUR ASSES>... It is kind of pathetic in a way... I really feel sorry for girls who are like this.....
695 October 10, 2003

For those of you who keep bashing women to make yourselves feel better, you are appearing that much more insecure.  Some men and women care about penis size, some don't. It's not a gender issue, but rather a personal preference.
696 October 10, 2003

For those of you who keep bashing women to make yourselves feel better, you are appearing that much more insecure.  Some men and women care about penis size, some don't. It's not a gender issue, but rather a personal preference.
697 October 11, 2003

Much respect to the person who created this site. I ain't no well endowed guy, on a good day I got a 5 & a half in penis erect. I'm just playing with the cards I've been dealt, this is who I'm.

How big of a deal would it be if all most guys had big penises? The world has it's Ying and Yangs. I'm slowly getting the fact that I wasn't blessed with a 9 inch penis, and I'm accepting it day by day. Try not to let your whole world revolve around your insecurities about your penis. I love the way this site speak the truth. Deep down I knew woman perferred bigger cocks but I was in denial, now I'm willing to accept losing a woman because she ain't fell I could satisfy her cause of my penis size.

The only thing I don't accept is letting myself be degraded by a hung guy. Me not having a 9 inch cock doesn't make me a waste of skin, or garbage. There are many ways to be blessed or talented.

For the hung guys out there don't ever think I'm less of a person cause I don't measure up like you, you had no control of how big your penis got, it's straight up luck.

I can be blessed with having the skill to take a mans consciousness away from him. You may be blessed by being hung but just don't forget there are more blessings in the world than a big penis.
698 October 11, 2003

    Listen to DAN (post 693).  Very good insight about the measuring methods.  I just assumed everyone here was right, thanks Dan for putting it into perspective.
699 October 13, 2003

Hello my name is spike.I just want to empethize with those of you that are insecure. My believe and i'm just another man so I don't really know from a womans stand point, but here it is. Women by nature ( in genral) are the most emotional creatures.. Ok you got one insecurity to a womans ten!!! Truth be told, the most sensitive parts of the sexual female anatomy ( the first 3 inches inside a woman and of course her clitorious. ( I think the spellings right..) the g-spot can also usually be reached by a finger, don't worry about getting them off!! You people don't think that originally God made it so any man could sexually satisfy a woman with the know how. I don't think that any man needs to be judged by what he has but what he does. This world especially this country has become too obsessed with sex. What about love people!!! We are supposed to be more intelligent than animals and allowed by the grace of God to experience emotions towards one another. so lets act as we're supposed too.

   Men I fucking gaurantee that there are woman and a lot of them. that wait for marriage to have sex and there are some really nice girls who would want nothing more than to settle down even if they're not pure. it all basically has to do with mens objectivity towards woman. sureiy you can't expect women not to do the same. ( if you need help uderstanding refer to the bible).. some of you may not believe me but just think about this. men judge women by looks such as for examples: weight, breast size, thier facial attraction, etc. well don't you think that these such judgements are nagetive insecurity outlets for women??? Then why can't a woman in a world  gone wrong like bigger men??

   Who cares what some people think about the size of the male anatomy. it's always going to differ from man to man. Sex in it self isn't everything this world has to offer, it's such a pity many of us dwell on it. trust me guys women,would gladly settle down with cinemeter peter guy simply for the joy of love and lifetime companionship. yes there are some women who'll refuse to change as with guys up until its to late, but those women chose what they thought was the best of thier benefit. really all they chose was the road to ruin...
    I personally only measure up to be 7 1/2 lenth and 5.4 width but its what God gave me and if a woman won't love me for who I am instead of what I have then my search isn't over meaning it's not the end until the end. Word of advice for those who are frightened by being rejected by women ( in that sorta way), try to find other ways to enjoy your life. find other interests as I am sure that you already have. One of my personal favorites is a good animated feature to wisp me away from this shitty world..

    Remember that there are far worse things to be without than a gigantic penis. appreciate the things we as a free country do have and by every means possible love and accept God......


                              thank you,
700 October 13, 2003

Regarding the issue of penis size, I have almost the opposite problem. I have balls that are 10" in circumference. My erect penis is 7", but when flaccid, it appears to be swallowed up by my huge balls and looks like an acorn. Having such large balls presents the same problems as men with an oversized penis. I need to buy special order swimsuits that have a built-in pouch, otherwise the works either slip out or are exposed in certain positions. I happen to be Gay, and alot of Gay men would love to display a large "basket" but in reality it can be embarrassing. Wearing levis is another problem - the crotch is just to confining, so in public and work I tend to wear pleated docker style pants. A few men have thought I had some weird disease causing my balls to become bloated. And pulling down the shorts for the "cough test" with the Doctor definately raises an eyebrow. I quess the bottom line is really that I wish my flacid penis could be in proportion with my large balls. Anybody wishing to comment or take a look at a pic go ahead and email me at dane@daneland.com.....Thanks for letting me vent a bit here!!

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