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601 September 5, 2003

okay i am so sick of all this stuff

this site made many people angry, instead of just taking it for an opinion (that's what it is), many people are blaming the opposite sex for their insecure disposition and making all kinds of rude comments.  people are also saying things like "women who like large dicks are _____" or "small men feel they need to _____ to get ____".  SHUT THE FUCK UP EVERYONE!

Don't you see that all-in-all this is a society which focuses on insecurites?  otherwise there would not be so many creams, pills, pumps patches and what have you that promise to make you lose weight or become more pronounced in certain regions.  this is also why we have media hype, eating disorders and general shame.  even if this stuff is true, many people who come to share their experiences cant say so without putting someone else down.

crap like the whole MANDINGO debate, breast/labia size and the whole WELL I SAW THIS AND THAT argument gets people nowhere and this site made by ONE dude with a lot of time on his hands has just cause a huge division between the sexes.

for a lot of women preferences stem from many different causes.  unless you have first hand experience with a woman you can't assume she has a mental problem just because she has a preference.  same for guys, a guy may be average size and not pay it any mind and would just devote time to making girls feel good, or a girl may like the look of a huge dick or even the feel but when encountered with one she may find out it hurts her and she won't screw a really large dude again

im a girl and all through my experience a guy with a bruised ego will be on the offensive so they like to say things like women being sluts or having problems if sh may prefer a large dick.  if she has a large canal, why not? 

people also come on here with as much knowledge on the subject as the author but claim to know everything.  i think everyone could benefit from some simple NON BIASED sex ed that you can apply to your everyday life.

i've had like half a dozen boyfriends of all different races and i can tell you that this site is okay in VAGUE terms for racial size, but i've been with an Asian dude that was large, a black dude who was average at best but really thick, a latin dude who was big all around and now i'm with a white guy whos somewhat thick and has good length, hes my best match so far and we've been together for a good while now

he knows how to please me very well using his tongue and i decided to not have sex for a while until i got birth control i wanted so now we're going to go at it fir the first time tomorrow but i know it's going to be good because he always makes me cum well without penetration.  he's a caring guy with excellent timing and stamina and that matters too so don't always get hung up on size.

other places have documented the possibilities for pleasure with different sized penises and vaginas and i think that is true.  what's too big or small for one couple could be just right for another. it's relative and depends on a lot of things like your basic body type and frame for women fitness level for men, how aroused both people are and everything.

theres too much insecurity out there.  please take these types of sites with a grain of salt.  don't consult pornographic movies as a guide 4 sex and take time to GET EDUCATED on topics instead of making stupid assumptions and hurting people

602 September 5, 2003

To Christine Hwang

Of all the sizes you mention, which size range do you prefer? why?
603 September 5, 2003

I ran across this web-site while one of my best friends was visiting me last month. We laughed and had a great time reading some of this stuff. I am going to tell you about myself, I am a 28 year old woman. Married and atractive, not trying to sound snobbish here. I am on the petite side a little over 5 foot and barely over 100 pounds. The reason for my stats is because I want to put my 2 cents worth of experience on this topic. I have had a total of 7 different men in my life that I had sex with. My husband is my 7th and last. In highschool and college is where I had the previous 6. My friends and myself were somewhat hung up on penis size. We always talked about it and would tell each other the size of our conquests. I measured every one except my first, which if I remember was about 5 or 6 inches. My husband is that size also. I will get to him later on. Out of the seven guys, two of them were really big. One was 9 and one was almost 11, no lie. The other 3 were 6 inchers. The catch here is that I was with the 9 and 11 incher right before my husband. Let me tell you that I noticed the difference instantly. I dated the guy with the 11 inches for about 1 year before we broke up and then I met my husband. The sex was great with him. It took him almost a month too fully penetrate me. Before that he would bottom out at about 8 inches like the guy with the 9 incher always did. When we broke up, I didn't have sex for almost a year. When the time came for my future husband and myself to have sex I was ready. When he entered me, I was saying to myself,"Get this over with so I can go home." But he made up for it with is tech. and tongue and staying power. Right before we got married we talked about our past lovers. He was really intrigued with my past with hung guys. On our first anniversary, which was this past March, he bought me a 18 inch dildo that is only 2 inches wide. We practice all the time to see how many inches I can take. Well I can get in just over 13 inches now. I have no goal it just turns us both on in some strange way. Well getting back to my best friend , when she was visiting I told her about this and she said that she wanted to try it. Note: we are not bi, nor did my husband get involved. Well one afternoon when the man was at his softball game, we had a few beverages and gave the old 18 incher a teasing. I first got myself lubed up and put in a foot. She was amazed. When she tried after she materbated, which was a real turn on, she got in only 8 inches when it bottomed out. Side note: The biggest guy she ever had sex with was a 7 incher and she is taller than me. All this is true. The point of this is that everyone is different and just because you had the biggest that doesn't mean that the biggest is the best.
604 September 6, 2003

The System:
Younger male... I had always suspected the many things you point out here. Strong Work!
605 September 7, 2003

My wife * I were divorced about 5 years ago, sex wise everything was normal. About 4 years ago I had radiation treatment for prostate cancer, after that my penis has shrivelled to where soft it is about 1 1/2 -2" in length to semi erect & hard maybe 4" in length, 4 1/2 in circumference, but never get s real hard. I have gotten to where I masturbate a lot & because of the shortness I use my thumb & two fingers.
I haven't had intercource sinc my wife & now I am beginning to wonder if it would even be possible with the limpness. If the vagina was real loose it might be possible but with a tight one I would have my doubts. I have not tried viagra so don't know if that would work or not under the medical circumstances. What would your thoughts be on this? John.
PS: If you respond by e-mail I have a Spam Blocker & you will have to request access to my mail box. andykej@mindspring.com
606 September 8, 2003

well, time once again to put in my spiel---brief though it shall be..  Oh, and to Christine Hwang: I really do like women of varying breast sizes, but it is because of their other stimulating qualities---not just the physical dimension.. I do take exception to your idea that I am somehow "accountable" for having a normal size dick instead of a large one, and you know what?  The woman's vaginal size can be held accountable, if you wanna play that game..  So stick that shit about "excuses";  there IS such a thing as a 'played out' vagina!  But , I do not wish to come across as bitter or cynical---as many of you out there clearly are..
It has already been reinforced by SCORES of hotblooded, sensual women out there---on surveys at reputable sites---that the thing they look for the most, when checking out a guy, is IMAGINATION..  Yes folks, that's right...the brain is still considered to be the sexual organ that packs the greatest punch..To those of you who didn't know that:  Stick that in your crack pipe 'n smoke it..  Better yet, get off the f*ckin computer and go find an actual date..
Oh yes....If I did have a longer dick, then of course I wouldnt complain!  But the one I have is working just fine, an' I've got better things to ponder....
To those here who are uplifting and considerate:  Keep it up, babies, u r beautiful :)
607 September 8, 2003

I want to clear up the big black penis issue since no one has been able to or has the balls to.  The black race, as a whole, do not have larger dicks than anyone else, except for here in the U.S. Why?
Let me explain...in the slavery days black people were a bit like livestock.  One big stud was used to do all the breeding.  The offspring of this big (and probably hung) man would have the same characteristics.  Big slaves can do more work.  This kind of breeding was going on almost everywhere slavery was, generation after generation, for quite a long time.  Don't believe it?  Go to Africa and see for yourself.  Blacks paid a price for the big dick.  Brutal truth.
608 September 8, 2003

Doesn't matter:
There is such a thing as too big. My penis is naturally 10 inches long when erect and it really does have its negatives. You get a lot of perverted looks because you cannot help but show a massive bulge in your crotch and when you get hard when you see a girl, she knows it. The average size I think is adequate and very manageable.
609 September 9, 2003

slick willy:
I have just an avarage little dick (six inches)but thank God I have a tounge, I love nothing more than licking a big loose pussy and getting women exited, my cock just dos'nt do it for them. I am only intrested in women with really loose pussys, I prefer women that have been used and abused by big men, exspecialy ones that have been fisted, I just love to lick there cunts for hours and if I'm lucky after I have satisfied them with my tounge, they let me splash around inside there loose sloppy pussy with my cock. O what a wonderfull feeling !!
610 September 9, 2003

Anyone know of any places to buy larger size condoms (suitable to 7.75-8"" girth/8.25" length)?
611 September 9, 2003

Read this it might help you - or stay as you always were:
I'm too busy to waste my time with loosers but I feel we all need help at some point in our life.

First: We know relationship, love... matters... it is clear this site is about the size of penis not relationship, other values or other bullshit- so get it right.As such it gives you information you were looking up when browsing.
Or isn't it what you wanted to know -?
   Note: that the sizes are a bit over or not - these were submitted by people like you. Some had no idea how to measure- some had no chance to measure.Try to tell your b/f you wanna check his penis size with a ruler! Or other way around to check your vagina!

Second: All urologists, psychologist - mind your own business. If you are in darkness about the subject just keep doing what you are doing - keep away!
I had 5 1/2 by 4 1/2 thick. It was terrible.And I was very sexually active. I went to see a urologist ( I was 23 at a time) - he told me - yeah - you below average a bit - but we can't help you).
So much for science.So, if you have no knowledge, please keep shut up and don't discourage others to help themselves.I would visit you if I had an infection or something you heard about.But I wouldn't ever trust you with this. It's simple - you cannot admit there is something out there that works simply because it would destroy your carer; or; you are narrow minded - one of these.

I'm 48 now in great shape. I started Penis Exercises - yes, you dumn arogants, I BOUGHT IN for some $ 30 - one time 'investment'.

The best part is - I was so desperate, I already had papers for surgical penis elargement and I was in a process of arranging it.

I remembered I read on Internet about PE but I was  same arrogant as you are and I though it was rubish.But before you get your own 'dick'cut and pay huge amount of money you probably think twice. So did I.
The LAST day I subscribed to one of these and I tried it.
It works quite fast at the beginning but after it requires lots of dedication.After 1 1/2 years, I'm 1 and 1/2 inch longer and 3/4 inch more girth.How it feels? Not here to explain  - because there are thousands of believers out there who hope size doesn't matter. Of course it does!

Third: Penis is very important to get more stimulation.So is vagina. If a woman puts down a man because his penis is small - what should the man say?
Remember, women although have children, its much easier for them to keep their vagina tight - by exercising PC muscles. It is much easier than to 'grow penis' - wouldn't you agree?
But most of them are comfortable - they do nothing and they need and demand a huge penis!Easy business, isn't it? And you bet there are few out there who  fell into this category.
Lesson: we should love and help each other.
If you want to enjoy 'tighter' sex - you might both work for it. You enlarge your penis, she tightens your vagina. More fair. hehe.( don't be so serious - man, if you listen you'll be fine).

Lost count (next): there are people who feel angry, sorry, name it....
This site I would believe is meant for people to help them to understand others and their genitals.
So get your act together, please. There are people who scream against this site ( a woman) says '90% is clitoral sex- bla bla,,) -because she never had other one. We are talking about 'VAGINAL' pleasure.
Nothing else. Penis against vagina.
Of course you don't need extreme sizes - depends on both.But if vagina extreme large - needs a BIG one!
If a psychiatrist is trying to explain her point that the small one does the same - she belongs to psychiatric institute. Don't be realy so naive.It does not realy matter if someone is a doctor or whatever - if he cannot help you just to bulshit you.
He has NO AUTHORITY to discuss this matter because he NEVER HELPED anyone to change his size - unless surgically - which is unnecessary! They are ok and useful in other things - it's great.
But when it comes to this site - it's not for them.As simple as that.They cannot comprehend - if they can - they cannot say it - their practice would be in danger.

Final:If you are small - subscribe to a good site which one? I'm not here to do business.
Do not cry or feel sorry for yourself - because if you don't try - you DESERVE to be as you are!
And - yes - you have to work very, very, damn hard to get it working. Dedication.
So, people, stop dreaming and get real.Man knows during intercourse when his small. So does she. There are lucky ones who are matched and don't have these problems to worry about.
Good luck on your way to your happiness.Make your life as good as you deserve it.
(In case someone things I'm here to promote anything,
stay small and keep crying. It is your decision to be like that - you cannot blame anyone but yourself for your narrow mindness and (or) lack of motivation and self esteem) - If this helped even one men to get happier and bigger - it was good.
Info:I'm caucassian, married happily for 25 years.

Last: there are lots of valuable contributions in this site. Just depends how you can make them usefull in your life.
There is no need to offend the author - he was trying to clear up a centuries old question.
And he's done so. He deserves credit, don't you think?It requires, dedication, guts, interest, inquiring mind.
Or: did doctors solve this problem for us?
ohhh ........be real. hehehehehehe they  will tell you this in 2499 - maybe!

Stop dreaming, if you feel small (penis), vagina(large) move your ass and get to work!!!!!!
I wish you suceess and hapiness.Please, stop blaming, screaming at others - take the goodies out of here.And use it to your greatest advantage.I wish I had access to this info when I was a teenager - it would saved me many years of hardship, with my 'hardworking' little dick and would had tons of more pleasure.
612 September 9, 2003

by the way, sites can make money by the mere hits on a page ...

to the topic:
size (and firmness) is extremely variable on the same man, several inches. depending on a host of factors, one of which is the sexual attractiveness of the woman (i do not care about gay stuff here). so in many cases the dick is small because the woman is not a real turn-on. something to always keep in mind as well.
613 September 9, 2003

To Nola & Redhead33:
You two should join a whore house because it appears that you have been used so much that even a monster cock couldn't please you so you might as well just let the "average" men have their fun.

Julius Torrales said: "My Girlfriend is always looking at my guy friends package . I think that's not being faithful to me. What would you say ???"
I think it is normal for men and women to look at other people, however if she is doing it obviously and frequently and it bothers you... tell her.

To Christine Hwang:
Those numbers you post are bogus... (they may be listed on this site, but are still bogus) if you can't enjoy an "average" penis, you have been stretched too much.

To Sunny:
Anyone who has slept with 175+ men is not someone I want to listen to.  Frankly I don't buy it.

The first man that I had a regular sexual relationship with was 10".  I assumed that most men were like this, but haven't found another since.  In fact, none have been more than 6".  One guy I dated for a year was about 4".  The point of average is that most people are like that.  (The averages on this site are not accurate - they are all different) Here's some numbers from a poll on a site I use (once again different than other sites):

Less then 3" 6  [0.90%]
3-4" 9  [1.36%]
4-5" 54  [8.13%]
5-6" 219  [32.98%]
6-7" 259  [39.01%]
7-8" 90  [13.55%]
8-9" 20  [3.01%]
10"+ 7  [1.05%]
Nobody should feel shitty about being average.  Average is yummy.  :)
It really amuses me that the only people on here who are trying to get everyone to believe that a huge penis is best are the whores and the guys who claim to have a monster cock.  Anyone ever think that maybe those guys are trying to convince women that it is good because they can't get laid?  I would not be turned on by some 12" log hanging in my face. 

I like porn yet the huge cock sites don't do a thing for me.  Your penis should not be bigger than your leg, lol.  Proportion is key.  It doesn't look natural to have a huge cock unless you are a huge guy everywhere else.  I have had several sizes and until my current husband, never had an orgasm.  My husband is 6" and his cock is soooo nice.  He is the first man to make me orgasm & cum. 

For all of you that say that bigger is better, why couldn't the man with 10" make me cum?  If men who are smaller than a horse can't please a woman, what am I a goat?  A good lover is someone who spends a lot of time on foreplay.  My husband spends anywhere from 20-40 fingering and sucking my pussy.  I cum every time.  We then have sex and he makes me cum again.  His cock fits perfectly.

Go find your horse cock, I will stay here with my real man.
614 September 10, 2003

The debate rages on I see. They are all differnt this is true and in a perfect world a woman would have the knowledge of one mans penis and a man one vagina.

Now to way it is. Thick is better than thin due to friction. A woman often has to work harder to get sensation from a small one, thus causing the man to ejaculate to quickly. He thinks, he really has her going, when in reality she is just trying feel something. A woman can relax and be stimulated to vaginal orgasm much easier with a fat penis. Often a smaller one causes over sensation(an anoying tickle) and prevents a woman from achieving orgasm.

Feelings and emotons are the bigest part of it, but a little more never hurts. Unless its huge.
615 September 11, 2003

the only  B I G  problem i see with having a "huge" cock, is not being able to have anal sex with a woman, which is a favorite of mine. this is something some of you guys should also consider.
616 September 11, 2003

To    MARIA:
do you have any pictures of this 18"inc dildo and you with 13"inc fully in?
I don't believe it is phiscally possible for a women to fit that amount up her!My girlfriend can only fit 7-8 in, how is it possible to stretch her more without hurting her? if you have any proof or pics or anyone else does email me at :


617 September 11, 2003

Paula Robertson:
Can we CUT the bull and be damn HONEST?

We are in the 21st Century not the 18th and women are NOT afraid to expect the best from their me on the areas of intelligence, character and in having a good body.

Part of that is a minimum 6 to 7 inch penis. 5 may be just about ok but any guy with 4 inches or less should face reality and realise that he cannot compete with 6+ inches as that extra few inches is WHAT MASKES THE MOST DIFFERENCE - ok it is also HOW a guy uses it but if he has not much to use then he is going to be relatively lousy compared to other options.

WE WOMEN HAVE THE RIGHT TO REJECT MEN WITH SMALL DICKS it is up to us and is not cause we are BIG down there but cause we just prefer the look, feel and sexual thrill of a normal to large dick and we reject small sized men.

I for one will tell a guy with a 4 incher to put his pants back on and will not do it with him just to make his ego less damaged !

618 September 11, 2003

I have seen a number of people posting who seem to me to be either lying or complete freaks of nature.  While I have seen what I guess would be 8" cocks in porn, they seemed to be very very long as well.  For some reason, it just seems to me that a 9x8 or 9x7 is not proportionate.  They just seem to wide for that length.
619 September 11, 2003

O.K. It's my turn.
Are you people out of your mind's?   This is first of all not a debate, but an opinion that we are seeking from one another. Everybody has a different one to some degree, just like our bodies. We all have areas we wish were different, but you get what you get. I'm not gonna tell you how insecure my 10" x 8" penis makes me feel, because it's really 6 x 5. All you guys writing in must have broken rulers and these women are terrible judges of penis size. One woman swore mine was 8" at least. Have you looked at some of the porn sites where the guy claims to have 10" of cock in one website, then in another the same guy is said to have 15" of cock. Reality check please! Besides, your imaginations are running wild with these letters. I am imagining the women writing to this article are probably not the sexy, sensual women I would want in my life. I'm speaking of the ones who want to kill off all the 6" and underlings. I imagine they are really 400 pounders with internet identities only. Anyone can say anything on the internet-remember that. I've had women from 4'-9" tall with the largest vagina I've ever seen ( I could actually insert an eggplant into her), to women who were so tight I thought I was gonna hurt them bad myself. Ya know what, IT DID'NT MATTER THAT MUCH. I remember that sex with with one paticular woman was awesome~and why? Because I really loved her, and we were great together. I'ts the HUMAN CONNECTION that makes sex great, not size entirely. Now I'm not gonna B.S. you and tell you I don't wish mine were bigger. I'm just gonna say I'ts not as important as you people are making it out to be,. Certainly not worth killing yourself over, or feeling worthless. Do you guys really care if some internet hoe wants (needs) a mega cock to satisfy her? Every woman I ever had sex with said I was by far the best lover they ever had and really wanted to marry me. Should I lose sleep because I'm average? Keep your masculinity (and sanity) and don't let women turn you into wusses - please. Be a real man and they won't much care about how huge you are - they'll actually respect you and maybe they will be the ones to have to measure up!! Please take all this into consideration when evaluating this material.
620 September 11, 2003

I have no reason to doubt women prefer a larger penis, but how common is the "ideal penis" refered to on this site (7.5"-9" long and 6.25"-7.25" in girth). Let me bore you with some statistics.

According to the Definitive Penis Size Survey(www.sizesurvey.com) 7.3" is the 80 percentile meaning 20% if penises are larger than 7.3".  The site also states that 6.3" is the 90th percentile in girth meaning 10% of penises have a circumfrence greater than 6.3".

For simllicity's sake let's make the ideal penis 7.3" in length and larger and 6.3" in girth and larger.  Then we can say this:

The probabilty of a penis greater than or equal to 7.3" = 20%

The Probability of a penis with girth greater than or equal to 6.3" = 10%

Now accoring to the rules of probability the probability of two independent events occuring together is their product, or youmulitiply them togeher.  And since penis length and girth are independent (meaning a long penis doesnt neccesarily imply it has a large girth and a short penis doesnt imply it has a small girth) we can say:

The probability of an ideal penis =

the probability of an ideal girth (10%) *
the probability of an ideal length (20%)

so the probability of an ideal penis =

20% * 10% = 2%

Two percent of men have the "ideal penis". Not to common huh?
621 September 11, 2003

let's get things right:
i definetly KNOW that MANY woman don't wamt trouble in their uterus ! that means: not a dick longer than 8 inch - that's a fact, too ...
to most (normal) woman (not that size freaks among here) there would be a BiG "NO-NO" to a 12 incher ++

do anyone for example remember that SEX AND THE CiTY episode with that REAL BiG ONE for samantha ?
well there was a guy who was even to big for sam although  she had all kind of sexual experiences with bigger dicks.

what i try to say: TOO big is a problem - i try to imagine a normal guy who fells in LOVE with a nice girl or something like that and while it comes to sex that girl realizes to be screwed by a baseball bat within the next hour or so ? let's face this situation: at 90% : NO WAY !

if you're just a little more than "average" : praise the lord - everything else causes more problems lately -
you'll probably just lose your gorgeous size freak today but win your true love or partner tomorrow.
622 September 11, 2003

next points:
look at all that "polls" with 3000 votes from women and girls to the "size" theme:
what is happening there ?

i say: at around 80% these woman ( or "woman" ) are not representive - maybe many woman are interested and a "big one" is good to look at (well, to most a 7 incher will be a big one) but i mean, when woman surf at a size poll topic they are at 80% "PRO BiG" - "normal woman" just don't surf that much at pornographic kind of topics a.s.o. - so the size freaks and gay fakers who pretend to be female are ruling these polls ...

even the webmaster here is going wrong: there is MUCH difference between fantasies and real life -
for example:

we know, that at maximum 10 % of man have more than or a 8 incher.
if - like in these polls - 60 % of all woman would like to get 8 inches or more at their man - than 50 % of these woman will stay unsatisfied a livetime ...

the sad fact would be that around 20 of these woman will share sometime in their life the same 10 incher(s) to dream the rest of their lives about it ... :)
a laughable shame, isn't it ?
life has a lot more to offer than this "problem" ...
623 September 12, 2003

Jessica (post 613) you are AWESOME!  Very, very well said.

 To all those women out there who MUST have huge cocks.  Fine, go fucking find them.they're out there all you have to do is look.  But PLEASE do it by your God-damned selves and leave the rest of the world alone-- it's YOUR OBSESSION NOT OURS. Complaining about the average or below-average sized cocks serves absolutely NO purpose.  Why judge a man by something he is BORN WITH AND HAS NO CHOICE ABOUT? It is absolutely the same as making fun of someone who has cancer and is going to die.  Furthermore race, like the penis, is something that people are born with.  In my mind, women and men preaching to the world that one size is so much better than another and that everyone not 'sizing' up (the vast majority) should feel guilty, ashamed, and/or inadequate are at the same level as nigger-hating KKK pieces of shit who would judge a man by his race!

To post 601.  In the spirit of the Beatles and John Lennon, we need PEACE, LOVE, and HARMONY.  This penis rivalry only causes TENSION and HATE.  There are SOO many emotionally fucked up people in the world, striving to be OK...gobbling down medications because the fucking billion dollar pharmaceutical company's TELL them they NEED it.  Don't you love the ads saying: 'ask your doctor about blah blah blah' as if your doc didn't spend 8 years in medical school so some industry-manufactured-hypochondriac sheep can tell him what the what they need.  Well guess what! To all the ignorant, selfish, hate-distributing assholes out there writing all of this bullshit YOUR THE ONES WHO FUCK EVERYBODY UP!! Self-esteem issues, emotional trauma, the list goes on and on YOU ASSHOLES ARE THE ONES TO BLAME! 10 years ago we didn't get 20 fucking spam emails to every 1 normal one saying 'YOU NEED 3 INCHES MORE TO SATISFY HER PROPERLY' that's fucking bullshit and *almost* everyone knows it.  Yet they keep cramming it down our throats!  You know why??  They purposely incite hysteria so they can MAKE MORE FUCKING MONEY!  Would you EVER find a forum like this in the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's??  Of course not!  But I'm sure all the women back then were secretly dreaming of that huge 10-inch cock, BULLSHIT.  Like the women of our past had secret organizations and alliances to try to find those special men with big dicks. Of course not, back then this was a NON-ISSUE.  I hate to say it but this whole 'we love big dicks and hate small ones' ERA is MANUFACTURED for one reason and one reason only PROFITS! A few selfish, self-serving, money-seeking bastards decided the male ego would be a wonderful thing to ABUSE, fuck the social and moral consequences!!  They spoon-feed it to us until little by little, people start to think:  'ya know.there might be something to this'.  Men think: 'God if only I had a bigger penis, I would be so awesome in bed and women would drool over my huge cock'. And women think: 'God everyone's talking about how great a big dick is, I'm going to dump my average boyfriend (who knows exactly how to please me) and go find a superman (who will make me loose as hell and bleed).  Well I say FUCK CORPORATE INFLUENCE and FUCK THE DUMB SAPS WHO BELIEVE IT!  But ..LOL.why should I rant and rave.manufactured pipe-dreams and the sheep that follow them is what built American capitalism and made it into the  'great' country it is today.
As for JANICE TANG and post 504, I really, really, really, sincerely hope you are just some poor dumb bastard trying to make a buck by tearing to shreds the already brutally damaged ego of some poor men, in the hopes that they will come crawling back to you and buy whatever PE gadget you're trying to sell.

Because if you are for real, if you truly and whole-heartily believe those horrible words you wrote in post 504, then if I saw you on the street I would KILL you.  I would put a gun to your head and pull the trigger.  Likewise, if I saw Adolph Hitler on the street I would put a gun to his head and KILL him.  I see no difference between the two of you and I think the world was punished by your birth and your continual existence.  I feel ashamed to breathe the same air as you on this planet; a planet with an abundance of LIFE something you obviously have no regard for. You can go make your sick-twisted 'Arian' race while burning in HELL.  Hey what if the devil's well hung?? Wouldn't you be the luckily little girl!  Say hi to Hitler for me bitch.

To post 506. Terse and to the point. Extremely well said. Your are 100% correct in saying the site is a fucking JOKE.

And to everyone else reading this post, please accept my humble apologizes if I have offended you.  The fact of the matter is I have been offended myself and I am simply exhibiting my retort.  Think about it with an open mind.  Please EVERYONE life is a precious, precious GIFT--enjoy it NOW and be at PEACE with YOURSELF and your fellow man.
624 September 12, 2003

I have a seven incher and I think pretty thick (dont know never measured.  I get different responses from different women.  Not all women are built the same.  Sometimes I've felt like I needed a board strapped to my ass ( those women say stuff like "you have the perfect penis), to me that there way of trying to be nice (they just have a big VAG) but we cant help that, and they cant help the fact that some men dont fuffill their needs.  Other women have said nothing and others have also said "WOW".  So it all depends who your with, who they've been with.  Its all just a number kind of like age.
625 September 12, 2003

do womem like a crooked penis

   If you're the kind of guy who can NEVER
   walk up to an attractive woman...

     If you're the kind of guy who can NEVER
     get beyond being "friends only"...

       If you're the kind of guy who can NEVER
       accept that he might get rejected...

read the book review Or if you're the kind of guy who can ONLY
pick-up women that are ugly pigs
or old hags...

...then your  world

read the book review

626 September 13, 2003

Hi there guys and girls.
I think this web site is painfull for those men who's penis is small or medium.Thank That i am not from those people who's penis is small or medium otherwise i have to endurance huge worriedness.
I think the size matter.
Most of women like big dick.
But there are methods by adapting a average person can satisfy his GF of his wife.
627 September 13, 2003

All the women in here that say that they are looking for a big penis,.....well lets take stock:
Women wear high heals because they are insecure about their height.
Make-up because they are insecure about their skin complextion and tone
Padded bras and brest implants because they do not like their brest sizes
fake contact lenses because they do not like the color of their eyes
Tans because they are unhappy with their natural skin complexion
and many other things that I cannot recall at this moment,..and when you are all made up and ready to go then you go out into the world and judge men, see we men cannot really judge a pussy because it goes inwards, so they all look the same and since we mens penises go outward size can be measured and this is why we become insecure,....see naked all women pretty ,much look the same down there and this is why they can bond and talk about things in common about sex, because visualy their pussy all pretty much look the same and when your sexual organ looks pretty much the same then you feel the same about your sexuality,..but if visualy your unit is different that your male friends then this will bring about insecurity,...is funny how women do not unserstand this.
So women after being all made up go on a search to find the big penis which is what,..about 20% of the population? So you have maybe 60% of women chasing 20% of men,.....maybe this is why all of these women have kids by the same men but are no longer with this man.
What women do not understand is that when they reinforce men with big units by saying that it is the biggest and the best,..do you think that man will just want to be with one woman? No that man will want to conquer as much pussy as he can,..that is why these women who talk of being with a man with a big unit  almost always never stay with that man,.why? Because that man knows that women today are crazed about being with a man with a big unit,..so why should he settle down,...so all you women are really getting is a good fucking( which is probably all that you want) and maybe a child and that man is gone and it seems like you always end up with the guy with the average penis, because that man will be faithful and help to raise a family which no one seems interested in.
Women are saying that why can't they do what men have been doing for years,..as if two wrongs make a right,...it is just an excuse for the decrease in the womans moral values to sleep with many men insearch of that elusive big penis,....
Women do not realize how this topic affects men,..we cannot change our penis size, this is what we were born with and to hear a woman say that she needs atleast however many inches and if a good man that can provide for your family and be a good role model for your kids cannot measure up then you will look for the guy with the big penis and of course that guy will know that you love him for his penis and of course he will dog you out and you will make excuses for why it is ok,..maybe he will change?
This is why men are traveling outside of the country to find a woman, because women in the US have gotten too demanding about everything and now they have begun to demand a big penis, well guess what size queens there are women in different countries that only are interested in a good man,.........so ultimately that leaves you size queens to fight over the few men with big cocks (20%)  while the faithful good men seek women that are only interested in raising a family and having a good life elsewhere!

Now chock on that!!!!!!!!!!
628 September 14, 2003

I had no idea that so many dudes had an issue with their size. As a young black male, I stumbled across this site wanting to find out what womens' opinions were. The percentages of small to average sizes were shocking. I'm lucky to be well-endowed, but unlucky to be passed up for 12+ men--which is frustrating. Women here in sunny South Florida love my size, but love the bigger studs even more. I did the measurements and found that I'm only 8 LTH X 6 CIR. Competing with the other 'playas' with more is intimidating. Its almost as though I'm under constant pressure to be stereotypically bigger just because of who I am. My HMO doctor is a woman and she thinks that this pressure is all in my head. The truth is that I hate being jealous of dudes who are even 9 inches. I have a lot of female friends--they talk...and talk..and talk about the ideal 'footer' and I find myself lacking. I have my fair share of booty calls with exes, but I always know that they've had larger than me. My point--there's always a bigger fish. I'm not happy 'bout it.
629 September 15, 2003

To Smitty and the other misguided men

I starting to believe what women say;that men are the most stunted fucks of the gender.So many of you who write here, whine about penis this and penis that.Will you fuckin can it,already.I've said before on this site that I'm in the process of measuring 100's of women (eventually 1000's of every type and race),specifically the depth of there pussies but most of the attention is on how tight they are.Believe me,you stunned fucks,when I tell you that they come in a wider size and pressure differences then men.From looses to tightest there is a plethora of cunt sizes out there.

Imagine,contests in each city for the women with the tightest pussy, eventually a yearly world's tightest pussy competition.Live and on the net,TV and video(for you collectors out there)

It's so simple to measure pussy size and strenght.I've turned this simple knowledge in a invention that you use to tell how tight the woman you just fucked is,without her knowing or being able stop it.It's so fucking easy.By the time,I've made the most accurate data table of pussy sizes and strenghts(this data will be repeatable for proof and undeniable)then,any man will be able to grade any pussy he's fucked and rate it on the official world scale "how tight she is",comparing her to all other women.

I'm sure many of the feminazis and pussywhipped men will complain,so what.It will bring fairness in the game of sex.

It doesn't matter the size of your willy.It's about HOW TIGHT IS SHE. When will you wrap your stunned minds around that one???

And for the women,when this takes off and it will take off,big.And pussy strenght grading(that's you lady)is 10 X the amount of media attention than dick size, remember,you're the one's that compared genital size 1st as a preference.Like Paula said,women of this day and age can state their preference,well,so can we and soon we will grated your cunts for size,too.Paula,just let me know (if your not chicken shit) and I will measure your pussy to see where it stands on the scale.Maybe most men don't want none of your pussy,too big.(Dah unh)It's  time, that men can easily judge a pussy for it's size and strenght and see if it's worth fucking.Even the women who say penis size don't matter, use penis size statistics to prove their points.How fucking hypocritical is that.Well,even if some of you guys don't care about pussy size,you too will be able to use pussy size statistic to state that pussy size don't matter(irony can be sweet).

S o o o, relax. In a little while,rating pussy strenght of different women will be your favorite trivia pastime.
630 September 15, 2003

It would be nice to know how many women they did their experiment on. That way we could know if they are really representative of the population of if they were just a few gals that "didn't mind" experimenting with different sizes.
631 September 16, 2003

632 September 16, 2003

i hope that know one reads this sight and takes it seriously, this goes against every sex therapist and study that is out there including polls that women answer..
633 September 16, 2003

Here is my delima:  condom manufacturers think that just because a penis is longer, that automatically it's wider.  This is a problem for me.  Regular condoms are 6 1/2 inches... Trojan Magnum comdoms are 7 1/2 inches... Trojan Magnum XL condoms are 8 1/2 inches... What good is a condom as far as safety if it doesn't cover the whole penis?  My penis is 11 1/2 inches long when erect. I have to resort to the regular Trojan Magnum condoms because the Magnum XL condoms are to big around and tend to slip.  So I end up wearing a 7 1/2 inch condom...what about the other 4 inches?  Plus, when I go in past the length of the condon...it tends to try to slip off too.  I have ordered some condoms from Condomania, but again...their longest condoms at 10 inches are too big around...so I have to resort to a 9 inch condom that fits my girth.  Still, it's better than the 7 1/2 inch Magnums.  Does anyone know of a solution?  Or a condom manufacturer that can do special orders?  I left an E-mail address.  Thanks TMswing02@aol.com
634 September 17, 2003

I'm a newbie here and I think this is a great forum. Here's my situation and my take on size. First of all, I speak from experience in the thickness department. My penis is not long, only 6.5" but it is extremely thick, 7.5". To put this into perspective, my penis measures almost 3" across. Most of my partners have enjoyed the thickness of my penis in their vaginas once they get used to it and are sufficiently lubricated.Interestingly enough, because of the thickness, most women think that my penis is longer than it really is! EVERY woman I have been with sexually has brought up the discussion of size and asked me if I've measured myself. I've asked them all to guess the length and most of them said 8 or 9 inches. In my opinion, this shows that length is not as important as width to MOST women. Sure, there are the women who want to see just how much length they can take, but BIG is in the eye of the beholder. By the way.... oral sex is never good for me because none of my partners liked trying it with me. All of them could barely fit my penis in their mouths and could only get the head in anyway. And, don't even think about ANAL!!!! See, there are good and bad points!
635 September 17, 2003

It is quite obvious that in primitive societies of the human race, penis size was an important factor in the mate selection process. The size of the penis, and testicles, empirically, appears to have been associated with power and virility. The semen from a large cock was a highly prized commodity, and there were many females desiring the big dick semen.

Cavewomen apparently loved the big, well-hung cavemen, and large testicles were a definite and desirable advantage. I am sure there were many poor guys with small penises who rarely scored in the stone age. Guys with the big dicks were at the top of the totem pole-- and the size of the pole was important.

Other primates have relatively small penises. Gorillas have 2 inch cocks, and other primates don't even come close to the average human penis size of 5.5 inches.

And regardles of what you read, most penis size charts are grossly over-inflated. An 8 inch penis is very, very rare. If you find one you better cherish it, because it may be a while before you find another one that size for quite some time.

Today, the mate selection process is quite different. Yes, there are women who enjoy sex with a large penis, probably due to different anatomical differences in vaginal size, but most women do not base mate selection alone on a well-hung cock. A big cock may be icing on the cake, but it is not the whole cake.

Bigness is worshipped in every facet of society. Tall men are more positively viewed as opposed to shorter men. Bigness is equated with power, and a large cock denotes power and stamina with magical sperm, just as a big SUV denotes power.

A large penis does have a special appeal, but don't forget that the beauty of the penis is an important factor too.

A Ford Crown Victoria is a big car, but I would certainly not classify it as a beautiful car. A Mazda Miata is a small, but very beautiful car. Its lines are classy, cute, and inspiring. A Ford Crown Victoria is not an inspiring car.

A large cock can be ugly. People tend to focus only on the dimensions, and not the beauty. A cock's shape can be out-of-proportion, the pigment uneven, and based on one's own personal opinions-- too many veins or not enough veins.

Even though a huge cock may be ugly, magical thoughts pertaining to the quality of the sperm will always have mystical powers for many. Unfortunately, people's perception of size will supercede beauty. Many women do fantasize about well-hung sperm in their vagina, and knowing that their sons will be amply endowed and sexually valued for their well-hung penises. This topic is not discussed, but many cling to these perceptions.

I like a big dick, but I would much prefer a cute, small cock to an ugly schlong.

And the most important point is the person for whom the big cock, small cock, medium cock is attached to. A relationship based on cock size, breast size, wallet size, etc. is not going to be an affair of longevity.
636 September 18, 2003

after looking in here for a while, it can be concluded:
One the one hand, this site is a joke, as documented by usage of fake images and 'unscientific' argumentation (to be polite). It also is most likely fueled by some business interest.
Many posters are here to provoke and have anonymous fun, especially 'women' who are none. Or men who have 'none' but say they have 12 inches.
On the other hand, the topic is not a joke, about every single man in this world is interested in it (posters here and in similar sites are 90% male, although the question is directed at females.
It is a simple physical fact that sizes of sex organs of both genders matter for sex, no discussion needed. The only question debatable is how much and beyond/below which threshholds. And that is so highly personally individual that debates derail, like this one as well.
637 September 18, 2003

Amen Smitty!
638 September 19, 2003

Marcel Wittingham:
Every woman's worst nightmare is to pull the pants down of her lover only to find a tiny penis, standing 4 inches fully erect. What a nightmare for her and for him. She knows he will not satisfy her either visually or physically and he also admits it secretly to himself. I have only had 9 men. The worst were 5 inches and below. One 4 incher was so bad that I fell asleep as he was making love! All I could feel of him was a tickling sensation and a slight rubbing! The 7 to 9 inchers were more masculine and generally caused more friction and also did not need to pump so fast. The small guys are to be rejected and of course they as research shows - small guys usually masturbate more often, not surprising after all with all things being equal would any woman ever admit honestly to opting for a guy with a 4 inch dick? None that I know of and certainly not me. 4 inchers plase keep your pants on permanently.
639 September 20, 2003

Sue Tam:
Have to agree with most of the gals postings that bigger is better. I am not referring to the ridiculous bigger than 4 inches (who on earth bothers with 4 inch men anywat? Get Real!) I refer to minimum 8 inches. The rest are there to be ignored.
640 September 20, 2003

I think this site is completey accurate for the most part. I found the section with advise for well endowed men to be very useful. I only have one critisism...

There was some mention made that men prefer large vaginas. It was also postulated that men that don't prefer large vaginas are probably closet homosexuals. Sure we prefer large vaginas. We also think that stretch marks are sexy. And breasts than sag. And boy do we love overweight women. I hope you detect the scarcasm.

Men, in general, prefer youth. A large mishapen vagina does not denote youth. Most of the men I know, thanks to card game discussions over beer, prefer small lipped hairless vaginas. Does this make me and my particular group of friends pedophiles? No. It means we prefer youthful bodies. Most of the women that I've had longer relationships with in the past 15 years have all had the same things in common:

At least 5 foot 6
Very thin
Asian or Latina
small hairless vaginas

A quick look at what women men actually find sexy shows that the days of the "voluptuous" woman are over and have been for a while. Men now want women that are physically fit. Thin. So attempting to use some sort of psychological mumbo jumbo along with an implied homosexuality hook to say that men simply love large vaginas is silly. It's almost as bad as the "size doesn't matter" lie. Otherwise, great site.
641 September 20, 2003

One other thing,

Since is it completely hopeless for a small penised man to pleasure his wife/girlfriend/etc, wouldn't it be a benefit for the good husband to have a forum where he can ask for the help of a well hung man like myself to pleasure his wife/girlfriend for him? I wouldn't charge much. I'd have conditions of course.

No fatties. Fat women are disgusting. I'm sorry.

Must be attractive. If you are a small penised man that has lucked out and found yourself an attractive woman that needs a larger penis to have an orgasm, I'll need good pictures and we'll have to arrange some sort of casual meeting.

No older women. Women are pretty much pointless after 25. I'm sorry, but this is reality.

Must not have had any kids. A real man doesn't want to sleep with a woman that has had any children, especially vaginally. Most women have no idea how to get back in shape after childbirth, and most don't bother at all.

If www.penissizedebate.com is realistic enough to provide a forum where young, thin, 25 year old or younger women that want a larger penis can locate a man that will satisfy them sexually, I'll definitely do my part to help out. Granted, I am white. I know this is potentially a turn-off for the bored housewives interested in the black experience. But I am just outside (in thickness) of the highest A rating that this site proclaims is the maximum based on survey for comfort, and I have been featured at www.horsemansclub.com for quite a while. Look for the picture of the penis that is the same size as a "white rain" shampoo bottle. From experience, some sort of commercial lubricant ( astroglide works great ) tends to make my girth comfortable, even with very small asian and latina woman.
642 September 20, 2003

Another note,

If a woman wants to ensure that their son has a huge penis, or their daughter has big penis genes to potentially pass on to their sons, you should seriously consider bugging www.penissizedebate.com to approve my suggestion for a forum specifically set up to allow women aged 25 and under with slim builds that have not had any children yet to find a well hung man to service them appropriately. If you are a husband of an attractive woman under the age of 25 with a slim build, you should consider my services. I am six foot one, very good looking, I've done male modeling, and I have a very high IQ. Plus, I'm white. You won't have to worry about having to raise a child that does not look like your own. Imagine the thrill of having a son with an enormous penis. Imagine the fun he will have, like I did, pretty much deciding who he wanted to date in highschool and how much of his penis he would use to pleasure his dates. I have already impregnated 5 different women without actually trying. Of those, 4 were very well hung boys. I have the finantial background to support all 5 of them, but I am not interested in having to support more. I would require that you sign an agreement with my legal staff obsolving me of any responsibility for said child. I am a captain of industry, and I have the perfect genes for your next child. Perhaps a child that would go on to take on some industry and support you well into your golden years. So make it a point to suggest to the people running www.penissizedebate.com that they set up a forum specifically for well hung men to service women and you could indeed benefit from my large penis and excellent genes. Your wife/girlfriend would definitely love you for it.
643 September 21, 2003

So heres a quick question:

 If women prefer large penises, what should guy with small penies do?
Resign themselves to never having satisfing sex? Remove the offending
member and live as a woman? Or just end it all and make way for the
larger men.
645 September 21, 2003

Hmm... everything being equal, women prefer a larger penis (9x7, which is less than 1% of male population). OK, I get the point. OTOH, Everything being equal, I prefer a woman that could cum within 5 min of oral and 5 min of penetration :)

The site went to great length to perpetrate doubt/fear/inadequacy in 99% of male population by over emphasizing one of the many factors in sexual gratification which is itself one of the many factors in human relationships. The goal is obvious: to SELL you something, I've got tons of penis enlargement spams from the same canadian ip block, is that a coincidence? I think NOT.

OTOH, penis enhancement/enlargement exercises do work (they have hundreds years of history), and you can get all the information FREE at this site: www.thundersplace.com/forum

So if you're insecure of about your penis size, you CAN do something about it.
646 September 22, 2003

What the HELL!:
Hey guys let me tell you about my story...

One night I was at a bar yadda yadda yadda, now were in my bedroom, we start making out.

As I went down to finger her I felt her pussy and the second I felt it I said


She cried and ran away, and since then has felt like she's the biggest peice of sh*t in the world...

BUT I FELT SO GREAT ABOUT IT! Women with large pussy's should realize that they're NEVER GOING TO GET DICK!

Would I ever actually say this... no, why? Because it's    

YOU'RE A BITCH if you say a man has a small dick

I'm 8 x 6, so don't say that this is coming from an average to small guy!
647 September 23, 2003

Small FT:
I think you reacted too fast dp (#645). In message # 535 and on the contents page the guy behind the site himself refers to www.thundersplace.com and praises it exactly because it's FREE! Plus he says not to buy enlargement products.
648 September 23, 2003

OMG that is the funniest thing i have ever seen!
649 September 23, 2003

Sevn, you know you could create a webpage with its own forum and possibly ask for a link to your site from here. From some of the posts from women here, you might actually have something big brewing there.

I have to strongly agree with you on some points though (A little off topic):-

Fat women are absolutely FUGLY to me. I'd prefer having an unatractive slim girl than a cute fat one anyday. Too much Fat is a massive and extremely effective TURN-OFF! Women, please for goodness sake, do your man a huge one and stay slim as long as you are interested in him and want him to be interested in you, especially sexually.

Lets face it, we're not swimming around in the freaking arctic ocean all day, so there's no need for a thick layer of insulating blubber to keep yourself warm. This goes for men too, keep the weight off man, women don't like it either.
650 September 24, 2003

Hey youngblkmale - you're kidding right?
8X6 is too small for the girls you meet?  They're looking for the "ideal"  12+ dick?

This site is getting ever more silly with prepostrous posts like this. 

Even amongst the US black community 12+ has to be one in a million.  Get real. 

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