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101 January 30, 2003

This is no bull shit. Big penises are sooooooooo good, believe me! They have to be thick and very hard too. Small penises don't do any good, I'm sorry to have to say that. Average penises, say 6 inches, can do good but they never ram you at the deepest place, where it is sooooooo good. Ideal penis is 8.5 in lenght, 7 in girth with a nice big head and the whole thing pointing at 1 o'clock. That's the truth, nothing but the truth... sorry guys
102 January 30, 2003

  People resist the notion of placing importance on size because they think there's nothing that they can do about it.  This also happens to be a myth.

  There's a lot of awful info on penis enlargement scattered about the web, but if you read enough of it and read between the lines, a picture will start to emerge.

  Better yet, head over to one of the truly free forums on the subject and learn from the guys who are doing it.  I know of at least 2 such forums on the web, and both are excellent.  Nothing against pay sites (other than that 95% of them are scams) but some of the best info on this subject on the net is free.
103 January 30, 2003

I'm Asian (Chinese) and my penis is definitely NOT small. Got pics for u to verify...to those interested.
104 February 4, 2003

perfect swede:
This is a weird site.I been together with many women and the last thing I should think about is the penis-size. I just fuck them as I should do to make them happy. Forget the size and learn how to kick ass in bed.
105 February 4, 2003

I am asian, pettie size, 5', 100 lbs. I dated about 20 white men and 6 asian men. I have seen one guy who has a 8.5" penis. He is the shortest guy. Other guys were tall and big and they were about 6.0". I found that big penises are nice to look at or play with but I preferred the 6.0". The asian men look smaller when they are soft but when erected they were about 6". I preferred white men penis because they are firm but alittle softer. Asian men erected penises are too hard.
106 February 4, 2003

This was very entertaining to read however I have no opinion in the penis size debate since the guys I have slept with range from about 6-7 inches.  I have no idea what it is like to have sex with a man with a large penis (wouldn't mind trying it though).

Although, I am curious to get some feedback from someone (post on the site).....I found it very interesting that large vulva/labia was described as desireable.  I am in my thirties and have always been very pretty, fitting all descriptions under the "Strong Female Characteristics" including the large protruding female genitalia lips.  They are not nearly as large as the women I observed in the pictures on this site however I would say they are larger (minora) than average - certainly much larger than the women you see in mags and in porn flicks.  Which brings me to my point/ question.......If it really is an aesthetically desireable trait in females then why are all the women in magazines and porn movies shown with such nice, trim, small labia minora?  Even though I'm a pretty girl I have always been a little self conscious in front of my lovers because of this and I have never heard of men being really turned on by this.  I have also considered at times having labia reduction.  So what's the scoop with some men really finding this so attractive
107 February 6, 2003

To Lynn: I believe that deep down most men prefer big labia lips. However it's some kind of a taboo for now.The main reason is that large labia are intimidating to many men because they make a woman's sexuality too visible for them. They are "in your face" as a way of speaking, and therefor demand too much attention for the average Joe who mostly cares about just putting his dick in a hole and forget the rest. men who openly admit to prefer big labia lips are those who truly love women and their sexuality, and they LOVE going down on a woman.
Hope this helps.
108 February 6, 2003

I'm asian and have a 6" L x 5" C penis........ right in the middle of being average.

I don't know what sources people get their ideas that asians have small penises.... The only women I have dated are all white and some have commented that my width is decent compared to some of my anglo-saxon counter parts.

I like to have a 8 x 8 penis, but in reality, all of the women that I have had sex with or have even inserted dildos, cucumber and corn usually bottom out at 7 inches.

Losing weight helps in maximizing the penetration since u lose 1" of potential penetration for every 20 - 25lbs u are overweight.

This goes for both genders.
109 February 7, 2003

Hi Lynn, in response to your labia question I think it's a matter of personal preference. Some men like small labia, some men like big labia. I like them big. I think it's a fetish for me.
110 February 7, 2003

To John (post from Jan. 13th):

U just completely described me.  I don't even know how I really got into this website, but after reading some of the posts I found it very enlightening.  I am 27 with a 7 1/2 X 5 who never had one bit of of insecurity in the size department in my life.  I fell in love about 1 1/2 years ago for the first time, and have been obsessed with my inadequacy.  I have been with several women and have always found myself to be more than adequate.  Most women that I have been with coudn't even take my length.  It all started when I learned of my wife's previous encounters.  I know of one or two that she said she could barely fit them inside of her. My GOD!  I had no idea dicks were that big around!  I had honestly thought I was pretty much in there.  But now, everytime I make love to her I can only drown in my sorrow of inadequacy.  I've hinted around, and I get what i think now is the "your big hunny" meaning she is too nice to say that i am just average.  My world has been turned upside down.  I am filled with a jealous almost raging envy for her ever having sex before me!?!?  It's like she has ruined it somehow.  I too, am pretty good looking, smart, and make a great living-not your typical looking psycho-over-this-shit kind a guy.  The sex is awesome and always has been, but I with all the talk of size matters I'm beginning to think, no strongly think, that it's not anywhere as good or as powerful as it could be or has been.  Basketball, career, class rank-these things we get 2nd place in and no big deal, but no man wants to be 2nd place or worse in the race of love-making. Am I right?
111 February 7, 2003

hi,my today topic is about the penis length.
the lentgth does,t depend,but the medical point of view u can say,that the strength is too much effective then length.if u can satisfy ur sexual partner.this ur success.but by length if u c,t satisfied ur sexual partner is the unsuccess.here u can say the length is not but strength is required.
thank s 4 u have given the chance to pay my openion,
dr khan
112 February 8, 2003

Yes Lynn, large labias do turn me on. Want my e-mail?
113 February 9, 2003

As a clinical sexual psycholigist, I would be 99% certain that your motivations for this site, involve personal gratification. Your inadequacies are the source of your arousal and this attempt to legitimize your assertions only demonstrates the extent of your insufficiencys. Your blatent repetition of certain elements suggests an emotionally masochistic personality that thrives on submission. Humiliation is the key to your unusual desires, and this diatribe is loaded with it. Perhaps your data is signifigant, perhaps not. One thing is for sure, few NORMAL people care.
114 February 9, 2003

In response to Lynn's labia size question. I am sure that the main reason x-rated magazines seem to generally avoid showing big pussy lips is because of the widespread myth that long lips indicate aging. Many men falsely believe that the longer the lips the older the pussy. Another major myth is that longer pussy lips also indicate more "milage", meaning that the particular woman has had a lot of sex in her life. Total nonsense. I have slept with many woman (normal ones and plenty of prostitutes). I have seen virgins with big fat giant pussy lips and I have also seen many old whores with TINY labia! Labia size has nothing to do with age or too much sex! Anyway, long lips are very sexy but they have to be thick also. So when a woman is excited the labia swell even more and become engorged and that makes it very sexy.

In the penis size debate I have nothing to add either. Everything  has been said here in this site I believe.
115 February 9, 2003

This site is a joke. It's full of bullshit. Whoever made this site is PATHETIC.
116 February 10, 2003

Dicks go IN-OUT-IN-OUT......size matters!  At the end of the day i'd rather be with a fun, good looking guy that that i LOVED, than an arsehole with a huge dick!
117 February 10, 2003

I got a question for girls....
What size do u think is perfect when u r performing an oral sex?
118 February 10, 2003

It true, most Asian man have small penis. I have small penis, brother have small penis, entire locker room have small penis. My dog have bigger penis. That is ok though. When woman ask who i satisfy with that, I just say,.... ME !!!
119 February 10, 2003

 Damn, a lot of people here are saying they have large penises when they don't look at both aspects of penis size. Like length AND girth. If you're like 10 inches long by 5 around-you might as well be 6 by 5 boys. My length preferences vary from day to day, but I do know I want a thick penis that is at least 6 inches thick. Sometimes short 6 inch penises are fun because they thrust in and out so franticlly that it gives you an odd feeling of domination, like he's SELFISHLY having his way with you and not caring...that turns me on. And with 8 inch + penises, I just like how they dominate you, but they make sure you feel EVERY inch of it.
 I haven't come across many large penises though, certainly not any over 9 inches. The largest I've had is 8-8.5 depending on how horny I can make him. And that's my husband. He makes me sore enough.

 Also, a tip for you guys, I had no concept of girth until my husband actually measured his girth; I was going around saying he was 7-7.5 inches thick, when really he was only 6.25 inches thick.
120 February 11, 2003

Hi Guy's, I'm a 17yr old virgin who desperately needs some advise. I am 6 inchs erect, which is apparently average but my main problem is that my flaccid Penis tends to retract althogh I am not overweight. I'm very lonely and despite having offers for sex I'm paralized with fear over the possibility of rejection and humiliation. I feel worthless and don't even consider myself a man. No matter how hard I try to rationalize this problem, I cannot get over this fear.

Any advise would be great.
121 February 12, 2003

Honest! Your girlfriend sounds like a complete heartless slut. You can't possibly think she is typical of most women.
122 February 13, 2003

With regard to racial differences in penis size, Allen's rule ( http://www.whonamedit.com/synd.cfm/796.html ) provides a more likely explanation for the larger size of tropical populations than the sperm competition theory presented in the text.

Allen's rule states that the more adapted a population is to cold, the shorter its appendages will be.  An arctic Inuit has shorter fingers and limbs, and less protruding facial features than an equitorial Nilotic tribesman.  This conserves heat by reducing surface area per body volume unit and lowers the risk of frostbite.

The rule probably applies to the penis as well as it does to the nose.  A large penis is more prone to getting frostbitten in cold climates.  I know my pecker can get uncomfortably cold in the winter around here if the wind is blowing and my pants aren't very thick.

Racial variations in penis size corresond as expected under Allen's rule to the respective conditions the races emerged from.  Caucasians evolved in cold northern Europe.  Orientals originated from even colder parts of Siberia and northern China.
123 February 14, 2003

I have to say that even though i am extremely well endowed (9inches x 6 1/4), and i WANT to agree with you, it is obvious from the amount of comments from women disagreeing with you that your site does not prove once and for all that size matters.  It's a shame that you make such an effort to prove this point, and you are bitten in the ass by reader comments (discrediting the men's comments) that disagree with you.  oh well.
124 February 14, 2003

The site is somewhat predicated toward very large penises- fairly long (6.5" and up) and very thick (5.5") or more. As a gay man who has been with around 700 men, I would have to say that most men tend  are around 6.0-6.75" with a girth from 5-5.25. But most men are below 6.5"-and many below 6" It seems many men- gay or straight become way to entranced with their cocks if they near or above  the larger ranges mentioned.It seems men with larger organs in the gay community tend to want to control or dominate others- who will worship them. I have played with a man recently who was around 6.3" long (average) but had a nice girth that was 5.5"- they guy was a total jerk, abusive verbally, and expected others to 'serve' him. He was HIV positive- a fact I learned later- I did nothing but oral sex with him, and glad of that. I measure a true 7"- perhaps a wee more sometimes, and a girth at mid shaft around 5.25". A nice long one- perhaps it could be thicker- but I have had few complaints- and certainly now as I have matured see no reason to 'dominate' smaller men. I wish the head  and upper shaft was thicker- but hey, I have a decent penis. Flaccid I am around 4". I am 6'4" tall and weigh around 180.
I actually enjoy men of 'average size' and find them to be more caring and giving partners then those gifted with more.
125 February 15, 2003

I enjoyed the page about women's preference for a big penis vs. men's preference for big breasts. I think this guy makes a good point, since it's not like a man has to put his penis between a woman's breasts to get an orgasm, although I know plenty of guys who love to do this. I have large natural breasts and I must say I feel cheated when a guy has average or below equipment. Do any other women feel this way? I just feel like if he's going to have big toys to play with, I want something big to play with, too. I've experienced a nice feeling of domination when a guy with a small one puts it between my breasts (it gets so lost, it's kind of cute), but it looks and feels much better to have a python there and down below, instead of a garden snake. You can't deny the effect big breasts have on some men, but yes, I think more women do find a big penis more important when it comes to getting real pleasure.

   If you're the kind of guy who can NEVER
   walk up to an attractive woman...

     If you're the kind of guy who can NEVER
     get beyond being "friends only"...

       If you're the kind of guy who can NEVER
       accept that he might get rejected...

read the book review Or if you're the kind of guy who can ONLY
pick-up women that are ugly pigs
or old hags...

...then your  world

read the book review

126 February 17, 2003

I'm one of these allegedly coveted women with very large inner labia.  I'm comforted to know you genuinely believe men prefer them.  If this is the case though, I do have a question.  Why in mainstream porn do so many women have smaller inner lips?  They seem to meet all the criteria from your what men want list except for the fact that they have small lips.  Please explain the rationale behind this.  Thank you.

one more question:  where did you get the information regarding mens' preferences for larger labia?  I ask this cause your's is one of the few sights that argues this perception.  Most others say the contrary.
127 February 18, 2003

Large libia i guess are something extra to play with and a glimpse of the inner women, i like them, and i know plenty of other chaps that would say the same.

Women seam to think tidy is better, but large inner libia are exciting and feminine.

As for willy size, women love a good stuffing whether they admit it, or not.  I'm 8.25 by 6.5 and i can only say they get very wet and very noisey
128 February 18, 2003

i have been with 12 men total and have seen many differnt types of dicks.  most were average in size, but one was very small - 4 inches hard and not very thick.  i dated a guy in college who was bigger.  he used to always show off his dick everywhere and even made me measure it.  i never measured the girth (but it was pretty thick).  his dick was like 9 1/4 inches long.  i've never seen anything like it - even in a porno.  i loved to look at it and touch it, but it always hurt when we fucked and i could not even give him a real bj because it would not fit in my mouth.

bottom line, they can be too big and too small.  the best is an average sized guy who can last for at least 30 minutes.
129 February 18, 2003

i purchased a cock molded from porn star kevin dean as my wife wanted to spice things up in the bedroom she told me on many occasions that she wanted a big cock in her next to my six incher this thiing was a monster any how after a few encounters in the bed room i noticed that she would encourage the use of our new found helper more and more after a few months she was sliding the whole length into her and experiancing orgasms that could last up too a couple of miniuits then our sex together reduced too  once maybe a fortnight i later became awair that she was having an affair with a man whom was known to have a 10 inch plus penis when i confronted her she told me she loved and craved the feeling of a big cock
130 February 18, 2003

Hammerin' Hank:
I read your article entirely and found it amusing.  However, you omitted the missing link-virginity!  My wife would'nt know the difference between large or small, thick or thin.  She loves me and my penis!  I am truly sickened and sorry that the world has arrived at this state, but with MTV, promiscuity, porno, and you, what can one expect.  Why don't you take whatever size penis you have and shove it up your pseudo-intellectual asshole!  Better than that-get off the internet!
131 February 18, 2003

I was just wondering about one thing, you say on one page about a quater of an inch(in girth) making a substaintial difference, and how penis E is 300% bigger than A.
obviously a woman wouuld be more satisfied by E.
Then on the Ideal size preference chart, the smallest A (or ideal), is 44.25% smaller than the largest A (or ideal size), would not the bigger A size be more enjoyable than the smallest A size???

Also, I am certainly not disagreeing with your size chart,(oh I'm only a C 8 by 5.75) I'm just wondering where you got the data. And is the size preference chart representative for ALL women from very small vaginas to women with very large viginas, or does it just represent the average??

Just a few questions.
132 February 19, 2003

I understand that size is very important. I also know that there are a lot of people and sites claiming it is possible to increase the size of a penis trhough exercises. Is it really possible?
133 February 19, 2003

 I am a 54 year old urologist, and I have to honestly say that this site is laughable. It really falls in line with many of the ridiculous assumptions of penis size. First of all, I want to say that I have seen THOUSANDS of penises in my lifetime and have taken part in more than a few discreet studies on the subject. So I will explain a few things that you have misconstrued in your representation of the different sizes.

 1) The great equalizer is not about a percentage increase. The great equalizer means that a penis that is 2.5 inches long not hard will grow to 5.5 inches and that one that is 4.5 inches long soft will grow to 6-6.5-NOT much of a difference. And if you think all big flaccid dicks grow to immense proportions, then you are indeed mistaken. I have seen MANY,MANY men with flaccid lengths from 5-7 inches grow only an inch. The ones that grow to 8+ are few and far between. As a matter of fact, I have seen more 'growers' that are immensely endowed, whose flaccid lengths are 4-5 inches but have grown to 8-9 inches fully erected. Out of all of the penises I have seen in my 25 year career, I could count on my hands the number of penises that were 8+ inches when fully erected. I could say that 10-15% were indeed greater than 7, but of that 10-15% most weren't that far past 7..they were most often 7.1, 7.25 and 7.4. But these men usually described themselves as being in excess of 8 inches. Girth is a similar issue, while on this site you profess about the men with 6+ inches of endowment, most circumference measurements upon my part have been between 3-5.5. And only 3, count it, 3 have been past 7 inches.

 2} Measuring: The correct way to measure the penis is over the top, not DIRECTLY over the top as the ruler will undoubtedly slant, you want to hold it where the top and side meet and not push in forcefully, but firmly keep it in place. Once a man is fully engorged, which I also found that many men do not know when they are FULLY engorged-it isn't when you first start to feel hard, it's when your penis is a bright red in color usually and feels pushed out. Girth is always taken around the middle of the shaft-many men on this site seem to take measurements around the base or head and think that is their thickness-that is just not so. 5.5 is ABOVE average thickness when it is taken from the middle of the shaft-6 and up is considered RARE.

 As to whether it matters or not, I do not know since I have quite a large penis; I do not have to divulge my measurements to wave it around. All I can say is that I have NEVER been able to put more than 7.5 inches in any woman, and that girth tends to be exaggerrated, probably because female hands are so much smaller than normal man hands. {average length for men from middle finger to wrist is 6.8-7.1, while females is 5.8-6.0} So of course a 6.25 inch penis will feel like a coke can to these people. Most women consider penis size as a 'win some' 'lose some' battle. Even if for a one night stand, if they like YOU and are attracted and you are average-they will have a good time. I'm not a psychologist but I think that men think that women go out expecting their best sexual experience every night. I do not think this is so; a good sexual experience would probably involve a partner who was extremely comfortable with his or herself I think. Besides, even if it does matter-and this doesn't reflect the views of my clinic or anyone but me-BE A MAN. Ever since women became liberated men have been fighting to meet their every need, and it has gone TOO DAMNED FAR. You don't owe her an orgasm, remember that, it isn't all for her. Sex is a two person thing, not one person who is selfish...its give and take.
134 February 19, 2003

I agree that penis size is important women. My wife saw a friend of mine skinny dipping at a pool party and couldn't stop talking about how thick and heavy his penis hung down.  He is 6 inches flaccid and 9.5 inches erect, according to his girlfriend who has measured him. I have to admit that I was jealous and envious when my wife commented on it. I am 6 inches totally erect and I am not as thick erect as my friend is even when he is flaccid.  Its disheartening but his flaccid penis is thicker than my erect penis and just as long.   My wife said that one of the veins in his penis was as thick as her finger.  She was amazed at how heavy his penis looked and how it swung around as he walked.  The visual stimulation that it caused her was obvious.   She eventually admitted to me that she fantasized about what it would feel like to have him inside of her.  I then arranged for him to come to our house when I knew I would be making love to my wife on the couch.  He came in while we were making love and stripped naked. While my wife and I were making love, my friend began masturbating and my wife was fixated on him. After I ejaculated my friend came over and staddled my wife and just laid his semi erect penis on her face. She began licking and sucking his penis and kissing and sucking on his tesiticles.  She ignored me. It was very intimidating to me to see my wife's reaction to his penis, but it was so much more masculine and sexier looking than mine.  It just looked like it was so strong and heavy.  I could tell that she had never been that excited by me. When my friend penetrated my wife, she moaned and groaned and cried like I never heard before. This clearly excited my friend and when he pulled his penis out to penetrate my wife from behind, it was so full of blood and engorged that I could not believe it actually fit into my wife.  He made love to my wife in positions that I could not because my penis would pop out.   After he ejaculated, he just sat back on the couch and my wife licked his testicles and played with his penis for a half hour.  His penis really did not shrink much after he ejaculated.  It just stayed pumped up and hung there ready for more action.  Within a half hour, my friend was erect again and my wife climbed on top of him like an excited 18 year old.  She cannot stop talking about this experience.  My friend told me that he has had his penis sucked and his balls licked thousands of times by young and older women, and many married women.  He said anytime he gets alone with a woman and is kissing her, he puts her hand on his crotch. If the woman keeps her hand there and rubs his crotch, he immediately undoes his pants.  He said that once his penis is exposed, all women he has been with have given in.  Anyone who thinks that size does not matter is fooling himself.
135 February 20, 2003

136 February 20, 2003

At last a place where the truth can be found!
I'm kind of a freak and I'm very proud of it. I've dated many girls and they were all speechless when tehy saw my unit for the first time. Sew was unconfortable with about half of them, hurting a quarter and impossible with about 15%. BJ were impossible with half of them unless I accepted to be peeled like a carrot. 50% of the woman I slept with enjoyed sex and some were considering me as their god. It's amazing how a horny girl can take the hards stokes sometimes. I'm pretty confident that any girl, if she can take it will have the most powerful orgasms with me and even multiples. Now i suppose you all want to know the measurement?
My best days, they are: 9.1 in lengh and 7.4 in girth. Frankly, I've never heard of someone bigger and even if some black guys in porn are a bit longer, I remain a girth freak.
137 February 21, 2003

Love it, Missy
138 February 21, 2003

I found this site a couple of weeks ago and wondered whether I should relate my story. Does size matter? I'm sorry but yes to me it does.
I married the first guy I had sex with, he was 5'6" and had what I'd now describe as an average penis. I was young and sex seemed an okay thing to do. When he left me for another girl I went about a year before meeting and having sex with another guy. This next guy was 6'3" and his penis was probably 9" x 7.5" though I never measured it, and I can tell you that sex became sensational. He was a big man and so a little care was needed to prevent it becoming uncomfortable but otherwise I simply could not get enough. We lasted seven years and even at the end I just couldn't get enough of this man inside me.
At this point it had not occurred to me that it was down to size. My next partner was 5'10". His manhood stood at just over 6.5 inches long, but like his build his width was proportionally high at 7". The relationship only last a few weeks and some half decent all-nighters. It was the first time I'd actually put a tape to one as he was obsessed by his size and genuinely believed he had a big dick, I knew different and my desire for sex took on a whole new meaning.
The next guy I dated was 5'11". We lasted two years and whilst we never really hit it off this man had a 7.5" x 6.5" penis. Not a bad size by most standards and we usually got together two or three times a week, though for me it was just about having a good fuck.
By now I was of the opinion that penis size was directly related to height and build. I met my current partner four years ago, fantastic bloke, 5'8". When we got it together the first time, I was so disappointed 5.4" x 5.75". It did nothing for me. I tried so hard to get used to it but after about a year I simply told him that I'd got used to sex between us and that I would prefer to have it less often so we could keep it "special".
Some time later I plucked up the courage to tell him I wanted to try someone else and variety was supposed to be the spice of life. I am such a lucky girl, Simon agreed and readily. He told me that he always wanted a girlfriend other blokes wanted to fuck. So now two years on I have become a very happy and satisfied lady. I have a man I love and adore and a couple of guys I meet with for a top-notch shag. I go on new dates too, about one every couple of months.
 I've learnt that size is not in anyway related to height or build. I have had sex with around thirty guys now and I've discovered many a hidden surprise, most I will have to admit have been a surprise by their small nature. I have never seen another man with a 9" cock. But the things I do now are better and more adventurous than I ever managed with my fella with his prize cock.
I get saddled by our next door neighbour once or twice a week (his girlfriend is an Auditor and often works away). My partner is happy to let me go and says he enjoys hearing me moan and groan thru the walls and windows as he goes to sleep (or when he wakes). This guy has a 7.5 incher (which isn't quite man enough) but he fucks really long and hard which is just what I need from him.
My partners best mate is the best though, a shade over 8". We fuck at home, Simon even lets me use our own bed! He (Simon) politely gets out the way and lets me get it off, which is just as well cos this guy is a real stallion and can fuck me for hours. Last week he shaved me on the kitchen table, a first for me, then nailed me on and off for the next four hours.
As for other guys, I usually date one every couple of months. I always go with a guy at least two/three times so they don't feel used even if they don't measure up. I've discovered good sex can be had from a five incher, men with small penis's can be very inventive, and I find fucking someone new is a real buzz. Some how looking at Simons cock just doesn't do anything for me, and even though it's a good looking cock I have never got into fancying a fuck with it again, but I love him and would (reluctantly) stop all this if he wanted me too.
The bottom line is don't get hung up on Big guys, if you've only experienced a smaller man stick with it and you'll be perfectly happy. If like me you have got used to big cocks, well you just want to keep having one around.
139 February 22, 2003

A question for Edward the Urologist?:
Edward, do you have any advice for exercising pubic fat. I'm no longer particularly overweight, however my penis tends to retract significantly often giving the impression that I'm not circumcised at all. Aso unless I hold the layer of fat back, there is an excess of skin around the head of my penis. Your advice would be most appreciated as I have found little to no information on this searching on the net.

140 February 22, 2003

David Hickson:
Judging by the comments on this site I think that the few women who look for a big dick in a man above all else are highly insecure or perhaps just simple-minded nympho's. Much like men who seek out big breasted models in order to validate themselves.

The fact that the majority of men are between 5.5 and 6.5 inches erect must render this site laughable. Perhaps men would be better building their own self- worth and being less dependent on women for approval. I suggest that every man overly worried about his endowment should read The Hazards of Being Male: Surviving the Myth of Masculine Privilege
by Herb Goldberg, and perhaps even The Adonis Complex: The Secret Crisis of Male Body Obsession
by Harrison G. Pope Jr. M.D., Katharine A. Phillips M.D., Roberto Olivardia Ph.D.

PS Always remember that looks fade but dumbness lasts forever.

All the best

141 February 22, 2003

No Paul, it doesn't work. I did the exercises for about a year and I didn't notice any improvements.
142 February 22, 2003

The truth is is;
about three men in 100 have 8" in length
About 9 men in 100 have greater then 5.5" in girth
about 1 guy in 200 has greater then 8"
The people who designed this site have no respect for men or women. From the statistics they have gathered - about 7 men in 100 are able to satify a partner in a gay or straight relationship. This site is therefore bogus.
143 February 22, 2003

Honestly, honestly, penis size is not of extreme importance.  The ONLY time I've ever heard a female make reference to it is when she hates her ex boyfriend, etc. and is just being bitter so she'll cattily make reference to it.  The truth of the matter is girls are not nearly that penis oriented.  Men discuss breasts but it is rare for a female to have a conversation about penis size.  And I have tons of superficial friends.  You'd be far better off on worrying about lifting some weights, etc. if you're considered about attractive levels.  I'm being completely honest.  Men are insecure but women seriously do not care.  The more confident you are, the more attractive.  Believe it or not, when a woman discusses brad pitt or joe millionaire penis size is not even hypothesized.  It's a male tendency to do this, NOT A FEMALE ONE.  No worries.
144 February 23, 2003

Lynn, I have a preference for small tidy labia- but it's just that a preference and would have no bearing on a relationship. I think it's so sad that men and women feel so insecure and depressed about their bodies, which is made all the more worse by bullshit sites like this.

On the matter of penis size I'm 6.5 erect(pretty standard) Only once have I ever had a woman want bigger. She wanted to maintain our relationship but have another lover on the side. As a self respecting man I naturally told her where to go.

bottom line- there are shallow people and there are deep loving people. I have had so many happy and meaningful relationships with women over the years, that the size of my penis would have to be the furthest thing from my mind, and I expect most mature and intelligant women feel the same way too.

145 February 23, 2003

Hi, size has never mattered to me. most of my boyfriends have been between 6-7 inches and their size has had nothing to do with how good sex was.

Please guy's, just be satisfied with what you've got because the size issue is usually just a guy thing and don't listen to idiot's like ckretluvr(bottom of page) men like that don't impress us gals.

a message for the few women out there who love a big cock: please let your less endowed lovers down gently.
My boyfriends 16 year old brother was dumpt by an older girl because of his size and she told her friends about him. sadly he committed suicide, so please realise that dick size while equaling pleasure to some women is much more to a man.
146 February 23, 2003

emasculated man:
Very true. That's great advice age 47.
147 February 23, 2003

fuck you:
what the fuck is the matter with this website. is it specifficly designed to make 90% of men feel like complete shit just because they dont have a 10 inch dick. this is the worst information i have ever read and it seems completly inapropriate and downright malisious to any man that is of average size or less.
148 February 24, 2003

What are your breast and labia size preferences?  please be truthful and i promise i will be the same if you have questions for me!!
149 February 24, 2003

large labia rock.  pussies look so much nicer when those juicy lips are seen.
150 February 24, 2003

This site is enough to evoke existential angst. As a society are our lives so meaningless that we have to waste our time on this crap?

You can have the biggest dick in the world and still feel inadequate and unlovable. work on your self. confidence and self esteem will go further in pleasing yourself and your partner than an absurdly large penis.

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