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51 December 17, 2002

 I think that some girls are sluts and some aren't. I'm 8.5 inches by 6.5. And for me, size hasn't really been everything. I think when girls talk about the huge cocks they've seen, they're usually significantly smaller than that in real life-every other idiot had a 7 inch cock in high school, but judging by the locker rooms, i'd say they pretty much were in the 5-6 range.
 Now for my story-in high school I got my first girlfriend at 16, I wasn't a homely kid or not able to get one, I just waited for someone I cared about. Now back then my cock was already about 8 by 6 I think, anyways so we had a GREAT relationship and that never came up until her friends asked her 'so how big is he?' and she just told them. Word got out and I noticed girls giggling and kind of checking it out, but whatever. After me and my first girlfriend broke up I got in another relationship that was really more about Sex than anything else, she worshipped {no lie} and lusted after my dick a lot..until some other stud came along. College was the same way, just a lot of meaningless sex and the obligation to give girls what they wanted-bad girls mind you, the good ones that I used to hang out with had long since dismissed me as 'raunchy, and disgusting' At first the sex object part of having a big dick was fun..but let me tell you, it takes its toll on your heart and your mind..for one you probably worry MORE about your current beau leaving you for a bigger man because that's why they seem to be with YOU in the first place..so you feel in competition CONSTANTLY. Secondly, having a bigger dick gets you respect from men-BUT NOT WOMEN, actually I think that they think less of men with bigger ones because the badder ones sift through them like dildos. When I was 26 I had a nervous breakdown because a girl I had been seeing off and on for a year found some other guy who 'was huge...even compared to me' It just makes you wonder 'Have you been searching the whole time we've been dating for something bigger and just cheating?' So I was about to give up on the entire dating scene and become a monk when low and behold who should walk back into my life, my first girlfriend...and last. We got married two years later, because she honestly loves me for everything I am and want to be..not for my dick. I feel so much more comfortable when I'm making love to her because I don't feel like I have to give her the best night of her life every time, I can just be me and we have fantastic sex because of it. So, the only thing I've learned is that, big, average, even small, search for someone who loves you and just accept the facts about penis size for what they are and move on. People should be having sex for love anyway.
 I do have a few pointers though for smaller and average guys perhaps-

 1. A lot of the reason girls seem to like bigger guys is the confidence and security in their sexuality, average and small guys seem to ask too many "Am I big enough?" "Does this feel good?" Questions. How would you feel if your woman asked you that every 5 seconds? Just leave it alone, she'll LET YOU KNOW. If she says nothing, Just leave it be.
 2. Don't try to be the best she's ever had, try to be the best that YOU can be. I always thought the whole 'So, was that your best?' 'How am I compared to...?' were WOMAN questions...because women ask stupid questions like these, and I think its funny that we poke fun at women for saying things like that and then get in the bedroom and do the same shit. Don't worry about it, if you are-believe me, she'll let you know, if you aren't-well, better luck next time slugger.
 3. Have good hygiene, more often than cocksize has come up in my conversations about sex with women is cocksize, and usually this follows the size..
 'Yeah he was a solid 9 inches...but he had really disgusting balls and smelled GROSS..I don't think I'll do that with him again.'
  'Well, he was average, like 6, but hey he was clean and smelled nice, I'd suck him/fuck him again'
 Those ARE REAL THINGS WOMEN HAVE SAID to me about guys they've slept with.

 Well, I hope I helped.
52 December 19, 2002

Well, the site is cute. It is clever, funny, even insightful...However: it is all bluff. Indeed, there are women crazy about large cocks (I met a couple). There are women who prefer larger cocks but not to the point of dumping a guy simply for the size. There are women who just don't care. And the latter is the majority.

I found a lot of contradictions. Nomber one: if ALL women prefer large over average, they must have had many dozens of men, if not hundreds. Look at the table of sizes: only several percent of men are truly endowed. Statistically, to try all sizes and decide upon the preference, an avegare woman (on behalf of whom the site speaks) must try almost a hundred guys. Some research suggests though that an average US woman has had 2-12 sex partners in her life.

Another contradiction: in the table of sizes prefered by women there is no indication of how large or small the woman is, although in a different place the site says that women with smaller vaginas tend to dislike large dicks.

Finally: I know enough women who divorced their better endowed husbands and married modestly endowed ones. Those abandoned never boasted of their ex's coming back to them begging for sex.
53 December 20, 2002

I was enjoying your site, nodding along with most passages...and then you blew it at the end. Whats with your problem with hair!??! Most guys like large labia, but men can like large labia AND furry bushes. For some strange reason, you wrote as if those two preferences were mutually exclusive. I have never even entertained the thought that men (like myself) who like hairy, natural pussies don't want to look at vagina's and labia. What?!?! Fortunately your site's educating/entertaining value survives/overpowers your occasional forays into your oddball soapbox lectures on marginally relevant sidebar subjects.
54 December 21, 2002

 On size the only thing that counts is a full understanding of both male and female compatability.
I have fucked about a hundred women so I can give some knowledge of my experience.I've fucked big pussies and small pussies.
 Obviously if a women is big she will go for a big dick and believe me some women could fit a beer bottle up there and there is no way that any dick will suit them unless the guy is serioulsy physically warped.
 My cock is just over 6.5inches long and 5.2 inches around.Bigger than normal,however most women can take from seven inches to eight inches in length and about 5inches to six inches around.What most women do not realise is that they can train there pussies to tighten up to the point where you can place your little pinkie inside them and you cannot pull it out.
 Obviously this takes training and as most people are lazy and ignorant most women would not be bothered to do this.
 By the way I used to be just under 5.5inches in lenth and 4/34 around and there was only one women who just took the thickness of my cock.She was only tiny and was wimpering, " I can't take this any more,or,or,or.' I seriously mean that and that was when I realised that size does count.So after some jelking exersises I'm at my current size and hope to add another inch in length and get to at least 5.5 inches around.
 Just as some men have big dicks,some women are built like the 'Grand canyon'.
 So size doe count for women,however to understand what us men are trying to achieve( which is to give women screaming sexual pleasure)men need to understand how to stay sexually strong and increase the size of there penis if neccesssary.
 Mind you I have fucked women who have told me they had their best internal ogasms with men that were anyware from 4inches to seven inches in length ( and wern't overly thick either.) These guys had one thing in common,they stayed hard! I will also add these girls have had big dicks as well.
  So if a little guy gets with a girl with a big pussie they obviously will not be compatable.
 Overall sexual energy is interesting and a challenge.
 Men should always endeavour to please a women first before he cums( unless she's just in the mood to devour your cock for a well deserved blow job).
 So in conclusion we have to understand everything in totality,not just say a huge dick is the answer.
 I would love to see a proper survey for women,where they are shown a variety of dildo sizes( length and thicknes)and then get a comprhensive result on an all round length and thickness preference.
55 December 24, 2002

Excellent web site. I read all 55 pages. True stuff, and I'm only 6 inches a borderline C/D!

Only time I disagreed was in the men desiring larger vulvas. Wow. That freaked me out, especially those catcher's mitt vulvas you have shown on page 49 or 50. Give me a nice thin slit that looks like it takes only quarters. The more slit like,  the better.

 I think this site is candid and truthful, and really well laid out.
56 December 28, 2002

This whole sight is a joke what a waste of time the guy who made this either got rejected by to many girls cause hes a dork so he made this whole sight up about crap no facts and just about all lies and his own opinion get a life
57 December 30, 2002

RaspK FOG:
That is a very informative site you have built... Thank you for providing all of this info.
58 January 1, 2003

I am not sure that I agree with the overwhelming message given by this website that "bigger is better."
I personally have an "average" penis. It measures 6.5 inches long and the circumference is just over 5 inches. I have had the occasion to be with many women, all of whom were very satisfied with my penis size. I have noticed many of the women I have been with comment later after sex or even the next day that they are a little sore. We always have ample foreplay (20 minutes+) so that is not an issue. Anyway i have asked many women if they had been with a man with a substantially larger penis than me and a few said yes. Here is the kicker. ALL of the women who had been with a bigger man than me said something along the following lines. They expressed to me that it was a hassle if the man was over7-7.5 inches because of the fact that they had to be in an extremely aroused state to accept him withoust pain. Then they all said the same thing. The bigger the penis the more sore they were after for little if any additional pleasure. They all also stated that a penis as thick as mine but even shorter was ideal for them.  thanks, Jason
59 January 3, 2003

No Matter Never Mind:
The writer of these articles seems to be too much obsessed with penis-oriented sex. Women are not that satisfied by vaginal penetration as the writer thinks. Psychological aspect might also be important since sex is a matter of mental intercommunication as well as physical one. Don't also forget that a too big or even just a big penis can cause vulvodynia in some women. And it's a truism that female orgasm does not only come from penis-vagina sex. The writer is thought to have psychological trauma provoked by sexual problems due to some penis things.
60 January 4, 2003

if its too big we don't want it, if its too small forget it (5cm or less) its what u do in foreplay that really counts, however if your dick doesnt cut it don't expect to see us again...... i am sorry size does matter.......................a dildo could probably do a better job if ur dick is too small
61 January 4, 2003

Statistical Anomaly:
Well, I'm about as close to either extreme that you'll readily find in an average sample, I guess.  I'm about 5.5" long, maybe 5.75" on a good day, as measured along the top.  The blessing is that I happen to be around 6.25" in circumferance virtually along the entire shaft, and a smidge wider at the head, while perhaps .2" narrower at the base.

The positive of this is that I can go absolutely as hard as I want without fear of overpenetration, while still stretching females I've been with to amazing proportions.  The rhythmic cadence of "you feel so huge" is a lot better than any 70's easy-listenin' sax background track, and I love the feel of dragging her labia behind me.  It's truly a blessing when it comes to penetration and can provide lots of stimulation.

The negative is that it honestly looks pretty unimpressive when soft, because length is far more obvious when flaccid and it's hard to show off width.  Try convincing a girl that she should just wait around a few minutes to see what happens.  It's also not suited for some sexual positions, and can slip out at times if I'm not careful.  Slow, deep thrusting in and out is also not as much an option, and it takes a little more effort and endurance to have at it because my strokes aren't as long.

Overall, though, I feel extremely lucky to have what I do and I wouldn't change it in either dimension.

Science's gift to men, I believe, comes in the form of a little loop: the cock ring.  I bought an adjustable one, which is the only one that would really accommodate my girth(a latex band with beads on each end that will slide to constrict the diameter of the loop; pinkish, unfortunately), and it makes the entire thing ridiculously hard.  I guess it feels like it has a tiny .05" layer of foam padding around the outside of a totally steely interior.  It's hard to describe when it gets that hard.  Anyway, I also think my lack of length contributes to making my shaft far firmer, as well.  The surface of the penis tingles a bit, too.  My fiancee called it unnatural and weird at first, but now will hardly bed down without it.  Any men out there who haven't tried one are advised to do so immediately.

So, for guys who are also "weird" in one way or another, learn your penis' strengths and weaknesses and capitalize on them.  I may not impress any guys in the gym locker room, but it's all worth it to bulge a woman's eyeballs out when I penetrate her.

Live with what ya got.
62 January 5, 2003

You have done an excellent job on this site. I can confirm from personal experience what you have written here as I am very well-endowed (8.75 inches long erect, 6.5 inches circumference), and the women I have been with clearly relish my size. Just seeing it is a turn on for women; one licked her lips like an animal when she saw it erect, another kept gasping "Oh God" as she caressed it, and her nipples were so erect they looked like bullets. I think that those who say that size doesn't matter are just fooling themselves; I've certainly never encountered any women who thought that way.
63 January 5, 2003

I'd like to say that it's all relative man, I mean, and I don't say this because I'm w/e {8-8 1/2 x 6.25 {7 at base, 5.75 at the absolute thinnest point}  I say this because there are so many variables in penis size. For one, when you measure it standing up and proudly out-that's as long as it CAN POSSIBLY BE..when you're having sex sitting down, in slightly odd positions, the length is usually a little to a good deal less because your body pulls your penis in a bit in certain positions. And make sure you're measuring right, don't push into the pubic bone, pushing it firmly against the skin is allowable, since the girl usually pushes into that anyway. And, when you get it up manually your dick usually is never at its full potential {virgins rejoice} Because when I was 17 and a virgin and just masturbating, I usually came out at 8...but the first time I had sex with this really hot chick with HUGE labia, it was so much larger, and harder than it had ever been in the best of my masturbation moments. If your dick isn't at the point where it feels like every part of it is just going to explode-you aren't at maximum potential. Also, a lot of guys with 7 inches think they are soooo much better than the guy with a 6-6.5 inch erection-GET REAL, a half an inch-inch doesn't make that much of a difference to look at...the same with the 9 incher who thinks 8's are inferior. And also, I want to know about how the author got the "girl's" measuring system {7-8.5=big 8.5-9.5=very big 9.5+=huge} because if he just asked some girls then all of that data IS USELESS. Most of the size queens I've screwed over the years overestimate size when they see it for the first time I've been called anywhere from '9-11' inches by a good number of women, so of course a lot of women talk about that HUGE 11 inch rod that their boyfriend has, I'm not saying that they don't exist or anything, but you have to come from both sides of the argument. I'm 38 and newly married, I've seen a ton of ass so I know what I'm saying.

  Now, for the good points that this site offers-it is true that most women think that size matters. I've noticed similar reactions that 'Satisfied' has described..surprisingly a lot of the girls that were REALLY made hot by my cock were people that seemed totally innocent and had publicly said that they didn't care about it. Also, vagina size has nothing, and I mean NOTHING to do with a girl's height, so if you're dating a girl who's 4'11 to 5'2 and you think you've got it easy..think again. I say this because I am a tiny man of 5'4. The girl who could really take all of me in quickly {first few seconds of intercourse} was a petite woman of 4'11. And I simply could NOT fit it into a thin, but not petite, woman of 5'5. But most girls I've had have a definite Ideal size, while I usually gave them 2-3 orgasms on average each session {although my highest is 11, with my wife...no lie...} the size that gave them the most pleasure without leaving them sore like I did was usually 7-7.5 by 5 around. Then again, all of my partners have been 4'11-5'7 so yeah.

 Oh, and a tip for smaller guys, maybe to add that extra half inch, when you measure, act like your having sex and thrust your penis outward {clench your cheeks and lean back a bit, the classic pornstar pose} this thrusts a good deal more of your penis into the picture and since this pose is often used in doggie style and most rear entry position, its legitimate. Doing the 'P Pose' I've come out at 8.5-8.75 on many occasions. Be safe and take it easy.
64 January 6, 2003

Married Guy Puts wife to a Blind test:
Great site! Very informative, and logical. Sure I agree that chemistry has alot to do with sexual pleasure, but when it comes to the act of physical sex, SIZE DOES MATTER!!! I have a 6 inch long 5 1/2 inch around penis. I have always felt like it was on the small side and have at times felt insecure about it. I have had sex with a little over 50 women in my lifetime. I have been with women who had small vaginas and I have satisfied them 100% and then I have been with women with vaginas that I could not even feel the walls no matter what sexual position.
This was often embarrassing and I quickly lost my errection. Needless to say they found sex elsewhere. A bigger cock 8 X 7 inch cock would have helped me in those situations. I read about the test find out if your woman preferred a bigger penis. Questioning her will not get the truth. Instead I customized a sleeve that fit right over my erect penis. The materials used were very lifelike. Not only did the sleeve make
my penis longer by a couple of inches but also thicker. I put a condom over the sleeve and we had sex that night with the lights off. That way she could not see the sleeve. While penetrating her with this customized sleeve, her vagina felt tighter and she was clearly enjoying it. All she kept saying was "It is soo wet and soo tight". Then she said " put it in as far I as could and stay there" she had never said that to me before, leading me to beleive that she was feeling something new that she enjoyed. Another advantage of this customized sleeve was that I was desensitized so I was able to penetrate her for as long as I wanted. I could feel the vaginal around me , giving me a hugging , tugging feeling like her vagina was milking me. The end result is she came 5 times and I have never made her cum 5 times with my natural equipement. In addition I could actually tell for sure that she was cumming because I could feel the contractions around me (Hugging & Squeezing of my penis) that I never really felt when using my natural equipement. Plus I knew with the adeed length , I was definately rubbing up against something good when I was thrusting and deep grinding. The end result , I was happy she came 5 times and that she was satisfied,however, I was abit dissapointed to finally know for a fact that size does matter. She never knew I used a sleeve , but she knew for sure she had been fucked well and she was deeply satified. It just sucks , I had to go though all this trouble only to end up with my original penis size in the end. I guess it could be worse though. If you want to find out how your woman really honestly feels about a bigger dick, this test is a sure winner as long as you can handle the results.
65 January 8, 2003

You are right.  Up to a point (8-10 inches x 8") a bigger cock is definitely more enjoyable for me and contrary to most women I have told my husband the truth(he is 5x4).  He wants to keep me happy and has found me a few real men who measure up to satisfy this lusting.  Otherwise our relationship is great and I love him dearly. I think more couples could benifit from being more honest about their sexual desires to each other.
66 January 8, 2003

I think this site is way too long.  Is 50+ pages necessary to prove the obvious.  We all know a bigger cock is preferable to women in general.  This site is an example though that a long explanation is no better than a short one.
67 January 8, 2003

The truth hurts. I'm 4.5" at maximum inflation and average girth for that length. While my wife would never admit (to me) that she needs more, she has never climaxed from penile only intercourse in the 23 years we've been married. Either she or I must add some hand stimulation to the mix during sex.

This also means there's no deep stroking or slow thrusting possible. To avoid slipping out I have to limit the in/out movement to a couple inches. Since it dosen't take long to cover that distance, the thrusts become quick short strokes.

In comparison, our 8" dildo will make her squeal and no hand stimulation is needed. We use the dildo or my tongue about 50-percent of the time. I can't help my size and I still crave penetrive sex but have a hard time getting off because I try so hard to make it good for her that my mind wanders so I found the suggestions for under-endowed men interesting. I wonder if women would agree with those suggestions.
68 January 8, 2003

 Hmm, I just want to say that I stumbled onto this interesting site out of boredom. 33 year old, 5'6  curvaceous nympho that loves sex here, pretty hot as well. {I got pics if you want}.
 My fascination with a man's penis really began when I was a teenager, I started fellating a lot of boys at school when I was 12 and I've noticed the different sizes and shapes of them throughout the years, and while I have a preference for intercourse, I also just have always wanted to put what I've found somewhere. And since I've had a long sex life from, 13-33; from school boys to 90% of my coworkers, I know what I'm talking about.

 I have tried out jobs that deal with sex {Prostitute and Stripper when I was younger} and now I work as a lawyer although none of my coworkers know about my past. I've had large guys {up to 9.45x7} and small guys {down to 3.7x4.5} and really, I have to say that I have an ideal size: 7.75-8.5 and thick, like 6-6.5 inches thick, I remember in college I had sex with a 8 incher that was a little over 6 inches thick, and he was the best I have ever had. Now, I am a size queen, that's why I know exactly how big my men are, but I make allowances, usually its +/- an inch. Although, if you are under 5, then you really get no play from me no matter how tall, dark, and handsome you are. And if you are over 9, I really don't want to see you in my bed either, and here's why...for some reason the author of this site thinks women LIKE adapting to really big dicks. I sure as hell HATED that 9 1/2 inch guy's dick...and I don't have a small vagina by any means-believe me. I don't want to HAVE to adapt to anything, when I want it to be good, I want it to be good right then and there in that session. It'd take a long time to adapt to a penis that big what with the special ways you have to relax and positions, and frankly, I don't have the patience. Now, if I loved him, I would be more than happy to do it, but I didn't. But 7.5-8.5 penises are the best, I love how they fill you so perfectly, and that they can go as hard as they want without fear of them slipping out. And I love how they always make you sore, but still provide you with so much pleasure that perfectly balances the pain. Oh and the G-spot and internal orgasms definitely exist-it's not friction on my clit Because I can give myself clitoral orgasms easy, it's 1 1/2 inches long. And when I say nympho, I mean that I have fucked everything that has a cock, breathes, and isn't butt-ugly. I used to be a big slut, and I can tell you that that Medical nurse's experience with dick has  been like mine. Since I have had sex with a large number of men {perhaps a little over 200} I can say this safely:
 I have seen 2 penises that were 9" inches or over and had huge girth {7-8}
 I have seen 4 penises that were 8" inches or over and had large girth {6-7}
 I have seen 70-80 penises that were between 7-7.75
I have seen *at least* a hundred 5-7 inchers
 I have seen about 20-30 small guys

 My experience is that the longer ones tend to be more thick-ALL of the 8 and 9+ penises I had were 6-7 inches thick at least. A good deal of the 7's did as well. The rest usually were about 5-5 1/2 inches thick and they really didn't fill up as good...what a difference an inch makes in girth! Oh, and 4-5 inch thick dicks aren't as uncommon as you'd think, many men have them. I'd say 30-40%. And unlike many other girls, I had most measure it right in front of me. {I have an abundance of rulers at my place and measuring devices as a man measuring his manhood has always turned me on no matter his size} And 'John' is right in his argument of overestimation. I thought that the 9 and a half incher was at least 11 inches. I am an accomplished Fellatrix and this act is fun with bigger guys as well, I just like pumping the large shaft up and down with my mouth over it and having him go in my mouth, and I have found that bigger guys cream way more and are a lot longer shooting than most guys. Women do care about ejaculation volume and distance as well...the only reason I loved to have sex with this one 7.8 incher was just to have him cream inside of me for 8 or 9 long seconds, it just felt like it wasn't going to stop...and I am a big advocate of condoms, he's 1 of 2 people I've let 'slide by' just because of it.
  And I also like short guys {a few {3} inches shorter or taller}...and I have found that even though they make love like men with small penises {being good at oral and having amazing technique} because of their need to compensate, their penises usually are large, I'm a very avid measurer so this isn't about proportion or anything. {Although admittedly, I think most are either LARGE or SMALL, I don't think I've seen a merely average penis on a short guy yet} and that they have been the best lovers and companions I have had. I highly recommend them to a friend.

 I hope I helped in what I've had to say, my story is true and there are millions of women like me who are very liberated with sex. I feel that I brought a little science into this from a woman's point of view. Also, never become a prostitute, it is a very demeaning and unrewarding job and as I did it at a very early age {18} I didn't know what I was getting myself into. The sex usually lasts 3 minutes, and if it lasts long its with some ugly, smelly jerk who thinks he's god's gift to women.
69 January 9, 2003

i have a 5 1/2 inch penis that is 5 1/2 thick,
i have always thought this to be a bit short,
i have found girls with small vaginas absolutely love its size,and have comented on the fact thats its the right size,thouse are quite rare though,most have said to me that they wished it was bigger,
i have discused my size with my current girl friend,
i asked her if it was big enough,her reaply was its fine! i know when we have sex she constantly wants more in,if i put it in only 3/4 and no further each thrust,she get very anoyed about that,she once was drunk and holding it when it was soft (about 2 1/2inchs)her coment was its tiny in a giggled voice,
she doesn't remmember though,we also went into a shop looking at vibrators,she looked at the 7inch and upward sizes with a smile on her face,i asked her if that was the size shed like,she replied it would be nice but i'll do with what you have,in clear ear shot of everyone,from all this i am aware shed rather have big penis insideher,i think this is true for all women
70 January 10, 2003

I would like to point out that this site makes its point purely by assertion. It is indeed possible that you have a point when informing the world that Bigger is Better. However you make your point via ridiculing of 'experts', now if they are experts why is your opinion more valid? You present a one-sided argument without any informed discussion. Good Lord, i could produce a mammoth discourse such as this arguing that the world is flat with many eye witness accounts of people not falling of the bottom! In the end the only valid scientific conclusion, and I am a zoologist, is that different people will have different opinions. ome women care alot, while others care nothing at all, for the size of the phallus. As with taste in all things: food, clothes, music, partners; it varies, and all we can do is keep looking for that perfect match.   
      Now from a biological point of view you make a risible attempt to invoke natural selection with humans compared to chimps and gorillas. Apparently your argument is that the faithful gorillas have no need for the big penis, but why don't chimps have bigger ones if there is so much competition? Leave science alone where you have insufficent knowledge. The you assert from this truly flawed biological argument that because humans have bigger penises that it must be more important to the females! Well quite frankly you have no support from your own argument. In fact this entire section is nonsense, uncle Darwin would be ashamed. Throughout the entire animal world i cannot think of an animal who uses penile size to win a mate, and I know animals. In the cases of the primates you've mentioned it is only important to the males, females make the choice based on: social rank, which is dictated by physical fitness when competing with other males and they dont fight with their penises! So if the entirity of the animal kingdom sees penile size as the concern of the male, not the female, where is your argument? Human societies are vastly similar, with females attracted to social rank, whether determined by sporting prowess, intellectual prowess, power in office, money, looks and personality. they choose a mate based on these first and find out what size his phallus is later! If he is biologically invalid, i.e. unlikely to produce healthy offspring then she will dump him. But the average man, and I should point out that the average size is not small it is average, will probably be accepted without objection because it is likely that average represents the current evolutionary optimum, and is acceptable to the widest variety of partners. If big penises were so important then as you say we would all have large penises and the average size would be large compared to now. It isn't. Apparently over thousands of years of human evolution females have selected men with average size penises, the large/small men exploit an ecological niche for the fewer women with distinct preferance. Strange that, isn't it, if big size is SO important? Just as most men dont select women just because they have large breasts alone, so most women dont select a partner based on penile sixe alone. Our biology forces us to select partners based on a suite of traits, thats Natural Selection, the weak or unlucky lose out, the strong or lucky survive; the average penis isn't just by chance it represents the selective optimum currently. That may change, but hundreds of years of constancy suggest it is unlikely. Just to flex my biological muscles, it might be that big penises detract from development elsewhere and that for example men with big penises might tend to certain other physical/mental frailties, consequently the optimum choice for a female is a partner of sufficient size to provide adequate sex, in terms of pleasure and efficiency. So penis size can only be discussed as a small part of a huge question of human sexual choice.
        On a personal note, who cares? You can't change it so let it go. Women cant all be wrong when so many of them emphasize the importance of other bedroom adventures/techniques. Do your best with what you've got, and your dick isn't all you've got. Sure it may be that your partner would prefer a larger phallus, you might like her to have longer legs, or a tighter vagina. But when it comes down to it, did you choose her because of her legs? Or did you just love being around them? If you make her feel special then unless she's very silly, you have no worries. Sex is great and fun, and maybe your a little short - that's no excuse for bad sex, get skilled - but a relationship based on sex is an empty one, because when you're old and grey and everyone looks just about the same, and erections are rare phenomena, if that's all you had, then you;ve got nothing. I pity anyone who is so taken up with this matter that they can;t look past it to the bigger picture. Just like the sexually obsessed, you too may end up alone. Take life by the collar and make it work. Don't pay attention to people so obsessed with sex that they produce giant websites to witness their social inadequacy, there's so much more to life and love.


P.S. any women out there reading this thinking "this guy must be tiny, large dick size is vital to me", are mistaken, I am not small, neither am i gargantuan, I am within the evolutionary optimum,and if its not enough, then you run the risk of your genes being lost to the human pool. Women who are worth being with care about the person; I am not saying the physical side isn't important, of course not, and see the whole person. Sex is nothing if its not making love, and making love needs nothing to do with sex.
71 January 10, 2003

You are misleading, misrepresenting the facts to the innocent masses.  I read the entire contents of this website and it is my find that you want to tell the men that women like larger penis and that they prefer above 8inches only.  It is non-sense and you are doing a great harm to the society by spreading false statement just to sell you products. Alas, I am not in the US, otherwise I would have file a suit against you for spreading wrong notions.  But, don't worry, sooner or later, someone from the US will go to court and file a suit against you that will cost you more. Nowhere in the site you try to say that what is minimum length is required to satisfy a woman, instead you propagate that women like large size and large is 7 to 9 inches. If you take a survey worldwide, you will not find even 2% of men population who have 7 to 9 inches size of cock.  You have a product to sell by misleading the people.

Lastly, I don't recommend this site to anyone. This is false and all the statistics in the site are farce.
72 January 10, 2003

Holy shit!

It's true! The [racial slur removed] win again. Why should white guys bother? We are all too small and should just stay away from ALL white women.

We need to send ALL the white women to all the [racial slur removed] since we cant satisfy them.
73 January 10, 2003


I am big. I am so big that the girls tell me I am big. I am really, really big. I am so big that I am huge. My name is Hugh G Reckshun. I am god's gift to bitches. I am just enormous. I am the biggest of the big. The hugest of the huge. I am big plus. I have big girth. I am thicker than a coke can. I love the way I look in speedos. All the girls look at me and they know that I am big. Super big. Super duper big.
Biggly Wiggly. They all scream at the top of there lungs. That is how big I am. I am that big.
74 January 11, 2003

 Sup ya'll black male here. I just wanted to say that this site says that erections that are 8" and over usually don't point up or out, but are so heavy they point down, not true in my case. My cock points almost straight up when fully erect and it's 8.25 x 7. That's the best angle for all positions anyway, I love angling it down so I can go all the way in. The only drawback is that when you leave it up fully hard you lose a little of your length {.25-.5 of an inch} And I'm not a big guy, I'm 5'7 and underweight,about 158 pounds.
75 January 11, 2003

I have never been satisfied by a white man. I have been with many, but their all too small. I have to go with big black men. They are the only ones that can satisfy me. I left my husband and children just to be with my black man. He is 11 3/4 inches long and 8 inches around. All of my girlfriends are SOOOO JEALOUS! They all want to fuck him to death. Everytime we have a party, all of them stare at my black man's huge bulge and the husbands (white) go totally insane with anger! It is so much fun!!!
76 January 12, 2003

The really question has never been asked for lack of accurate, non-biased study.What is vagina tighness across the board. You get the wrong facts. It's not how deep their vaginas are but how tight.There should be a comprehensive survey using a properly designed vaginal perinometer that would measure a cross section of different weights,heights,race,ages of women (from the very tightess to the very looses). Make this a really large survey with lots of women.Men should never bother themselves with penis size but vagina size.How about asking if vagina size matters ( if you have two identical women,which will you prefer tighter or looser). Instead of having a one sided size debate (penis);why not just a size debate (both) DUMMY?
77 January 13, 2003

After reading all the information on this website I have come to the conclusion that it's pretty much on the money.  However, there are many other things that are important for good sex that must be noted.  Things such as hygiene, communication, and whether or not your in shape contribute immensely to sex.  Also, sex seems to be so much better when you're in love with someone.  I have always been obsessed with my penis size or lack thereof since I was 12 or 13 years old (I'm 27 now).  I mean I was always average with 6 inches but knew deep inside that the girls I have slept with through the years wanted more.  I became so obsessive about it and bought penis pumps, pills, and anything else that I thought would work. Beleive me, it's caused a lot of pschological problems but if you knew me you wouldn't think I would be so psychotic with all of this.  I'm smart, good looking, and very cool to be with but my penis problems have messed up probably all of my relationships.  Anyway, my last girlfriend and I had talks about this issue as you can already imagine.  My lack of confidence really turned her off but she didn't help things.  Before me she was with this guy who is notoriously huge, like 8 1/2 or 9 inches and thick like the "ideal penis".  She said it hurt but she absolutely loved it.  After hearing this, I couldn't help but think about it all the time.  Ultimately I came to the conclusion and realized that most women want a huge penis.  It sucks but I had to face the facts.  However, in the past year I was looking at some porn and noticed a penis enlargement website that allowed you to enlarge your penis doing exercises.  I can honestly say that it works!!! It took a long time and a lot of work but my penis is now 7 inches and a lot thicker.  Unbeleiveable.  My confidence has gone up tremendously.  My goal is to get to 8 inches long by 7 inches thick.  One day I'm gonna hammer my ex with my new big dick.  I can't wait but I must have patience.!
  You people may think I'm sick but it works.  That's why I'm writing this.  So all you guys out there with my problem can do something about it.  I don't own these websites so do't think I'm trying to scam you.  I'm an regular guy. Be prepared to invest a lot of time though.  Good luck!
78 January 14, 2003

From what I've seen, most women find a big dick a turn on. They will boast to other women if their man is hung. They like to talk and joke about it.

Another aspect is that it gives them power over men
by being able to ridicule them about their dick size.

A women who enjoys sex, would imagine their ideal man as well endowed.

Women who like to watch men strip get a bigger kick if the male is well hung - in fact a lesser endowed man will be ridiculed by the crowd.

I guess what I'm saying is that it's an asset to be WE
but not essential.  If your less than 5 inches, it's a problem.

So size does matter - especially if your less than average.

From my experience only - LET'S HERE FROM THE GIRLS!!!

79 January 14, 2003

jeff k:
i,m very small about 5 inches and pretty thin IT SUCKS
80 January 15, 2003

Wow, I cannot believe what I just read by Debbie. I really can't, that is awful. Leaving your husband is one thing-but making babies and then leaving them just for some guy's dick is atrocious.

 My name is Evan, and I'm a swinger, me and my wife have been doing so for about 15 years now. I'm one of those girl-splitters that is 9.5 inches long and 8.25 around. In my experience I have had only 3 girls be able to honestly handle this. Most I think can handle 7-9 and 6-7 inches girth the most pleasurably. But I do have a woman with a large vagina; and swinging is a lot easier when you are larger. The only men I'm intimidated by are the ones in that 'sweet range' of 8-9 inches and 6-8 inches thick.
 The reason why this has become an issue is because of curiousity I believe, if a woman is just left alone and let to romp and roam of her own free will, she will find what she likes-they are all different. My wife says she knows a woman with a larger vagina that likes sex with average guys very much.
 But when we place things in women's heads, like bigger is better and vice versa, they really are left no choice but to take a stance before they are honestly ready too. But then again, I am an old coot of 53 years.
 But put it in perspective, leaving your children and husband, I really just can't believe someone would do that. Abandoning your own blood just for carnal pleasure-obviously she enjoyed sex with her husband enough to marry him and have kids. Special places in hell are reserved for people who don't take care of their children.
81 January 16, 2003

As long as your getting some box who cares how big your cock is.
82 January 17, 2003

It 's really full of shit!!!!!
83 January 18, 2003

This site is a load of bullshit.  You may be correct when you say that women have preference, but the supporting evidence is such a load of shit, I can't honestly believe that you spent this much time compiling this data.  Someone is obviously obsessed with this issue, or ... they're trying to make money by pawning some product or something.  Hey, if you're trying to make a buck... that's cool, I understand, but try to read up on the scientific method okay?

Perhaps something else that strikes me about this site is that it really strikes a chord with most guys.  Most guys are not hung like oxen, that's just reality.  Very few have larger than 7", I know this from being around guys in locker rooms my whole life.  Out of about 50 male friends, I know of 3 who are supposedly "hung" like horses 8+ 6+, and I have no proof of that...

In short, I'm not buying this argument, because most women would have to go out of their way to find cocks that large (ideal size as stated by this site) if it was so important.  Frankly, I've fucked all sorts of different chicks, and because I don't have an enormous schlong, I don't know what their reaction would be if it was bigger.  No man can honestly know that, regardless of their size.  I think it's less important to women than you say it is.  And it's easy to rebut that statement by saying " you must have a small cock if no one's ever told you it matters".  Whatever, i fuck like a rabbit, and my girls go through the fucking roof, sometimes two at a time... and if being 6.75x5.75 is enough to make hot girls do anything, then what's there to feel bad about?  what now nicca?

-Bitch out my crib.
84 January 19, 2003

In the chart on P.36 the "% bigger than A" should be the differance of each cylinder volume and A divided by A, not the total volume divided by A
B=38% larger than A
C=81% larger than A
D=181% larger than A
E=300% larger than A
The volume of B is 138% of A or 1.38 times A or as you stated "a little over a third more"
50% is half as much again and 100% is a doubling of value
85 January 19, 2003

re Debbie's comments - I just don't believe it. I don't believe a sane woman would act that way. Also
even for a black guy the dimensions she quotes have to be incedibly rare.

She's (and we don't know if it's a "she" for sure) either mentally ill or it's a wind up or both.

86 January 19, 2003

Penises eight inches long are very rare and penises nine inch long are almost non-existent.
If they are so rare then why is it that most women have seen even longer than that, knowing that the average woman has slept with about 35 to 40 men by the age of 30.
This is crap. First of all the average woman doesn't sleep with 35-40 me by the time they are 30. Second of all women have no concept of a length of a penis, even if it is staring them right in the eye. Their guesstamations are often pathetic.
87 January 19, 2003

Wow Debbie you really sound like a slut
88 January 20, 2003

I found your site to be very informative and conclusive, unbiased and provided a cross-section of topics related to men in particular. It appears that most men appear to be obsessed with penis sizes. After reviewing your research, on a whole, I think this site is balanced for the most part.
89 January 20, 2003

Action man:
Sure size matters, depending on which angle you look at the issue from. However there are women for whom they don't care about size as long as it reaches the g-spot properly and he knows what he is doing. It depends on whether a woman has a sensative g-spot and whether she has a sexually sensative cervix. Not all women like the back of their vagina being hit repeadely. I think that extra girth is beneficial to more women than extra length is. I know a man who has a VERY big dick, long and thick, and his wife -prefers for him to only use 4 inches of it on her because that rubs her g-spot the most because of the way some vaginas are shaped. He then gets himself off after she has cum, by going all the way in, and she likes it but prefers the g-spot position much more. I know a girl who prefers being fingered more than sex because it touches her g-spot better. So size is not irrelevent for any women out there, but bigger is not always better and there are a few women who will actually be very happy with smaller than average in length. I think that girth is more important than length to many women.
 The real issue however is whether the owner of the penis is happy with his size. He is the one who needs to feel comfortable about his size. The true test of a man is whether he can believe in himself no matter what size his penis. Can the men with big dicks honestly say that they are man enough to be as confident as they are if their dick was half the size? How much are you relying on your dick to make you feel good? I think for many, a big dick is like a comfort blanket for them, which would make them panick if it was taken away so to speak. The real test of a man is to truely believe in himself no matter how he was created. Can the men with small dicks honestly say that if their dick suddenly grew much much bigger, that they wouldn't let it go to their heads and be corrupted by ego?
 You see the real test of how much of a man you are is whether you can truly be yourself without anything changing who you trully are. Believeing in yourself without false ego, no matter how you are created. True inner confidense and belief will stand strong through the tests of time and situation. What ever situation you find yourself in, it will ALWAYS be there in you. If your dick size is what gives you confidense then it is false confidense because it relies on you having a big penis. Never rely on a situation to give you confidense and belief in yourself. Can you honestly say you would believe in yourself the same, no matter what size penis you were given? Can you honestly say being smaller would'nt make it harder to believe in yourself and whether being bigger wouldn't corrupt you and blow up your ego? That is your test when it comes to whether size really matters. That is your test of how strong you are as a man.
90 January 20, 2003

A problem I have is... I have played with toys, dildos etc., with most of my ex's, and none of them could take any more than 6 1/2 to 7 inches inside them.

Though not a scientific experiment, but I hardly believe that the average woman can handle any moe than that.
91 January 20, 2003

what race are you and how big is your penis erect
92 January 21, 2003

Only read a few snippets of the site, but my man isnt well endowed but he satisfies me in everyway possible, im sorry but the saying is true, its not the size that matters, but what you can do with it that counts.
93 January 21, 2003

i love the pictures on page 18. the oversized penis is just destroying the poor gals cervix. this may cause death. lets get real.
94 January 22, 2003

my wife of 32 years will not cum on the cock because of the lack of size and of course friction.My cock will not stay up,is small to start with and my wife tells me that size certainly counts. My tongue works hard and is successful on most occasions.
95 January 22, 2003

No Longer Lil Sis:
Ever since I was five my best friend [Kate] and I have told each other everything. While we were growing up [Kate] developed a problem. Whenever she went out with a guy and got around to having sex she couldn't help but laugh when he dropped his pants. This, she assured me, had nothing to do with size, it was simply that she found penises strangely amusing. Other I "bloomed" much earlier than [Kate] she matured more rapidly. She started having sex when she was twelve and I waited another three years. My first encounter was with my brother's best friend and my brother walked in on us [another long story]. Ever since I've been 15 [I'm now 22] I've fantasized about getting back together with my first fuck. He was 8" by 6". I've been with plenty of other people and no one can compare to him. Help!
96 January 26, 2003

Zakir 711:
buddy... your website is the best! - may god bless you for sharing these infos with us ..
97 January 27, 2003

OK, I read every word and comment from your readers last night. I think you're very talented and I appreciated your final words of encouragement. I think it will help some people and confirm other's worst nightmare But at least now, they can work through their issues.  Tonight, I had sex with my very sexy, hot, girlfriend.  She's been with men who were MUCH bigger in size that me for many years. One guy needs two hands to pull his meat.  I turn her on even more.  If fact, she told one of her friends that having sex with me is like winning the lottery. She loves anal sex with me.  She's been with many differnt lovers and diffent sized men.  She loves sex!  And she loves my cock.  She says it's inviting to suck on.  She likes it's shape, it's flavor.  She says my cum tastes good compared to other men.  No, I can't fill her up like some others. But from what she tells me that translates to less pain and fewer yeast infections- bad ones too! I can make her moan and groan with my little above average cock.  I do sometimes wish I could watch her with those other larger sized men for confermation.  But it doesn't really matter because her best lover ever was VERY small-in stature and his cock was one of the smaller ones.  She didn't even have an orgasm with him.  She didn't even love him. She just shagged him one night-by chance and was amazed.  He wasn't even good looking. But he was the best and it had NOTHING to do with penis size.   From her description, the sex they shared was eurphoric-for hours during and weeks after.   I think I'd downsize a bit if it meant that I would be able to please a woman like that.   Just when I become comfortable with my size, she told me that story about how great the sex was with him. Just what I didn't want to hear.  I think guys should be more obsessed with their technique.  Woman I've dated NEVER turned me down for sex.  I'm not hung like a horse. I only have my technique! I'm not her best, but overall I rank very high. She voted me "best tounge"!  She's been with woman too by the way.  Yeah, for some woman, size really makes it better.  For others, they REALLY don't care.  If you're a decent lover or a really good lover, you're light years ahead of many men.  Of course if you're a good lover and have a bigger willy? Well, yeah, even better.  But if it's TOO big. Like 6.5 or more inches around?  A woman would have to be pretty loose to appreciate that.  Woman like rapid firing, fast, pulsating , hard fucking sometimes.  Good luck doing that with 9 x 7.  In porn movies, you can see the woman pushing the man away from her if he's too big. And men with 9 and 10 inch dicks are rarely able be grind against her vulva the way I can. Oh man, she loves that. I barely move sometimes when I'm burried deep inside her and I focus on grinding up and down, moving powerfully against her. I'd like to hear from a men who are larger and admit that there it's more myth than reality. It's more novel than anything. Along with great technique, Woman really just want to be adored and loved!  Don't worry about the size.  I've ruined to many nice afternoons that way.  You're big enough! Just open your heart and make intimacy with a woman- it's WAY more fulfilling regardless of a man's size.
98 January 28, 2003

average length (6 to 7 inches) is best.... thickness matters much more.
99 January 29, 2003

sorry but this site is bullshit 90% of men are between 5-7 inches, stop treating big penises like god, there is nothing a man can do about his penis size this site offends billions of men in the world who are average,by saying unless your huge your not a man are less of a man which is bullshit.
100 January 29, 2003

Unfortunately, size matters. With my 7x6 dick, I was unable to fill up correctly 50% of the girls I've fucked. Every girl, provided they were wet enough, could take my dick comfortably. Among them 3 were obviously not satisfied with the size. 2 even told me that their former boyfriend had a much bigger dick. I was devastated for a while. This time, I'm the one who kicked her out. The second one was very sexy and could get orgasms easily with me but there were days were I couldn't even feel the side of her vagina, let alone the cul-de-sac which was way too far. I think that 8x7 would be perfect. I'm now only dating petite girls who are usually smaller down there. One must admit that filling up a lady is a major turn on.

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